A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every Conservative Should Know About Mitt Romney
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A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every Conservative Should Know About Mitt Romney

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According to author and radio personality Hewitt, Mitt Romney-billionaire venture capitalist, consummate family man, gifted and media-savvy politician-would be unstoppable in the coming presidential race were it not for one niggling line on his resumé: he's a Mormon. In this unashamedly partisan volume, Hewitt attempts to refute the claim that no Mormon could get elected P...more
Hardcover, 311 pages
Published February 1st 2007 by Regnery Publishing (first published 2007)
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Mar 26, 2008 Myk rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone with a brain
This is a very good book. Very informative. I felt that I got to know the Romneys. It actually made me sad that he is no longer running for president. Mitt is a financial genius. One of the most valuable things I took from this book is the bain method. If any one is interested in this look up bain & company and bain capital. I guess some people in Washington would not want Mitt as president because that would mean people that are worthless get fired and those that will actually do the job ge...more
I enjoyed this book. I'm a political idiot, and I still liked it. It left me thinking that Romney could do much better than the two candidates we currently have to choose from. He has so much experience in so many things. He just seems like a solid, well-rounded guy.

It also left me feeling like although it's stupid, a Mormon couldn't be elected president. Too many people are scared of Mormon's. Hewitt outlines all the things that work against Romney because of the Mormon thing. My favorite was,...more
I thought this was an anti-mormon book when it came out and therefore, did not read it. After reading a very short review of it in an article about this past election I realized it's a positive view on Mitt Romney. It is about why Americans should not let a prejudice against The Church make them not take a good look at why Romney would make a great President. It is written by Hugh Hewitt, a man who has years of political and journalistic experience and has never been a member of The Church. He i...more
So Hewitt may present a one-sided view, but who can't be amazed my Mitt's career and his one-of-a-kind competency and fixing organizations?
Ughhh....What did I just step in? I mean what did I just stumble into? And why do I always feel the need to soldier on through these books I enjoy so little....?

I picked up this book because of it's title. The politicization of religion and the religionization of politics is something that bothers me no end. America wasn't established as a Christian nation, it was established as a FREE nation, and the separation of church and state is essential for good church and good state. I was hop...more
Erin L.
Sep 12, 2007 Erin L. rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people interested in politics
A good book if you're interested in Mitt Romney. It goes into detail about his qualifications as President. The author is uber-republican and that really threw me at first, I almost didn't finish the book. I really do not like either the Republican or Democratic party particularly because it seems to be more about the party-line than the actual qualifications. Anyway, the author still brings up some valid points about Romney's success in the business world and how that could translate to a real...more
Great book. An important read for anyone who wants to know more or has questions about Mitt Romney. I actually didn’t care much for Romney until I read this book and I finished it extremely impressed. Romney has had an extremely accomplished and interesting life. Hugh does a good job explaining Romney conversion to the Abortion issue. The chapters about Romney’s business accomplishments and Olympics leadership were my favorite. I also listened to the audio book of this after reading it as well....more
OK, I'm about 3 years late reading this. But still - it was really interesting to learn more about Mitt's background and understand more about why/if/how Mormonism might factor into his potential performance as President. But really - it's less about Mormonism than it is about his past history and qualifications (which frankly - Hugh does a fine/unvieled job of touting).
I hosted a book club on this book and it generated some good conversations about religion in politics. It's amazing how many people don't think Mormons are Christians (hence the name of our church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). His resume is impressive and hope he will consider running again for president.
This is an excellent book on Mitt Romney's years of service as governor of Mass., his experience at Bain Capital (the "Bain Way") his family life, his Mormon faith, as well as why it is un-American to discriminate against a candidate for office based upon their religious views. Hugh Hewitt does an excellent job arguing that Evangelical Christians, as well as the secular news media, should consider his faith out of bounds. Why? Well, first, the Constitution states that there should not be a relig...more
A positive, uplifting book about a brilliant, ingenious businessman. It was fascinating to read of all the ways he improved Massachusetts and the Winter Olympics Committee without spending or wasting more money or resources. An inspiring story told with the flare of Hewitt.
I only gave this book 3 stars because of the writing. It seemed a little sporadic to me. But overall was interesting and made me even more convinced that Mitt Romney needs to be our next president.
Yuk! The glowing praises of the author would make you think he's Mitt's father or brother because in Hugh Hewitt's estimation, Mitt does everything right-not.
Jeff Stockett
This book was written prior to the 2008 campaign. As such, some of the information here is horribly dated. The author spends time talking about how Romney will need to beat McCain, and he focuses on some of the shortcomings of John McCain. While I agreed with a lot of it, since I'm not a John McCain fan, that information is no longer relevant. He also assumed that Hilary Clinton would be the democratic nominee, and so he talks about the matchup between her and Romney, which is also not relevant....more
Christopher Mills
As someone who is extremely interested in politics, I was already quite informed on Mitt Romney before reading this book. There are many reasons why I believe he would be a great president. Since I am a Mormon, I should clarify that our shared religious beliefs are not enough for me to make this statement. If anything, it has caused me to put him under the microscope a little more than the usual candidate. His fiscal experience is tremendous. He has been very successful in this area. He has the...more
Very very conservative book. In the first couple pages it made it obvious that this would be a pro-conservative and pro-Romney book. Nothing that bothers me there though. However, the only problem with this book is it was written for the 2008 Presidential election. But I decided since I had purchased the book I would read it even if it was a little outdated. Hewitt rips apart ever other candidate and makes it seem as though Romney is the only candidate worth even considering in the Republican pr...more
Jeff Chesen
Anyone picking up the book looking to be enlightened prior to the 2012 election should first be aware that Hugh Hewitt is an extreme conservative whose vision is frequently black or white without any shades of grey. This book was written prior to the 2008 election and Hewitt concludes that a) Mitt Romney will be the presumptive Republican candidate, and b) he will face Hillary Clinton in the general election. Hindsight shows just how flawed Hewitt's thinking was.

The book's deficiencies are glari...more
Peter Wolfley
I've always been a big fan of Mitt Romney but that was mainly because he reminded me of my dad. After reading this book I can honestly say he is the man for the job. He is a service-minded man of ability, intelligence, integrity, and charisma. He has the Midas touch, everything he gets his hands on turns to gold. Out of the current contenders for the White House this year, he is the only one who has what it will take to pull the country out of its current nose dive.

He's a real leader. The parts...more
Alan Strong
I finished this before the primary election.
The book delved into Romney's values and principles, which were backed by his behaviors and actions.
Based on what I read, Romney was a suitable candidate for nomination as a Presidential Candidate.
Joe Meservy
The first part of this is a terrific biography with close up accounts of Romney's early business days and successes. The best chapter, however, is the one entitled "Mitt Romney Defends Traditional Marriage". I found that chapter particularly strong, vibrant, and inspiring. I would encourage anyone to read that chapter because of the well balanced and very lucid writings of Romney which have been reprinted within. I liked it.

The latter part of the book including the parts regarding challenges pr...more
Brian Olson
A very good book about Mitt Romney. And seeing as how he's very likely to be the next president, probably one thats worth checking out. I learned some disturbing bits about Mormonism (example: they're not Christians - they believe we are all "becoming" gods, and that Jesus was just further along the spiritual path than most of us), but aside from that, Romney looks like an extremely capable and ideal candidate. (And personally, his religion doesn't concern me: as president, his morals, ethics an...more
Hugh Hewitt is a conservative talk show host and unabashedly pro-Romney, but the book would still be a good read for anyone interested in politics. The points made about him are valid. It probably won't convince any Hillary supporters to hop the fence, but it does make a strong case for him as both the best conservative among the top-tier GOP candidates and the strongest leader among the candidates in either party.
The book was written in anticipation of Romney's run for the Republican nomination for President in the 2008 election, but most of what was written then is still applicable for the upcoming 2012 election. The book makes a nice case describing Romney's better points, and tries to put to rest any concerns the public may have about his religion. Worth a read to anyone pondering candidates for the 2012 nomination run.
I only give it a four, because I didn't think it flowed very well. But however I think it was a great topic to write about because of religous bigotry. I am so glad that Hugh Hewitt is getting the message out to people why Mitt would make a WONDERFUL president and that his religion has nothing to do with it. Everyone vote for Mitt---and if you don't believe me read the book and you'll know why you should vote for him!!!
Jan 28, 2008 Clark rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: every voter
This book opened my eyes to the strength of experience Romney has as a potential President. It also shows some of the similarities and major differences in stands to the other candidates. This is a must read.

The reason I rated this only a 4 is the sentence structure is sometimes poor requiring a re-read of some sentences. A few sentences or paragraphs left me wondering what he was trying to say.
This is a great, completely fair look at why Mitt Romney would (have been) the perfect candidate for the 2008 Republican nomination. It is well-researched, well-written, and emphasizes the American ideal that any man should be able to worship how he chooses, and that not voting for the right man soley because of his religious affiliation would be a grave disservice to our forbears.

I thought Hewitt did a great job on this book. I think that it was interesting that in the beginning he states that he wasn't sure if he was going to vote for Romney when he was writing the book. However the book seems very pro Romney. I really enjoyed the book and how Hewitt explains things just incase the reader doesn't know everything about everything.
It's hard to know how to rate this since 4 years later some parts are necessarily out of date. Some sections of this book I would rate a 5, other parts a 3 but that's simply because I found some sections more personally interesting than others. I suspect most readers will respond similarly. Was it worth the read? For that I can give an unqualified "Yes!"
Great presentation of a smart and hardworking man. I appreciated also how well it represented my church. Cleared up any questions about his stem cell-research or pro-life positions. Amazing section on why the marriage amendment is crucial for our countries strength, an issue I didn't understand prior to reading.
Get the audio book.
Jun 14, 2007 Brad rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: politicos
I think this was an excellent background bio on Mitt Romney as he prepared to run for President. Hugh Hewitt is a supporter, but he is honest about why and how he became such. So, it's a book by a political convert.

But, it also discusses how silly the Mormon Question is.
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