Lord St. Claire's Angel (Lords and Ladies, #1)
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Lord St. Claire's Angel (Lords and Ladies #1)

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Celestine Simons was past the age when a woman could hope to marry. Still, she counted herself blessed, for she held a good position as governess in the household of tine Marquess of Ladymead. But when the Marquess's brother, the handsome Lord Justin St. Claire, arrived for the Christmas season, Celestine's lonely heart caught fire. He was so sweet and understanding. Yet,...more
Paperback, 1st edition, 254 pages
Published November 1st 1999 by Zebra
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Mary Chen *Nulla in mundo pax sincera*
I love this book so much! I cried, laughed, and adored St. Claire's transformation from that of a cynical, sadist and hardened rake to one of guardian and protector of Celestine. I am off to get more of Mrs. Simpson's books.
I love 'plain Jane' stories. This one goes a bit further. The heroine is a twenty-eight-year-old governess suffering from arthritis. More than once you'll read something like 'gnarled fingers'. I didn't mind that, but I think her character should have been more developed. The things she does for people she loves, the physical pain she endures to finish something she's started is only a small part of what she could have been in this story. I don't think she will annoy readers, but not many will r...more
My Book Addiction and More MBA
LORD ST. CLAIRE'S ANGEL by Donna Lea Simpson is an exciting Regency Historical Romance. #5 in the "Classic Regency Romance" series, but can be read as a stand alone. *A Re-release*

Meet Celestine Simons, a lady of good bred but forced to work, due to funds, as the governess of Lord Langlow and his wife. And Lord Langlow's scandalous brother, Lord St. Claire Richmond. He is a rogue of the first water and a seducer of many a woman.

While, Celestine is either beautiful or rich, but considered plain,...more
Horrible hero!

From the back cover:

An on-the-shelf miss...

Celestine Simons was past the age when a woman could hope to marry. Still, she counted herself blessed, for she held a good position as a governess in the household of the Marquess of Ladymead. But when the Marquess's brother, the handsom Lord Justin St. Claire, arrived for the Christmas season, Celestine's lonely heart caught fire. He was so sweet and understanding. Yet, a marriage proposal from a pleasure-seeking aristocrat had to be m...more
Amanda Richardson
I would actually give this book 3.5 stars, but I rounded up to 4. I liked the author's writing and I enjoyed the story. This is a clean Regency romance, which is not usually my choice to read. The heroine, Celestine, is a very nice, sweet character. She knows she is a plain spinsterish governess and she suffers from arthritis. The hero, St. Claire, is the brother of the man who Celestine works for; he is almost horrified by Celestine's plain looks and arthritic hands when he meets her.
He was war...more
A New Look at a Familiar Genre

This is a wonderful take on the popular storyline of the plain governess and the handsome nobleman. If you want to read a Regency romance with some weight to it instead of going through the standard plot lines of the genre than get this book. The lead characters are drawn with a realism that goes beyond the usual stereotypes. This includes letting the hero, St. Claire be very unlikable for a large part of the story and lets the heroine, Celestine, occasionally verge...more
This was a lovely historical romance of pain, hope, love, joy, finding and last but not least uncovering. I would put this more in the Christian type romance. You won’t find steamy love scenes or sex what you find is a truly lovely read that filled with passion and hope.

The heroine, Celestine isn't beautiful on the outside she doesn't have money or a title. What she does have is compassion that fills her up with beauty on the inside. This makes this a wonderful read and fills you with an awwww a...more
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
This was a good book, but well into the book I couldn't help thinking that Celestine deserved a much better hero than Lord St. Claire. He really is a rather debauched rake, and also came off as shallow. It takes him some time to see what a gem Celestine is, in spite of her crippling arthritis in her hands and her plain looks. Finally he does come around. I like the book for the heroine, so that's why I gave it four stars.
Ariana Baxter
I love traditional Regencies, and I am so grateful when the older ones are re-released in ebook form! I have discovered so many now-favorite authors because of it, including Donna Lea Simpson.

Lord St. Claire's Angel gives us the trope of the governess and the lord, in this case the brother of her employer. Celeste isn't the typical beauty disguised by her less-than-glamorous wardrobe, she is truly plain, and suffers from arthritis. St. Claire is a rogue, and he does it well, flirting with Celest...more
This story began promisingly. I like novels with plain Janes, and I am even of the opinion that the beauty of the characters in the books is unnecessarily exaggerated.
Celestine Simons is not only plain, she also suffers from arthritis. Her personality is described as being witty, but I confess that in the text it does not transpired. The great features that underscore are essentially a subjugation and acceptance of her living conditions. As a character I couldn't like her much. Her constant down...more
"Lord St. Claire's Angel" by Donna Lea Simpson is a classic regency romance. It's the story of Lord St. Claire and governess Celestine Simons. The governess is older (28) and considered plain if not ugly by some. She suffers from arthritis which, when bothering her, causes her hands to become swollen and disfigured as well as causing fatigue and overall pain. She has a pretty low opinion of herself, not believing anyone as handsome as the Lord St. Claire would ever consider her to seduce. She wa...more
A truly plain girl, Celestine, is hired as governess to forestall the attentions of Lord Langlow’s rogue of a brother, St. Claire, during his annual Christmas visit. Celestine loves the children and is beginning to make a life for herself, by herself, at Langlow. But she knows that her position is subject to the whims of her employers and wants to keep it. She also has arthritis that is worse in the winter. St. Claire dismisses her at first until his sister-in-law crows a little about her abilit...more
Sarah Eisele
I love Regencies and am willing to try just about any of them. I especially love the "traditional" regencies that forego the sex scenes between unmarried ladies and their "rakes." I have no objection to sex scenes (especially when well written) and I enjoy them very much -- but not in my Regencies, for the most part. There are several authors I enjoy regardless of their tendency to include sex scenes, due to the endearing characters and excellent writing, but I would really prefer they just leav...more
I can't say I enjoyed this very much. St. Clair is a scoundrel of the first order. he's the shameful kind of rake that goes around doing what he pleases, with whom he pleases, and damn the consequences. for the other party of course. as a lord he's above most consequences. we discover early on that his actions (to be fair, and her actions) got his sister-in-law's governess fired. he was discovered kissing her and so she was fired. (not fair, but it's the time period). this year his sister-in-law...more
Cas H.
Wonderful Regency Romance!
This book went above and beyone all description. Donna Lea Simpson describes a rake, who is yet a gentleman by his station, who is the seducer of any and all women he can get near. He sets his site on the Governess of his brother's household, to seduce. He does not want to get her into bed, he just wants to kiss her and give her something to think about when she is old and still a spinster. He does not realize that she could possibly capture his heart in the process. I...more
....redeemed by love, finally! A gem!

Ah! Christmas time! It conjures up ideas of Yuletide logs, snow, and family! Including for the Lady Elizabeth, Marchioness of Langlow, that wretched rogue of a brother-in-law, Richard St. Claire, who turns the female staff on their collective heads and wreaks havoc on any maid foolish enough to be burnt. Dratted, dangerous man!
When we first meet St. Clair he is at his despicable highborn worst, with no care for how their employers will treat his ex-flirts. Th...more
It was a classic Recency novel. I loved the fact that a man as handsome as St. Claire Richmond could truly learn to appreciate and fall in love for someone's inner beauty, such as Celestine. I like my books at a high "hot level". This was not it for me. It lacked there for me. Would I read from this author again, probably not. If someone wants a squeaky clean novel...This is for you then.
Go to read this book courtesy of NetGalley

Her insecurity haunts her, especially after Celestine hears her employer having hired her because of her plain looks. When the lord's brother, a known womaniser enters the scene for Christmas, everything changes. Lord St. Claire sees Celestine as a challenge, but soon gives in to the beauty that lies with in and starts pursuing her for real.

It's a tale of resisting and giving in to love. To realise that one's inner beauty shines through and that even a...more
Tiffany Day
What a disappointment. This came recommended to me from a group discussion here on Goodreads, so I was looking forward to a lovely holiday read. It starts well enough, with decent establishment of the scenario, characters, and setting. I enjoyed the H & h. The first third or so steamed along... then it sunk itself in endless repetition. The story never really seemed to go anywhere. Our couple never really spent any serious time together to help buy into the idea of their romance. By the last...more
Mariel Hoss
*ARC from NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Meh. While I like stories that involve women of substance (read: not Ms. Perfect) - Celestine, this story weighed heavily on St. Claire’s (hero) inner motivations…which was, mostly, not even remotely honorable. He is a rake of the first order and this is mostly his journey of self-discovery. Celestine is pure in heart (loving, lovable, humble, trustworthy, etc, etc.) which, though not evident in her physical appearance does mani...more
This is a sweet romance between a governess Celestine and a rogue Lord St. Claire. Lord St. Claire is visiting his brother for the Christmas holidays. His sister-in-law warns him to stay away from the help this year because last year he was caught kissing one of them and she had to let them go. Elizabeth thought she could keep the rogue away from the help by hiring a homely, plain looking woman to be her governess. Lord St. Claire was not about to let that stop him from having a little fun. Unti...more
Jenni Schell
I love Regency romances. This is a perfect example of a governess and the lord of the manor finding love. I found this to be wonderful story about love and happy endings.
Shannon   The Romance Addict!
H: Lord Justin St. Claire
h: Celestine Simons

I like stories where the H and or h have something to overcome. I feel when they finally come together it seems........more fulfilling that way. This book has a unique heroine she in serves (governess) she on the shelf and she has some health issue. The hero is conceded and kinda a womanizer. The only reason he even takes chance with the h is to annoys his sister in law. Some people might not like him but I love that kinda hero. I think this book was...more
Maggi Hesseling
Celestine Simons is plain, which makes her perfect for her position as governess, especially since her charges' uncle tends to dally. What makes this novel intereting though, is that eventhough she's so plain St. Caire learns that beauty is not only on the outside. Celestine is pehaps the kindest and warmest character I've ever read. Physically so flawed- rhumetism at a young age- she's perfectly flawed. Juxtaposed with her employer, who can kindly be called a fishmonger's wife, St.Claire puts h...more
Margaret Sholders
I enjoy reading Donna' s books. She writes interesting story lines. She also has good knowledge of historical facts. Then she comes up with ways around them. This story had me all wound up. Celestine was from the Gentry. She became a nobody when she took a job as a governess. A governess is not a servant and not part of the Ton. She is in a state of limbo. Then St Claire decides she needs a fling to remember when she is a spinster on the shelf. It was hard in some parts when his past history is...more
Nyxx's Nook

I had mixed emotions about this book at various points. Sometimes I felt it was taking to long to get to the point, other times I thought there was too much "pitiful me" and other times, just too many conflictions to wrap up at the end of the book.
However, I did read this all at once and it did end up wrapping me into it. This story takes two troubled people (for very different reasons) and puts them together against the odds. A plain jane spinster and a Lord.
It tu...more
This was such a sweet book to read! Celestine is a plain-looking governess. She is living a quiet life taking care of her two charges. At Christmas, a visitor to the household arrives. Little does Celestine know that this visitor will change her life!

The ending is a foregone conclusion but arriving at that conclusion is quite satisfying! There is enough tension in the story to keep the reader's interest. There is no sex which is frankly a nice change. It is just a sweet gift. I will definitely l...more
Negar Arvanaghi
So many emotions go along with this book. I wanted to smack Elizabeth and then kick her. I cheered at the end! I started the book not liking St. Claire at all, as the author meant for the reader to feel. But thankfully he did not take long to redeem himself. And, of course, I LOVED Celestine, not only because she is disabled. She made me want to cry at times.

GWEN! I love you!!!

And Greshelda-what a fitting name.

I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Christy Stewart
You know what? This wasn't bad. I really felt for the leading lady, and that hardly ever happens. The book was a short and sweet little thing, which was the point, I think, so it acomplished what it set out to do.
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