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بوف کور

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Considered one of the most important works of modern Iranian literature, The Blind Owl is a haunting tale of loss and spiritual degradation. Replete with potent symbolism and terrifying surrealistic imagery, Sadegh Hedayat's masterpice details a young man's despair after losing a mysterious lover. As the narrator gradually drifts into madness, the reader becomes caught in
86 pages
Published 2007 by جاویدان (first published January 1st 1937)
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Saman Kashi
گمان مي‌كنم هفت يا هشت مرتبه اين رمان را خوانده‌ام. با توجه به اين نكته كه بوف كور شيوه‌ِ‌ي روايت و داستاني كاملاً سورئاليستي دارد، آن‌چه كه بيش از همه براي من جاي سئوال و حيرت داشته اين بوده كه هدايت اين شخصيت‌هاي داستان از قبيل: پيرمرد خنز پنزري با آن صداي خنده‌ي چندش آورش، آن زني كه گل نيلوفر به پيرمرده تقديم مي‌كند، آن زن لكاته همسر راوي، برادر زن لكاته كه لب‌هاي خيلي شهوتي دارد، عموي راوي با آن شكل و شمايل جوكيان هند، مادر راوي با آن توصيفاتي كه از او به ميان مي‌آيد، آن پيرمرد درشكه چي كه ج...more
"In Iran of the 1950's, at school, and at home, young people were advised to stay away from the works of Sadeq Hedayat,epecially his Blind Owl. A few young people had strayed from this rule and, reportedly, had committed suicide."*

A nightmare from beginning to end–and that's cause the cosmic drama of death & rebirth,the allegory of desire and its renunciation that Hedayat so masterfully crafts in the brief pages of a novella,are a nightmare in themselves.
If you thought that Invention of More...more
May 14, 2014 Gregsamsa rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nightmare lovers
Shelves: favorites

Is it just me, or does this look like something to be buried in?

A melancholic decorator of Persian pen cases (see above) experiences strange visions, dissolved boundaries between his art and reality, inexplicable longing, mysterious midnight visitors, gory hallucinatory chores, and horse-drawn hearse rides through gloomy star-lit mists, all embroidered with multiple threads of déjà vu and a dreamy sense of such enveloping accursedness that it would prompt Edgar Allen Poe himself to say "Whoa, du...more
Owls, particularly screech owls, which is what the Blind Owl refers to, are harbingers of death the world over: no less so in Persian folklore. Considering the morose obsession with death within the novel, following which Hedayat committed suicide, it reads like a last will and testament with hindsight.

In its entirety, this is one spectacular hallucogenic trip triggered by opium, tempered with brief moments of withdrawal when the nameless narrator (none of the characters within are named, btw) e...more
K.D. Absolutely
Jan 08, 2011 K.D. Absolutely rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to K.D. by: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2006-2010)
This book is dark, sad, funereal yet ethereal in its beautiful lyrical prose. Self-published in 1937 in Bombay, this "psycho-fiction" got published only in 1941 in Tehran, Iran by its author, Sadegh Hedayat (1903-1951) but it was subsequently banned. The reason: it caused many suicides in Iran after it came out. And well, if you must know, Hedayat also committed suicide 10 years after this book's Tehran publication. While in his apartment in France, Hedayat, at 48, gassed himself to his death.

ياسمين ثابت


أحذر جيدا ايها القارئ
قد تلتقي بشيطانك في صفحات تلك الرواية
قد تضبط نفسك تهلوس كما يهلوس البطل

قد تفاجئ بمدى القبح الذي يمكن ان يكون عليه الشر بداخلك

وحين تصل إلى آخر صفحات الكتاب سينقشع ضباب ظنك بنفسك
لتلتقي بالوجه القبيح منك
وليصير ظلك كظل بومة عمياء كما كان في الرواية

رجل يحدث ظله, ربما لانه لم يجد غيره من يسمعه ويصمت دون ان يحكم على مدى قبحه
ربما لان ظلنا اكثر قبحا وظلاما

ربما لانه الكائن الاكثر غموض الذي يلازمنا ويعرفنا اكثر من معرفتنا لانفسنا

رواية غريبة من اغرب ما قرأت في حياتي
ليس بها احداث تذكر كل
Am I a being separate from the rest of creation? I do not know. But when I looked into the mirror a moment ago I did not recognize myself. No, the old 'I' has died and rotted away, but no barrier, no gulf exists between it and the new one.

The Blind Owl is a fearsome book. It swirls around with images, memories of past lives, within images and nightmares within dreams.

I'm loath to discuss the main details of the book for spoiling any of the details inside, but it is that sort of novel. It is abo...more
Where to begin to describe this tale of love, madness, possibly hallucinogenic ramblings that circle back and forth and in and out upon themselves. oddly repeating certain phrases until you may be able to quote them without the page in front of you. This is a tale mostly of musings on death, with occasion side thoughts of murder and hatred. The author later committed suicide.

Some of the images presented in the book, especially the oddly geometric houses in which people can not live, seem almost...more
Morphantasy, seeped in a maddened, weary bile for the ponderous chains of life set to a skipping needle. It's definitely an avenue of oscillated measure, rich with aromatic Middle Eastern fusions of sensual stringency exploding with surrealistic buzz-bombs crafted with twentieth-century precision. Lean and yet plush, engrossing, disturbing, but all without harming any actual human beings. Regrets abound at murdering the void in this way—anger out of place, anguish too primed for such a space; pe...more

The fact of dying is a fearful thing in itself but the consciousness that one is dead would be far worse.

It doesn't really matter if Hedayat's protagonist in this story is drug-addled, woman-crazy or just plain insane; as the reader we are forced to inhabit this space alongside him, for the length of the story, come what may. The repitition of madness - and the seeing of the same demons, the same themes of death, in every person and at every turn - creates a haunting claustrophobic experience. W...more
Saman Kashi
متأسفانه و صد البته جاي افسوس دارد كه بر خلاف آن‌چه كه بر روي جلد كتاب نوشته شده است و همچنين در شناسه‌ي كتاب: متن اصلي(بي كم و كاست)، اين كتاب متن اصلي نيست و يكي از چاپ‌هاي جديد پر غلط از اين رمان كلاسيك زبان و ادب فارسي است

هنوز بهترين نسخه و قابل استنادترين اين رمان چاپي‌ست كه انتشارات اميركبير در دو قطع وزيري توسط خود و قطع جيبي توسط كتاب‌هاي پرستو وابسته به انتشارات اميركبير) روانه‌ي بازار كتاب كرد

در اين سال‌ها از نام صادق هدايت بسياري از نويسندگان سود بردند و كتاب (ساختند). همچنين ناشران ب...more
What started out to be a slow book found its pace and took off about a quarter of the way in. Normally this sluggish start would knock a star off my rating for the book, but the remainder was so fantastic it made up for the beginning. At first, I found the narration fairly clean and clear, somewhat akin to Calvino's prose, but with too much treacle and self-absorbed whining. Before long, however, I learned that Hedayat was merely setting a baseline that led into the narrator's more winding, abst...more

البومة العمياء

 photo 6390645064A062706210_zps6ba6721d.jpg

إذا نظرت إلى عدد صفحات الرواية القليل وظننت أنك ستنهي الرواية في وقت سريع .. فأنت واهـــــم


لأنك بمجرد أن تفتح دفة الكتاب ستنتقل إلى عالم من الظلمة تتخبط فيه بين أغصان 110 من الصفحات تماما
مثل بومة عمياء

الآن لنقرأ هذا الكاتب بتمعن

هدايت من الخارج

رجل وحيد لا يجد ما يفعله في الحياة ليهرب منها ومن عقله سوى أن يرسم رسما وحيدا على حافظات جلدية

 photo 627064406280648064506290627064406390645064A062706210_zps64910cb8.jpg

وهذا هو الرسم الذي يكرره على جميع حافظات الأقلام

 photo 6390645064A06270_zpsdb4abfab.jpg

انظر إلى الرسم جيدا .. هل تشعر بأنه جميل؟؟ هل تشعر بالتفاؤل؟؟ أرجوك لا
هذا الأسلوب من الكتابه يعجبني
هذيان ، وهلوسه ، وتشاؤم ، وحقد
بطل يبحث عن اللاشيء
ربما لا شيء؟
! ولكنه شيء كبير بالنسبه له
عظيم ومهم ويمكن أن يغير حياته
بطل من الحقد على حياته ومن كل المحيطين به
خفيفه وسلسه ، عندما انهيتها
قلت بداخلي أننا كلنا نشبه
البومه العمياء
بطريقتها وأسلوبها المجازي
كلنا لنا رغبه بقتل شخصا ً ما
كلنا نحقد بطريقه غير مباشره على حياتنا
وعلى عائلاتنا
نتألم من غدر الزمان بنا
من الكذب والنفاق
من الأستغلال
ولنا جميعا ً رغبه بالإنتهاء سريعا ً من هذه التجربه
المريعه ، والتي أسمها
!!! الحياه
I think I was baffled by some of this but carried away by its visionary madness.
"إن كنت تحمل أفكارا سوداوية ولا تملك تحصينا إيمانيا كافيا فلا تقرأ هذه الرواية"

الغريب أن تحذيرا كهذا سيدفعك لقراءتها...فكن حذرا...ولا تغرق في عوالم هدايت كما فعلت!!!0

انتقيته من الأدب الإيراني الحديث، بغية التعرف على سمات أخرى فيه، وإذا بي أمام قطعة من الجحيم

"عالم أسود...لا يبدو لك سواده إلا إذا كنت داخله...بل انه يستحوذ عليك كوسواس حتى وإن تركته"

عنايت الذي يخبرنا من خلال الراوي أنه يكتب هذا الكتاب من أجل ظِلّ روحه الحاضر أمامه، ذلك الظل المنحني على الجدار، والذي يتخذ في مخيلته صورة بومة عمياء:

Nate D
May 01, 2014 Nate D rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: dream-myths of addiction and escape
Recommended to Nate D by: Knig-o-lass and the coughs of abattoir horses
Obsession, delerium, disintegration. Repetition and narrative instability. Empty temples, tombs, secret poisons. Desire tuned towards death and vice versa. Basically, somehow, the entire template for 70s-Robbe-Grillet, and by extension, some of Dennis Cooper's The Marbled Swarm, spontaneously arisen from 1930s Iran. If the narrator (narrators?) has a desperately problematic relationship to the women in his life -- exalting or loathing without any human middle ground, only tending towards complet...more
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
A tortured psyche disintegrating in a self-created maze of mirrors. A devious novel full of sinister doubles and disorienting narrative multiples. A complex kaleidoscopic image is probably the best analogy, as the same half-dozen or so elements are shifted and reflected into successive patterns that are diverse but all variations on the same theme. Powerful and unsettling stuff. I don't buy the intricate Eastern mysticism interpretation provided on one website; it is what it is. A masterful port...more
Mina emami
جريان سيال ذهن هميشه آدم را سردرگم ميکنه جالب اينجاست که هميشه اين دسته از کتابها جزئ بهترينها شناخته مي شوند . شايد براي اينکه از اونها چيز زيادي نميشه فهميد .
Due to my obsession with owls and having previously dated a Persian man; I am familiar with the connotation of owls in Iranian culture. Hearing that Sadegh Hedayat, the author of “The Blind Owl”, lived in Iran and then committed suicide at age 48, was enough to draw me in.

“The Blind Owl” has a magnetic draw starting with the first word. Following a stream of consciousness style (don’t expect dialogue, character names, etc); Hedayat pulls the reader in full-force with heavy literary, symbolical,...more
mai ahmd
لم أشعر بحالة عميقة من الإغتراب الروحي كما شعرت وأنا أقرأ هذه الرواية
حين يفقد الإنسان كل خيوط شخصيته ولا يعود يعرف من هو
وقتها ستتذكر الإنمساخ لكافكا
هلوسات بطل القصة والوصول به إلى حالة تامة من اللاوعي
التداخل في الأحداث إنغلاق تام للشخصية عزلة وهروب إلى الداخل
الخوف من الموت كل ذلك رافقني مع شعوري بحالة الكآبة والإحباط
التي يعيشها الكاتب والتي تظهر بوضوح في سطوره
كما يبدو أن الأمر حقيقة صادق هدايت كتبها وهو تحت تأثير المخدر !!
شعرت بذلك من حالة الصعود والهبوط كأن روحه تصعد إلى الأعلى ويشدك م...more
خوندن بوف کور لذت بخشه. ولی وقتی لذت بخش تر می شه که درک بشه. مهمترین پیچیدگی بوف کور در اینه که همه ی شخصیتهای مردش یعنی راوی،عمو، پیرمرد خنزر پنزری، مرد درشکه سوار و ... ؛ و همه ی شخصیتهای زنش یعنی دختری که از سوراخ بالای اتاقش دید - زن ایده آلش- ،زن لکاته ای و مادر زنش همه یک نفر هستند. یعنی یک شخصیت مرد و یک زن. و در نهایت اون مرد و زن هم قسمتهای مختلف خود راوی هستند. شخصیتهای مختلف حالات مختلف راوی بود که در زندگی تجربه کرده بود و به خوبی همه ی این حالات رو باهم در قالب شخصیت های مختلف توصی...more
در زندگی زخمهایی هست که مثل خوره روح را آهسته در انزوا فرو می برد و میتراشد.این دردها را نمی شود بکسی اظهار کرد چون عموما عادت دارند که این دردهای باور نکردنی را جزو اتفاقات و پیش امدهای نادر و عجیب بشمارند و اگر کسی بگوید یا بنویسد مردم بر سبیل عقاید جاری و عقاید خودشان سعی می کنند آنرا با لبخند شکاک و تمسخرآمیز تلقی بکنند زیرا بشر هنوز چاره و دوایی برایش پیدا نکرده و تنها داروی آن فراموی بتوسط شراب و خواب مصنوعی بوسیله ی افیون و مواد مخدر است ولی افسوس که تاثیر انگونه داروها موقت است و بجای تس...more
My ongoing attempt to read all 200 books spotlighted in James & Newman's two excellent overview volumes, "Horror: 100 Best Books" and "Horror: Another 100 Best Books," has led me to some fairly unusual finds. Case in point: Sadegh Hedayat's "The Blind Owl," which is--or so claims the Grove Press edition currently in print--"the most important work of modern Iranian literature." Originally published in Bombay in 1937 under the Persian title "Buf-i Kur," it first appeared in Tehran four years...more
Ben Loory
i love the line in the book description: "replete with potent symbolism." cuz, yeah.

i don't know. it's good. it's really smooth and vivid and strange... doesn't really feel like much to me though, other than a one-note kinda ongoing DREAD. which is fine. kept hoping it would somehow burst into something more, but it never did. almost, but not quite. sure has some amazing moments in it, though. the scene with the cobra especially.

I am obliged to set all this down on paper in order to disentangle...more
Mar 24, 2007 maryam rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everybody!
The greatest novel I have ever read... I compare it with Persian classical masterpiece, such as Hafez or Khayyaam works. This novel is full of information, you can interpret it in political, social, psychological, romantic,... aspects. Depends on what you want to get from it! There are many people with different personalities, believes and experiences who enjoyed it. You don't have to read it, you can feel it! Hedayat was a genuis and this is his best work in my opinion.
Mohammad Ali
بوف کور را هر کس خوانده بود و برایم درباره اش حرف زده بود می گفت افسرده کننده است و آدم را می برد در یک هم چین عوالمی. من البته از خواندنش به چنین احوالی نیفتادم. بعضی جاهایش هم خنده ام می گرفت. مخصوصاً آن جاهایی که دربارۀ زنش حرف می زد ــ همان لکاته.
Cooper Cooper
Considered by some Iran’s greatest writer of the twentieth century, Hedayat was a poet of despair who committed suicide in Paris in 1951. I read The Blind Owl many years ago and, remembering its strange repetitive images, I wanted to reread it. I found it somewhat different than I remembered but still very interesting and enjoyable.
The unnamed narrator had been born in India to a Persian merchant and an erotic Indian temple dancer. The merchant had an identical twin brother who also fell in lo...more
Mohamed Osman
استرخي في مقعدك و تناول هذه الرواية واستعد لأن تحيا الكابوس ، انتظر قليلا ستصدم أن هذا الكابوس هو الحياة هل تلاحظ مدي التشابه الذي بينك وبين الكاتب الذي تقرأ له ، إنه يخرج لك ما تخبئه في جوانب نفسك ، ما تريد ان تغض النظر عنه في هذه الحياة ، هذا هو محتوي رواية البومة العمياء أو كما قال فيليب سوبو هذه الرواية لا تقبل النقاش ولا يمكن أن تلخص لأنها في حد ذاتها تلخيص لقدر الإنسان

أعتقد إن هذه هي تجربتي الأولي في قراءة رواية من الأدب الإيراني لكني لا أعتقد إنها ستكون تجربتي الأخيرة و خاصة مع صادق هدايت...more
Sadegh Hedayat’s “The Blind Owl” is considered a classic in Iranian fiction. I confess to an immediate sympathy for any book whose author felt compelled to print outside his country. And it remains on the forbidden list in Hedayat’s native Iran. In the introduction to the version I came across, Porochista Khakpour argues that the Persian literary tradition did not discover novels until the beginning of the last century, and that, even once introduced, they were limited to historical themes. So H...more
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Sadegh (also spelled as Sadeq) Hedayat (Farsi: صادق هدایت) is considered Iran's foremost modern writer of prose fiction and short stories.
More about Sadegh Hedayat...
سگ ولگرد داش‌ آکل سه قطره خون زنده به گور مجموعه داستان توپ مرواری

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