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4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  945 ratings  ·  130 reviews
Two mighty kingdoms have been engaged in endless, merciless war, but change appears imminent. King Philip is meeting his arch-enemy, King Theodo, to sign a peace treaty. But King Philip and his men are tricked and consigned to the squalid dungeons of King Theodo’s castle. Soon, 12-year-old Prince Florin is lured to the castle, where the same horror awaits him.

On a whim, Ki
Hardcover, 397 pages
Published 2005 by Annick Press (first published August 1st 2003)
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Mimus starts out as a classic fairy tale, with a prince and a king and a war. Luckily, it soon distinguishes itself from the other oft-trodden plot lines. Unluckily, it doesn't do much after that. There 's a big spot in the middle where not much happens at all and he just goes around jestering, and it gives the impression that with a bit less of that it could have made a good short story. Mimus is a fairy tale, and somewhat fun to read, with occaisional action bits and funny bits, but it just do ...more
Michelle Pegram
Once you enter the world that Thal has created in Mimus, you will find it hard to leave.

The kingdoms of Moltavia and Vinland have been at war for years, but now they seem on the verge of peace that was brokered with the assistance of a neighboring kingdom. King Theodo of Vinland has invited King Philip of Moltavia and his advisors to a celebration of peace at his castle Bellingar. Florin, King Philip's son, has been summoned to the feast and is just beginning to think about a world at peace in
teen fic. well written and a little more grim than I thought it would be. asks the question whether one can change emotional defenses built up over many years - in this case, no.
Brief premise: The kings of Moltovia and Vinland have long hated each other, and the people passes on stories on how undesirable and repugnant the other is.^^^^It was strange then that the King of Vinland, Theodo, invited King Philip to a peace-offering banquet in his castle. Strange, but to Prince Florin of Moltovia that meant that there will be finally peace between the neighbouring countries.^^^^When Prince Florin receives a missive from his father to join him at the banquet, he sets off eage ...more
I'm not sure why I liked this book so much. But you know you're enjoying something when you're sad for it to end. I got to the last CD and felt a little forlorn. I actually looked forward to my commute.
The book takes place in medieval times, but has nothing of magic or fantasy. I think the real genius of this book is it's fully-developed characters and realistic details.
Be warned, the book is a little (okay a lot) depressing and has some ungodly language and a pinch of vulgarity. (I think this i
One of the best books I've read of this genre, Mimus is intense in its premise and probably one of the most engaging stories I've had the pleasure of reading. The best part about the story is, of course, the character of Mimus, the spiteful and dark-humored Fool that is the center of the story, despite not being its protagonist. The other characters actually seemed rather grey and unoriginal in comparison to him, which is the only part about this book that I found lacking.

That aside, however, t
One of the most intriguing and enigmatic YA books I've encountered--the kind that your mind keeps turning over and over afterwards. There's an unfathomableness, a moral ambiguity to the character of Mimus which is mildly unsettling, but in a slow creeping sort of way that hits you unawares while your attention is elsewhere.
It's the sort of book that's difficult for me to frame an opinion of: there's some humor, and some action-adventurey bits, and a driving, well-paced plot, but that's not what
I'm not sure why so many people shelved this under "fantasy" - there aren't any fantasy elements to it. The book takes place in the Middle Ages, but it's a fairly realistic Middle Ages. If you're looking for magic, elves, or witches, you won't find them here.

It's not every day that you read a complex, engaging YA historical fiction book about the Middle Ages that doesn't incorporate fantasy elements, but Mimus is just such a book - and because of its realism and its moral ambiguity, it's a book
We start with a pretty basic fantasy plot: One prince, captured by an evil king, who against all odds must somehow escape and save not only himself, but his father and the entire kingdom. But just when you think you've got the plot all figured out, it twists itself into something more interesting. The 'evil king' isn't actually any more evil than the prince's own father - they are simply two arrogant rulers with a history of mutual deception and dishonor. It's actually rather difficult to feel s ...more
Mimus is a great book that contains many different elements that draw you into the story and keep you there.. Something that I found particularly enjoyable is how you can never predict what is going to happen next, and if you think you have it all figured out you are thrown a curve ball that sends the story in a completely different direction.
At the beginning of the book when Florin receives the letter supposedly sent by his father you never imagine the treachery in wait for him when he arrive
Beth Ann
Like many, mistakenly, I first had Mimus marked as fantasy. I suppose I am so used to anything set in the Middle Ages including dragons and unicorns and such, but I had to take a step back and say HOLD ON! This book has more in common with Catherine, Called Birdy than Ella Enchanted (though I love both of those as well.) Mimus doesn't even have a Merlin-ish wizard like Camelot. The counties of Moltovia and Vinland might not have existed, but the story presents them in a realistic way and puts th ...more
Okay so it took about 6 months be we finally finished this. It was good. I mean I wouldn't read it just for fun but reading it with my son WAS fun. It may have been a bit beyond his 11-year old reading level but that's another reason it was good to read this with him. He didn't ever seem to get bored so that's a good sign.

It's basically a medieval "fantasy" with no magic, set in a world with christianity but different countries. It seems kind of strange to mix the two becuase for a while you're
Grabbed this book at the library because the cover and story line looked good. Read it and could not get the storyline out of my mind. Even though I had to get over some of the language, I found it very entertaining.

A prince is forced into becoming a court jester after a rival king's betrayal of peace, leaving his father in a dungeons. He has to endure the torture and humiliation to buy time to save his father and himself. While his country is crumbling without a king and the numerous misfortun
Treason, trickery and Midieval mischief are the ingrediants with which Lilly Thal invites us into her world, a place full with shifting wall panels, dread and poison, a time in the history of the world where tomorrow was always doubted and honesty was always compromised by the aftereffects of a night on the street.

Unfortunately for poor Thal, this novel didn't gain so much as a few kind words from newspapers and teens afar, and was left on the shelves for adventurous readers, such as myself, th
This is definitely a one-character book, the way The Dark Knight is a one-character movie.

The protagonist of the book Mimus is not the title character for a reason. He fulfills the trope of Too Stupid to Live to a T and only occasionally gets a funny line or self aware moment. He's a spoiled prince through and through and somehow comes off as overly whiny even in a situation that should make you feel sorry for him. Overly suspicious yet can't take a hint, wallowing in self-pity yet unbearably co
Jun 10, 2007 Annie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: teens who like historical fiction
jordan's telling me that this isn't fantasy because there are no magical things, creatures that are unexplainable by science. i maintain that it is merely because it isn't happening on earth. i don't know who's right. I loved this book because there was excellent character development. As a coming of age story goes, it really got to the meat of how you define yourself when you have nothing material to your name and the few things you do have define you in a way that isn't true. So there.
Thoroughly entertaining yet subtle and sophisticated characterizations. Compelling plot. Set in medieval times, tells the story of Prince Florin, captured along with his father the king and his father's nobles by a rival king. Florin is given as apprentice to the sour and complex court jester - Mimus. How will Florin escape and save his father? Great narration by Maxwell Caulfield. Presents as fantasy,but really historical fiction.
My friend recommended this book to me, and when I first saw it I was kind of reluctant to read it. But after I started reading it I couldn't stop! It was a great book! It's probably one of my favorites now.

When it started out it was just kind of the basic fairy tale story line, with the two kingdoms at war, but then after he was made into the jester it got really good. I really liked this book especially because of how different it is from a lot of the books I've read. A lot of the books have a
Mimus by Lilli Thal is an excellent fantasy book set in a mythical world of many kingdoms. There are two kingdoms in war with one another. The main character is Florin, a prince of one of the kingdoms. The conflicts and problems in this book are simple. The other kingdom's king uses a dirty trick to capture Florin where upon capture, he is to become Mimus's apprentice. Mimus is the Jester and Florin must learn to be a jester and try to save his father who was also captured. I felt the author rea ...more
I didn’t actually know anything about this book before I read it – more of a by chance prowl through my library’s shelves and saw the intriguing cover art and snapped it right up. And I was not disappointed.

The wordplay in this book is fabulous. It’s what I love the most about it. The puns, riddles, and clever puzzles used by carefully chosen words have you pondering them long after you’ve turned the page. They’re playful, dark, and quite genius. Some I would have never been able to think up on
El Templo de las Mil Puertas
"Estas navidades encontramos dos libros con portadas similares en la sección de novedades juveniles. Uno de ellos, Sebastian Darke, príncipe de los bufones, publicado por Alfaguara, llama la atención por su colorido y el alegre cascabel que cuelga de él. El otro, Mimus, cortesía de la editorial Anaya, muestra en su portada a un bufón de sonrisa inquietante y hasta siniestra. ¿Qué es esto? ¿Dos libros de temática similar que salen casi a la vez? ¿Casualidad o contraprogramación editorial? La curi ...more
Okay, I'll make it simple. This book is depressing for a long time. The reason I liked it is because of the hints of the start of a romantic relationship between two characters. It has some scandalous language as people say, and there are parts I skip. I would be very selective about who reads this book.
For those who wish to know more, this is a book about twelve-year-old Prince Florin. He is the crown prince of his kingdom which has been at war with the neighboring kingdom of Bellengar from
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
“Two mighty kingdoms are engaged in endless, merciless war, but change appears imminent. King Philip is meeting his archenemy, King Theodo, to sign a peace treaty. But King Philip and his men are tricked and consigned to the squalid dungeons of King Theodo's castle. Soon, his son, 12-year-old Prince Florin, is lured to the castle, where the same horror awaits him.

On a whim, King Theodo decides to make the captive crown prince his second Fool, trained by Mimus, an enigmatic, occasionally spitefu
I liked the book. That's what I can say overall. I loved the audio--I would never have guessed it of Maxwell Caulfield (whom I only know for two roles on the big screen, each as different from the other as they could be). Interesting story with characters of depth. I was a bit annoyed with Florin for the first 2 or 3 CDs because I knew the lessons he was supposed to figure out and he was taking his time getting to them.

I could kind of tell where the story was going, but still wanted to read exa
Mimus has an everlasting charm on me. Throughout the book I laughed and enjoyed the various antics of a prince forced to be a jester. I guess it's just one of the view points that aren't talked about a lot, but I couldn't stop reading this book. Though at times jokes and descriptions were reused, they seemed to have a purpose in the end. I felt like I was in Florins shoes and that repetitiveness was occurring because of the amount of time spent in the dungeon of the castle. This being said, the ...more
I don't consider myself to be a historical fiction enthusiast, but this book may change my tack. A man waiting at a bus stop recommended this one to me, and I wish I could thank him now. The story takes place in midieval times and is about a prince who is told a truce has been made between a long time rival kingdom. He travels to the neighboring kingdom expecting to banquet with his father and former enemy family. When he arrives he has been tricked and he is forced to become the rival kings cou ...more
I was inspired to listen to this after reading this review. Truthfully, it was her review that kept me going, because I found the character Mimus to be unrelentingly sardonic, and I did not like the reading of his character. Yes, he was a jester, but when was he going to reveal his humanity? To me, while it was clear the author was leading to that, that moment took too long to arrive. Same with the prince getting on with the task at hand. It also didn't help that the name of the King, Theodo, so ...more
Scottsdale Public Library
The kingdoms of Moltovia and Vinland have long been at war. King Philip, a just and honest king, seeks to create peace with his longtime rival, King Theodo. But Theodo is harboring a long held resentment and betrays Philip, throwing him and his men into his dungeons.
When a message is delivered to Prince Florin to join his father in Vinland, he does not question its sincerity. He and his men rush headlong into a well-crafted trap, and find themselves imprisoned. On a spiteful whim, King Theodo d
Bonanza Jellybn
In the very beginning it was Maxwell Caulfields narration that mesmerized my attention, wouldn't allow a fingertip near the pause button (I'd listen to it again just for his narration actually).
However, nearing maybe a fourth of the way in I couldn't stop listening because the originality of the story itself had me.
It's a cruel one, real and sad, in the richness of it's descriptions. (You know, in that "imaginary warring kingdoms of old" kind of way. Callous king, valiant king, the many, more
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German-born in 1960, Thal was educated in medieval history, information technology, and multimedia before beginning her freelance writing career in 2002. That same year she won the "Martin" award for the best children's mystery story and has continued earning prizes for her work. Thal lives and works from her home in Germany.
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