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Le diable au corps
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Le diable au corps

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  1,492 ratings  ·  114 reviews
La notion de prétexte est la grande force du Diable au corps: le ton froid et analytique du récit, même si sans aucun doute il correspond à merveille au caractère du héros adolescent, tient sans cesse le lecteur sur ses gardes. Calculateur jusque dans ses amours avec Marthe, une jeune femme de trois ans son aînée, mariée bourgeoisement et devenue sa maîtresse de manière un ...more
Paperback, 185 pages
Published January 10th 1987 by Livre de Poche (first published 1923)
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This book has been on my radar for a while now since hearing that one of my favourite authors, Yukio Mishima, counted Radiguet as one of his influences and hoped to emulate his writing style.

The story itself is intriguing, and not as explicit at it may sound like at first. A 16 year old boy falls in love with a 19 year old married woman whose husband is fighting at the front during WW1. The couple embark on an affair, one that brings out rollercoaster emotions in the boy; one moment he is havin
Sep 24, 2014 Manny rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Bisexual men who hate women
Recommended to Manny by: notgettingenough
Sassy Gay Friend

[Grey exterior, early morning. RADIGUET is bent over the motionless form of MARTHE. Enter the SASSY GAY FRIEND]

SGF: Marthe is about to die a horrible death because of the callous neglect of her lover, Radiguet. Marthe, what, what, WHAT are you -

RADIGUET: You're too late. She's gone.

SGF: [looking at watch] Are we on European time? I'm such a stupid bitch!

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Radiguet riesce a scrivere un romanzo dal contenuto più tragico di quello di Giulietta e Romeo.
L'amore adolescenziale del protagonista, verso una donna di qualche anno più vecchia e sposata, mette in risalto la situazione doppiamente conflittuale del giovane: la prima determinata dalle situazioni psichiche instabili tipiche dell'età che oscillano tra il bisogno di autodeterminazione ed il difficile abbandono del gioco egoistico, la seconda causata dai sentimenti contrastanti come affetto e dispe
Marco Tamborrino
Una lezione di immoralità coi fiocchi. Perché Raymond Radiguet è morto a soli vent'anni? Ed è incredibile se si pensa che scrisse 'Il diavolo in corpo' a soli diciassette anni. Ma che libro, signori! Che stile e che genio!

Prima di tutto, se mai lo leggerete, fatelo durante una giornata noiosa. Questo libro ha la capacità di capovolgere l'andamento della vostra giornata. Cosa succederebbe se nella Francia della Grande Guerra, un ragazzo di sedici anni si innamorasse di una ragazza di diciannovve,
I had seen both movie versions of this, both quite sensual, the French one from 1947 and the Italian one from the '80s. I remember there was quite a stir about the '80s one because there are explicit scenes of fellatio in it and it was one of the first "legit" Euro films to have X-rated scenes done by a "legit" actress. The 1947 film is quite remarkable for its day, a real advance in showing sex on the screen; it's also a masterpiece of the cinema, and still quite hard to see, for no good reason ...more
Simona Bartolotta
Mio padre e i miei fratelli si erano annoiati; che importava! La felicità è egoista.

E' un romanzo che colpisce per la sua forza e incisività, tanto più se si pensa che fu scritto da un diciassettenne; incredibilmente dotato, è vero, ma pur sempre un diciassettenne.
E' molto breve, ma non è di quei libri che si leggono tutti d'un fiato. Lo si può leggere in breve tempo, naturalmente, ma non si ha la sensazione di averlo divorato. Diciamo che lo 'mangi' a piccole porzioni, assimilando la storia po
Chiara Pagliochini

Nel recensire qualcosa che è molto piaciuto, credo si possano seguire due approcci.
Il primo, quello sentimentale, è ben riassunto dal contenuto di questo link:

Il secondo, più acuto e distaccato e freddo, è quello che meglio si confà a una recensione.
Se mi chiedessero cos’è Il diavolo in corpo non direi che si tratta di una storia d’amore, bensì della storia di un innamoramento, o meglio “di un apprendistato dell’amore”, quel tipo d’amore in cui non conta
I bought this book out of curiosity: first, I needed something shorter to read on the bus; second, I felt like reading a French author. The references from the back cover of the book convinced me: a young author promoted by Jean Cocteau and Tristan Tzara.
I felt that this young man has somehow died of love, maybe suicide (but no, it was typhoid fever).
Of course, I could not resist to keep it only for bus-reading. I had to finish it at once. The book is very alert, very intense, with psychologica
Sally Tarbox
'What appears dream to others...seems to me to be as real as cheese to a cat- in spite of the glass that covers it. If the glass breaks, the cat takes advantage, even if it is his master who breaks it and cuts his hand in the process.'

Thus our 16 year old narrator begins to explain his affair with the slightly older Marthe during the Great War. Affianced when she first meets her young lover, Marthe nevertheless goes on to marry Jacques, who spends most of the novel away fighting - conveniently f
Cassandra Kay Silva
This book really captures all of the fantastical workings of an adolescent mind in love. Whether this is a good thing I am unsure, but so many of the feelings expressed in this book are so genuine and feel so natural that its no surprise it is so relatable to so many. The insecurities of the characters are staggering, the interplay between the families is so expected by the reader and so unexpected by the main character. I just don't know if that makes it a good love story though. Personally I a ...more
Jennifer Messina
Sin dalle prime pagine de Il diavolo in corpo, si respira la baldanza commista ad ingenuità di un personaggio anonimo avido di conoscenza del mondo, ma distaccato, quasi indifferente agli eventi che impregnano il suo tempo. Il suo tempo è quello del primo conflitto mondiale, che per lui si riduce semplicemente in questo:

"[...] Li esorto a raffigurarsi ciò che la guerra rappresentò per molti giovanissimi: quattro lunghi anni di vacanze."

Il protagonista - che ci accompagna dall'inizio alla fine co
La biografía de Raymond Radiguet es de aquellas que siempre divierte contar, porque fue el típico bohemio con un punto de escritor maldito, terriblemente precoz y que murió ridículamente joven. En el instituto pasó por un alumno mediocre y vago, así que pronto lo dejó, se quedó en casa y se dedicó a leer. Con el tiempo también dejó la casa paterna y se dedicó a vivir la vida bohemia. Fue protegido de Jean Cocteau y murió a los veinte años, pero ya había tenido tiempo de escribir un buen puñado d ...more
Philippe Malzieu
It is the novel of the transgression. At the end of the First World War, with its deaths, its sufferings and its privations, a young man has a love affair with a married woman of which husband is soldier.
Radiguet was uncontrolable. He was bisexual. He was the lover of Cocteau with which he practised naturism in Méditéranée. In France with the conservatism reinforced by the war, he was extraterrestrial.
He makes me think of "Théorème" of Pasolini. A man penetrates the intimacy of a rich family an
Alor Deng
Every great author I read, seems to me like my former self of another generation. Laconic, understated, and pithy, this is a masterpiece.
Yukio Mishima, I read, was influenced a lot by this teenagers work. Well, upon finishing this book there is no doubt that he was influenced, and heavily at that. Mishima's style, especially in "Confessions of A Mask", is uncannily similar to Radiguet's here. I hail Mishima as the greatest author ever, where then should I place Radiguet? His prose and observati
Thank god I've read this as a twenty-five year old and not as a teenager--I have a feeling I would have been so distracted with a burning envy of Radiguet's precocious prose that my younger self would have missed how deeply felt this novel is in its elegant austerity. This is one of those situations where it is easy to be distracted by the biographical circumstances of the novel--written before the author was eighteen, immediately celebrated by Cocteau and the French literary intelligentsia of h ...more

C'est un livre qui, au final, me laisse un peu perplexe. Facile et rapide à lire, avec son style simple et sec, il ne me laisse pas un souvenir impérissable ... Mais je l'ai trouvé intéressant à plusieurs titres. Il me semble que ce court roman opérait un pas de plus dans le domaine des romans analysant le sentiment amoureux. Le héros, François, est un gamin de seize ans égocentrique, sans doute amoral - on ne sait au final, si on peut vraiment l'accuser. Du moins j'hésite - s'engage dans une re
Ben Winch
This is impressive. Whether it could really have been written by an 18 year old I don't know; certainly Radiguet's friend Jean Cocteau must have had a hand in the editing, if not in actually rewriting it. But whatever the case, this is a timeless, potent and moving story the like of which I have rarely read - the kind that seems to level all others in its wake, to say, 'Experimentation is all well and good, but without a strongly-felt core it's nothing.' And if there's one thing this book has it ...more
In realtà libro abbandonato...</p><p>No no no. Ho letto metà libro (abbagliata dai commenti positivi qui in aNobii) e stavo lì a chidermi quando sarebbe arrivato il momento in cui la noia lasciava posto all'interesse...<br />ho provato ad andare avanti ma era tutto uguale e piatto. <br />Lui che inizia una relazione con questa 19enne sposata con un uomo che sta in guerra. Non si nascondono e a poco a poco tutti li scoprono. <br />Così per tot pagine. Vai avanti ed è ...more
Spike Gomes
Exquisitely written for a boy of his age, this story is a veiled semi-autobiographical account of the author's own affair with an older woman who was the wife of a soldier. In a detached style, Radiguet dissects the feelings of the protagonist as he engages in the doomed relationship. Through it, we hear the voice of someone who is very much a young boy in his self-centered desires, inflamed feelings and capriciousness, but expresses himself in the voice and language of someone much much older. ...more
Meriam Kharbat

Alma, cuerpo, vida

Quand j'ai décidé de prendre "Le diable au corps", ce fut plus pour l'image de la couverture que tout autre chose. je n'ai pas trouvé mon édition, voici donc l'image:

Raymond Radiguet

Je fus complètement séduite par cette image: La complicité entre le regard farouche de l'auteur et le titre du livre évocateur du diable.

"Le diable au corps" est un livre qui se lit facilement, un livre détente comme le diraient d'autres. On le feuillète comme on regarde un de ces classiques hollywoodiens en noi
Surprisingly good and introspective. I read this for the Book Riot's challenge to read a book written by an author under 25; Radiguet was 18 when he wrote this. At first, it comes off like a French "Cather in the Rye" but the insightful and psychological clarity of the language comes through. It is understandable that Radiguet was touted highly by his modernist contemporaries. Quite an enjoyable, yet tense read.
"El diablo en el cuerpo" es una clara muestra de la precoz genialidad de Radiguet. El tema principal es, sin duda, la pasión amorosa. El protagonista es un adolescente que experimenta las múltiples contradicciones de una pasión enfermiza y monstruosa con una mujer casada; el personaje es absolutamente fascinante: su inteligencia le permite apreciar todo con una profunda lucidez y, al mismo tiempo, se reconoce como un niño inmaduro que se enfrenta a su propia inexperiencia. Es una obra aislada (R ...more
Quân Khuê
Một tuyệt phẩm nho nhỏ về tình yêu. Điều kinh ngạc nhất là làm thế nào Raymond Radiguet có thể viết cuốn này khi mới mười bảy tuổi.
Drayton Bird
One of the most astonishing achievements in literature. He wrote two books - this was the first - before dying aged 20.

It is the story of an affair during the first world war between a 16 year old and a married woman of 20 odd. The ability of someone that age to describe the emotions involved so accurately, with such worldly cynicism in such detail is quite astounding.

Perhaps even more astounding is the fact that it is autobiographical. This was not discovered until 1954, when the husband - who


(view spoiler)
I really liked this book. I am still in awe that he was only 17 years old when it was written. Some parts of the book show his youth, but then other parts amaze me because it seems as though the observations he made were written by someone who has "lived". You can't help but wonder what he would have been capable of accomplishing had he lived a longer life. He was definitely a gifted writer.
Geoffrey Fox
In the Marché aux Pouces in Paris a few weeks ago [2010], I picked up a small collection of postcards from the Great War. To the merchant's surprise, I didn't care as much about the pictures as the messages, some in cramped letters to pack in lots of detail, some more sprawling and repetitive, to and from a young soldier writing from different military addresses and his anxious wife and daughter and an aunt, more anxious about her own health and the hardships of scarcities than about the dangers ...more

Strano libro, questo Diavolo in Corpo. Ancor più strano il suo autore, Raimond Radiguet, da taluni considerato alla stregua di un Rimbaud della prosa: nato, folgorato, intensamente vissuto e morto in fretta a conclusione di una specie di presagio. Contemporaneo di Fitzgerald ma spentosi a soli vent'anni, si ritrova ad agire e ad amare lungo il corso della Prima Guerra Mondiale - dei grandi mutamenti del periodo ha visto solo il suo più grande fattore scatenante. Tuttavia quei mutamenti,
Sibel Önal
İçimizdeki Şeytan kitabı ile ilgili düşüncelerime buradan ulaşabilirsiniz:
Pep Bonet
Voici un livre passionnant qui raconte une histoire peu courante, compte tenu de la date de son écriture. Elle commence par reconnaître que la guerre (il s'agit de la Grande Guerre) peut être bénéfique pour l'amour. Tout le reste suit sur un ton pas très différent. Je me suis demandé à tout moment si le personnage était un vrai amoureux ou un libertin, mais c'est cette indéfinition, ce vivre à cheval entre les deux qui m'a le plus attiré. Bien que la fin du livre semble éclaircir les choses, l'h ...more
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Radiguet was born in Saint-Maur, Val-de-Marne close to Paris, the son of a caricaturist. In 1917 he moved to the city. Soon he would drop out of the Lycée Charlemagne, where he studied, in order to pursue his interests in journalism and literature. He associated himself with the Modernist set, befriending Picasso, Max Jacob, Jean Hugo, Juan Gris and especially Jean Cocteau, who became his mentor. ...more
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