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The Frozen Dead: A Novel
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The Frozen Dead: A Novel (Commandant Martin Servaz #1)

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  790 ratings  ·  146 reviews
The first victim is a horse: its headless body hangs suspended from the edge of a frozen cliff.
On the same day as the gruesome discovery, a young psychiatrist starts her first job at a secure asylum for the criminally insane, just a few miles away.
Commandant Servaz, a Toulouse city cop, can't believe he has been called out over the death of an animal. But there is somethin
Hardcover, 496 pages
Published August 12th 2014 by Minotaur Books (first published 2011)
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Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
I had picked this book up literally at the check out counter of the library. Someone was returning it and I asked if I could get it. It says "Dead" right in the title. That's my alley kind of book. I know I'm MORBID! This was good, a little too long maybe? I don't know. I just thought the author was prolonging the end for some reason.
I have not been able to find a really good mystery thriller in quite sometime, so it was quite a pleasure to come across this book.

The story is mostly based around the life of Commandant Servez, a Toulouse city cop, who is investigating not only the murders of two men, but a very expensive horse as well. These crimes were heinous in nature and it seems to be of no coincidence that they are all happening in close proximity to the local asylum that houses some of the most dangerous criminally ill
Anirban Das
The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier Once in a while I land myself with a book that helps me in reassuring myself that all is well with crime writing and THE FROZEN DEAD by Bernard Minier was one of those. All along I have maintained that what I look for most in a Mystery or a thriller is the plot. Most of the times my ratings depend upon the pace and the tightness of the plot, and added to those two very important aspect, I also look for twists. Not someone to shy away from a generous offering, I ...more
I won't lie, there were times when I had a hard time with this book. I even came close to putting it down and moving on to something else once or twice.

"But Shayne," you say, "four stars means that you really liked it. Did you fucking forget how to properly rate a book?" No, I goddamn didn't, voice in my head. Let me explain.

This is not your usual page-turning mystery whodunnit summer-read blah blah. This book is dense, slow-building. The snow-covered mountains and lonely valleys the story inhab
Heather Fineisen
The Frozen Dead is a slow chill that eventually finally overtakes you. You hear about dangerous treks in the Pyrenees where people get lost and freeze--well this is one of them. A brooding French detective and a homicide investigation of a rich man's horse open this tale and it gets weirder. An asylum with only the most criminally insane in the world, strange summer camps, a long list of suspects for the careful reader. Are you freezing yet? This reminds me of how I felt reading Girl with the Dr ...more
#BernardMinier #EenKilleRilling

De auteur groeide op in de Pyreneeën, werkte als douanebeambte, maar droomde van een bestaan als schrijver. Een kille rilling is zijn debuut. Een debuut dat gelijk al met prijzen werd bekroond. In thuisland Frankrijk werden er van dit boek al meer dan 200.000 exemplaren verkocht en is inmiddels in vele landen vertaald.

Het is het eerste deel in een serie waarin me kennismaken met politiecommandant Martin Servaz. Hij wordt op één van de meest zenuwslopende zaken in z
Three and a half stars.

Bernard Minier's complex novel The Frozen Dead is a page turner. Its mystery starts with the grotesque murder of a horse and proceeds to a number of other murders of the human variety that seem to be connected. It is the job of Minier's stubborn detective Servaz and his team to place all of the clues together As you might imagine, Servaz is not necessarily thrilled to be assigned a killing of a horse as a homicide case but since the horse was the favorite steed of rich ind
SoWrongItsRANDI {Bell, Book & Candle}
Bell, Book & Candle | The Frozen Dead Review

I am pleased to say that this was a great psychological, mystery thriller! It's not everyday that you come across a book that keeps you guessing until the end. With its twists and turns, this novel gave me heart palpitations and left me unable to guess the final outcome of the plot.

"If there's one thing we do learn in this job," he said, "it is that people are rarely what they seem. And that everyone has something to hide." - Servaz

The POV shifts
Janette Fleming
Saint-Martin-de-Comminges is a small town nestled in the French Pyrenees. The kind of place where winters are harsh and unforgiving and where nothing ever happens.
Until the winter morning when a group of workers discover the headless, flayed body of a horse, hanging suspended from the edge of a frozen cliff.
On the same day the gruesome discovery takes place, Diane Berg, a young psychiatrist starts her first job at a high-security asylum for the criminally insane, just a few miles away. She is ba
Inspector Servaz is not happy to be called off the violent murder of a homeless man to investigate the mutilation of a horse even if it happens to be the favourite animal of a multi-millionaire. However, the crime is so bizarre , he becomes intrigued despite himself – the beheaded corpse of the horse has been left suspended from a cable car terminus at a power plant. Despite the obvious fact that this would have required a great deal of effort, the guards at the plant claim to have no idea how t ...more
This first novel, translated from the French, opens with a horrific image of a mutilated horse, hung high off an isolated mountaintop - a mountaintop that lies only a few kilometers away from a unique asylum full of Europe’s worst murderers and criminally insane inmates. The Institute simultaneously welcomes with not-so-open arms a new psychologist, Dr. Diane Berg. Diane’s story parallels the investigation that starts with the murder of the horse by Toulouse investigator, Commandant Martin Serva ...more
The Frozen Dead

Set in the French Pyrenees in December, the story is told from two points of view. Commandant Martin Servaz from Toulouse has been called in to investigate the grotesque display of an expensive horse, beheaded and hung in a manner intended to shock and disturb. Servaz is the main focus, but a young psychologist who arrives at an isolated and experimental asylum for the the criminally also has a role in imparting the story.

Initially, Servaz is surprised and annoyed to be investiga
When I saw the size of this book, I thought: "Maybe I'll just read a few pages to see what it is like." I really didn't think I would read the entire book. But I was wrong. Despite being set in France, which has a complicated system of law enforcement, and not being familiar with the local or French names, I was drawn into an intriguing story. The characters are multi-layered and interesting. It is suspenseful, but not really scary. I'm glad I read it before winter because the writer describes t ...more
Ceren Ünlü
Ürperdim. Tüylerim hala diken diken...
Bu yazarın yeni kitaplarına devam ederim...
Marina Sofia
Thrilling start to this crime novel set in the Pyrenees, certainly had me eager to read as quickly as possible. Great build-up but felt a little let down by the ending. Some interesting, complex characters, although there are also some rather flat, cliche ones.
Un début assez lent, et laborieux, mais quelle fin !

L'histoire met du temps à démarrer, les pièces s'assemblant au fur et à mesure, réussissant à plonger le lecteur dans l'expectative et la curiosité. L'alternance entre les chapitres d'abord vus sous l'angle de la psychologue, et ensuite du flic donne une bonne dynamique au roman, mais surtout l'envie d'en savoir plus. Comment les deux "histoires" vont-elles se rencontrer ?

L'auteur réussit à nous tenir en suspense jusqu'à la fin, malgré quelqu
Gerçekten çok iyiydi, niye zamanında okumamışım... Kesinlikle diğer kitaplarını bekliyor olacağım.
First in a new detective series, and an excellent start in my opinion. Commandant Servaz is a detective from Toulouse, France, who is called to small town shadowed by the Pyrenees on what has to be one of the coldest days of the year. Or it certainly seems so as Servaz has to take an icy ride to the top of mountain only to discover the corpse is that of a horse. At first he is angry, then he become furious when he discovers the reason he was brought in on this decidedly inhuman dispatch of an an ...more
Eustacia Tan
Why would the police investigate the murder of a horse? Even if it's a creepy, nightmare inducing murder? Well, if the owner of the horse is rich and influential, you can be sure the police won't have much of a choice. And with that unsettling case where money decides which cases are more important, The Frozen Dead starts.

This book isn't just limited to the murder of a horse though. As Commandant Servaz starts to investigate, people start dying. The more the police find, the more people seem to
On est tout de suite plongé dans une atmosphère oppressante, autant par l’univers des protagonistes et cet institut psychiatrique, que par la situation géographique, et cette vallée enclavée et isolée. Un grand bravo à l’auteur qui nous livre ici un thriller sans temps mort, dont il est difficile de décrocher parfois… Les personnages sont bien loin des super héros et en sont d’autant plus crédibles. J’ai particulièrement apprécié Servaz à qui Minier a su donné une véritable épaisseur humaine. Le ...more
Ian Mapp
Interesting little book this.

In mu opinion, a crime novel should not take a vociferous reader 14 days to complete - it should be pacier than that and more of a page turner.

That said, when I read the back of the book, it was described as fast paced. I certainly did not feel that for the first 2/3rds of the book, where if anything, it was glacial.

And bizarrely, this was part of the book that I enjoyed the most.

Set in mountainous France, we have the start of a new police procedural featuring a recu
The Frozen Dead begins with a dead body, like all good mysteries should. But not just any dead body, the body of horse, flayed open, hanging off the top peak of cable car wire high atop a mountain. It is discovered by some workers heading up to a hydroelectric power station built on top of the mountain.

When Commandant Martin Servaz gets assigned to the case, he is disgusted. He has real crimes to investigate, with dead people, not dead horses. But even he is shocked when he sees the body of the
THE FROZEN DEAD is a compulsively readable mystery/thriller with an alluring lead investigator in Commandant Martin Servaz of Toulouse.
Martin is dogged, clever, thinks out of the box, and isn’t afraid to take intuitive leaps. He’s also a divorced workaholic on the cusp of forty with a seventeen year old daughter, Margot, and a penchant for quoting maxims in Latin.
His team consists of seven, six men and one woman. Martin’s bright young things are his assistant Vincent Esperandieu, and new recru
Martin Servaz is not happy to be called out to the remote village of Saint-Martin-des-Comminges when a mutilated body is discovered at the local hydroelectric plant. He's even less happy when he finds out that everyone's been scrambled for a horse. The man who owns the horse is rich and connected and Servaz resents being taken away from what he considers a real case to deal with it. Meanwhile. Dr. Diane Berg has just arrived to take up her post at the Wargnier Institute (just outside of Saint-Ma ...more
Andy Weston
A rare thing and a first for me, a Frenchman writing a Scandinavian type rime thriller set in the Pyrenees. Almost 5 stars for me, hovering around 4.5 - I may revisit in a week or two and promote it. Sometimes it needs that long to fully appreciate a book.

Minier does not quite ever capture the tension of the best of this genre in the last few years. I am thinking chiefly of Sigurdardottir's I Remember You. But he does have some very strong moments. The cold plays it's role and adds to the suspe
Batty Amnesia
Priznávam, že kniha ma hneď podľa anotácie zaujala. Vyzeralo to na knihu plnú zvratov a veľmi prešpekulovaných situácií. Vyzeralo to na veľký počet obetí, a že ich zmrzačenie bude úplne odporné. Bohužiaľ, nedostala som od tejto knihy čo som chcela. Dej máte rozdelený na tri časti. Prvá časť bola v poriadku. Na začiatku sa už hneď niečo udialo a začalo sa pomaličky vyšetrovanie. No vlastne veľmi pomaličky ale stále to bolo v pohode. Potom prišla druhá časť deja. Pre mňa osobne veľmi kritická, ale ...more
From the beginning, this book had two strikes against it. It starts with the gruesome death of an animal and it is nearly 500 pages long. In the end, I did enjoy reading the book and am very glad I got a copy from NetGalley to review.

The action switches back and forth between the investigation, mostly taking place in town and in the surrounding areas, and the asylum. The story is told mostly from the point of view of Commandant Martin Servaz from the nearby town of Toulouse and the new psycholog
This is a good book. It’s heftier and meatier than your typical suspense/mystery/thriller and Bernard Minier does a great job at building up a richly detailed world. I like that you get a sense of character and of their lives outside of the case. It doesn't seem overly edited so that every single detail must support the central plot. Instead of reading like a suspense novel, it reads like a novel that happens to revolve around a fabulously suspenseful mystery—if that makes sense.

By far and away
Choupie Dodue Perso
excellent ouvrage d'un auteur que je ne connaissais pas !
Vanessa Delamare
The atmosphere is really oppressive. Everything is cold, white (because of the snow) or gray or ugly. The suspects include prisoners locked up in an asylum for the most horrific killers. There are a lot of strange people. This creates a rather morbid and creepy feel it must be said. In my case, it was too much. Each time a character takes the road to the asylum or the place of the first crime we're entitled to the overwhelming feelings of that character - sinister course - about the surrounding ...more
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