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闇の末裔 (Yami no Matsuei #1)

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  2,538 ratings  ·  43 reviews
As a Guardian of Death, Asato Tsuzuki has a lot to think about. First of all, there are all those dead people. Someone's got to escort them safely to the afterlife.
Then there's all that bureaucracy. The affairs of death come with a lot of paperwork, budgetary concerns and endless arcana.

Combining supernatural action with heavy dollops of romance, sex and humor, DESCENDANTS

新書, 192 pages
Published September 19th 1997 by 白泉社 (first published 1997)
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First of all, this manga began as Yami no Matsuei for me. Partly because I love saying it, and partly because I watched the anime first, and made sure to stay as far away from that awful English dub as I could.

It was horrific. Don't even go there. Unless it's Death Note or InuYasha, go Jap, you sap! It's sharper, clearer, more energetic and overall, just better for your health.


I got to this manga/anime (let's stick with anime for the time being, since I watched first and read later) during my...more
Every manga lover knows that Yami no Matsuei is one of the most famous manga series ever. And yes, it really is that good. Beautiful drawings, intriguing characters, interesting cases to solve for the Angels of Death aka Shinigamis. This manga is for people who like plot not just boys/girls looking cute and pretty!
Kai-ren Aki
I have been in love with this series from the moment I finished the first book. The episodes are also a smash.
Jody Mena
Good story so far! Very creative meshing of fantasy, mythical and detective genres. What a very interesting twist on the afterlife! I can already see that this series is going to be pretty character driven, but I can already see that Tsuzuki is enough of a character to carry the story on his own. Though it states explicitly several times that it's not a yaoi manga, I'm not entirely convinced there aren't some BL undertones floating through this tale, there are very few female characters, and so...more
Anna Rebecca
Loved this book! As I'm sure others have/will mention, this first volume is a bit confusing. I'm sure what helped me the most was that I had watched the anime first.

The concept of Descendants of Darkness is rather original. The mangaka has managed to take the fantasy, mythical, detective and shounen-ai genres and combine them into a very compelling concept. I really enjoy the governmental agency twist on the afterlife. It would seem that even in death there is no escaping the government! Poetic...more
This review is going to be for the series as a whole, or as whole as it is at this point - I read all eleven volumes available in German, and took a peek at the raws of vol. 12.

I really liked it, although I am tempted to say that this is two series rather than one. The last two volumes especially had a very different feel to them (which isn't to say that they were bad; actually the opposite is true). It's not all that coherent, I have to say - sometimes, the comedy and drama feel oddly imbalance...more
Hope Jasmine
'Descendant's of Darkness' or 'Yami no Matsuei' depending on which one you prefer, follows Asato Tsuzuki and his partner Hisoka Kurosaki and the work they have as a Shinigami.

I'm just going to say this before anything else... If you want to watch the series, It's better to watch the Japanese Version. And no this choice has nothing to do with what Muraki sounds like... a little. (No offence to the Voice Actor, and if you are somehow reading this. I'm sorry and apologize.)

The series combines Fant...more
Leila Anani
One of my favourite manga series. The Ministry of Hades exists in Purgatory to hold and judge souls. The summoning department sorts out problems from the other departments, most notably helping to free souls who are supposed to have died but have become trapped for some reason. Asato Tsuzuki is the bureau's top agent - he's 96 (but looks 26) and he moves between purgatory and the human world solving supernatural cases.

The first story is a one off where his new partner actually turns out to be pi...more
Pernah membayangkan apa yang ada di dunia kematian?

Mati pun tidak seburuk kelihatannya setelah membaca manga yang satu ini.

Lho kok?

Buktinya, shinigami penjemput orang mati yang biasanya seram dan suram digambarkan sebagai cowok-cowok cantik yang berkilauan :D

Di tangan komikus Yoko Matsushita, dunia setelah kematian tidak jauh dengan bumi kita. Hanya saja, ada beberapa masalah... seperti orang yang mati tidak sesuai dengan catatan kematian dan terkadang konflik dengan iblis. Dalam kasus seperti i...more
Christine (AR)
I love the concept behind this -- that restless souls of the departed can take jobs in the afterlife working for what is essentially the organizational government agency of the dead. I even like the two leads -- Tsuzuki on the surface is pretty and dumb, but his senitivity and naivete are an attempt to make up for the sins of his past, and it's possible to see why everyone in the series is in love and/or obsessed with him. His partner, Hisoka, is a 16 year-old murder/rape victim who wants to ave...more
Oh, this series. This series is one of my most guilty of guilty pleasures. It's got a great concept of a detective bureau in the afterlife - though in some ways the idea is poorly thought out and always evolving.

In fact, get used to the world "evolving." This has very much a make-it-up-as-you-go feel. Also get used to not thinking too hard about what you're seeing, because a lot of the arcs don't make it easily past any close plot scrutiny.

The main character is funny and fun when he's allowed to...more
Beth Chandler
(review is for the entire series)

One of the first manga series I ever read, and one I still go back to read periodically. The art, and the main characters, are beautiful--Tsuzuki and his colleagues are classic biseinen (beautiful young men). Definite shonen-ai (flirting/hints of relationships between men) elements, but the wild and excellently told supernatural adventures will keep most people who are not shonen-ai fans reading. The story falls apart somewhere in the last volume (which I would r...more
hahaha man perspective is a funny thing isn't it?

i don't remember if i shipped anything the first time i read this but it's likely!

now i find the idea of shipping tsuzuki with hisoka mildly horrifying. hisoka's a child! i know this is bl but it had better stay subtextual because my entire soul rebels. TEN YEARS OLDER, TSUZUKI YOU HAD BETTER MENTOR THIS KID AND THAT'S ALL

this is what happens when you get old; suddenly you identify with the adults and freak out over the children

speaking of, wow mu...more
I didn't like the art or charactizations, particularly of Muraki, who lacks the creepiness he has on abundant display in the anime and is here just a "muwahahahahaha" nutcase complete with crazy eye. The partner Tsuzuki had before Hisoka looks so much like him that it kept confusing me. There's a ton of exposition and very little organic character development. It felt very slapdash to me.

I had no idea that the anime and manga were different from each other in this way. I'd assumed that the anime...more
Tattered Cover Book Store
It details the travails of two humans conscripted into the post of Shinigami (literally translated the term means "death god". Basically these guys are Reapers, but with personal issues and sometimes cool Samurai swords) after their troubling deaths. They work for a vast and dysfunctional afterlife beaurocracy. Apparently there are things you can't escape even after death, government being one of them. They spend their time leading lost souls to their just reward. As with a lot of Manga it featu...more
Better than I thought, though I had a difficult time in some parts following the story line, but interesting and funny. I like Hisoka :) Tsuzuki is an idiot.
Cathryn Ferrara
Great series, I don't love the graphics as much as I do some other manga but I like the story line a lot.

Tsuzuki is a guardian of death charged with bringing in the souls of those who should have died but have not yet. He is one of many restless souls who did not pass on as they should have and instead went to work for the great afterlife bureaucracy. Let the games begin...

Matsushita manages to mix fantasy, adventure, mystery and romance with just enough of each to keep the reader entertained.
Debra Strattford
I love the manga, the last one is just another thing. The main character Tsuzuki is really handsome and has a great power, really amazing. This manga is beautiful, has a lot of magic and info of Japanese culture, how they see life through gods and goddesses. It is not only fantasy.
akhirnya setelah hampir sepuluh tahun nunggu terbit juga ini komik, padahal gw sendiri undah nonton animenya dari taun 2001, secara keseluruhan ini mencampurkan genre horor sama misteri, tapi nggak horor banget sih, tapi kesan misteriusnya itu yang bikin gw penasaran siapa sih sebenernya asato? terus apa sih hubungan dia sama muraki? duuuh penasaran banget,memang ini komik rada berat tapi worth banget di koleksi...
Once again standing in for the whole series.

I'm not sure what it is about this manga that always draws me back in. The writing isn't nearly as clear as it could be, the art is somewhat confusing at times, and the story often only makes sense if you insert your own bits of story. But I just really like it. It's terribly fun to read and I adore Hisoka and Tsuzuki. IDEK.
Nov 21, 2008 Jaime rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Bishi lovers
I liked this one. I'm a great fan of will they/won't they, and there are so many pairs to chose from. The series is not without angst, which is fine by me. The art is great, clean lines and lots of pretty bois and flowing hair. Hey, I like my bishies, what can I say?
Ah... very good book.

But... sudden stop issue for years. [Due to ... reason...]

I am so happy that the book release again in last year [year 2010]
Await for the ending of the story.

Check the editor website:
Tsuzuki and Hisoka are great characters, but the art deteriorates at times to a messy-looking doujinshi sort of style. Still, the story is fun and the characters are worth rooting for. Will stick with it for at least another volume.
Winniee Lee
Watched the anime and just couldn't get enough of it.! This series is so intriguing and refreshing! Loved the first volume and cant wait to read more! (Never been this excited about reading before)
CJ - Drop Dead Cute
Not sure I like this, in fact I am pretty confused. I like Tsuzuki but can't stand his partner. Is this a shojo or a yaoi? I dunno. I'll read the next because the premise has promise.
Manga that I bought because of one amazing vid I once saw.

I think it's save to say that I'm not a fan.

I don't even know if "manga" is the right term. *is embarrassed*
I've loved this series for years and always enjoy returning to it again after a while. Gotta Love Tsuzuki! (And Muraki in all his insane glory, of course... ^.~)
Characters that are lively and feel hardly dead, it's not hard to forget that these protagonists are shinigami meant to take away lives and not restore them.
Cute manga.....even for shoujo! With all the blood and demons, I can't really belive this book is shoujo. It's more of the shounen.
The anime based on this manga is what sparked my interest in shonen ai/yaoi. Then I discovered m/m and I haven't read anything else since.
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