That Night
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That Night

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  1,999 ratings  ·  562 reviews
As a teenager, Toni Murphy had a life full of typical adolescent
complications: a boyfriend she adored, a younger sister she couldn't relate to, a strained relationship with her parents, and classmates who seemed hell-bent on making her life miserable. Things weren't easy, but Toni could never have predicted how horrific they would become until her younger sister was brutal...more
Hardcover, 384 pages
Published June 17th 2014 by St. Martin's Press
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Shelby *wants some flying monkeys*
I usually like Chevy Stevens writing. I don't know what the heck happened in this one.
Toni is a young girl who is all in lurve with a bad boy named Ryan. They smoke pot, have sex and pretty much are the typical whiney teenagers. Her younger sister is perfect in every way. Then Toni has ticked off a major teen drama queen and the bullying begins. The thing is I liked none of the characters. None.

The first half of this book is written so childish that I almost DNF'd it. I kept on and it did some...more
I needed to write this review, and it wasn’t because Jesus told me to. I just wanted to clear the air on that particular point, because a few of my proclivities and tendencies will be made abundantly clear over the course of the next several hundred words, and if profanity ain’t your cup of java, you may want to leave the building before Elvis does.

Sonofabitch, she’s back. I don’t know where she went for novels two and three. I can speculate, but I prefer to stick to the facts, since I’m a simpl...more
Patrice Hoffman
I don't know where to rate this title. I was so excited when I found out I was approved for this title that it was a little deflating when I actually sat down to read it. More on that later. I'd heard and read only raving reviews for other Chevy Stevens titles so I was more than anxious to start That Night when the time allowed.

That Night is the latest mystery suspense by Chevy Stevens featuring Toni Murphy. Toni's spent 15 years in prison for the murder of her younger sister Nicole along with h...more
I am a huge fan of Chevy Stevens and I was so thrilled to be able to read an advance copy of That Night. This book is a thriller/mystery told from the perspective of the main character, Toni Murphy. When Toni was in high school, she and her boyfriend were convicted of the murder of her younger sister Nicole. Innocent but hardened by seventeen years in prison, Toni is released and goes about trying to start a new life, while trying to solve her sister's murder. I don't want to give too much away,...more
Susan Johnson
I got this book from which is a delightful place to read about books and knitting. I was please to receive this as I had liked her first book, "Still Missing" which has one of the best twists I've read in a book. Other than the setting, I would never know this book was written by the same author. This is drivel, in my opinion, with zero surprises and a mind numbing predictability.

The lead character, Toni, is such a grating and annoying person that you want to run when she comes...more
At multiple points in the first half of Chevy Stevens' That Night, I found myself wishing the story would get to the night in question already and maybe get this novel moving forward.

Instead, the story of the falsely accused and convicted Toni Murphy and her boyfriend kept churning on and on, giving the reader details that didn't matter much in the question of who killed her sister and why or much in the way of character development for Toni. Early on, I got that Toni was a rebel, misunderstood...more
Arrested and convicted of her younger sister Nicole's murder when she was only eighteen, Toni Murphy spends the next fifteen years in prison. Her boyfriend Ryan was also convicted.

But they are innocent. And the rage and fear Toni suffers is intensified by the challenges she faces in prison. But will she find even more challenges once she is released?

The primary story is set in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. "That Night" begins as Toni is being released from Rockland Penitentiary, to a half...more
Well, I was lucky enough to read a pre-release copy of this book...and I can honestly say that I feel sorry for her fans and soon-to-be fans who must wait for the release date in June of 2014! This book brought out so many of my emotions, from happiness, fear, sadness ( with tears flowing), and anxiousness due to the suspense and intrigue written so well throughout. This book also has a natural feel to it- it has an amazingly smooth and solid story line that Chevy's readers will thoroughly enjoy...more
This is Chevy’s best book since STILL MISSING, still one of my “go-to” books when patrons ask for something compelling. In THAT NIGHT, there were times the pace was so relentless I got anxious and had to stop reading, and the bullying of Toni as a teen and in prison and beyond got a little uncomfortable, but the plot twists kept coming and the ending was a corker. All in all this is another top-notch psychological suspenseful read, something we have no shortage of at this time, and that’s a very...more
There are pros and cons to this book which make it an average book.

Steven's hasn't changed much since "Still Missing" which means that as an author she is still an amateur and shows little or no growth. The level of writing is still mediocre at best and she still hides behind teenage characters to mask her immature writing skills. She did try to flesh out the characters in this novel, but it because a somewhat boring (in no way gripping) 200 page introductory.
I was disappointed to say the leas...more
Carla Palmeiro
That Night was the second book I’ve read from Chevy Stevens after the amazing Still Missing, a book that I know its not consensual but I really liked.

To be honest, I was expecting more from this author, the book has in my opinion a few major problems that made me angry and frustrated: the pace was awful, the beginning is really slow and boring, lots of high-school drama, bullying and overall foolishness, but mainly I found all the characters so unlikeable, stupid and egocentric, including the pr...more
Confession: I’ve never read a story talking about inmates and paroles before picking up That Night.

I liked the way the story began. We caught glimpses of what really happened as the story unfolded. Toni wasn’t the most pleasant character. She carried a lot of heavy emotions and because of the unfavorable circumstances, she did not have an easy life. You see, Toni’s younger sister was murdered. Some people were trying to cover up something and before long, no one really knew whom to trust and wha...more
Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews

Bullying and prison life were the main themes in THAT NIGHT.

The main character, Toni, had been bullied in high school because she was not in the "in" crowd. This bullying influenced her life in a negative way. Toni was very disliked by a group of girls in high school, and they kept after her for no other reason than to be mean.

Being accused of murdering her sweet sister and having the folks that bullied her testify that she always lied about things definitely didn't help her defense. She and he...more
Until I got to about the halfway point of this book, I thought it would be a 3/3.5 star read for me. The book is about Toni, an 18 year old female, and her boyfriend Ryan who are convicted for the murder of her sister Nicole. They serve 16 years and then are placed on parole. At this time, Ryan wants to prove their innocent and didn't murder Nicole. Stevens writes this book by going back and forth, every other chapter, between the events leading up to the murder and Toni's time in jail/life whil...more
Due to be published in June 2014.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for this riveting read.

This is a story of lies, prison and justice. Toni finds herself charged with the murder of her sister, along with her boyfriend. She serves her sentence and toughens up, on the inside. When she is released, Toni slowly begins to search for the truth.

Chevy Stevens creates a world where teenage girls bully and lie, where prison is brutal and justice is hard to come by. I was particularly impressed by th...more
This is a terrific psychological thriller from Chevy Stevens. It goes into what often goes on behind the scenes in high schools, where some students are bullied, and the school does nothing about it. The main character, Toni, was convicted of murdering her sister even though she did not do the crime, nor did her boyfriend, who was also convicted. Her description of her life in prison was like nails on a chalkboard to me; it was that intensely disturbing. Meanwhile, the person(s) responsible for...more
Nicole Long
I was lucky enough to be contacted by the publisher to enter a drawing to win a copy of this book, and won! I have so many emotions about this book! It was hard to read at times...I felt tense, angry, and uncomfortable. I believe that was intentional by the author. The theme, if there was one, could be life is not fair. Toni and Ryan were victims of that theme throughout the entire book. They were not easy teenagers, making bad decisions at times, but some of their "bad" decisions were in respon...more
Claire Hill
Published on 17th June 2014 by St. Martin's Press.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review this novel as I've thoroughly enjoyed Chevy Stevens' previously published books. Thanks to St. Martin's Press for the review copy I received via netgalley in return for an honest review.

This novel is told in narrative form, flitting between the present day and sixteen years ago. Main character Toni tells the story of events leading up to that fateful night that irrevocably changed the lives of ev...more
I have read and for the most part, greatly enjoyed Stevens’ three previous novels. She has a talent for creating gripping plot lines and books that practically demand to be read in one sitting - and this latest volume is no exception. Stevens reels in her readers with quite a hook. Toni Murphy, now thirty-four years old is released from Vancouver’s Rockland Penitentiary for the murder sixteen years earlier of her younger sister, Nicole. She has maintained not only her innocence - but also that o...more
4.5 stars My 1st Chevy Stevens book. Very good whodunit about a teenage girl who is having struggles with her parents, and is being bullied at school. She and her boyfriend are accused and falsely convicted of her sisters murder and sent to prison. This has some bad language, but it fit the characters situations. I recommend for a quick page turner!
Minty McBunny
I was provided with an ARC of this book by #chatterbox #stevenschat in exchange for sharing my honest opinion on social media.

Sorry to say, they will probably not choose me again after I do so, because I thought this book was dreadful.

I have never read this author before, but it sounded like my kind of story. I was bullied by a group of mean girls in high school, I have a morbid fear of being wrongfully incarcerated, so I thought if at least be able to connect to Toni on an emotional level.

That Night
Chevy Stevens

My " in a nutshell" summary...

Toni and her boyfriend Ryan are accused and convicted of murdering Toni's sister. Toni and Ryan spend the next 17 years in prison for something that they did not do. Unfortunately no one believes them.

My thoughts after reading this book...

Whew! This book is filled with way too many characters keeping far too many secrets. Toni borders on being the high school bad, pot and sneaking out are her modus operandi.
She doesn't get along...more
Amy M
I was provided an ARC of this book in return for my honest review.

This is actually a 3.5 rating. The writing was a bit unpolished, but the story was suspenseful. I thought I had it solved a few times but I was wrong every time. So extra credit for that because I'm usually pretty good at figuring out "who dun it".

The story itself is about a high school girl who pretty much hates everything & everyone except her boyfriend. The popular girls at school bully her something fierce, but she has he...more
Kimberly Kay Mcbride
I DON'T WANT TO READ THE ENDING BECAUSE THEN IT WILL BE OVER!!! I have been a fan of Chevy Stevens since Still Missing. With each novel, she amazes me more and more, and this is no exception. I was SO lucky to receive an advanced copy of the novel- made my day, my week, my month, etc. I started reading it and was immediately swept away to prison cells and back roads. This novel is gritty yet sentimental, mysterious yet hopeful; it makes you want to keep turning the pages but not too quickly beca...more
Terri Lynn
I was somewhat underwhelmed by this. I received this book as part of House Party's Chatterbox program so I got it free in exchange for an honest review. I have read one of Chevy's books before and liked it but this felt like the movie "Mean Girls" in book form- only with more horrible bullying. Toni is bullied by the popular crowd-plenty of mean girls here- as a high school student and winds up not particularly caring for herself. She gets involved in sex and drugs with Ryan and honestly, this b...more
Ampersand Canada's Book & Gift Agency Inc
From Judy:
I have read all of Chevy’s novels and the second and third were somewhat of a let down from the break neck pace and plots twist of the first, Still Missing. In That Night she branches out into a little different territory. When we meet Toni she is in jail for the murder of her sister and the book moves back and forth between her incarcerated present and the teenage past that led up to her conviction. At about the mid point the book moves into the present as Toni tries to find out what...more
Kathy Martin
THAT NIGHT was an engaging thriller told by a young woman who was wrongly convicted of killing her sister. Toni was a pretty typical rebellious teen who fought with her over-controlling mother and defied her by dating the local bad boy. But inside she was a good kid who loved her family. She was also being bullied by a group of girls led by the local cop's "perfect" daughter Shauna. Toni and Shauna used to be friends until Shauna turned on her in ninth grade. At that time, she and her friends be...more
Toni wasn't the most easy daughter or a model teenager, but she was beyond disbelief and completely shocked when she was accused of murdering her sister, Nicole, along with her boyfriend Ryan, who had had some encounters with the police. She and Ryan served their time in prison. Now after twelve years, they are release on parole and try to make a life again in their hometown, Campbell River. But things aren't going easy for them. The only solution to truly be free, is to find out what truly happ...more
Kristin  (MyBookishWays Reviews)

(3.5 stars)1996 was a pivotal year for 18 year old Toni Murphy. It’s the year she realized she wanted to be with her boyfriend Ryan forever, and got her first job, and those are bright moments, even alongside the tension that exists between Toni and her mom. Even if her former friend, Shauna, and her pack of mean girl cronies are determined to make Toni’s life miserable, she’s equally determined not to let it dictate how she lives her life, or affect her h...more
Rhiannon Johnson
I think that this novel's release date was absolutely perfect. With season 2 of "Orange is the New Black" releasing just over a week ago, female-prisoner themed stories are buzzing. Inside the prisons the "I'm innocent" pleas are met with eye rolls, snickers, and "We're all innocent" snarky replies from fellow inmates. Author Chevy Stevens did a good job of keeping the true story of what happened "that night" from being figured out until she was ready to play her hand. Her descriptions of Shauna...more
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Chevy Stevens is the New York Times Bestselling author of STILL MISSING, NEVER KNOWING, and ALWAYS WATCHING. Chevy grew up on a ranch on Vancouver Island and still lives on the island with her husband and daughter. When she’s not working on her next book, she’s camping and canoeing with her family in the local mountains. Her debut novel, STILL MISSING, won the International Thriller Writers Award...more
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