Ten Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships
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Ten Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships

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Have you ever withheld information from your spouse or partner for fear of rejection? Do you feel that your own needs come before your relationship? Do you continue to cling to past relationships, even at the expense of your current one? Do you put your work first, even if it means you never see your family? Are you in a destructive relationship? If you answered yes to any...more
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published December 24th 2001 by Harper (first published 2001)
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Oh, Dr. Laura, your book is so... so you.

I agree with almost everything you say. You make excellent points. Important points. I wish more people would hear what you have to say.

But the way you say it... I already agree with you, and I can barely stand to listen to you. How in the world can you expect those that need to hear your message accept when you deliver it with such venom and condescension?
I really like Dr. Laura's perspective on relationships. I think it's pretty straightforward. "You mean the only common theme in all my bad relationships is me?" Simple things like that turn out to be revelations to a lot of people. That kind of thing is frankly in short supply these days. The two best takeaways from the book 1)Taking responsibility for one's actions is a rare thing, but necessary for successful relationships and 2)If there's a problem start working on yourself, rather than blami...more
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 PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
I like Dr Laura for the most part. I think the advice she gives is dead on some of the issues people have in their relationships. I found some of the callers stories she provided in this book to be interesting. It definitely made me think about my relationship and some things I want to change about my attitudes and perception on. Overall I recommend this book to both men and women. Everyone can benefit from reading this.
Hilarious. Very old fashioned. And the last statement, "for a good relationship, open the bible", is a little terse. But hey, there are a few nuggets in there. Just try not to explode into histrionics. Oh, and feminists, should probably pop some valium before reading this book.
Dr. Buddylee
After reading this book it made me look at myself in a different light. It made me realize that I had a lot of growing to do and to see some of the areas where I have grown. Anyone in a relationship, just exited a relationship, or inspiring to be in a long lasting relationship should read this book, study it, and learn from it.
Aws Al-Najjar
I don't know where I got this book from but this Lura have no sense of guiding at all! she has wrote this book just to express her feelings about couples and how they act without any benefits to the reader and I don't know why she brings God so much if she's talking about couples.

This is wrongly genered as a book instead of a podcast or a radio show as she mentions her radio show at least a couple of dozen times saying it would be easier to express if she was on her radio show!!
Tiana Dalichov
Amen, Dr. Laura! I absolutely love how crass she is and how she tells it like it is. The sanctity of marriage has fallen so low that it saddens me, and the commercialization and general promotion of pre-marital sex scares me as a young woman. I don't get into these relationships with guys because I fear all these things Dr. Laura points out as issues in the world today. Hopefully, if more people read this, we'll all see the light sooner or later and make changes so we can all find love some day....more
I have to admit that I only read the introduction because I can't imagine that she has anything to say that would be beneficial to me. If you have sex before you're 75 and if you go outside the bounds of missionary, prepare to feel like the most amoral person on the planet. This book might have been helpful for someone many decades ago but for 2012, she is way out of touch with reality. I don't recommend this book for anyone who is "liberal" minded -- meaning that you don't live in biblical time...more
Jason Paulateer
Every couple should read this!
This book is full of good advices for married people.It helps them realize what are the commom mistakes some married people make that lead to divorce.
How stupid things can become a big deal and how often people make mistakes.As we all know,one of the biggest reasons for that is egocentrism.
It was good to be able to read about other people's experiences.However,her book didn't keep me very entertained.There were great advices,but a little too repetitive.
Kylir Horton
I read an abridged version of this book and I liked it much better than The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. It was a little more specialized, although not enough to make it really useful. In a nutshell, it was the same thing as The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage, with the same somewhat crude language and sarcasm typical of Laura Schlessinger. Decent read, but only recommended for someone looking for help on the basics of a marriage relationship.
I have a love/hate relationship with Dr. Laura. Some of her stuff I love, and some of her stuff I hate! Hated, hated, hated the book about care and feeding of husbands!Loved, loved, loved this one though. SO much good advice in it. I put this book off for a long time because of my hatred for care and feeding of husbands but I wish I would have picked it up much earlier. I highly recommend it for anyone, married/single, older/younger.
Dr. Laura has some great principles in this book. However, I kind of got tired of her "preachiness" and some parts of the book rubbed me the wrong way. She just seemed a little harsh at times in the book and everything was black and white... I don't think relationships are so simplistic. I also got tired of radio scripts. I gave it 3 stars however, because I do think it was worth my time and I did get some good points out of it.
I like Dr. Laura. I used to listen to her radio show when commuting home, she tells it like it is. I liked this book, a lot the things she talked about I learned in grad school in my couples therapy class which was based on Gotmann's work. But it was a good reminder of the things I had forgotten and things that could be brought up during couples work... Should I chose to go that route in private practice...
Let me just say that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is opinionated. Very, very opinionated. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't give out some really useful advice. Much of what she writes and speaks about on her radio program is just pure common sense. I can see how this book would not be received well by everyone, but I found her advice to be helpful in my relationship with my boyfriend.
Dr Laura has very high morals and she doesn't excuse any of the imoral behaviors that society is accepting. I loved this book! There are lots of stories and comments about others couples problems in relationships, and it made me appreciate what a good marriage I have, but it also showed great examples of how I can contribute more in my relationship with my husband.
Like her radio show, this book is one big dose of... advice. Many people all for advice, then don't want to hear the advice that is dolled out--perhaps the truth hurts too much or the advice is not rooted in common values or sometimes opinions extend too far. This was the case with this book. It was entertaining, annoying and potentially helpful.
Alisha Case
I read this book a long time ago, and loved it! There were a lot of helpful tips in here. I honestly can't think of any right now, and I lent it out to someone like 3 years ago and have yet to get it back!

There is some of her usual woman bashing in this book, but if I remember correctly it isn't too bad. Its manageable, and some of it deserved.

Janet Wilcox
Not as good as I was expecting. She didn't really cover a wide enough variety of issues in relationships. Gave up after the 1st two discs. If you looking for an outspoken approach to fidelity issues, morality, and marriage, she does a terrific job on the topic, but there are other issues that need addressing as well.
My husband and I love Dr. Laura so we got this to read in the evenings. I guess we're pretty much a good compatible couple because some of the stuff in here was just absurd to us. I mean, its just common sense, but in a day and age where people lack that, I can see how Dr. Laura would put out this book.
After reading '10 Stupid Things Couples do to Mess Up Their Relationships by Dr. Laura Schlessinger I knew there was room for improvement. With a pen and paper I started taking notes as I found myself enthralled by the information and listener's letters.
Brett Allen
I just finsihed this book and while it was a good reminder, I also felt it was extremely obvious, the topics were such extremes, that the average person in a partnership would be able to understand and follow the common sense path without the book.
Lisa Zuniga
Jan 21, 2008 Lisa Zuniga added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: noone
We know what we do, and we know it's stupid. Dr. Laura doesn't have that much insight for spending her life working with people and relationships.
I did enjoy some of her examples. Some of us put up with a lot more than others.
Jane Lee
Well laid out and straightforward, this book provided great insights about marriage and relationships in general. However, it was a bit too repetitive for my taste and there are more issues that should have been addressed.
Kristi Willard
A good set of reminders to keep your relationship healthy. Laura advocates rules like abstinence before marriage and fidelity afterwards. She also encourages couples to know each other for a year before marriage. Oops!
It was a good book with some valid points. She does tell it like it is--very blunt. I listened to the audio CDs so at times she seems to be just quickly reading the script. But overall I did enjoy it.
Lisamarie Donthaveone
Jun 05, 2007 Lisamarie Donthaveone rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Every Woman
I had this book in my closet for the past 3 years and after my breakup I came upon it....why did I wait so long!!!

I would have saved myself a lot of pain and TIME!!!!!

I love this chick (Dr. Laura)!

This was a better book than some of Dr. Laura's other books. Good insight into some of the common problems in marriage. She is better at describing problems than providing solutions.
ironically, i thought this book was stupid. she does a good job of pointing out every way people can be selfish, and all the things that are wrong in the world, but not much more than that.
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