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New Avengers, Volume 2: Infinity
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New Avengers, Volume 2: Infinity (The New Avengers #21)

3.72  ·  Rating Details ·  866 Ratings  ·  70 Reviews
Infinity Tie-In!
Who is the secret member of the Illuminati that many of the members don’t know about? And how does Black Bolt, mute monarch of the Inhumans, lie to his teammates? As the cold war between Wakanda and Atlantis heats up into a full-scale conflict, casualties begin to pile up — and an Illuminati member is forced to make a hard choice. But when an Inhuman learns
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published January 23rd 2014 by Marvel Comics (first published December 31st 2013)
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Aug 08, 2015 Anne rated it really liked it
I thought I had read volume one of this title.
Sadly, no.
I read this Avengers, Vol. 1 Avengers World by Jonathan Hickman. And what I actually needed to have read was this New Avengers, Vol. 1 Everything Dies by Jonathan Hickman.
Fuck you, Marvel. And fuck all your confusing titles!
Avengers, Mighty Avengers, The Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers...
*spits on ground*
Because evidently when I'm angry, I turn into a llama...
It's possible that I'm the only one who has this problem.
Except I'm not!

Anyhoo. Since I'm not one to let a little something like total confusion stop me, I pasted a smile on
Nov 10, 2015 Jeff rated it liked it
Shelves: comix
This is what happens when a cross-over event (Infinity) gets smooshed together with Jonathan Hickman’s Time’s-Running-Out-Because-Universes-are-Blowing-Up-and-it’s-Only-a-Matter-of-Time-Until-It’s-Our-Turn-and-Screw-You-Mr. Hypen-You’re-the-Bastard-of-Punctuation super-long term comic book event.


Marvel’s nerds, the Illuminati, are still playing at the Sky is Falling/Chicken Little game. Plus, there’s some petty squabbling among its members as Namor and T’Challa decide to have a pissing cont
Sam Quixote
Mar 24, 2015 Sam Quixote rated it it was ok
Oh, Jonathan Hickman, New Avengers was supposed to be your good Avengers comic! So what happened? One word: Infinity. Boooooo!

A long time coming, Black Panther and Namor finally have sex fight each other, Wakanda leading the hostilities against Atlantis for what Namor did during AVX under the influence of the Phoenix Force. Then Thanos invades, looking for the Infinity Gems and… something else… and that takes up the rest of the book. Hickman touches on the world’s colliding storyline from the f
I am not sure why this was in a separate book since over half of it is from volume one. I can only fathom they made more than expected on volume 1 so they tried to make more by doing a partial Platinum Extended Edition.

Otherwise a very good story with kudos to two superheroes going to war against one another.

Jan 17, 2015 Mike rated it it was amazing
Welcome to Marvel Event #403: Infinity. Space, multiverses, inter-world wars, and not one crisis but multiple end-times threats to keep us busy. Lorded over by the king of Big Politics, Jonathan Hickman, the three main books were written contiguously by him so I just wrote my effusive review of all three as one.

This event in big strokes is cold, masculine, destructive, but also intriguing, political and big-thinking. High concept doesn't begin to describe it - why have one concept and ultimate s
Maria Kramer
Mar 06, 2016 Maria Kramer rated it did not like it
For a story about the END OF THE WORLD this was surprisingly not compelling. Was it how little everything made sense, despite how much people tried to explain it in clumsy info-dumps? Was it how much the heroes acted like jerks? Was it how uninteresting I found the "moral dilemma"? A little of everything really. I won't be pursuing this series.
Aug 02, 2015 Ashley rated it liked it
Pushed through this to get past the Infinity nonsense. Glad it's over. Let's move on shall we?
Nicolo Yu
Feb 17, 2014 Nicolo Yu rated it really liked it
The title of this New Avengers collection is Infinity because it ties in seamlessly with Jonathan Hickman's Infinity event for Marvel. That fits into Infinity is no surprise because he is also the regular writer of the New Avengers.

This collection works better integrated with the Infinty miniseries ifs arranged in the correct sequence as intended by Hickman with its sister book Avengers. But it could also work as a standalone if one only follwed this title. Reading this collection alone, one wou
Jul 06, 2014 Gavin rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics
So I looked, and I read Vol. 1 in September! That means I've waited 10 MONTHS for this to appear at my library...It was worth the wait.

Jonathan Hickman has a phenomenal imagination, and nothing is small scale for him, it's always big. That can be dangerous (see: Bay, Michael) but it can also work very well if you manage to ground it by having the 'human' connection (or mutant, Inhuman, etc. but you get my point). Hickman's able to continue on very well in this second volume because he can write
Angel Arturo
Oct 06, 2016 Angel Arturo rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, comics
Lots of hard decisions were made and two kingdoms fell already which is impressive. Wish I could have seen it , its kinda hard to follow in comics as one panel they're building something or preparing to battle and the next volume they used it off screen (probably in other comic I haven't read). It can get very convoluted.

Also Namor made a good point, the Illuminati keep compromising their moral compass more and more. Still I'm not sure what other options they have (Cap's idealism is great but ri
Krista Ivy
The world is still be threatened, but now it is Thanos who would take them.
re-read: T'Challa's sister, the Queen, has declared war on Namor and his kingdom. the world breakers arrive just as Namor's people have died and in order to keep alive what is left of Atlantis; Namor must tell them where the remaining Infinity Gem(the only one not to break) is. He tells them of the Queen harboring it(hers were the only people to win over one of Thanos's lackeys). T'Challa is stripped of his power when his
Feb 07, 2016 Brent rated it liked it
Recommends it for: fans of these fine creators and Marvel superheroes
Recommended to Brent by: these fine creators and Atlanta-Fulton Public Library
Shelves: comics, fiction, superhero
Incomplete storytelling, but dizzying in scope, and interrupted by plot points of the Infinity event storyline. Oy vey.
Matt Anderson
May 15, 2014 Matt Anderson rated it really liked it
Collects New Avengers issues #7-12

This volume ties in to Marvel's major event of 2013, Infinity. I would not recommend reading this volume alone. You need the full story found in the Infinity collection. All of these issues are in that collection.

Spoiler-free review: This books opens one month after the events of Latveria seen in the previous volume. In the last month, the people of Wakanda and the people of Atlantis have gotten caught up in a war. This leaves T’Challa and Namor unable to work
Lynn Sheridan
Nov 15, 2016 Lynn Sheridan rated it liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, superhuman, comic
While the Avengers are away fighting against the Builders, Thanos and his team swoop in to take Earth. The New Avengers (or Illuminati) are the last line of defense. They also have a problem with Earths from alternate universes colliding with their and ending everything.

Very similar to the Avengers books and obviously in the same universe this book is still quite fragmented. Again, there are lots of characters and events happening at once so the focus jumps back and forth and seems to miss a lot
İdris Alp
Sep 25, 2016 İdris Alp rated it really liked it
Serinin ilk kitabından sonra bu biraz daha bana sönük geldi daha doğrusu daha fazla olay oldu ve kafam allak bullak oldu. Ama serinin çizimleri ve kurgusu gerçekten şahane .Zaten böyle bölüm geçişlerinde özet bir tekrar sayfası oluyor ve bunun yanında karakter tanıtımı gibi küçük bölümler oluyor yani demem o ki rahat rahat okuyabileceğiniz bir seri .Bakalım devamı nasıl olacak, çünkü sonu çok kötü bitti meraktan çatlıyorum 10 gün sonra alacağım diğer kitabı bakalım Nasıl dayanacağım . Puanım: ...more
Joe Young
Mar 11, 2014 Joe Young rated it it was amazing
Jonathan Hickman - writer
Mike Deodato Jr. - illustrator

In the previous volume it was discovered that at some point in the past a planet Earth in one of the infinite realities that makes up the multiverse was destroyed before the natural course of events would have led to it's end. This resulted in a wave-like effect cascading throughout the multiverse, causing different realities to successively come into contact with each other where the original anomaly occurred - the planet Earth. Each time t
Mar 25, 2015 Miguel rated it liked it
New Avengers has a terrible premise and a misleading title. The boring hand-behind-the-throne machinations of the Illuminati are altogether uninspired and unengaging. If not for containing crucial story elements (for understanding the Infinity event) and an uncharacteristically brisk pacing by New Avengers standards (as a consequence of the Infinity event), I would recommend steering clear of this volume at all costs. Worse, still, is that in relation to the otherwise well-attuned Infinity, New ...more
Brian Poole
Sep 23, 2015 Brian Poole rated it liked it
While continuing to deal with the incursion threat, the Illuminati also contended with Thanos’s invasion of Earth while many heroes were off-world. Black Panther and Namor struggled to retain their truce, even as their two nations moved closer to war. Black Bolt and his brother Maximus made some dire preparations for the arrival of Thanos. Wakanda staged a devastating attack on Atlantis, as Thanos’s generals led attacks around the planet, looking for both Thanos’s secret Inhuman son and the ...more
Dec 29, 2014 Silas rated it really liked it
I enjoyed this, but it was not easy reading. First of all, it's volume 2 of a series that took an ill-explained concept, fiddled with it a bit, and then took a complete left turn with it. Add to this that it's a crossover with a big Marvel event and another title, and the fact that it references several other recent events in the Marvel universe, and it should be total havoc to read outside the context of reading it in the monthly comics with all of the other comics in the Marvel universe. ...more
May 05, 2014 Bill rated it it was ok
Picked this up randomly at a bookstore, since I've always been a fan of both the Avengers, and of the cosmic bits of the Marvel Universe. Admittedly, this is part of a larger plotline, so there are huge gaps in the narrative -- but even then, this is depressing.

The plot, what there is of one, doesn't make a great deal of sense. Despite imminent cosmic disaster, most of this book is infighting (that's right: talking, lots of talking) between members of the secret, behind the scenes manipulators
Scott Lee
Jul 07, 2014 Scott Lee rated it liked it
If I were rating the art alone on this book, I would give it five stars. This book is a visual masterpiece, the best work that I've ever seen Deodato do. I'm still frustrated with what feels to me like Hickman's glacial pacing. It feels like I was being strung out--just enough information to understand most of what was going on, but as if there were another book, or multiple other books that contained a lot of details that I'm missing. Of course that kind of writing permeates Marvel these days w ...more
Mar 22, 2015 J'aime rated it liked it
The New Avengers series really should have been called “the Illuminati” because that it who it concerns. This volume ties into the Infinity even, which is a break from the Incursion storyline. The Avengers head into space to confront a fleet coming to destroy Earth, and Thanos decides to invade while they are away.

Atlantis and Wakanda are at war, which is an awkward distuation for namor and T’Challa who are working together in the Illuminati. Much of this volume focuses on these two during the
Jun 28, 2014 Jessica rated it liked it
You know, I ought to like this more than I do. There's just a little too much going on at the same time, and the volumes come out just far enough apart that I half-forget what went before in between volumes--but don't care quite enough to reread everything to find out (This is an accidental reread, actually. I thought it was vol. 3). The Black Swan is more irritating than enigmatic, and I really, really wish the so-called Illuminati would let other people in on their secret conclave.

Mind, Captai
Michael Church
Sep 22, 2014 Michael Church rated it really liked it
Shelves: marvel-comics
This was actually far far better than k expected it to be. The title, Infinity, does indicate its relation to the event of the same name, but it doesn't get bogged down in it. I actually comprehended everything pretty well despite not reading the event. I didn't have much interest in Infinity, but now I want to see how it all worked out.

This story on its own does very well. It continues the conflicts and issues from the last volume, but manages to effectively escalate them. I really like this g
Kyle Moore
Jul 23, 2015 Kyle Moore rated it really liked it
Although event tie-ins are not really my thing, something works well here. I cannot point to what that is knowing little of infinity. The team continues to deal with the matters presssing the multiverse as Thanos come to earth with
his own team. While so many parts of the story go away from what this series is about we have things that make this book great, Stakes as high as can be, a team of heros with enough moral and ethical obstacles to change the way you look at them, and conflict in not onl
Peter Derk
Dec 01, 2015 Peter Derk rated it liked it
Jonathan Hickman.

On the one hand, I like how far his stories go. How different they are.

On the other hand, I'd like him to hold my hand a little bit. That other hand, I'd like Hickman to hold it and guide me through the story a little more.

I get confused. I don't know if it's because things move so fast or because the story is so complex, but I feel like there's a lot going on here I don't understand all the way. And that's how I feel about a lot of Hickman's work. When it's great, it's wild an
Jun 29, 2015 Andy rated it did not like it
One star may be harsh but I'm judging this purely as a stand alone volume. I realise now that this is part of a three story combined story but that's not made clear on the book itself and I've not read the Avengers book to this point and the library doesn't have the collected Infinity story either.

So, while the bog concept continues and clearly the combined story is wide in scope, read alone as a single volume it makes no sense. Every other page skips ahead leaving you with the feeling of having
Feb 16, 2014 Dan rated it liked it
Shelves: comics, 2014
I read the entire Infinity event, and all of the Hickman-written tie-in series, as they were published, yet still reading this New Avengers arc centered around those events felt jarring. Major events happened off panel and were not even addressed. Had I not read Infinity, I would've been extremely confused. However, if you ignore the Infinity-related issues, it still managed to focus on the Illuminati and (slightly) move their story forward, even if we aren't told why Black Bolt isn't around as ...more
Will Robinson Jr.
Jun 23, 2014 Will Robinson Jr. rated it liked it
Jonathan Hickman continues his run with the Avengers. I really like this Avengers series from Hickman the most. The Illuminati are a great concept from Marvel. I like how all the dirt and deceit this group does comes back to bite them at times even though they are trying to save the world. I am not fan of the Infinity crossover event but this was a good volume nonetheless. I feel like Jonathan Hickman has a lot of characters to juggle here and times you do get lost in the plot. I honestly ...more
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It’s no small thing to die and be born again.

After a certain amount of time you get tired of wasting talent. Of being part of a fraudulent profession — or actually being a fraud. And, most importantly, not living the life you are capable of having.

I remember the first night I went out with my wife. It was raining, she was beautiful… it was a normal, ordinary, intentionally uneventful, date. But at
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