The Innocent Sleep: A Novel
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The Innocent Sleep: A Novel

3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  860 ratings  ·  213 reviews
When a couple's lost child resurfaces they are forced to embark on a journey into their shared past—one rife with dark secrets and lies

Tangiers. Harry is preparing his wife's birthday dinner while she is still at work and their son, Dillon, is upstairs asleep in bed. Harry suddenly remembers that he's left Robin's gift at the café in town. It's only a five minute walk away...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published February 18th 2014 by Henry Holt and Co. (first published February 1st 2014)
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3.5 Stars for The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry

This is the same novel different name as The Boy That Never WasThe Boy That Never Was by Karen Perry which is a little strange

The Innocent Sleep in set in Tangier and Ireland and tells the stroy of Harry and his wife Robin. Harry is preparing his wife's birhday dinner while she out working. Dillon their young son is asleep upstairs. Suddenly Harry remembers that he has left his wife's birthday gift at a cafe in town. Its only a 5 minute walk away, what is the harm in running out picki...more
Patrice Hoffman
The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry is the story of a young family who's trying to repair their lives after a devastating earthquake that costs them the life of their 3 year old son, Dillon. Harry leaves his son alone, sleeping, in an effort to get one last trinket for his wife Robin's birthday. During the time he is away, an earthquake occurs and leaves in its wake a depth far greater than the destruction of a building.

Five years later after the catastrophe, Harry is sure that in the midst of a r...more
Diane S.
The setting of Tangiers is what first drew me to this book, but many other things kept me avidly reading. I originally thought Harry was a very easy character to dislike, quite frankly I found him to be somewhat of a jerk. Felt so sorry for his wife, but of course things were not quite what they seemed. An earthquake, a destroyed building and a dead child sent this couple reeling, and they returned to Dublin to try to make a fresh start.

Many, many revelations, some stellar writing, twists and tu...more
Tangier, Morocco - where 'the days seem longer, languorous, hazy and golden'. Artists Harry and Robin went there for the strange and beautiful light, the fiery dawns that Harry favors for his paintings. They rent an apartment above an old bookstore. A foolhardy decision made by Harry at the beginning of the tale leads to tragic consequences.

Good, tight writing. The character of Cozimo, the owner of the bookstore, is fascinating. You are never completely sure about him. An older gentleman with a...more
Meh. I didn't love the switching narrator, and the ending made me nuts.
Liz Wilkins
Coming March 2014 from Penguin

Thank you to the author and publisher for the netgalley review copy.

Five years ago, three-year-old Dillon disappeared. For his father Harry – who left him alone for ten crucial minutes – it was an unforgivable lapse. Yet Dillon’s mother Robyn has never blamed her husband: her own secret guilt is burden enough.

Another amazing read this one – tugging at my heartstrings – I have had a lot of that lately. Crying after finishing a book seems to be my default position at...more
Plot synopsis:

In 2005, Harry and Robin are Irish expats living in Tangier with their 3-year-old son, Dillon. One evening, while Robin is at work and Harry is alone with Dillon, Harry decides to run a quick errand just a few blocks away while Dillon is sleeping. In Harry's absence, an earthquake strikes, and Robin and Harry's apartment building is destroyed. Dillon's body is never found, but he is presumed dead. Harry, however, clings to a belief that somehow Dillon survived and was spirited away...more
Harry and Robin lived in Tangiers with their young son, Dillon, until a terrible mistake and a devastating earthquake took their child from them. Harry left their son alone in the apartment for ten minutes, returning to find the building, and their child, gone. Although he felt Robin’s unspoken blame, the two return home to Dublin and attempt to rebuild their lives. Robin is keen to look forward, but it is soon apparent that Harry is still tormented by the loss of his son. One day, at a demonstr...more
This book was received from a Goodreads giveaway.

I liked this book but it's not amazing. For me the first 40% was a drag to read. It was only after that that I began to take an interest in the story. None of the characters were likeable and some bits just didn't make sense to me. What kind of person stays with some one who thinks it's acceptable to drug a child?
The ending was good. I'd kind of half figured it out though. Overall a good read but there are much better books of this genre out ther...more
Tracey G
Dec 11, 2013 Tracey G rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
i won this book (YAY!) through Goodreads First Reads for a honest review

Read this review and more over at My Library Card

HOLY SHIT. that's all i can say about how this book ended. i did not see the twist coming. i thought i had figured out how it would end but i was totally taken for a ride those last few chapters. the writing is amazing. i was apprehensive at first to read it because it's not something i would normally read. but the authors were having none of that and pulled me right into the...more
Harry and Robin live a bohemian lifestyle in Tangier - drawn there for the light for their painting. The birth of baby Dillon makes their lives complete, until a moment of carelessness when Dillon is alone and an earthquake strikes. The child's body is never found - but neither were many others - and he is believed dead. By everyone but Harry it seems - on their return to Ireland he has a breakdown, driven by his feelings of guilt at leaving the child alone. Until he spots a child on a Dublin st...more
Started out ok, had one decent twist, then went steadily downhill from there. Badly written and relies heavily on coincidence, and just a flat out dopey ending. This is like reading an Ira Levin novel without any of the camp or charm, and who wants to do that?
The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry is very close to me declaring that this book is this season's Gone Girl. And that is very high praise indeed. The two person narrative is incredibly well executed, perhaps because Karen Perry is two different writers, and actually works to the flow of the novel.
The Innocent Sleep is the story of a young artistic married couple who lose their child one evening during an earthquake. The husband Harry is planning a special birthday dinner for his wife Robin. To e...more
This was a hard one for me as it did improve as the story went on, but I still found it hard to like, or care for, any of the main characters.

The story looks at the slow destruction of the lives of Harry and Robin, after the tragic loss of their son, Dillon, in Tangiers. Only, as you soon discover, the tragedy was very much created by Harry, who is a spoilt, pretentious, self-obsessed so-called-artist. Thankfully he does at least feel guilt at what he did, and has spiralled in and out of madnes...more
This title was available for review at NetGalley. Upon reading the description, I requested the book and was approved. I was intrigued by the description but the book itself turned out to be so much more than the sample hinted. The book wasn't one of those where the story began slow, gearing up to a climax and then dropped off into a neat conclusion, complete with a bow. No, this story kept its quick, steady pace from the end of the very first paragraph. I admit, it took a little getting used to...more
3.5 Stars for The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry or otherwise known as The boy that never was.

The Innocent Sleep in set in Tangier and Ireland and tells the stroy of Harry and his wife Robin. Harry is preparing his wife's birhday dinner while she out working. Dillon their young son is asleep upstairs. Suddenly Harry remembers that he has left his wife's birthday gift at a cafe in town. Its only a 5 minute walk away, what is the harm in running out picking up the gift while the child is sleeping....more
Psychological fiction about a couple whose young child is tragically killed in an earthquake, and the secrets they keep from each other. This one gave me mixed feelings. There were several things I guessed along the way, however, the last main twist was somewhat of a surprise. Then the very final page or two somewhat confused me. The main characters were unlikable, which in itself doesn't make for a bad book, but some of the writing was irritating; the piece mealing out of the backstory felt dis...more
Margaret Madden
Thanks to Penguin Ireland for the review copy of this novel.....

Harry and Robin have lost the most important thing in their lives, their son Dillon. When their apartment was destroyed in Tangier, during an earthquake, their three year old son was never found. Guilt eats up Harry on a daily basis and their marriage is teetering on the edge of survival. Now back in Dublin, trying to move on, things seem to be settling and the grief seems less intense, after five years. That is, until Harry spots a...more
I won an advance copy of this in a Goodreads giveaway.
The concept of two writers penning one novel is a strange one, and in this case the decision is one I don't understand.
Harry and Robin are an Irish couple living in Tangiers when in one night of child neglect when they are both out of the house their three year old son is sleeping in, they lose him in a devastating earthquake. Flash forward five years and the couple are back in Dublin, attempting to get on with their lives, when a chance gli...more
Excellent! What more can I say that hasn't already been covered by other reviewers!

This story is told from the angle of Robyn and Harry.

Dillon their only son was taken from them one night when Harry was lapse. Harry is tormented by not only the loss of his son but by his action that night, just one little slip.

Robyn doesn't seem to blame him for the loss. Maybe its the secrets. But there are a couple of secrets within this book.

Harry is tormented by the loss of his only son, he paints, he's an...more
This is a psychological thriller that explores the effect of lies & secrets on a marriage. It's also one hell of a roller coaster ride.
We first meet Harry & Robin in Tangier. It's 2005, the night of Robin's birthday & their lives are about to change forever. I don't want to give too much away but Harry makes some choices prior to an earthquake hitting the area that result in the loss of Dillon, their 3 year old son. No remains were ever found in the pile of rubble that used to be the...more
Harry is preparing for his wife, Robin's, birthday. He forgot to pick up Robin's gift and he already put his son down for bed, so he decides to quickly run and go get it and not wake his son. When he is out, an earthquake strikes and upon his return to the house, he finds his home is completely demolished. Their son is presumed dead. Five years later, Harry is walking through town when he swears that he sees his son. He follows them but they disappear. Robin is pregnant and Harry finds it hard t...more
I won this in the goodreads giveaways. Thank you Henry Holt and Company for an ARC of the book.

4.5 stars!!

I really enjoyed this book. I did not know what to expect going in because it is actually written by 2 writers, Karen Gillece and Paul Perry, who use the pen name Karen Perry. I didn't know if the book would flow smoothly, but it really worked out to be quite a good read in my opinion. I am curious to know of their writing process. Is one the writer and the other the creative mind? How did t...more
The Boy That Never Was
I received this book from, and found it very intriguing.
I was gripped from the start. In Tangier, I was there with Robin, Harry, Cosimo et al, in the heat and light.
Equally, in the streets of snowy Dublin and in the large dilapidated house, I was there with the couple.
The book is an effortless read, and very difficult to put down. The suspense is ramped up and up, whilst remaining entirely plausible. Was it Dillon Harry saw that day, or is it all in his mind?...more
Carol Peace
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the mystery had me held right to the end.
Five years ago in Tangiers a 3 year old was left sleeping whilst his father nipped out, 10 minutes was all it took for the little boy to go missing and the quake hit and all there was left was devestation.
Harry and his wife Robin move back home as they are haunted by the memories, Harry is an artist and he never paints quite as well as he did. Robin gets on with life and puts no blame for the 'accident' on Harry he howev...more
Sara Reis
Brilliant! What a terrific book!

I won the uncorrected advanced proof of the “The Boy That Never Was” here in Goodreads.

This book took me by surprise, and conquered a place on my favourite shelf, it is full of raw emotions, a proper cocktail of feelings. Guilt mixed with doubts, mixed with longing and desperation. Also with a plausible plot, which reminded me vaguely of Madeleine Mccann disappearance.

Nothing is what it seems, the secrets crawled under my skin, there are no heroes in this book, on...more
Jun 22, 2014 Abbie marked it as own-to-read  ·  review of another edition
Harry and Robin had a child, Dillon, and felt that their lives were now fulfilled, but when he's left alone for one night, it all goes wrong.

There were 2 POV's in this book, which I always find hard to remember who's doing what, and why, and I suffered the same problems with this book. The plot is well thought-out with a few twists and turns to prevent the book being wholly centered on their grief of losing a child.
The writing style is great, and intriguing.
Overall, it's a great read.

Thoughts on...more
The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry

This review and more found at The Bookworm's Blog

This book is so emotionally tense! I was so swept up into the book and the feelings of the characters. You have no choice but to feel the things Harry and Robin experience. The choices that were made have devastating consequences and no one person is truly to blame. It has such amazing suspense and mystery it keeps you on edge. By the end of the book I felt just as heartbroken, regretful, and confused as the charac...more
Trying to be Gone Girl but it's missing the good elements. This is told in alternating points of view but both characters sound alike (a particularly good trick since it is written by two authors). The main characters are unlikeable like in Gone Girl but the page turning suspense is not there. The plot drags and is predictable.
Harry and child, Dillon...who disappears in an earthquake in Tangiers. Harry is a very unlikeable man. I didn’t like him, didn’t trust him...and yet I couldn’t read enough about him. Although there is mystery and intrigue in this book, it’s much more a story about human emotions. People dealing with the loss of a child. Guilt. Secrets. The secrets revealed in a harsh and brutal way. Told from the viewpoint of both Harry and Robin, the book glides smoothly through the story....more
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Karen Perry is the pen name of Dublin-based authors Paul Perry and Karen Gillece.

Paul Perry is the author of a number of critically acclaimed books. A winner of The Hennessy New Irish Writer of the Year Award, he is a lecturer in creative writing at Kingston University, London, and course director in poetry at the Faber Academy in Dublin.

Karen Gillece is the author of four critically acclaimed nov...more
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