Sting of the Drone
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Sting of the Drone

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In Washington, the Kill Committeegathers in the White House's Situation Room topick the next targets for the United States drone program.At an airbase just outside Las Vegas, a team of pilots, military personneland intelligence officers follow through on the committee's orders, finding the menwho have been deemed a threat to national security and sentenced to death. On the...more
Hardcover, 294 pages
Published May 13th 2014 by Thomas Dunne Books
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I won a copy of "Sting of the Drone" by Richard A. Clarke through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest. This novel is a piece of fiction that looks at of the use of remotely-piloted aircraft, or "Drones", as a way to eliminate potential terrorists around the world, told in a story setting. The characters, and plot seem to exist in order to show the author's extensive knowledge of this topic. As there are arguments in favor of and against this program, Clarke lets us form our own opinion.

Americans are...more
Jennifer Boyce
This book, while dealing with an important issue, is also a great, action-packed thriller.

The plot of this book is really great. The story revolves around multiple sub-plots that all come together at the very end. This book kept me on the edge of my seat right up until the very end, waiting to see what would happen next.

This book deals with the issue of drones, although at times it is hard to tell whether the author is in support of drones or not. Sting of the Drone presents the issue from both...more
Carlo Ruggiero
Received an Advanced Reader's Edition through GoodReads Giveaways and the generosity of St. Martin's Press.

In case anyone from the publisher is checking the reviews, I found a few glaring typos - one on the dedication page ("Dedicated too"); the other on page 77 ("I am pleased toady," instead of today).

I am familiar with Richard Clarke through the reading of CyberWar: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It - a rather scary account of how unprepared the United States seems...more
...although a fiction novel, "Sting of the Drone" is based upon the modern day use of drone warfare. As a novel, it could use some improvement. The characters are never quite fleshed out, and most are broad-strokes. For example, Bruce Duggan is primarily there to represent the media. It frequently jumps around and never spends enough time at one particular area, other than perhaps Creech Air Force Base in Nevada where the book frequently returns to, to develop the locale's atmosphere and ambienc...more
Russell Atkinson
It's been a long time since I gave 5 stars to a book, but this one had me eager to turn the next page all the way through. As the title and reviews indicate, it is themed entirely on drones, in particular, military drones, although a few civilian ones play a role.

Of course, drones are a controversial topic, with objectors conjuring up visions of Big Brother and an oppressive surveillance society, while supporters, apparently including the author, are glad the U.S. finally has an effective weapon...more
Marilyn Rondeau
There resides in Washington a Kill Committee which gathers in the White House’s Situation room whose job it is to pick out targets for the United States drone program. The pilots who control these drones along with military and intelligence officers reside at an airbase just outside of Las Vegas who act on the orders that come down from Washington.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe in the mountains where the drones find and bring death to their prey, is an enemy that is planning to fight back. Not jus...more
Maurynne  Maxwell
Worth the Buzz

Sting of the Drone presents an insider’s view of the Predator program, politics, procedure, and philosophy, all while laying out a scenario that puts our heroes not just trying to prevent another 9/11, but trying to figure out if one is planned. Kinda like reality, really. The Cold War has morphed into the War on Terror—attempting to bring the age of Remote War—through technology like drones. But Mr. Clarke shows us that war does not remain remote—that short of genocide, the reason...more
I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

First off I have to say this story had so much promise and I was very interested to read it. I have heard great things about Richard A. Clarke, even though I have not yet read anything by him, and was very eager to read one of his works. That said I can only give this 3 stars (2.5 if this was allowed). The idea of the story was very interesting and relevant and hooked me from the excerpt, unfortunately the narrative style and...more
The U.S. drone program has been very successful in taking out intended targets, but there have also been civilian casualties, so the program is highly controversial, both is the States and abroad. And what about the people those drone strikes are aimed at? What happens when they decide they have had enough and strike back? Terror attacks against the U.S are meticulously planned. On Christmas day, attacks will take place in major American cities, while simultaneously, hackers will take control of...more
Richard A. Clarke's new book Sting of the Drones is an eye opening, thought provoking, scary read!

Imagine the US drone program, chugging away day after day, targeting bad guys around the world who want t hard Americans. Imagine the difficult decisions those running the program need to make, and the guilt when innocents are injured or killed. Now image that the bad guys start to fight back....

Sting of the Drone takes you inside the command centers, next to the pilots who fly the drones and the fo...more
Richard A Clarke has written a dandy novel that describes the inside happenings of the US Drone program.

The drones have had such success against the terrorists and Arabs planning attacks that a meeting is called. It is with the Qazzani Cartel and their leader. They want to strike back and devise a plan where bombs would be placed in US cities, in addition, there would be a team to attack drone pilots and destroy drones one the ground.

Clarke details the successes of the drones but also describes...more

Fiction with the feel of reality is what Richard A. Clarke delivers with Sting of the Drone. His pre-author background is all about government service, including stints in Security and Counter-Terrorism, so his plot and character development seem to have a ring of truth pretty closely intertwined with his imagination.

The plot of this fast moving thriller presents the US federal government, multiple agencies and acronyms abounding, as the good guys working to decide who they are justified in "tak...more
I won this copy through Goodreads giveaways but would most likely have bought it anyway.
I typically enjoy Richard A. clarke's technology thrillers for the very simple reason that next to a well written fictional plot, he infuses the text with sufficient technical information to offer plenty of food for thought.

this time we follow the dealings of the US drone attack group, the process on how targets are chosen and how little regard niceties such as international law play part in this decision pro...more
War, whether battled behind closed doors, on the ground or from unmanned drones, terrorism, the ultimate weapon against the United States. What happens when terrorists fight back against one of America’s most advanced weapons? Told from the seasoned and wizened eye of a governmental insider, Sting of the Drone tells of a realistic, yet fictional inside look at the people responsible for the power and might of the Drone program when the enemy decides to fight back, through death and treachery des...more
Jenn S.
I read the first couple chapters before i decided this was definitely going to be a DNF book, so I passed it along to a good friend who loves this sort of book. Here is what he had to say: "I was less than even mildly pleased while reading this book. I found it difficult to believe the author is knowledgable concerning the military. The writing is pretty basic for the most part so nearly any reader could understand the words. People do not have conversations so simple. They read like a children'...more
Eric Orkin
Clarke does a terrific job weaving a fast-moving story together with a discussion of the moral ambiguities of drone use. Without my taking a stand in a book review, suffice it to say that Clarke gives you a lot to chew on. My major criticism is the overuse of characters holding forth to lay out one side or another of an argument. It is like one frequently encounters in books that are weaving together a fictional story with very real and current issues.

That being said, I never lost interest and h...more
I received a physical Advance Readers’ Edition of this book for free on LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.

Implementing new technology, especially that of a controversial nature, can be very tricky. People often do not understand the whole picture when they form opinions and make decisions about the technology. Even if those in power understand the whole picture, the “best” or “right” thing to do is not necessarily an easy, clear-cut decision, particularly when ethics are a factor. Pl...more
John Johnstone
We have all seen the news footage of the strikes against the terrorist Taliban but don't really know much more. Richard A Clarke brings a thrilling and frightening clarity to the drone operations of the US Government. He details the fight against the terrorists in many guises, and how the programme has to continually evolve to stay ahead of the continually evolving terror groups. Using his extensive knowledge the author leads us through the policy, the procedures and reality of operating remotel...more
Jay Williams
A great spy thriller enmeshed into the latest technology, Sting of the Drone had me emotionally hooked after 6 pages. All of the characters are very real, and remind me so much of people I have known in Government. The story is a chilling reminder of the troubled times we are living in, and sparks concerns well beyond the immediate story. I have seldom had a book keep coming back into mind after I put it down as this one has. The advanced technical features of modern warfare mix with the all-too...more
James Korsmo
Richard Clarke is uniquely positioned to really understand the ever-increasing use of unmanned areal vehicles in espionage and war. They are a remarkable technology filled with promise, but that amazing potential also brings with it a lot of questions about how and when drones should be used, and also the unintended costs of this type of warfare may entail. In The Sting of the Drone, Clarke confronts all of these questions head on through a fictional tale of US drone warfare. We are taken into t...more
Ned Frederick
What saves this book from B-grade thriller status is the drones. In all their variations with an unheard of ( to me anyhow) array of sensors and weapons they take on Clancy-esque character status, projecting a powerful presence. I also liked the way Clarke was able to lay out the ethical and geopolitical dilemmas of drone use without getting preachy. There are no easy solutions to these dilemmas and seemingly no way to step back from their escalating use without putting our security at risk. And...more
This book was a bit confusing when it came time to rate it. With a few flaws in the story and some in the editing I was thinking three stars. Yet overall I really think the author knocked it up to four by bringing a bit of light on the drone program that the U.S. Military runs. So what happens when the terrorists that the drones are targeting strike back at the drones? Well that is the idea behind the story here. Once again the battlefront moves onto U.S. soil. And things really start to heat up...more
Sting of the Drone is a riveting and thrilling read about the use of drones by the United States in their war against terrorism. The story follows characters behind the US drone program as well as those being targeted by the drones, therefore allowing readers to understand the motivation behind the actions of the parties involved.

Richard A. Clarke provides a rich and detailed glimpse into a complex world that few people know much about. He presents both the successes and failures of the US dron...more
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. First off I must say that when I picked it up I was drawn into a great action-packed work. The storyline is woven around the use of unmanned flying aircraft by the US government ( drones). The author creates an intriguing tale of the government program and the use of the drones to kill potential terrorists. It is a cautionary tale that explores both sides of the issue.
I really enjoyed the book and was surprised ( and horrified) t...more
Brad Feld
I’ve devoured all of Richard Clarke’s fiction and they are all well written, incredibly relevant, and better than what a modern day Clancy treatment of the topic would be. The only issue I had with this one was the ending – it was too contrived, too many good guys died while the bad guys got shut down, and the neat tidy bow that wrapped everything up consisted of almost all of the protagonists dying in a fireball ending. Boo – more reflection after the climax needed, but otherwise outstanding.
Like all Richard Clarke books, the plot moves along at a good pace, but the characters are there as pawns. The real interest in the book lies in the machinations between governments and the believable understanding of the technology involved.
In this book we follow a believable story of how we use drones around the world to eliminate our enemies and how they try and strike back.
I found the book very readable.
I won this book on goodreads, and it is books like this that make entering goodreads first read giveaways worthwhile. I will admit that I rarely read military books, the last one I read was black hawk down years ago so I was a little bit apprehensive starting this novel. I didn't know if I would enjoy it. This book delivered though and I would definitely read more books by this author. The story was well written and engaging, in fact I read the majority of it in one sitting. I highly recommend t...more
Sting of the Drone takes one into the world of military acronyms and action. Mr. Clarke has created a story that redefines the connection between man and machine. The attention to detail in the description of the drones is something to be appreciated. But the true essence of this tale is in the human element…those who are in command of the drones.
You don't hear much about the government's drone program until some terrorist cell is cleaned up or another such action is accomplished successfully. This book, written by someone that has obviously been privy to what goes on behind the scenes, will give you quite a bit of thought provoking information, wrapped in a fast moving plot. The idea of the people behind the drones hunting down terrorists being hunted themselves is entirely plausible in today's world. The amount of misinformation spread...more
Note - read this as a free eArc from NetGalley. While the characterization were somewhat weak, the details on how drones are operated more than made up for this. How those drones could be turned against America was interesting. The author has a lot of credibility given his background and provides a very plausible story.
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Richard Alan Clarke was a U.S. government employee for 30 years, 1973–2003. He worked for the State Department during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. In 1992, President George H.W. Bush appointed him to chair the Counter-terrorism Security Group and to a seat on the United States National Security Council. President Bill Clinton retained Clarke and in 1998 promoted him to be the National Coordina...more
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