The Herald
Ed Greenwood
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The Herald (The Sundering #6)

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In the 6th and final book of the multi-author Sundering series launched by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Forgotten Realms®, further chronicles the exploits of Elminster as he fights for the future of Faerûn.

Chaos grips Faerûn as vainglory, prophecy, and ancient forces comingle in the shadows cast by war. Agents of the S...more
Published 2014
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This was my first Dungeons and Dragons book and I must say, I'm not very impressed. Some of my criticism must be lessened however, given the fact that this is a book late in the series and not a stand alone. This was definitely not a jump in and enjoy read. I spent 70% of the novel thoroughly confused about not only the plot, but the plethora of characters in the story.

One thing that I absolutely hated and that did nothing to help with my comprehension of the story, was the constant switching of...more
This is it; we’re at the end of a long road. We are at ‘The Sundering’. Set during the Era of Upheaval, ‘The Sundering’ is a multi-author event chronicling the adventures of Faerûn’s heroes, from those just Chosen to some of the Realms most enduring characters. The Herald, by Ed Greenwood, rounds out the series with a battle to end all battles. Actually, make that battles to end all battle. Or something like that. There’s a lot of combat in this one.

Elminster and Storm Silverhand, Chosen of Myst...more
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THE HERALD is the sixth and final book in The Sundering series. The books are very loosely connected, and follow heroes and Chosen as they navigate the effects of the Sundering upon their lives. I’ve enjoyed most of the books in the series, but unfortunately, THE HERALD just didn’t work for me as well as previous books did.

THE HERALD assumes familiarity with Ed Greenwood’s other novels in the Realms. This is the first time I’ve read one o...more
I thought it was a good book, but seemed a bit disjointed in places. Like every other book in this Sundering Series had a "main character" who was a Chosen meant to take on a great task for their god. This one I had no idea who the "Herald" was and still don't as it could have been a number of people. I also felt like it was hastily ended, things happened very fast after a very long work-up to it and the climax was disappointing. There were also characters and scenes that didn't have to be in th...more
There was a lot going on in this book. Understandable, seeing as this is the final book in The Sundering series, but there were times the cast of characters was so large and the action flipped between them so quickly it was hard to keep track of who was who. (I'm going to go on record as saying that might be a me-thing, though. Because sometimes I'm super lazy and like things to take their sweet time getting to where they need to be.) (On the other hand, things did move fast in this book. So, ye...more
Margaret Fisk
Originally posted on Tales to Tide You Over

This novel is the sixth book in a complicated series dealing with a changing of times, gods and chosen running rampant, and power mongers out in force to make sure they end up on top. The characters drew me in to the other books, showing as they did the personal side of these huge, world-encompassing events. This one did not succeed in that technique, in part because it starts with a character who knows nothing about what’s going on and is being dragged...more
Cape Rust
The Herald
The Herald is an epic fantasy novel from The Sundering series, published by Wizards of the Coast and written by Ed Greenwood.
By Cape Rust

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The last book in the extremely popular Sundering series from Wizards of the Coast has arrived and with it the era of D&D 4th ed is sundered. But fear not for it Heralds the arrival of D&D 5th Edition. I have had mixed feelings a...more
Disclaimer: ARC copy from Netgalley.

The Herald, by Ed Greenwood, is a compelling tale, Dungeons and Dragons-style of high fantasy. The thrilling conclusion to the Forgotten Realms saga is rife with everything people love about fantasy novels: elves, magic, monsters, dark wizards, heroes and heroines, and even the Gods and Goddesses of the realms themselves. One of the things I like best about high fantasy novels like this one is that good triumphs over evil because evil's goal isn't to destroy...more
Chris Robinson
I was privileged to receive an ARC of this book via netgalley.
The perfect character, or group of characters, to bring us through the finale of the sundering. Well written of course, one has come to expect that from Mr. Greenwood, and it sets just the right tone for such a momentous event in the realms.
Each of the previous books in the Sundering series has shown the battles of goodly gods against darker gods through their chosen. In The Herald we see those who have been chosen long ago by thei...more
This is the final book in the Sundering series, and features Ed Greenwood's (the creator of Forgotten Realms) well-known character Elminster. Of course, if you haven't read any other Forgotten Realms books, you would think that Harry Potter is probably a better known wizard amongst Dungeon & Dragon aficionados (and you would be wrong). I've read all the other books in the series, so even though I will try and review the book as a stand-along product, it is almost inevitable that Herald will...more
Nicolas Carrillo
First of all, I would like to begin by thanking both Wizards of the Coast and NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review; and I thank them especially so because this is a very entertaining book that achieves what it seeks to do. It concludes the 'Sundering' saga, but without spoiling anything, it can be said that the novel truly focuses on its characters and plot, with the general sundering element not being very prominent.
Despite featuring Elminster...more
Having enjoyed the last two volumes in this series, I was looking forward to the last installment in the hopes that it would bring it all together. I don't think I can really say that it did; primarily, I've yet to see how the first book related to any of those that came after it, though I can at least say that I now think I understand what the Sundering actually is and how the rising population of Chosen works into all that. I'm afraid that's about the best I can say about it as a contiguous se...more
Timothy Pecoraro
I’d been waiting to read this book since it was announced by R.A. Salvatore around the time of the first of the Sundering books came out. Of all the books in the series this was the book I was the most anticipated to read. Especially because it was the last book and certainly that would mean that it would be climatic and exciting. When I found out Elminister would be the main character, I nearly lost it. Elminister is my second favorite character only to Drizzt Do’Urden so, this book was basical...more

*This is a review of an uncorrected galley I received from netgalley*
4 Stars
Since this is the final book in a series I will not include a synopsis to avoid spoilers as much as possible.
I had a hard time deciding on how many stars I should give this one. The book and I got started on a bad foot, but that had nothing to do with the author. The galley was formatted badly and that proved frustrating and made it hard to get yanked into the story.
The one complaint I have with the story is that it fel...more
Michael Adams
ARC provided by NetGalley and Wizards of the coast for an honest review:
Anyone who has read my reviews should know that I have been reading fantasy novels for 23 years and started to read Dungeons and Dragons/Forgotten realms books in 1992 when TSR still was in existence. I have read the majority of the Realms novels along with Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Dark sun and some other offshoot novel worlds WOTC/TSR owned, so I would say I am well versed in the setting, world, and the current events going...more
I received a copy of The Herald through NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

The Herald is the 6th book and final of The Sundering series published by Wizards of the Coast and is written by Ed Greenwood. In this final book, Mystra (the Goddess of Magic) and Shar (the Nightseer) finally get to have their ultimate battle. Shar's army of Shades are pitted against the elves of faerun as Shar wishes to drain the magic that surrounds and protects Myth Drannor in order to use the po...more
I've been picking up every book in The Sundering series as soon as it's been available to me and have really enjoyed it as a reintroduction to Forgotten Realms. The characters that have been introduced (or built on) are ones that I'm excited to follow as they make their own way in Faerun.

That said, this one didn't really hit me in the same way. I'm not sure if I was just expecting too much with this being the final book in the event series or it just really didn't resonate, but I didn't connect...more
Devan Harvey
The Sundering comes to its Realms shaking conclusion. In typical Greenwood fashion the book is packed cover to cover with non-stop action. Spells are thrown and swords are swung on pretty much every single page. Ed seems to bring every single major character he has ever written into this story for at least a small cameo. The villians are good and well fleshed out. Unfortunately the list of characters is so long it tends to detract from the overall story. Many characters are introduced and do not...more
As this sixth installment in the telling of The Sundering brings the saga to a close with The Herald, I find myself admiring the huge task the author has accomplished. Six books, multiple authors all contributing to this wonderful tale and what I have read of series, this undertaking has proven to be a great collaboration.

In The Herald the author has taken all the strings and woven them into a well meshed and colorful cloth that kept my curiosity fresh and my fingers turning the pages. I will ad...more
Jenn S.
Jul 04, 2014 Jenn S. rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: All Fantasy readers
I loved reading this series and when I saw that Ed Greenwood was writing this one I was excited to get the chance to review it. I wasn't let down one iota. This book is very well written and well edited. The characters are well fleshed out with flaws and believability. The plot is exciting and page-turning enjoyment. It is well worth picking up the first in the series and following the characters and events through to this book. I would recommend this series to all fantasy readers and anyone loo...more
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Similar to some other novels in the Sundering series, some earlier knowledge of what is going and preferably having read earlier books will definitely help - picking this book up cold is most likely not going to be enjoyable.

For those in the know of who's who in the Realms, the book offers plenty of fan service in terms of meeting up with already established characters. Elminster is still likeable, though I did like him...more
I received an electronic advanced reading copy of this from the publishers via NetGalley.

Rapper Ice-T recently made some amusing comments on a podcast about an unexpected D&D-related audio book recording he was set up to make. Reading his comments me original thoughts were that it was sad he was dumping on fantasy, role-playing-derived or otherwise based on what appeared to be stereotypes and the worst the genre has to offer. Now I see where he was coming from in his vulgarity-strewn phrases...more
And thus, the Sundering has happened, and appropriately enough, the series closes out with Elminster in an entry much more action-filled than some of the previous Sundering books.

With a different-book-different-author series such as this, it can be difficult to review the book standing alone. I highly enjoyed The Herald and kept wanting to keep reading to see what happened next. The few deus ex machina moments were well handled, and felt natural, rather than simply occurring for the same of occu...more
Lots and lots going on in this final episode. Definitely not a book to read as a stand-alone. Lots more great fight scenes. Lots of fun characters. The ending winds up everything very well. And I love seeing these books in bookstores because it’s like seeing an old friend. Really worth your time and hard to put down. Received free copy for review.
Kevin Mckinney
This is a great book, although I expected nothing less. Great action and great characters! I am a long time fan of Elminster and Faerûn. Ed Greenwood continues to write with flair and passion and brings the world to life! I am glad I could be there for the ride!
Joshua Fox
This review is based on an Advanced Reader's Copy provided by Netgalley in return for a fair review.

The Herald does a fine job of tying up the Sundering series. The story is compelling enough to make one forget two of the earlier titles, both of which fell in to the "hot mess" category of writing.
The reintroduction of Elmister, his daughter Amarune, and Storm made for a rollicking ride through Faerun. Many other familiar characters also make appearances - Larael and Dove for instance - and the...more
Jim Brod
Very good end to 'The Sundering' series.
Wayne Sklow
Another exciting Elminster adventure from Ed Greenwood. A great ending to The Sundering series!!!
A good reboot to the series.
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Ed Greenwood is the creator of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world, which became the setting for his home D&D game in 1975. Play still continues in this long-running campaign, and Ed also keeps busy producing Realmslore for various TSR publications.

Ed has published over two hundred articles in Dragon magazine and Polyhedron newszine, is a lifetime charter member of the Role Playing Game Associa...more
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