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Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1)
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Grimspace (Sirantha Jax #1)

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  8,955 ratings  ·  1,086 reviews
As the carrier of a rare gene, Sirantha Jax has the ability to jump ships through grimspace-a talent which makes her a highly prized navigator for the Corp. Then a crash landing kills everyone on board, leaving Jax in a jail cell with no memory of the crash. But her fun's not over. A group of rogue fighters frees her...for a price: her help in overthrowing the established ...more
Paperback, 312 pages
Published March 2008 by Ace Berkley Penguin (first published February 26th 2008)
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Emily May

I've always said that I'm a honest reviewer, so to continue being truthful it has to be said that this review is late due to me being stranded in London overnight, after spending the day getting ever so slightly drunk and then going to see The Avengers in 3D. So yeah, now we've got that out of the way, I can't see any reasons not to like Grimspace. Apparently, some people found it difficult to connect with the characters, but I had no such problem. I would liken the love/hate relationships - fi
✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting March 9, 2015.

A word of warning: I know most of you already have the popcorn handy but now would be a good time to grab a drink as well. And clear your schedule. This should take a while.

Actual rating: 4.5
Oh who am I kidding anyway?! Let's try this again shall we?

Actual rating: 5.5
Now that's more like it.

First let's get something out of the way real quick:

There. That should take care of most of the problem. Then again maybe not. Oh well. Are you ready? Let's
Carole (Carole's Random Life)
Buddy read with the wonderful MacHalo Group.

5 Stars!

This book is cover to cover awesomeness. I actually need to recover from the awesomeness that is this book before I could sit down and actually write a coherent review. Simply put - I fell completely in love with this book. When I first heard about the buddy read planned by one of my Goodreads groups, I almost didn't join in. I am so far behind in my reading that I wasn't sure I had the time not to mention the fact that I had not heard of this
Robin (Bridge Four)
4.5 Fragging Stars

MacHalo Girls (Some really cool chicks to read a book with) + Sirithura Jax (Anti-Heroinesk which is not the same thing as a bitch) + Oh Captain My Captain March (Theta Wave orgasm inducing OMG I want to try that semi asshole hero Um yes please, I think I love you) + Space Jumping (somewhat confusing but just go with it) + Off world clans and mad scientists


Let’s just say that Sirantha Jax is my kind of heroine. She doesn’t really whine or complain, she has compartments to sh

Warning: I've finished this book about four days ago but I'm still freaking out a little. Bear with me.

Buddy Read with the dysfunctional MacHalo Family.

So, I'm not gonna write a review today because I've received a big number of messages these days asking me about Grimspace. If you don't believe me, ask my unicorn. So, I'll be answering the most interesting ones:

descriptionQ: Liz, what did you hate about this book?

A: Your question is stupid, I hate you.

descriptionQ: Dear Liz, love your hair. Can you tell me why are

Jo ★The Book Sloth★
10 Fucking(because freakin' doesn't begin to so the level) AWESOME Stars

This book... WOW!

Review to come...

Apr 12, 2010 new_user rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: UF, Kate Daniels, Jericho Barrons fans
Recommended to new_user by: The Flooze (Michelle M.) Zolkos
Shelves: romantic-scifi
Everyone's already said everything better in their reviews, so I will just say give a few brief points.

Her brilliance unfurls like... uh, like, a flower. Yes. Read to the end. (Many things make more sense later.)

The relationships cement too quickly, but everything else is legit.

This would appeal to urban fantasy fans more than scifi fans. That is, do you like action, first person and a dark, gritty tone? We have the girl for you.

Sirantha's conflicts are actually pretty unique. Paranoia, corpora
Buddy Read with my wonderful MacHalo Freaks!

I've decided I'm not going to review this. There's no way for me to put the awesome-ness of this book into words. Basically, if the synopsis sounds even remotely interesting to you then do yourself a favor and read it.
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
If you're looking for a science fiction yarn that will suck you right in, and keep your interest engaged at max warp speed, then this should work. Grimspace takes the concept of interplanetary travel, and integrates the idea that specific people have a gene that allows them to navigate the points within space to decrease the travel time and go to places previously impossible to travel in a reasonable distance. Sort of like a wormhole, but not really. This inner space is called Grimspace, and Sir ...more
What an awesome book! I was reminded of all of my favorite science fiction shows, the ones with the “rag tag” crews, the beat up spaceships, and the insectoid alien creatures. A little Star Trek, a little Andromeda, a little Battlestar Galactica. Grimspaceis all of that and more. More - because of the fascinating worlds that we get to visit and because it is great science fiction.

Grimspace is an exciting book. There is a lot of action and adventure. There is a lot of running away from scary spac
Sh3lly ♛ Queen of Dragons and Wandering Crustaceans ♛
Buddy read with my MacHalo girls.

OH.MY.GOD. THAT WAS AMAZEBALLS!!!! Ann Aguirre... you wrote yourself a brilliant little gem here. I'm fangirling like a mo-fo.

Sirantha Jax is a Jumper. She has the J-gene, which means she can take a ship through grimspace. Grimspace is the "secondary space that bends distance beneath, between, two points in straight space." Once she jacks into the nav system, she and the pilot, who handles the nuts and bolts of flying the ship, can travel long distances through s
Sirantha Jax is one cool name. (view spoiler)

She's a jumper. Jumpers are people gifted with a special J-gene who can take entire spaceships from one place in space to another through Grimspace, something similar to the hyperspace in Star Wars et al., a dimension which allows you to travel light years in no time. When we meet Sirantha, she's in a really bad shape. Locked up in a cell, she's the sole survivor of the Sargasso shipwreck, a spaceship wh
Oooh, I created another category on my shelf for this book: Vaginal Sci-Fi! Yum!

I liked this book. I really liked the way it was written. There were some pacing problems though, especially towards the end, but it was a really interesting book that avoided a lot of cliches I've been reading lately, had a nice romance that didn't take over the whole book. I really liked it and just got the sequel, so yay! Urban-fantasy fans might want to check it out.
Tadiana ♕Part-Time Dictator♕
I can't believe it--I just finished reading a book written in first person present tense, which is a narrative style that always annoys me, and I didn't even realize it until I read a friend's GR review that mentioned it. I had to go open the book up again to see if it was really true. It just goes to show if the story is compelling enough, normal rules may not apply.

Grimspace is this novel's name for the hyperspace dimension used for FTL (faster than light) travel between star systems. Certain
Jul 19, 2011 Catie rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Catie by: Lyndsey, Flannery
So, what is this, like urban sci-fi? How did I not know that this type of thing exists until now?! This book takes so many of my favorite urban fantasy elements: kick ass heroine on the run from a dark past, complicated but powerful male lead, colorful supporting cast, lots of death defying action, snappy dialogue, and superpowers and marries them all to an exciting sci-fi environment. In my humble opinion, this is right up there with the greatest marriages of all time: chocolate and peppermint, ...more
Feb 16, 2011 Regina rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Regina by: Fans of science fiction; fans of gritty fantasy and urban fantasy; fans of Ann Aguirre/Ava Grey
4.25 stars. This is a new favorite series of mine. What I loved about this book (and the series so far), is that it is creative in terms of the struggle the characters are facing and how they resolve it. Aguirre introduces a cast of characters who are written with depth. The heroine -- Jax is a complex person. She has flaws (personality wise, emotionally and physically) and her flaws create problems throughout the storyline. But to me, she is written as a real person -- not perfect, not exceptio ...more
Jan 13, 2011 Alisha rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: UF fans who are looking to delve into sci-fi.
Shelves: favorites
(From second read-through, August 14-17, 2011)
Still a favorite. What a magnificent book.

(From first read-through, Jan 4-6, 2011)
Rating: 4.5
Quick Take: Yessir, now THIS is what I call a supremely entertaining SF/F romp. The story is intimate character-wise, yet epic plot-wise. The relatively unusual 1st-person-present was used to excellent effect, and resulted in a close connection with the protagonist. An excellent series start.

I've got to make a confession. Though historically science fiction h
UniquelyMoi ~ 1-Click RockChick

'The name’s misleading. Grimspace means inexorable, implacable. Not to be appeased. You see, grimspace will have its due from all who traverse it. But it’s beautiful there or we wouldn’t be drawn back, time and again, driven on by a jones stronger than anything mankind could devise. Jumpers burn out smiling for a reason.

My pretty poisonous mistress, I’m coming back.'

Grimspace is the first book of the Sirantha Jax series and, as is often the case with a new series, there’s a whole lot of world
P. Kirby
2.5 stars.

Sirantha is "kick-ass?" Really? I have bunny slippers that are more fearsome.

Ahem, the review...

Sirantha Jax is a navigator, a human with a particular genome that gives her the ability to navigate the space in-between-space known as grimspace. Typically, the lifespan of navigators is short, since all that time in the nether reaches of space turns a person's mind to moosh. But Sirantha, now in her thirties, is a veritable ancient in her profession.

The novel begins with Sirantha in a hol
The Flooze
Apr 17, 2010 The Flooze rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of Serenity. Those who champion the underdog.

The short of it?

It's gritty, unapologetic, and fast-paced. Jax and her shipmates are thoroughly unhinged, but mostly pragmatic, with a biting humor that gets them through the dark. Worthwhile introduction to the series. Can also be read as a stand-alone.

The meandering version?

Not too long ago, I read a book where a character claimed he wasn't a good man. He was just a man, doing the best he could do with whatever life threw at him: trying to make a difference in those moments he coul
That. Was. Awesome.

RTC - Because, Book II

Aug 04, 2011 Nisha rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everybody who wants to read something good.
Recommended to Nisha by: new_user
I would like to thank everyone who recommended or enticed me with tidbits of this book because it one of the most worthwhile books I've ever read. This is a nice mix of urban fantasy, space opera, and futuristic romance. It's really an urban fantasy set in the future with space travel. It kinda reminds me of Firefly - except with an actual relationship between the lead characters.

The main character is Sirantha Jax, stuck in a facility being mentally tortured for supposedly killing an entire ship
BR with the extremely dysfunctional lovable MacHalo fam, starting March 9th, 2015.

Rating: 4,5 stars.

That moment when you realize you've found a new favorite series:

"Can you really tell that after reading just 1 installment?", you ask...

You bet I can!
Even Sarah liked it. <--- Irrefutable proof that this book was amazing. (But really, EVERYONE in the BR group loved it.)

Reasons why this book is awesome and YOU should read it:

1) Jax and tropes. What tropes? Pfft! Forget about those annoying suck
Anzu The Great Destroyer
Guess what made me choose this book! Anyone? You! The boy wearing the creepy frog mask! Tell me the answer!


Never gets old...

Ooor maybe it’s the coolness of Mass Effect. Good times being Commander Shepard...

Aaaanypoop let’s put an end to this useless jabbering! Back to our precious book!

Overall the story was very interesting. A sh*tload of action, a bunch of remarkable characters and some well-placed drama. I just mostly care about the action. And March. Mmmmmmmm…. I immediately got attached t
Grimspace, my friends, begins with a horrific shuttle disaster.

There’s only one survivor. She has a genetic anomaly that gives her rare space-jumping powers. And she’s a little crazy.

She escapes from the evil all-seeing government institution that controls who can fly where through space, and joins up with an unlikely band of cutthroats and ne’er-do-wells who aim to misbehave.

She’s particularly attached to one ne’er-do-well. The ne’er-do-wellest, if you will.

There’s a little bit of romance. Al
I felt kind of like I was reading portions of Battlestar Galactica (maybe mixing in a little ST, The Matrix and Stargate) as a book--and I mean that as a total compliment. I enjoyed the space drama and the descriptions of the universe and the ships they flew, as well as the descriptions of jacking in to grimspace and sharing experiences.

My one major gripe was with the description of the main characters. Obviously every character has flaws--I get it--but if you keep trying to make a character so
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
Nov 17, 2008 Shannon (Giraffe Days) rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Shannon (Giraffe Days) by: Pamela
Shelves: 2008, sci-fi, favourite
Sirantha Jax is a rarity, a jumper: she's a carrier of the J-gene, enabling her to navigate grimspace and take spaceships with her through a pilot, dramatically decreasing the amount of time it takes to travel the galaxy. Jumping shortens her life expectancy but she's highly prized by the Corp - an arm of the mighty Conglomerate. She's also the only survivor of the disastrous crash of the Matins IV which killed her pilot and lover, Kai, as well as over 80 dignitaries on their way to meeting. She ...more
I do not normally read any sort of sci-fi book. I'm just not a fan of the futuristic/space travel sort of books. I was urged to try this one by a good friend who said it was phenomenal.

It took me a little bit to get into the book. Jax has a very different voice than I'm used to reading, and it took me a while to tune into how she thought and talked. But it's that very uniqueness of voice that makes me really enjoy the character later.

The storyline is new, to me, interesting, and fast paced. I re
I'm in a reading mood and not a reviewing mood so this will be short. This was fantastic! I took one star off because the ending felt rushed and little too neat and clean. I love all the side characters and I want more of Vel and Dina. Jax's growth was really well done and (view spoiler).

The only other part that bugged me is that even th
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Ann Aguirre is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets. She likes all kinds ...more
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