Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson
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Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson

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1 corinthians 10:13, niv
"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."Amber Frey's life was full of blessings: an exciting new business, a beautiful home, and most of all, her infant daughter...more
Paperback, 290 pages
Published January 31st 2006 by Avon Books (first published 2005)
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A quick, simplistic read; I wanted to see what she had to say. I give her a lot more credit for her courage in coming forward now that I've read her account.
I remember this case when it first happened, though I had forgotten how long ago it really was. December of 2002 I was engaged - actually I got engaged on the same day Laci disappeared, and was married by the time the trial ended. I remember watching the news, hearing pieces of the story, waiting for the verdict.

The book was a quick and easy read. I found myself very interested in it because even years later I'm still mesmerized by this very sad case. I enjoyed when the book revealed details th...more
 PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
A few things were frustrating about this book. One of the things that I think I was the most frustrating with was Amber’s strong need to feel loved that it blinded her completely. I understand love blinds some people, but I am not so sure if love is what blinded her (If she even loved Scott), or if she just made dumb decisions. There were many signs that she clearly states in the book that were red flags about him being a cheating man. (I am not saying she should have seen he was a killer, but a...more
Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson is a tale from one woman's perspective, that lends more clues into the psyche of a killer, from the viewpoint of his mistress, Amber Frey.

She describes how she met him (a blind date), a little of her life and childhood difficulties -- a custody battle between her parents -- and how she was raising a child alone when she met Scott.

She appears naive and trusting, despite references to the many hurts in her life (which would normally render her unable...more
The Scott Peterson ordeal in Modesto, California in 2002, was truly horrible and harrowing for everyone involved, especially the family of Laci Peterson (Rocha)and her unborn son Conner. This true story became National Head Lining News around the world.

However, Amber Frey was an innocent victim, tied up in Scott Peterson's sociopathic world and his pathological lying. My heart went out to Amber as much as it did to the family of Laci.

Amber Frey, a Registered Massage Therapist in her 20's and a...more
I found the first couple of chapters of this book to be very interesting -- she describes the circumstances of how they met and I got some insight into the mind of Peterson. After she discovers his string of lies, the book went downhill and in a big hurry. I applaud anyone who writes their own book but it is riddled with grade-school caliber lines (“I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow,” “I kept thinking this was a bad dream and I would wake up at any second”). She filled LOTS of...more
i don't even know where to begin with this book. scott peterson was OUT OF HIS MIND. how on earth you could murder your pregnant wife is beyond me. his betrayal of laci and the LIES he surrounded amber frey with were mind-boggling. my heart went out to amber (and of course, laci and all who loved her). amber seemed like a sweet kid who already had gone through some of her own lifes struggles, and then she meets this sociopath. the conversations she taped for the police, and the extent to which h...more
Witness is the book about Amber Frey and the role she had to play in the Scott Peterson case. Scott Peterson was a man who killed his wife and unborn child and was later on caught by the authorities. This book is not well written and most of the content is about her life and childhood. When we get to the part about Scott Peterson and his case, the details are mostly from the transcripts in the case. There is some details that she has written but I am pretty sure you could find that somewhere bes...more
This book gave us all the other side of the story and it helped me understand how guilty scott really was and how he plan it out. It's so sad to know that even after Laci's disappearance he kept in contact with Amber and tries to pull it off without any remorse. I really enjoyed this book and I'm happy that Amber was able to help solve the case. I really recommend reading Amber's side of the story.
This book was one of those books that you start and feel you need to read through to the end even though the writing is extremely lacking and the writer tries to paint herself in a heroic light. I felt as though Amber's actions spoke louder than her words and she really tried to paint herself the victim here and as "Laci's voice". The problem is that Laci didn't have a voice, certainly not Amber Frey.
Marianne Jay
I am a true crime nut, so in my opinion this book was really good. It lets you know the true nuts and bolts about what role Amber Frey played in the Scott Peterson case.

Amber Frey tells her story openly and frankly. She holds nothing back. I highly recommend this book for any person interested in this case or crime drama.
The story concerns Scott Peterson, who while planning to murder his wife, meets and romances an incredibly naïve young woman with a child (the author) and manages to fool her into believing that he was unmarried and open to a serious relationship.

Eventually, she learns the truth and helps the police by taping phone conversations she has with him during the investigation of his wife’s disappearance.

Some interesting things about Amber Frey.

Before she meets Scott Peterson, she has been pregnant, tw...more
Oct 28, 2007 Dayna rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: only people very interested in the Scott Peterson case
This was poorly written, and rushed to print, obviously. It doesn't really contain any new information in the case and does not feel like an honest account from Amber's perspective. I feel like I'm reading a very censored version of her words. A lot of the book is actually the transcripts of her taped conversations with Scott, which I had already read online anyhow.

Considering Amber's background and life situation when she met Scott, I really respect her decision to contact the police as soon as...more
I enjoyed how Amber Frey tells her story from before,during, and after her relationship with Scott Peterson, even when her life was at such chaos and struggle.
This is an interesting book even though it is poorly written. Amber Frey has her say in this book about what really took place between her and Scott Peterson. I would not call her a hero but she definitely did the right thing by helping law enforcement. Scott Peterson may have gotten away with killing his wife Laci Peterson and their unborn child Conner if she hadn't. Amber Frey clearly had personal issues that should not have been included in this book, I think the editors could have done a muc...more
I was totally obsessed with this story. Handsome man, pretty popular pregnant wife. I found it so hard to comprehend why someone would kill their wife and unborn child. It was so disturbing to see him on t.v. and then to know behind the scenes he was leading this other life. I probably read it from front to back without stopping. It's so scary how a monster can be right there and you not even know it. I wonder what Lacy thought when she found out she married a monster? Is that why he killed her?...more
Chicken Little
I feel Amber Frey had no fault whatsoever in the tragic death of Laci P. She was told by that douchebag that he was unmarried, so she was just exploring the possibilities of a story with him. He fell hard for her and concocted the murder of his pregnant wife, when he should have divorced her instead. Amber acted with much courage and immediately denounced him when she found out that his wife was missing.

I hope she made good money for herself and her child with the royalties from this book.
I just finished reading 'Witness' by Amber Frye. I have to say that I first picked up the book completely out of curiosity. I then found myself judging this woman for the many mistakes she made with men. Then I read her comments regarding Sarah. I really felt bad that I was judging her. Like who doesn't have skeletons in their closet. She definitely doesn't hold anything back.

Anyways, it was a nice read. I even learned something about myself and my faith.
This book was interesting because it was a first hand account of Amber Frey's involvement with a man suspected of and later convicted of the murder of his wife and unborn baby. Ms. Frey, however, is not a professional writer. If you like true accounts and don't mind somewhat poorly written material, then this book is fine. If amateurish material grates on your nerves, pass this one up.
I enjoyed this book very much. I was glad to see that there are still good young people in this world. I am sure Amber knew what kind of fallout there would be when she first came forward saying that she had an affair with Scott Peterson. She didn't care, all she was concerned about was Laci and her unborn baby. She is an amazing you woman.
A quick read; finished it in a day. I recently read the book about Scott Peterson written by his sister so I thought it'd be interesting to read from Amber's perspective. I didn't realize that Amber was so spiritual and how helpful she was for the investigation. Such a sad story all around.
For some reason, I always had a negative opinion of Amber Frey. (I guess the media got me.) I was glad this book gave me the opportunity to hear the whole story from her point of view. I can't imagine being in her shoes.

The book is well-written and a quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Pam Holcomb
Fast read. Some parts of the actual phone conversation needed more editing because of redundancy. Quite disturbing book knowing that it is a complete work of NON-fiction. *shudder

Amber Frey has amazing strength to stand up and be a voice for Laci. Rest in peace, Laci & Connor.
Like many other people I was horrified by the Peterson story. I read this book with a paper bag covering, I didn't want to ruin my reputation...Not exactly high minded literature The book had a self serving bent. Can I defend myself by saying I didn't buy it just borrowed????
It was really interesting to hear the details of this case. Since I am not a news watcher, I really didn't know much about it at all. Without trying to sound mean, I don't think that Amber is the sharpest knife in the drawer but it was really interesting to hear her story.
Megan Spooner
I'm really interested in true crime stories, and this case always caught my interest. So when this book came out I went out and got it and finished it within a few days. It was really interesting to hear her side of the story and how she met Scott and the events that followed.
May 28, 2011 Tessia marked it as to-read
Shelves: library
I read this back when it came out, and found it captivating. With all this Casey Anthony trial drama, it's suffice to say that my psychological legal interest has been sparked once more, and after finding this at the library, I look forward to reading this again.
Interesting book, but Amber paints a really unattractive portrait of herself at the time the murders took place. She is a complete mess so you can see how she ended up with someone like Scott. At least she had the courage to stand up and help get him convicted.
I'm always so interested about high profile cases. I was very curious about any details related to Lacey Peterson's case, so when this book came out I had to read it. Scott Peterson was a total sociopath and how he played unsuspecting Amber was crazy.
Oct 28, 2007 Laura rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: nobody!
I purchased this book at the Dollar Store, if that tells you anything! She is a horrible writer, but for some reason, I am intrigued by Scott Peterson. Don't waste your time...you already read all about her story in People magazine...nothing new here...
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