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Wolf Moon
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Wolf Moon

3.79  ·  Rating Details ·  1,365 Ratings  ·  75 Reviews

His name when he was human was Kern.  Now he is the most feared of beings: a werewolf.  When the change first came upon him, his parents drove him away with silver daggers.  Later, he sought human companionship, but he could not hide the truth for long.  And so he kept running until he ran headlong into the deadliest pursuer of all-a harper bent on stealing his life away. 

Mass Market Paperback, 245 pages
Published January 19th 2004 by Firebird (first published 1988)
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Jan 27, 2011 E rated it did not like it
Usually I enjoy Charles de Lint's work. I like his tone. I like the mix of mythology, music, and prose. I enjoy his imagination. But with this work... Let's just say that I would like to go up to the auther with a rolled up newspaper and bamp him on the nose a few times sternly saying, "Bad author, bad! No." I mean, seriously? It's like he just phoned this one in. I'd donate it or give it away or something, except that I don't want to spread this awful work around. So I threw it away. Yes. I rea ...more
H.D. Lynn
Nov 11, 2016 H.D. Lynn rated it it was amazing
Wolf Moon is classic de Lint. Books like this are why I dig around and keep reading de Lint. Wolf Moon focuses on Kern, a shapeshifter who finds himself hunted by a harper. To save himself, Kern jumps into a churning river and is saved by the fae folk (themes!). When the fae bring Kern to the Tinker (themes!), which is an inn, he finds himself attracted to the innkeeper, Ainsey, and wanting to live among the inn folk. However, the vindictive harper (and ho boy, is he an asshole) follows Kern to ...more
Jan 18, 2010 Chris rated it liked it
I've been having trouble finding a book to settle with lately. I'll pick up something, and it won't be quite what I want. Maybe I'm being too picky or maybe I'm just between genres at the momemnt and am finding it hard to settle.

I'll admit; I've been slow to warm up to de Lint. I'm not sure why.

I picked this up because it had a werewolf in it. I like werewolves. They are much better than vampires. Apparently, this was an early work by de Lint and one of his favorites.

It's not a bad little book.
Jenn Noto
Mar 09, 2013 Jenn Noto rated it really liked it
Shelves: favorites
Wolf Moon was a very fast read (this coming from someone who takes forever on a book). It was enjoyable with very little "boring" parts; it's very easy to move through, not only with its slightly larger text and fewer pages compared to other novels, but also because of the events that unfold as you keep reading this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a short but enjoyable "werewolf" fantasy with a slight bit of romance.

Hopefully not to spoil anything, but I will say that th
Ade Couper
Nov 24, 2012 Ade Couper rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I am a huge fan of Charles de Lint: conversely, I'm not big on "high fantasy", so this was an interesting read.

The story concerns the battle between a shapechanger (Kern) , & a mysterious harper (Tuiloch) who is pursuing him: which one is good, & which evil- & will either of them survive?

The tale has some excellent merits: although it has a high fantasy setting, there are no magical creatures other than Kern & Tuiloch's mysterious servant. As you'd expect from a writer of de Lint
Carolyn F.
Oct 30, 2014 Carolyn F. marked it as could-not-finish
I just could not finish this book. I started skimming to see if it got any better but to me it didn't. This is my first book by this author and I'm a little disappointed.
Jul 13, 2010 Elfdart rated it really liked it
this novel was well put together, i quite enjoy this author. so far everything i’ve read by him (to date probably 3 books including this one… but still) has been well written. he seems to know what words to use to best capture a feeling or mood or set the tone. characterization is also very well done.
this book is about a werewolf who comes across an inn and falls in love with a woman there and her family and tries to set up something of a life with them, but he has this evil magician on his tail
C.R. Sedore
I give this book 2 stars out of 5 (spoilers)

When it comes to author Charles de lint, I find you must like lots of detail as a reader. He writes with a lot of description. His settings are richly described by adjectives and imagery. It's hard not to be able to feel like your there in the story. He takes advantage of the five senses in his writing to bring his story alive in your mind. He has a poetic flow to his description, sometimes producing magical metaphors.

Although it takes away the suspen
May 29, 2011 Laurie rated it really liked it
One of de Lint’s earlier works, this tale takes place in a realm of his imagining that’s rather like old Ireland isn’t quite- it contains North American moose, for one thing. It’s a realm where bards roam the land and magic and werewolves exist.

The werewolf- Kern- is the protagonist of the story. Driven from his home by his parents when he first changed, he’s been on the run ever since. But when Kern is chased over a cliff into a river by a harper and his magical beast, the river (and some elvi
Nov 18, 2011 Caitlin rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fav-fantasy
Wolf Moon is one of my favorites of the books I've read by Charles de Lint. Short but sweet, this book is a good example of de Lint's unique and fascinating style. He creates a world I love getting lost in and characters I really feel for.

The main character, Kern, is alone in the world, set apart by what some would call a gift, others a curse. He changes shape, going between wolf and human but is shunned by both, the wolves seeing only the humanity in him, the humans seeing only the wolf.

Jun 23, 2012 Mical rated it it was ok
Shelves: fantasy
I give this novel a solid, "Ehhh...".

I was given this book as a gift from someone close to me last year and it's sat on my shelf for months. It looked interesting enough and it started interestingly enough, but the story really lacked depth.
The author had some really good ideas and some interesting plot hooks, but I felt he really needed time to develope the characters, to slow the progress down from a whirlwind. The frantic pace left a lot of questions and a feeling of disconnect with the sto
Aug 20, 2010 P.M. rated it really liked it
Kern is being pursued by a mysterious harper and the feragh he controls. After surviving a plunge from a cliff into a raging river, Kern washes ashore near the Inn of the Yellow Tinker. He is taken in by Ainsy, the innkeeper, Wat, the gentle giant, Fion, the barmaid, and Tolly, the boy of all tasks. Kern is easily folded into the family and feels his secret of being a shapechanger is safe as he finds love and acceptance with Ainsy. Paradise is invaded by the insidious harper who is on a mission ...more
Apr 24, 2008 Kate rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2008, age-ya, werewolves
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Valkyrie Franco
Mar 13, 2015 Valkyrie Franco rated it liked it
This book is eehh...

Nothing ever really happens, just poetic writing and gentle flow through the entire book, but not much in anything else...
Jul 23, 2010 Adrianna rated it liked it
I read this in 2010, and to this day I still think about it from time to time.
Lotta Lundin
Jun 17, 2017 Lotta Lundin rated it it was amazing
Wolf Moon is a classic fantasy tale that is set in a medieval time period. The main character, Kern, is hunted for being different, he's a shapechanger, a werewolf. While being hurt he takes refuge at a small inn in the woods, there he meets the residents of the inn and learns to care for them, quite deeply infact. The hunter, a magical bard with hypnotical music, is looking for Kern and follows he's trail to the inn.

What will happen to Kern and the inn people?

The story is a bit short and I wou
Warren Rochelle
Jul 04, 2011 Warren Rochelle rated it liked it
I'm a Charles de Lint fan, but I have mostly read his novels set in Newford, his imagined Canadian city where the magical and the mundane intersect, where "ancient myths and magic spill into the modern world." Ghosts wander its streets, and the Gentry, who followed the Irish emigrants from the old country to the new, still cause trouble, and sometimes come into conflict with the magical beings already here, those associated with Native Americans. Music and art are often a part of this magic.

Nov 23, 2013 Jacob rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy, from_library
As was helpfully pointed out to me by some very conscientious friends, this novel has some romance elements to it. It's actually not much of a romance novel, though I must admit I don't have much of a basis for comparison. It's less so than A Brother's Price. What might be taken for much of the romance angle is too much time spent expounding on exactly how people feel and why they would feel that way. There's not nearly so much necessary, and it's not so much "s/he pined for him/her" as "these a ...more
Jun 02, 2011 Gewbook rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy
A quick, thoroughly enjoyable fantasy read by one of my favorite authors. In the back of the book De Lint says that he set out to write about a moment in the lives of ordinary people, not ones who are destined to save the world or go on a great quest or become great sorcerers. Just ordinary people. And, as usual, he makes ordinary people fascinating.

I had one quibble with this book, and it was that De Lint seems to change female protagonists halfway through. The love interest is clearly the mai
Dec 06, 2010 Vickie rated it it was amazing
Charles de Lint...this is only my second of his books. First was WIDDERSHINS, part of the acclaimed Newford series, modern fantasy at its finest.

WOLF MOON is a superb fantasy set in a time of tinkers, mages, wee folk, harpers, and werewolves. The werewolf/shapeshifter aspect of the story was a new one to me, the way Kern became a werewolf. He was born a werewolf, no one else in his family is one, just him. He wants to fit in somewhere, but knows it's always just a matter of time before he is re
May 28, 2013 M.L.D. rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: signed-de-lint
Re-read, June 2015. Got it signed, seemed like a great time to revisit! And, yes, I do have the copy with the wonderful snout-nosed wolfman in medieval garb. :)

It's always a little strange to read de Lint's high fantasy--I'm so used to the urban fantasy. So, it took me a couple of chapters to get settled into Wolf Moon. Although by now I'm quite accustomed to reading books where the werewolf is the hero, it is still shocking to have a harper as a villain. (An enjoyable shock, however.)

Once the s
Jul 10, 2011 Kitty rated it liked it
This is wonderful in the same way all supernatural love stories are wonderful - pure guilty pleasure. It has all the literary value of a trashy romance novel, but don't we all enjoy a good piece of hedonistic fantasy every once in a while? If you're going to read a werewolf love story, Charles de Lint is your guy. He's good at what he does, whether you respect the genre or not. He offers you more than just the romance, which is a very redeeming quality, and plot has enough excitement to make it ...more
Sep 15, 2009 Kelli rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy
Charles de Lint never disappoints. I was skeptical after the first few pages and was worried that I wouldn't be able to get in to this novel, but before I knew it was ensnared in the story. It was odd for a story of his not to be based in Newford, and certainly not in a realm entirely of his design. The story was amazing and I fell in love with all of the characters, especially Kern. The description of his inner struggles, as well as his struggles with the harper, resonate with anyone who has ev ...more
Faith Fishcrazy
Dec 18, 2011 Faith Fishcrazy rated it did not like it
I looked through all the reviews and found only one that bothered to mention that there might be some sexual content. Kern, as a little boy, 'awakens his sexuality' by messing with his... his... procreative tool. That's masturbation, which I found very shocking, offensive and degrading to the charicter. Gross. Nasty. What a shame!!! This book had such promise, too. I read another review that mentions that the bad guy 'sleeps with Kern's girl'. I REFUSE to finish this dad-blame book!!! I mean, Ch ...more
Kern is a werewolf and, injured by a hunter, has been found and taken to an inn run by Ainsy. As he and Ainsy fall for each other, Kern feels he needs to keep the fact that he is a shapeshifter to himself, as it ruined his last relationship. Unfortunately for him, the hunter who tried to kill him once is still after him.

I really liked this. I'd call this one YA and it's not very long so it is quick to read. I also liked some of the supporting characters in the book.
Dayna Smith
An unusual book in which the werewolf is the good guy. de Lint is a master of the science fiction/fantasy genre and this book is no exception. Fleeing those who hunt him Kern, the werewolf, finds peace, shelter, and perhaps love with the simple folk in a wayside inn - then the evil Harper appears hunting him. Will Kern find peace and love or will the Harper win? An excellent and enjoyable read. There is some sexual content, but it is not explicit - still this book is recommended for more mature ...more
Tommy /|\
Feb 03, 2013 Tommy /|\ rated it really liked it
An excellent work by de Lint. The character development is really well done, as well as the internal struggles they all face. Towards the end of the book, de Lint changes the focus from several characters to three primary ones - the villan, the hero, and what I had originally suspected was a secondary female character. The only qualm I have is the short, quick-running conclusion to the story - it felt like it was almost rushed through to bring the story to an end. Aside from that, this is a very ...more
May 16, 2012 Colleen rated it liked it
Typical bully vs. bullied book. In this case, the bullier is the "revered" harper, and the one who is bullied is the misunderstood werewolf, who as it turns out is not actually a bad guy. As these books tend to do, it really got my ire, because because I can relate so well to the misunderstood fringe character who is mercilessly picked on by someone more "cool" and popular.

I like the range of emotions you watch Kern go through in this novel - it was a good example of what a person can go throug
Mishka Ferguson
Jan 10, 2010 Mishka Ferguson rated it it was ok
This book fell flat for me. I don't know if it was that I am so used to the style that the author uses in his newford books, if it was the somewhat oldschool and overdone nature of the world, or..... something else. overall the book wasn't bad. it just never got to be really good, either. i think maybe if i were younger or read fewer fantasy books i would have liked it better, but the me i am now thinks it lacked depth/substance.
May 14, 2015 Hobbes rated it really liked it
This is a relatively simple story for de Lint, but it is definitly one of my favorites. I like the reverse of traditional roles. The werewolf is a pretty good guy, and very in control of his abilities. The hunter, who is also a bard mage, is quite the despicable character. And while the wolf has been a wanderer for much of his life, he decides to fight the man who has been hunting him to protect the people he has come to care about.
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Charles de Lint is the much beloved author of more than seventy adult, young adult, and children's books. Renowned as one of the trailblazers of the modern fantasy genre, he is the recipient of the World Fantasy, Aurora, Sunburst, and White Pine awards, among others. Modern Library's Top 100 Books of the 20th Century poll, conducted by Random House and voted on by readers, put eight of de Lint's b ...more
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