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Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America
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Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America

4.06  ·  Rating Details  ·  1,792 Ratings  ·  235 Reviews
#1 bestselling author Glenn Beck gives us inspiring, courageous, and little-known stories from American history, from the Founders through September 11.

Don’t miss the huge bestseller Miracles and Massacres, history as you’ve never heard it told and incredible events that you never knew existed.


Thomas Edison was a bad
Hardcover, 290 pages
Published November 19th 2013 by Threshold Editions
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Whatever you think about Glenn Beck’s politics and commentary, he has become a decent historian. In Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America, he tells twelve stories on historical events in America. Some stories are inspiring, some are terrible, most will be unknown to the vast majority of Americans. All of the stories are entertaining and worth reading. None reflect a political bias. I bounced between 3 and 5—settling on a 4 Star rating.

The good: Beck writes at a
Jul 28, 2014 Sam rated it did not like it
Shelves: wounded-knee
Absolute fictional drivel. To be fair, I've only read portions of the section on Wounded Knee, but enough to note that Glen Beck, whom I enjoy as a radio commentator, took huge license in drafting a fictional version of events surrounding Wounded Knee, quoting conversations for which there are no records, or which likely never occurred. Although my thesis is listed as one of Beck's sources, I doubt he ever read it. He makes sweeping generalizations, and reorders events or facts to suit the narra ...more
More poorly novelized history from Glenn Beck. But what really sets this book apart from stuff like BEING GEORGE WASHINGTON and KILLING LINCOLN/KENNEDY/JESUS is that MIRACLES AND MASSACRES tackles several different historical events and reads like a short story collection rather than a novel. The stories mostly come across as being horribly structured and inexpertly written, but they do manage to be relatively entertaining while simultaneously relaying information about fascinating historical ev ...more
Khamneithang Vaiphei
Nov 24, 2013 Khamneithang Vaiphei rated it really liked it
Shelves: reviews
Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America by Glenn Beck is a retelling of known and little-known stories of history as we have never heard before. It is a gigantic project undertaken by the #1 bestselling author with Kevin Balfe and Hannah Beck, along with writers James Best, Jack Henderson, David Pietrusza, Anthony J. Tata, and Jason Wright. Keith Malinak, Kevin Smith, and Martha Weeks are the other contributors, researchers and editors of this book.

The book is a
Mar 08, 2015 Chuck rated it it was amazing
If you have any interest at all in American history you must try this one. Beck takes thirteen historical incidents and tells you about them in a novel like manner which makes them much more interesting than a history text book. He also gives you facts and insights that you didn't get in school. These are stories from as far back as the Revolutionary War to the Barbary Coast, to Edison vs. Westinghouse, The Battle of Wounded Knee, Who is Tokyo Rose and others. Try it; you will like it.
T. Perry
Mar 23, 2014 T. Perry rated it liked it
Let me start by being upfront about the fact that I listen to Glenn Beck on the radio on a daily basis. As a result, I am predisposed to liking his books because we tend to share a similar outlook on today's political environment and share a similar overall ideology. (Yes: I'm a Conservative. No secret there - I authored a book entitled "Self Evident: A Study of American Conservatism" (Available at and for the low, low price of just $2.99!).

That said, I couldn't giv
E.josiah Luebben
May 20, 2015 E.josiah Luebben rated it liked it
Be sure to check the notes in the back as a lot of stuff was imagined based on how they interpreted their research. So the end product is more "based on a true story" historical fiction than accurate history.

But I liked the collection of stories. Most of them I hardly knew, or knew nothing, of. Didn't care for the way it was written, though I appreciate the attempt at putting history in an easy to read form. All in all it was entertaining and informative. I've gone looking for in-depth books on
Craig Patton
Feb 04, 2014 Craig Patton rated it liked it
AS someone who has a deep passion for history, especially the nuances that have helped to created the world that exists today, this is the premise of Glenn Beck's Miracles and Massacres. The little and often over looked things that have been pivotal in shaping the United States of America.

Many of the stories are interesting and offer a wide swath of historical people and events that are rarely, if ever, discussed in high school or college history classes. Most of stories contained I had read or
Ethan Long
Sep 11, 2014 Ethan Long rated it really liked it
This book was facinating. It's not a simple read, though. The stories, which I believe is always a better way to teach history, are extremely in-depth. I found it difficult to stop halfway through a chapter because when I came back I had trouble remembering all the people involved. And the chapters are fairly long. So, I would read this book only when I had a good block of ininterrupted time available. Which is why it took me so long to finish.

That being said, it's a great book. It's a really go
Oct 17, 2014 George rated it liked it
Shelves: history
Several dramatized stories from American history, told as if short stories of historical fiction. Interesting. I liked the stories best that I didn't already have some knowledge of. For the stories I was familiar with I was disappointed by how much he left out, but he was trying to keep his stories short. I enjoyed that his stories covered time from the Revolutionary War to 9-11.
Dec 03, 2013 Rich rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Not typical Glenn Beck stuff. It was a fascinating look at twelve historical events from a fresh perspective. It reads like fiction, but is historical.

Beck clearly notes the places where dialogue is imagined and clearly states that none of the imagined dialogue contradicts known facts.

This book was eye-opening in many ways. Some of the stories I knew, some I was completely unaware of.

If you enjoy history, or enjoy a good thriller and don't mind learning a few things along the way, this book is
Miles Fowler
Feb 16, 2016 Miles Fowler rated it really liked it
In 1CMiracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America, 1D Glenn Beck* means to create, not a scholarly work, but a popular one. The book is a good read and is genuinely informative despite its novel-like style. (To say that most of this book is written at a sixth grade reading level is not a criticism; indeed, education has become so bad in this country that if only more people could RISE to a sixth grade reading level it would be an improvement.)

The book presents twelve
Jack Harding
Aug 02, 2015 Jack Harding rated it it was amazing
Miracles and Massacres is well written and aptly named. Each chapter is a story from a different era in US History from the American Revolution to the War on Terror. It shows the good and the bad sides of American History. Some of the minor characters are fictionalized and the dialogue in some cases is made up (there is an appendix that tells what parts were used as creative license). The events are accurate and the story telling helps history come alive.
I enjoyed how some of the stories are pre
Mar 17, 2014 Ethan rated it really liked it
Pros: Miracles and Massacres is an entertaining, gripping, and shocking compilation of stories in American history unknown to most. It is written as a thriller novel, so it keeps the reader's attention, while being informative. I really enjoy reading history in this manner, because it is a first person perspective and makes everything seem real. This book also helps make history seem relevant to problems going on today. One example is the story of how in Athens, Tennessee,1946, a county boss sta ...more
Mar 17, 2014 Nicholas rated it it was ok
All through out history people have changed facts in order to make things out to not be the way they seem. Some were minor cases and never went on to do anybody any harm, but in some cases if you dig deep enough you will realize just how horrible and corrupt some people are and the extent in which they will go to make sure the real truth doesn't get out. That is the main focus point of Glenn Beck's "Miracles and Massacres". This modern up to date history book entails the full truth behind some ...more
Ashley Spencer
Mar 04, 2014 Ashley Spencer rated it it was amazing
I believe that Glenn Beck's reasoning for writing this non-fiction book was to teach Americans true but untold stories that were apart of the founding and making of America. These stories are often left out of history lessons but are just as important as the others we all know so well. Beck wants people to know these stories because they are of the hard times when America went through financial troubles and had a lot to deal with almost like we do now. There is an old saying about how if we don' ...more
WC Beaver
Dec 28, 2014 WC Beaver rated it really liked it
Let it be said to those who think Glenn Beck is making this stuff up is that we are undoubtedly into revisionist history as well. Some "Common Core" textbooks barely mention George Washington, whom Beck does not mention here, but has dedicated an indispensable volume.

Who was there to objectively confirm what happened at the Barbary War in Tunisia during the Jefferson administration? Would anyone two hundred plus years later dare mention that Muslim terrorism is not a recent phenomenon?

Beck delve
Heather L
Sep 23, 2015 Heather L rated it liked it
Shelves: nonfiction
Good to read about some history in not your typical high-school, boring ass manner. It's always good to stretch those brain cells a bit and read about stuff you really didn't pay attention to in school. I think certain topics don't really resonate with most of us until we get to be older, and we learn to appreciate what our forefathers went through. This statement in the book speaks volumes. "A country that does not learn from its history is doomed to repeat it."

James Perry
Feb 01, 2015 James Perry rated it it was amazing
Listened to on CD. Great stories, highly recommend!
Sherri Stephens
Nov 15, 2013 Sherri Stephens rated it really liked it
Have you ever wondered about unsung American Heroes? Well this book tells you about a few. I learned about the US Navy and why Marines are leathernecks, and what "from the shores of Tripoli" is derived from. I learned about the Southern Paul Revere in Virginia and many other historical facts not taught in school that a history buff enjoys learning. Super book if you want a quick read that is interesting and if you are a history nerd this book is for you.
Feb 03, 2014 Emily rated it it was amazing
Shelves: thinkers, history
I actually really enjoyed this book. I love history and this book is all about different events in American history; however it is told in the form of a novel that makes it really enjoyable and a fast read. This was also fun for me because that's how I view history-as exciting stories from real life involving real people from which we can take something away from the story- and it was fun to see it actually presented this way. It does tell a different side to some stories than is often or more c ...more
Feb 10, 2016 Mary rated it liked it
Thomas Edison was a bad guy and bad guys usually lose in the end. World War II radio host Tokyo Rose was branded as a traitor by the U.S. government and served time in prison. In reality, she was a hero to many. Twenty U.S. soldiers received medals of honor at the Battle of Wounded Kneeyet this wasnt a battle at all; it was a massacre. Paul Reveres midnight ride was nothing compared to the ride made by a guy named Jack whom youve probably never heard of. History is about so much more than memori ...more
Dec 16, 2013 Sher rated it it was amazing
I think Beck has hit on a winning format for teaching the lessons of history. This book is highly enjoyable and informative. Although it took me a little while to get caught up in it, I ended up really looking forward to the next installment each time. This would be a good book to read with a child.
Justin Poe
Jan 16, 2014 Justin Poe rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
The wife got me this as a gift on my Kindle last month. She knew I'd been really wanting to read this book. It did not disappoint. I went back and forth between giving this a 4 or 5 star rating. 4.5 would have been appropriate if I could have. I'll reserve the 5 star rating for classic works which this just doesn't hold up to at this point so I went with a 4....great book nonetheless.

This is a history book of 12 stories from the last 230 years of the United States history. Some are more well kno
Ron Smith
Jan 26, 2014 Ron Smith rated it really liked it
It was surprisingly good. I am not a fan of Mr. Beck, but I did enjoy the stories he related in this book. I do wish he had made clear what part of the stories were fictional or imaged before the appendix, but I had already figured out most of those reimaginings before reaching the end of the book. He also lists the quotes that were taken from the histories. The title is a little misleading. There are massacres such as the Wounded Knee massacre which Mr. Beck did a very good job describing, but ...more
Jan 08, 2014 Jerry rated it really liked it
Shelves: books-read-2014
I enjoyed this book. I appreciate the narrative used to flesh out these histories. These stories are not common knowledge but should be. There are twelve short stories beginning during the revolutionary war, touching on the expansion of America and engagements with with the Native Americans, Thomas Edison vs. Westinghouse, mobster America, World War II, Vietnam, and 9/11. The narrative offers dialogue where none was recorded and scenarios that offer imagination to what may have taken place behin ...more
Rich Humes
Apr 16, 2015 Rich Humes rated it it was ok
This was actually an interesting book. It's a nice introduction to a few pieces of American history.

It's also rife with questionable "facts". Entire chapters of this book contain "imagined dialogue".

Imagined dialogue is also know as "stuff we made up".

When entire sections of a book use "imagined dialogue" it's pretty easy to frame the historical event into whatever context you want.

I'd recommend this book as a fun introduction for middle school kids. I would not reference the "facts" in any re
I have mixed feelings on this book. I have always enjoyed reading about the "side-notes" in history that are not widely known about, but I didn't like the way the author fictionalized thoughts of people in this book. Being a history major, I always want to read about the facts and I don't mind if the author gives his thoughts on what might have been going on in a characters mind, but I don't like when they fictionalize thoughts and make it seem like fact. That being said, I enjoyed this book of ...more
Sep 02, 2014 Eric rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This really is the way history ought to be taught, or studied. Of course, all those other pesky facts would then likely get lost in the shuffle. This is really good stuff, and deserves more than one reading. There were a couple parallels told here that ought give us all pause. My favorite was the story of George Dasch, the German "saboteur" who was found guilty of treason in WWII. But was he? J. Edgar Hoover probably used him mercilessly to sell his agency's sleuthing prowess. For that story alo ...more
Doran Barton
Dec 27, 2013 Doran Barton rated it it was amazing
Hey, everyone, it's the latest book from Glenn Beck! Of course, it wasn't written BY Beck, except for maybe the author's introduction and a few paragraphs here and there. His name is only on the book to boost sales. That being said, this is a great piece of work.

Contained within are twelve stories you've probably never heard of or read before. Considering this is a book from Glenn Beck, maybe you're inclined to think each of the stories in this collection shines a nice, flattering light on some
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Glenn Edward Lee Beck is one of America's leading radio and television personalities. His quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated radio program in America and Glenn Beck, one of the most successful new shows on the Fox News Channel. His unique blend of modern-day storytelling and insightful views on current events allowed him to ...more
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