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Cassandra's Challenge (Imperial, #1)
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Cassandra's Challenge (Imperial #1)

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  837 ratings  ·  64 reviews
Cassandra Chamberlain has always stood out. It's hard not to at 6’1” and 165 pounds with jet black hair and sapphire blue eyes. And if that wasn’t enough she is also brilliant, graduating from Harvard at fifteen, teaching at MIT at nineteen and up for the prestigious Magellan Award at twenty five. But she’s never really fit in. Not with her peers, not with her contemporari ...more
Kindle Edition, 1, 700 pages
Published April 28th 2013 by M.K. Eidem (first published April 20th 2013)
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I liked the story but there is obvious editing flaws which made it a bit difficult to get in to the rhythm of the book which had me taking breaks.The characters are likeable and some moments you feel the pain of both Cassandra and Victoria for the loss they have suffered. the romance between Cassandra and William is a roller coaster ride of one mistake, from one or the other, the side characters are good and little Victoria is adorable. the love scenes are hot and numinous, the bad guys crimes
Loved it before the tense updated, the love continues.

Wow, just wow.

I found Grim and Cassandra quite enjoyable, I've re-read both multiple times already which tells me that I've fallen in love with characters, plot and setting. I tend to ignore reviews that focus not on the story but on editing, grammar etc because I can usually read past those issues (otherwise I would have nothing to read, big publisher or self/indie published).

Cliffhangers though...fortunately not in either of these books. I'
This was a very good story. Cassandra and William are a kick-ass couple once they each learn to trust each other. Grim (also by M.K. Eidem ) was published August 30,2013 and also was a wonderful story. It is obvious that the author has a lot of talent and a good imagination.
Unfortunately she apparently doesn't have either a proof reader or an editor. If I didn't enjoy her story telling abilities, I would have deleted the book for the grammar errors alone. It's worse than reading a middle schoo
Tam B.
For anyone who read my review of Grim by the same author - I think they found an editor. This book isn't perfect - it still has the consul/console problem but it's dramatically better.


This is an epic. Cassandra first finds/rescues a crashed alien male and patches him up, returns him to his rescue ship and due to an attack goes with them (rescuing a niece on the way) and then sees the Earth destroyed. Most books might have ended the drama there and just had a romance foll
2.5 stars

You will find yourself screaming about the mistakes in this story!!!

REALLY needs an editor and proof-reader!!! In those departments, this book is a monumental disaster! It's something problematical on almost every page... so many that I got sick of making notes about them on my Kindle.

The story is fairly good, though. The author makes the mistake of putting in *every little thing*, and there are also the formulaic blunders from new authors - constant showers, for one. The smex scenes ar
Betty Lambert
This book was totally awesome. It captured my interest right from page 1 through to the end of the book. It had everything I require in a good book...action, romance, a bit of sci-fi, good plot and the characters were just so believable and they just seemed to be suited for each other. They had their problems..after all she is a human from earth and he is from a different planet and had lots of adjustments to make . I highly recommend this book. I highly recommend all the books from this author ...more
I loved the story. Finally an author who is developing the story and characters in time and there is a plot. The choice of words used might need some thought and change in other books since I am not expecting an alien race 5000 light years to say "fuck" or develop so similar to our society.
A destroyed Earth I was not expecting but worked. The relationship between William and Cassandra started fast but had enough time to grow with the story. M K stories are becoming my favorite. I am waiting now
Julie C
3.5 Stars

Holy crap this book was so long...over 700 pages.

I love M.K. Eidem's stories; especially the Tornian series. But I'll say this again...she desperately needs an editor. As usual, there were numerous typos, wrong words and bad sentence structure. This book also needs to be condensed. Many parts were really drawn out and repetitive.

Overall, I liked the premise but the execution could have been better.
Patricia Guy
Although I gave the book two stars the writer has potential but needs work and not just with editing. SPOILER***She has a distant character arrive on earth and give the Sumerians writing 2800 years ago. She needs to add another 2000 years to it for it to work. Then at the end of the book she refers indirectly back to this character as 200 cycles ago after telling us a cycle is the same as a year.

She also has the aliens speak English except for a few token words just because. Apparently we are to
Meg Kinch
This is a very long book, but very good. Multiple plots and happenings, but all easy to follow. Nothing was too confusing. It was very interesting throughout the ENTIRE book. It kept me hooked and I never thought once, goodness, is this going to be over any time soon. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to read more from this author.

A few minor discrepancies were found in editing, such as when someone is fed something, it was written as feed and a few others. Sometimes it would bump me out a
No one writes in the present tense. No one. So this was very disconcerting. There were numerous grammatical and spelling errors. But despite all that, I was intrigued by the sample and decided to give it a shot. Turns out it's pretty fantastic. Characterisation, plot, pacing - fantastic. There are a few points of mystery that were not so clear to me, even after getting to the end, but in all, I really loved this book.

Even if the author doesn't do us all a favour and invest in a professional edi
Oh my gosh, I love this book...started reading it and couldn't put it down. I would have been happy to give it 6 stars if I could. The story totally pulled me in from the first to last. Who doesn't love a strong hero with an even stronger heroine. In spite of personal tragedy, Cassandra remains determined to get justice for those she loved and stands by her man through thick and thin. And William is a strong, confident strength once he gets over some of the issues in his past.

I can't wait to rea
Yesterday I had one of those days. You know what I’m talking about. If it could go wrong it did and I did not feel good on top of it all. I finally decided to go upstairs and pile into bed with a book and jump into another world for awhile. I’ve been fighting a book funk for what seems like forever so I decided to change things up and let my nerd side come out to play. I found a Sci-fi Romance that looked promising and settled in with a couple of dogs at my feet, my favorite mellow playlist on l ...more
I'm unable to continue, literally. I can honestly say I almost never stop reading a book. I purchased this book because the amazon ratings (and good read) ratings were high. AND yes, I read those reviews that stated there were grammatical issues etc. but OMG! Okay, let me just say that it is terribly unfortunate when a possibly decent plot gets ruined by severely poor editing. Grammar, even run on sentences and punctuation mistakes I can usually ignore for a bit...but switching from present to p ...more
Wow... this book is long! I did enjoy the book but some things came off as ridiculous. It may be arrogant to think that no other species would have come up with Nuclear power, but really? Why on earth would you carry something like that on a war ship or even think about using it in space? Am I the only one thinking of what that would do? Then there is the whole blowing up earth thing, wtf? I know that it's in the summary but still it just seemed a bit weird. There were a lot of grammatical error ...more
Let me start by saying that I would have happily tagged this one with 3 stars. IF NOT FOR THE HORRIBLE EDITING. Seriously, if you have little patience with absolutely no editing done to a piece of writing, avoid this like a diseased rat. On the other hand, if you like a decent story, even if it's a really gooey one, you might want to give it a shot.

I was surprised. I usually have little patience with poor editing because it almost invariably comes hand in hand with poor storytelling. But in this
Four words, long, very, very long. Or rather two words repeated twice.

I downloaded a sample of this and first thought I'd accidentally been sent the entire book by mistake, I hadn't, it's just that long. In fact it's more like two longish books stuck together and if you're an avid reader you can probably, like me, tell where the break should have been.

My second thought was, is this the book were grammar came to die, I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it was bad. The first thing you notice is that in
Stars: 5+

Overall: The Earth has just blown up and Cassie and her niece Tori are throw into a world that they never knew existed. In their first month there both of them prove how smart and strong they are and Cassie really seems to impress the people she comes into contact with and Tori just charms the pants off of them. After a month Cassie and William become close and attacks start to happen to the girls, which they find of later, that it has more to do with a bigger problem than they original
Really it's a 4.80. I docked a point because of the absolutely atrocious editing. So yes, that means I rated it over 5. I have p.o.'d my husband by reading this while I am supposed to be working on his new costume for an upcoming science fiction convention, but it's worth it.
Excellent world building, character development, and pacing. The science is enough to give it a sci-fi feel without throwing off non-geeks.
Again, though, it goes back to misspelling, word misuse, missing punctuation, and dif

This book is really long (700 pages) but I didn't feel that the author put anything that we didn’t need to know in it. I loved how we get a clear picture of what the author is writing. I loved this book so much that I have bought all of the other books she has out, the writing was that good!

Cassandra Chamberlain has always stood out. It's hard not to at 6’1” and 165 pounds with jet black hair and sapphire blue eyes. And if that wasn’t enough she is also brilliant, graduating from Harvard at fift
K Lee
This was a great story, but I gave it only 4 stars because of the editing that nearly made put the book down. Many times you had to re-read a sentence because there would be words missing, misspelled, or used incorrectly ("too" was used when it should have been "to" NUMEROUS times or "then" when they should have used them) Little clerical errors that stop the flow of the book, but the story itself was pretty good and it made me get her other books. Great book, great author....bad editor.
I love this book. The connection made with the Anceint culture of Sumria is well done and not suprising. Being the last two humans in existance can be difficult, but Cassandra and her niece Victoria find thier place in a this new culture and they do it with strength, power and honor. With the help of William Zafar and his son Lucas the story creates a vivid world full of intrigue and love. This is a great read.
4.5 Stars...

Honestly, the writing was horrible, the mistakes in the book so annoying, a lot all of it needing serious editing, but the story? Got me freaking hooked up from the start...

M. K. Eidem, you should get someone to look at your book and help in editing it. Seriously, it has the potential to be a great book.
Michele bookloverforever
an alien race destroys earth trying to assassinate a hidden human of long lost alien genetics. but she's a strong woman who is rescued by a separate alien civilization. the assassination attempts continue....the admiral and the potential queen lifebond. more fear, intrigue, terror until the major villains are revealed and punished.
Wow! Simply wow, MK. Eidem's imagination is Incredible!!!

I love this one very much, yes the grammar and spelling are messy, even for me, someone who English is not her mother tongue, but with the story like this? Who care!

Oh this one a very long story, more than 700 pages. I love them all, because I hate instalment books!
But I know not everyone will like it:)
What a good book. There were aspects of Star Trek, a life mate. A poor abandoned 9 year old (Tori) and a super smart heroine (Cassandra) who get her man in admiral William Zafar. The suspense, detail oriented mystery and science fiction all rolled into one really hard to put down read.
This is a beautiful science fiction story.
I have a few points bothering me such as having no real difference between human and carinians, no problems with the language... This made the book lack some spice and complication in my opinion.
However, for once, the intrigue took time to develop in a lot of different way, we have the time to really know and enjoy the characters. And the world created is definetly very interesting.
William and Cassandra are great together, totally complementary. And w
Cindi Phillips
Cassandras's Challenge

What a fantastic world I just visited. The writing had me enthralled from the first and the excitement never ended. Absolutely FANTASTIC. I'm ordering the second installment now.
A long, but great story (if able to overlook multiple grammatical and
editorial issues)

If you are the type of person that every little punctuation, spelling and grammatical error bothers you, this book may not be for you because there are TONS in this book. Aside from that, however, the storyline is incredible. The plot was exciting and fast paced. The characters were solid and had great depth as well. This was a very long book, and I feel it could have been easily downsized, because there were a
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