Second Chance Hero
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Second Chance Hero

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'He owns me. Completely, irrevocably. He always has. My heart, body and soul belong to this man and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just hope I'm not too late...'

Two best friends. One Christmas. Unpredictable events that tear a perfect friendship apart.

Jenna Rivera changed after the night on the beach where her heart was broken and she lost everything she thought she h...more
Published September 5th 2013 by Rebecca Sherwin
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Edward Stanbridge
I had the pleasure of reading Second Chance Hero by Rebecca Sherwin and I was simply blown away by her talent at making the story of Jenna and Deacon come to life. The two have known each other all their life and have always been best friends, until one Christmas night, Deacon maladroitly tries to show Jenna that he feels more than just friendship for her. Her reaction is not the one he was hoping for. Five years later, the two meet again and their feelings for each other are still there, even s...more
Amazeballs Book Addicts
This book broke my heart, made me mad, and happy all together. I just love Deacon!! He is an amazingly sexy man and his love for Jenna is obvious the moment he walks into her parents' house and sees her after 5 years. I am a huge believer in second chances. I really related more to Deacon than I did Jenna. Actually, if I'm being truthful there were times I wanted to beat the crap out of Jenna. Jenna knew she loved Deacon, but her actions are the exact opposite and truth be told I felt like she w...more
Rebecca Sherwin is now one of my top authors. Second Chance Hero was so beautifully written, I know I’ll never be able to forget it.
Deacon Reid and Jenna Rivera have been best friends ever since they were seven years old. They’ve been in love with each other since they were seven years old. One night, the same night that Deacon loses his father in a car crash, the two share a kiss. When Deacon shuns Jenna afterwards, she runs back to London, where she attends school with Deacon. Deacon never ma...more
Gwen ~the Book Diva
4 “Ultra romantic” stars.

*ARC provided the G the Book Diva blog in exchange for an honest review*

I love this kind of romance. When friends become something more. It’s almost guaranteed that at least one of them has always been in love with the either. In some cases it’s both. Jen and Deacon are the second kind. They’ve loved each other from the start but tried to find ways to stay just friends. Both are scared of becoming something more for fear of losing the friendsh...more
*~*~*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.*~*~*

I absolutely loved this book. I was held captive by Jenna & Deacon's story right from the start. I was even caught by surprise by how hot & steamy it got at times. I was expecting just your run of the mill romance but so not the case. It made it even more your enjoyable to be able imagine the passion that they shared.
I cried, no I blubbered like an idiot throughout the book. I just love when I'm able to emotionally connect...more
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Second Chance Hero was a wonderfully written romance. It had all of the necessary particulars, Ok THE necessary particular, and that would be a swoon worthy leading man. Deacon Reid is definitely smoking hot and a real ladies man.
Jenna and Deacon were two halves making up a whole for their entire childhood. Where one was, there you would find the night after getting together for drinks he kisses her, finally, but he says how he...more
Riley Lynn
***ARC provided for honest review in exchange***

"She's like a siren, Mum. I thought she'd moved on, I thought we both had. But her being back here...I can't take it." Deacon Reid

I think I will always be a sucker for a love story about second chances. And of course I am always glad to find a new book boyfriend. Deacon Reid isn't my usual type looks wise (except for the whole totally fit body thing he has going on). But Deacon Reid had my heart from almost the beginning of this story.

In Rebecca S...more
Broadway Girl  Book Reviews (Beth Lattanzi)
Having your heart broken by the love of your life is never an easy thing to deal with. Jenna deals with it the best she can and runs off to London to escape the pain and the boy who she will never forget. Now with a boyfriend, Kip, Jenna returns home and must face the demon from her past.... the boy who never truly left her heart.... Deacon.

Deacon and Jenna had been childhood friends that had feelings for each other but the timing wasn't right and things were said that crushed each other. They...more
Lj Newell

Jenna and Deacon have always loved each other but tried to stay just friends. Their families, who are very close have also always believed they are destined to be together.
One night everything changes and ends their friendship. They both run from each other and their feelings.
Five years later, Jenna is back and they are both fighting the fire they know is there.
Jenna has her 'safe' boyfriend and Deacon has his 'trait' girls but can they move past that and give into the love they feel for each...more
There are love story that set the world on fire from the first look, and there are the ones there are the slow burns. This is one of them, they will try and try again. Jenna and Deacon have been best friends since they were seven years old, but after one bad night things went badly and she was off to London and it's was another five years before they saw each other again.
This story is about two friend growing up and finding love the heartbreaks are real and so is the love. This story will make y...more
Mary Tatar
One night Jenna and Deacon share a kiss and a heartbreaking revelation. Deacon and Jenna have been best friends since they were children. Deacon destroys Jenna that night. One conversation seemed to end their friendship and history. Tragedy strikes at the same time and while a part Deacon and Jenna change. Their lives and their vision for the future are no longer the same. Five years pass and they are thrown together again. Deacon has been with his fair share of women who mean nothing to him. Je...more
3.5 Stars
This book had a great story. I love books about second chances. Stories like these where childhood friends separate and later meet and find that they always had feelings for each other.

I liked Jenna and I liked Deacon and I felt their connection to each other. My problem with this couple was that they were never on the same page. When Deacon was trying to make Jenna listen to him, she would avoid him. Then days later Jenna was trying to make Deacon feel good. I wish that they would stop...more
See complete review here:

Well, when I first read the blurb for Second Chances I admit I got interested in it, but I wasn’t expecting to like it so much! And I loved it! The writing, the characters, the story…

This is a story that, just like the title, deals with second chances…In life we not always get a do-over, but we might get a do-better! And I felt this in this story. I don’t think the characters would have felt, loved and dealt with everything as wel...more
"What we've got is special; we know each other, really know each other, from the very first chapter. We've skipped a few pages and lost our grasp on each other but she's here, I'm here. We got a second chance at first love." Deacon "Second Chance Hero"

5 stars for "Second Chance Hero" by Rebecca Sherwin. Loved this story !! Ms Sherwin has given us a debut novel that is about family, friendship, love, lust, loss, and second chances. I was hooked from the first chapter.

Jenna Rivera and Deacon Reid...more
Renee at Book Happiness
I was given this book for an honest review. This is one of those book i just was not sure if i would like or not.. Once I picked it up I could not put down. Such a wonderful story of best friends coming together and finding that they are meant to be together forever.
I just loved it.
Anny hernandez
I was provide a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

I just finish reading this book, and I love it, love the characters, and love how the book turn out to be, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

Jenna and Deacon has been best friend ever since they where kids. and they being in love ever since they where young, when Deacon lose his father in a car accident, Jenna and him share a kiss that's was the night that change their life, after that kiss Deaco...more
Second Chance Hero by Rebecca Sherwin is a story about a second chance to fix a mistake, a second chance to right a wrong that you did, a second chance at a love you thought was lost to you forever.

The idea of this story was great, there was so much potential for this book, but I do not feel that it was reached. For me, while reading it, it seemed like the author was too focused on writing a book and not focused enough on writing a story. The characters seemed wishy washy, flipping back and fort...more
Drue DePompei-Hoffman
Second Chance Hero by Rebecca Sherwin is a scorching hot read. Jenna and Deacon are two of the most stubborn people ever.

Jenna and Deacon have been in love with each other literally their entire lives. Too bad neither one of them has realized this yet.

- See more at:
Meredith Attaway

I loved this book. it is a must read. this book is amazing. I have best friend and he doesn't know how I feel. this book made me think about us being together. I hope that happens one day!
I almost gave it 3 stars but just couldn't do it in good conscience! The story was sweet and had characters that were easy to get to know and like. SPOILER ALERT!!!: The annoying things were that the lead characters were constantly changing and acting out of character. Thinking/saying one thing then doing another. It was really frustrating watching Jenna and Deacon get closer and then mess things up and take steps back. It was clear to everyone that they were meant to be together but they both k...more
Michelle Evonne
I enjoyed the premise of the story and the bonds of the siblings. I struggled with Jenna and Deacon's immaturity of continuing to hold back their feelings from each other. I understand holding back in the beginning, but it just carried on for a few too many chapters. And then even in the end, his fear that she had bad news to share. I just would have liked to see some growth that they finally trusted each other. Also, the extreme occurrence of typo and proof reading errors was incredibly distrac...more
Fay Ann Hollcroft
I LOVED this story!! My rating for the story itself is a 20 for my personal enjoyment. BUT, the e-book that I downloaded totally SUCKED! Whoever edited this e-book didn't do their job properly. I'm dyslexic, not the best speller but I am OK at grammer. This version of e-book is the BEST example to show those w/o learning disabilities how a person w/dyslexia & other learning diabilities read & why its SO DARN hard for them to understand/comprehend anything they read. There are so many mis...more
this book had a good start. period.

Jenna and Deacon have been best friends since basically birth. One thing led to the other, they kissed, and then everything went downhill from there because of a tragedy that happened in Deacon's family. 5 years later they reunite. Deacon is basically a bachelor, going from girl to girl (ok not THAT many girls), and Jenna has a boyfriend. Kip.

Ok so it's ok from there.

rant coming.. beware of spoilers

Jenna reminded me of Tru Bennett from "The Mighty Storm", becau...more
Hollie Smith

Firstly because it is in the uk so some bits were familiar to me and secondly it is an awesome book! I usually don't like the ladies in books becaus they are winey and annoying but I liked Jen she's fierce and deacon! Well deacon *sigh* totaly fell in love with him! I did want him to knock kip on his ass but was glad that deacon didnt cause a scene for Jenna. This book has ups and downs made me cry in places but I loved it and I cannot wait for the next mini instalments!
A story of childhood sweethearts Jenna and Deacon who meet again after 5 years apart. They slowly work through all their baggage to try and make the feelings they have for each other work again, but both like to run from their problems.

In the time they had apart Deacon had gone from girl to girl to try and fill the void that only Jenna could. Jenna had done well for herself in London and created two strong businesses and a long-term boyfriend Kip.

Then the sparks fly and all the fun and trauma st...more
Mandie *Foxylutely Book Reviews*
*ARC provided by the author in exchange for my honest review

This book extracted every emotion I had – from the lows of angst and despair to the highs of love and romance, all entwined with sensual interludes.

Second Chance Hero takes place in a small coastal town in England, where Deacon Reid and Jenna Rivera have grown up together as staunch best friends until one Christmas night on a break from University five years ago, everything changed. Once that step was taken nothing could ever go back to...more
Jovana - Rumpled Sheets Blog

Deacon and Jenna are best friends. One night they kiss and that kiss changed everything. After that kiss they both walked away from each others lives and didn´t see each other until five years later at Jenna´s birthday.

But now when they saw each other after so long, things between them are awkward. They used to speak about everything, but now it´s just weird. They both changed.

There are a few things because they walked away from each other: he was coward and afraid that everything between...more
Mary Palmerin

Ms. Sherwin told a heart wrenching story of Deacon and Jenna. They were best friends for as long as both could remember. They were from a small town in rural England and their families were close; they spent a lot of time together including dinners and holiday celebrations.

Second Chance Hero is the epitome of never giving up on love, no matter the lapse of time, circumstances in life that arise, and tragedy that happens when life decides to throw a wicked curve ball- especially when least expect...more
Jaclyn House
I'm a sucker for stories where lovers are given a second chance at love! When you first meet Deacon and Jenna, they are childhood best friends! You can tell there is something more going on with them, but they are both playing it cool! Then one night their friendship steps into the "it's complicated" status! Fast forward 5 years later and you would think these two can't stand each other! The back and forth banter between these two is funny and exhausting! I liked Jenna's smart mouth! I'm startin...more
Myra Espino
Second Chance Hero is the best!
It's addicting and I can't put it down!
I love the story and the characters.
Jenna and Deacon made me crazy!! The story is really great and I love its concept.
The story is just great, just the way I liked it!
It's not boring and it really captured my interest.
I was intrigued on what will happen of these two characters, Jenna and Deacon, if they will get the happy ending they want or will they end up just the way they were five years ago.
The characters are easy to love...more
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Rebecca is a coffee drinking, music loving, working single mother and writing insomniac. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and when she’s not reading she’s squeezing her eyes shut and willing sleep to descend.

She writes about serious issues, giving emotional turmoil a twist and adding a little humour and sarcasm. Her stories are real and relatable, yet unexpected and unpredictable. Every writ...more
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