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Alliance Contre Nature (Y : Le Dernier Homme, #5)
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Alliance Contre Nature (Y: The Last Man #5)

4.28 of 5 stars 4.28  ·  rating details  ·  19,772 ratings  ·  298 reviews
It's been nearly two years since Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth, set out to cross North America with his pet monkey Ampersand (the only other male mammal left alive after the plague of 2002 killed everything on the planet with a Y chromosome). Now Yorick and his companions — government Agent 355 and bioengineer Dr. Allison Mann — have finally reached Dr. Mann's labora ...more
Published (first published September 2004)
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Oh my gosh, am I still reading this series? Yes, yes I am. And, psh, I’m only half-way through. I think it’s time to do a little cost/benefit analysis and make some decisions. Continue reading, hoping for a revival, hoping that the last two books were just mediocre anomalies? Or cut my losses and say farewell to Yorick and the gang before I sink any more of my hard-earned duckets into a story that seems to be devolving with each consecutive volume. Shit. I think I’m going to have to stick it out ...more
This series continues to be so incredibly strong, I can't recommend it enough.

In this collection, we find out more about Hero as she struggles to "deprogram" herself from her past as a member of The Amazons. Also, Yorick meets another woman who shares the same name as his missing girlfriend, Beth, and establishes an instant connection.

Probably the biggest part of The Ring of Truth is that we found out why Yorick and Ampersand survived the plague. Well, sort of. We're still unaware of what caused
I was really surprised by volume 5. I've gone through 4 already and no improvement was in sight (you might have noticed that I was a tiny bit annoyed by Yorick).

At the very start we see Yorick walking into a church, blaming God for the disaster, calling him a fucking asshole. He came to repent for killing a girl (ends up sleeping with Beth II). Usually, I'd rant at this point about what a miserable shit he is, but he says himself: I combine the worst attributes of the adolescent boys who teased
Much more of the same. People are still trying to kill them, the number of ‘secret societies’ following the trio is growing, and I’m losing track of everyone’s motives. There’s a great deal of violence, and I don’t care who gets hurt as long as it’s not Ampersand, because he’s a cute little monkey.

We marginally find out why Yorick and Ampersand survived the plague. Dr Mann’s explanation of this, to the non-scientific mind, is incredibly confusing and mediocre. And although she positioned this as
A vast improvement from the previous two volumes in that something important actually happens. Yes, we've finally made it to San Francisco, albeit after another tiresome episode in which Yorick "finds himself spritually" through the romantic/sexual attentions of freshly concocted female character (view spoiler).

The writing even seems aware of this in the not-so-subtle "This is our story so far" summa
The last half gets 3 stars. First part gets 1 star. I had to stop reading this at the beginning. It was so blasphemous I had to put it down. Not my cup of tea and made me a little sick to my stomach to have read it. After that, I had a hard time enjoying the rest of the book. I don't like reading blasphemous material, and I really don't like reading stuff that's written purely for the act of being blasphemous. Why go there? It added nothing to the story and could just as easily have not been in ...more
Praiz Sophyronja
Finally, getting some answers...
Amy Gonzalez
Jul 11, 2012 Amy Gonzalez rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people worried about an apocalypse, magicians, monkey-lovers
Shelves: graphic-novel
Who Runs The World? Girls...literally, in this graphic novel collection.

All the men have died due to a mysterious plague. Except, there is one lone man and his monkey hanging around which gets a bunch of these ladies going to war to either protect or destroy his existence.

I started this series almost two years ago and just finished it this morning! I refused to buy the individual comics and waited for the deluxe editions to come out so I could read right through them.

This last volume was probab
Issue 24: About time XD Beth is awesome. I also really like reading about what happened to characters when the plague hit. GORGEOUS cover.

Issue 25: Lovely little story. Loved the religion bit, and I'm glad we can finally see what's going on with Australian Beth. GORGEOUS cover.

Issue 26: Wow...all there is to know about Hero. Amazing. And GORGEOUS cover, again!

Issue 27: And I didn't think this series could get any more crazy or...surprising.

Issue 28: Ahh, Greek mythology :) And I say, just throw
When I read this series several years ago, this is as far as I made it. I am hoping that the big "reveal" of the cause of the plague isn't actually the answer, because it isn't very satisfying. I look forward to reading more!
I'm still reading these books, though the story is not entirely entertaining. I'm still not entirely sure why I should like any of the characters. They haven't developed any of them in this volume, and it's a surprise after learning a lot in the fourth. And if this "revelation" as to why Yorick and the monkey survived the plague is any indication, I'm not going to be very satisfied with what caused it. The "mystery" of the amulet of Helene was also not as satisfying to learn in accordance to all ...more
Jan 01, 2009 Jason rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jason by: Musemeche
Yorick continues trying to survive in a world of women and avoid the temptation to cheat on his girlfriend (with whom he still *unbelievably* has not gotten in touch). Like in SAFEWORD (Vol. 4), more questions are finally answered. Just as SAFEWORD developed Yorick's character a bit more, RING OF TRUTH reveals more about the reason why all the men on earth simultaneously hemorrhaged at the mouth and died. Although I think Stephen King's opinion on Y: THE LAST MAN is an overstatement (He called i ...more
I've made it through five volumes, but Mr. Vaughan is beginning to lose my interest. Sometimes, the journey is just too long, when there is no end in sight. There is the danger of becoming a soap opera instead of an adventure, as characters and their fraught relationships multiply. Also, Mr. Vaughan's tendency to preach rather than tell a story is increasing, it seems, as the book progresses. But he continues to write excellent dialogue and I'm still compelled to find out what might happen to Yo ...more
This volume of Y was about endings, in a lot of ways. Yorick, 355, and Dr. Mann finally make their way to San Fransisco, ending their journey to reach Dr. Mann's lab. We also find an explanation for why Yorick and Ampersand were able to survive the gendercide that killed off all of the other males on the planet, and while it wasn't the most satisfying explanation, it's one that allows them to keep the narrative going into its next phase. There wasn't anything really deep or profound, compared to ...more
Still loving this series!
I have loved every other Brian Vaughan series I've read, so it's pretty disappointing that these just don't measure up to his other work. I just don't buy that a group of militant women want to destroy all memory of men, and are willing to go to any lengths to do so. Also, he still can't get through one of these books without using the word 'retard.' Did he lose some horrible, horrible bet? We still have supermodels lugging dead bodies in midriff tank tops and we learn more about where the suppo ...more
The first volume of Y: The Last Man was just intriguing enough for me to push on with a reading of the collection of trades. From there it's been pretty much all downhill. Volume 4 tempted to pick up my hopes ever so slightly, but after just completing volume 5, those hopes are all but gone. Five trade paperbacks, together containing just over half of the entire story, and the only thing I now know about this 'virus' is that 'perhaps it's related to monkey shit'. Yeah..

The whole series started w
Interesting metaphors in this issue with the use of the ring as both his "Raison de'etre" and as a symbol of femininity. Losing the ring convinces Yorick he is dying and that it is the only reason he survived the plague. This metaphor is a powerful one in that it demonstrates how many people are literally kept alive by their sense of purpose and if it is lost they lose their will to live. Yorick's purpose is symbolically tied to the ring and what it represents to him.

You could even go super-Fre
Michael Perry
While I’m still loving this series to pieces, the last volume was getting a bit stale for my taste. I did this with The Walking Dead, I read it for a while but the story became so farfetched that I abandoned around issue 90, which was way longer than I wanted to read. This series was beginning to go nowhere for me, but I’m sticking with it, and glad I did. Vol. V is starting to reveal some plot points started since the beginning, and now has a few twists that has me already reaching for the next ...more
This series has lagged in parts, but this volume was excellent. I'm really excited to keep reading and see where things go from here. And now, my favorite line:

"Doc, when I tried to build one of those baking soda volcanoes for the second-grade science fair, I nearly blew off my own testicle. Is there any chance we can dumb down the technobabble about a thousand percent?"
P. Kirby
3.5 stars...

Whole lotta stuff happening. Yorick learns that everything they say about Catholic girls is true, why it's a bad idea to eat canned food if the can is dented, and the value of monkey shit. Hero has an imaginary Amazon friend who tells her cray-zee shit. Agent 355 is still a bad ass. Ninja! Nutjobs in burkhas! And, oh, crap, has anyone seen Ampersand?
Renny Abraham
In Book 5, Yorrick meets a girl, Beth, at an abandoned church, who reminds him of his girlfriend, not just in name only. Its an interesting story and you're glad to see Yorrick getting a break. The second story arc focuses on Hero, Yorrick's insane Amazon sister = her backstory is fleshed out and she finally catches up with Yorrick and the rest of them. Hero's story is concluded to a very satisfying end - atleast for me.

We also get to understand how Yorrick survived the plague. There are specul
Brandon James
Y: The Last Man has been a fairly consistent series up to this point, with gradual improvement in the art department. Volume 5 kicks it all up a notch and is the best volume in the series so far. Comprising three separate story arcs from the original series, we see Yorick grow up a bit (just a bit, very little bit), get into some religious debates and meet a new group. We're introduced to some new characters, maybe figure out what might have happened to the world and much, much more.

This is the
Reseña de Laura Fernández · Nota: 8,8 · Reseña en Fantífica

Por fin la cosa empieza a ponerse realmente interesante. Porque hasta la fecha podría decirse que Brian K. Vaughan había estado preparando el terreno. Poniéndonos en situación. Sí, hubo una plaga. Sí, esa plaga acabó de un plumazo con todos los hombres (y seres vivos de cromosoma Y) de la faz de la Tierra, menos con Yorick y su mono, Ampersand, y quién sabe, tal vez todo era cosa del anillo con que pensaba pedirle a su novia (Beth) que s
David Stewart
This was entertaining enough to read, but some of the crap Vaughan tries to pull in the story is beyond ridiculous. A definite sore spot in the series in my opinion.
Back to the phenomenal story-telling that I'd come to expect from Vols. 1-3. I have zero complaints about the art, which is always perfect in every frame.
This Book comprises eight issues and Carnevale’s the cover artiste fer all of ‘em. The Adam & Eve cover’s pretty cool as is the slutty ninja. Can anybody tell me whose throat the monkey’s paw is clawing? Is it s’posed to be an un-bespectacled Dr Mann? Regardless, what part of the story does it refer to? The space opera cover’s pretty cool even though it does elevate the silly dream above its rightful status.

The secret to Yorick’s survival is appropriately revealed at the midpoint of this ser
This is actually my second read of Y: The Last Man, so really this is a review of the entire series, rather than just this one volume. It is one of my favorite stories of all time, by one of my favorite writers of all time.

The Last Man is awesome. In a genre that is dominated by male characters, Vaughan decided to make a series where almost the entire cast is female. The main character, Yorick Brown, is a man, but he is not the dominating force, by any means. Agent 355 and Dr. Mann are just as c
First of all, we finally found out why Yorick and Ampersand survived the plague. Or did we? I mean, we know why Yorick survived, but not really HOW. Nothing makes sense any more than it did last volume. Like Yorick says, you need to dumb it down for me a little more.

I'm glad to see that Hero appears to be sincere in her effort to fight her inner demons since her Amazon-deprogramming. Stabbing hallucination-Victoria in the eye seems to be a real turning point, but hopefully she can hold onto the
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