Innocent Blood (The Order of the Sanguines, #2)
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Innocent Blood (The Order of the Sanguines #2)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  2,025 ratings  ·  265 reviews
In this riveting follow-up to The Blood Gospel, the first book in their thrilling and atmospheric Order of the Sanguine series, New York Times bestselling authors James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell deliver a riveting tale of international adventure, intrigue, suspense, and supernatural mystery involving a modern scientist, a highly secret eternal spiritual order, and a ter...more
Hardcover, 437 pages
Published December 10th 2013 by William Morrow
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Tim "The Enchanter"
The Vampires Bite...and Suck - 2.5 Stars

Before I say anything further, I think it is important to state that this review is for the Audiobook version narrated by Christian Baskous. I really did enjoy The Blood Gospel. I was expecting the second installment to begin where we left off and to be filled with the action and discovery of the first book. In fact, I listed to the audiobook version of the first installment which was narrated by the same person. I don't always advise when I am review...more
Innocent Blood is a very dark mystery thriller with a huge paranormal twist. Think DaVinci Code with vampire priests (Saguines), fallen angels and other immortals. It even has a steampunk element with magical/bio/mechanical creations. Literally this story had it all.

This memorizing story takes place on the brink of an Apocalypse, orchestrated by Judas himself. There is also a historical element that pulls in infamous characters from history into the storyline. All are still playing at political...more
I spent the entire book going between one and two stars, finally settling on two because of the action packed ending.

The book has a great premise. It is Dan Brown with vampires strigoi mixed in. It has characters such as Lazarus, Countess Elizabeth Bathory and Judas Iscariot. Should be awesome right? Wrong.

First of all I found the characters cliched and completely illogical. There is no rhyme or reason to the characters' actions. For example Elizabeth Bathory killed hundreds of young girls in ho...more
Bob Milne
While The Blood Gospel was a problematic read for me, one with which I wasn't entirely comfortable, I enjoyed the adventure aspects of it enough to give the second volume a chance. All I asked was that the issue of faith be better explored, that Erin's character develop the way I felt it should, and that the villains come out of the shadows.

Unfortunately, Innocent Blood (The Order of the Sanguines #2) failed to deliver for me on all accounts. I hate to say it, but as much as I have enjoyed some...more
Rick Soper
I really enjoyed this book. I've enjoyed all of James Rollins' books, but when you add Rebecca Cantrell into the mix, you really get a different tone and texture to the storytelling. Like Clive Cussler does in most of his books Rollins is always mixing historical facts within his fiction to come out with a plausible and entertaining story. Rollins books are very action oriented, pulse pounding, and work very well for guys like me who enjoy that kind of stuff. I haven't read Rebecca Cantrell's ot...more
I won this book from Goodreads.

James Rollins is on my list of favorite authors, so I read everything he writes. I love his Sigma series with the mix of history. That said, this series is different. I don't usually read vampire books, but since the series was by James Rollins I read Blood Gospel and enjoyed it. So of course I had to continue with the series which is a mix of history and supernatural. I just had to get past the vampire part, which is not at all like the Twilight Series.

Great book,...more
While vampires in the Vatican are not theologically sound, they are a heck of a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying this series, which blends a lot of elements into flaming Winnebago of action and thrills. One of the strengths of this book is the complexity of the characters, which neatly illustrates the way our beliefs can sometimes complicate our decision-making process. It's not deep, but it's a lot of fun.
Received this book free from Firstreads. This is my honest review--

INNOCENT BLOOD takes off where BLOOD ORDER ended in the Order of the Sanguine series. These authors have created a world of good and evil mixing science, history, religion and myth. The Sanguines are a vampire-like order who have repented from drinking victims blood, by drinking the sanctified blood of Christ. They fight against evil forces led by the unrepentant vampire creatures and immortal beings trying to end the world. In B...more
I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway. When I entered the giveaway, I really had no idea of what the book was about but because James Rollins is one of my favorite authors, I could not resist entering to win a copy. I have enjoyed the Sigma Series and have come to appreciate the writing talent of Mr. Rollins.

Innocent Blood is the second book in a new series. This series has been co-authored by Rebecca Cantrell. I did not read the first book, Blood Gospel, so I was unfamiliar with the stor...more
Thoroughly enjoyed this second installment in the Order of the Sanguines series. While some of the characters are familiar from the Bible, the premise is totally unreal, but it is fiction after all. The action picks up at heart pounding pace shortly after the conclusion of the first book, The Blood Gospel, and continues to another hint of what's next. Meanwhile, good battles evil, some wrongs are righted, some win and some lose, second chances are taken or lost, comeuppances are had, and the arc...more
Shandra {The Happy New Mrs}
After sleeping on this one, thinking I would have more words to describe my thoughts and feelings and better provide a review, I was mistaken. Ever have those books that are just so fucking amazing on an intellectual and entertainment level, that they literally rob you of your words? I usually have a mountain full of words to say about a fuckfest of a book, but when books are so amazing (like this one), I struggle to find the words to do it justice.

This book...just wow!!! I thoroughly enjoyed t...more
Kathleen (Kat) Smith
"She knew all too well the prophecy concerning that mythic figure. She pictured the words inscribed on the first page of the Blood Gospel, words written by Christ, a prediction for a coming war - and a way to avert it.

A great War of the Heavens looms. For the forces of goodness to prevail, a Weapon must be forged of this Gospel written in my own blood. The trio of prophecy must bring the book to the First Angel for his blessing. Only thus may they secure salvation for the world.

The prophecy sa...more
Benjamin Thomas
Book two of the “Order of the Sanguines” Series follows shortly after the thrilling events of the first book, The Blood Gospel, and it continues the rich context of that first novel. Any time I read a second novel in a series it is always with a little trepidation because I worry, especially when the first novel is so filled with original concepts. How does an author(s) bottle that lightning a second time and ensure it continues for a third book and so on? So many times it just doesn’t and a sec...more
I picked up the first book at the airport during an unexpected and long delay. I am so glad I did. The first book was pretty suspenseful and fun. I couldnt put it down and was excited that the second book was recently released. "Innocent Blood" proved to be just as much of a page turner.
This series is a bit like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code in mixing religion and mythology into an action packed thriller but adds quite a bit of the supernatural.
I like the way the authors fleshed out the characters...more
Too much fighting, too much religion (funny how they often go hand in hand) and too many characters with less than defined roles to make this novel more than a fair read at best. 4 of 10 stars
Virginia Flowers
I loved this book so much, it was so much fun. This is a book about vampire priests, angels with magical golden blood and creatures called "blasphemares." If you can't suspend your beliefs and want to complain about how a helicopter couldn't possibly do that, I really can't take you seriously. Just like you shouldn't take this book too seriously. It's fantasy. It's fiction, but boy is it fun! Also, if the Davinci Code pisssed you off, don't read this book. The fiction uses various biblical chara...more
Mar 11, 2014 Will rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: James Rollin's fans apparently

I admit, I am less a fan of Biblical intrigue thrillers than current times tales, but Rollins and Cantrell do a decent job of bringing new sides of good and evil to bear on the storyline. I'm sorry, I just need a bit more romance between the key protagonists that are beset with sexual tension throughout the novel than is delivered here. I know it's a Biblical thriller and all that, but how do you think we got here to read this in the first place! Decent story,...more
I have a hard time giving a Rollins book less than four stars. He seems to be taking on co-writing now, which I suspect means that he does less of the exercise of writing and more supervision over plot, but given the way the books in this series with Rebecca Cantrell are turning out, I'm okay with that.

The primary conceit of the Sanguines series is that there is an order of vampires, dating back to Lazarus, who serve the Church and protect the world from all manner of supernatural evil. If Roll...more
It has been over a year since I read the first book in this series, The Order of the Sanguines, The Blood Gospel, and I unfortunately do not recall much about the book, other than really liking it. Luckily, the authors do a good job of inserting reminders about the past plot that I never felt too lost - though I personally prefer to read series novels consecutively!

The book opens just two months after the events of The Blood Gospel. Erin, the archaeologist (and prophecied Woman of Learning) has...more
The blood gospel was so much better. It caught me as something unusual, even if sometimes parts obliviously written by Cantrell were making me cringe. But this, well I can't say the story wasn't captivating, as with all of Rollins' books it keeps your mind busy to the end, but putting such a major point on romance...The part I avoid in books and outright hate really unless its done outstandingly good. Here it isn't. Oh, the main heroine falls in love with the soldier but her heart still flutters...more
Julie Kellner
A little drawn out with the action not happening mid way. Still enjoyable story I think the romance can be left out though
John Hanscom
Maybe even more. I have read very few vampire novels, which seem omnipresent after Twilight [which I read, as the kids I was working with at the time were reading them.] I do not like what they portray. I am DEFINITELY the wrong gender and age]. A person, usually a man, stalks another, usually a woman, either captures her or finds her unaware, overpowers her, sticks a long, thin part of himself into her body, draws blood, and forever changes her to something unworthy. It is a not too subtle alle...more
These two authors Rebecca Cantrell James Rollinsare getting to be one of my favorite authors. Both of these authors take the concept of religious history, vampres, angels and biblical history and make the topic very important within the modern world. They take all of these topics and weave them into a story that is exciting, interesting and scary. The battle between good and evil is really at the center of this book, the good and bad are mixed into a wonderful story telling that questions everyt...more
I bought this book by mistake instead of buying Blood Gospel first. I didn't really read the explanation on the book cover. That was because I have read almost all of James Rollins' books and loved them all and so I bought this book without reading this summary. I regret that now. This is my first book that I do not like and find myself dragging myself to finish it.

Don't get me wrong , this book is well written. It has good enough writing tricks to snare you into reading it. It has thorough plo...more
Patricia Uttaro
Second in a new series from James Rollins, Innocent Blood marries the non-stop action readers have come to expect from Rollins with the all-too-real fantasy co-author Rebecca Cantrell does so well. Blending mythology, ancient history, and the origins of Christianity, Innocent Blood picks up the story of the Sanguinists, an order of vampires who find sustenance not from human blood but from the Blood of Christ, or consecrated wine. The Order of the Sanguinists, led by Cardinal Bernard and a rogue...more
Greer Andjanetta
A somewhat disappointing book from James Rollins, an author whose mystery/adventure novels I have always enjoyed. This story is pure fantasy about a motley group of individuals trying to prevent the end of the world, helped and hindered by zombies, assorted half-man, half-beast creatures and characters such as Rasputin sending text messages and Judas Iscariot flying an attack helicopter and firing Hellfire missiles.JR's books have always been imaginative but this takes imagination to the extreme...more
William Crosby
Interesting mix of action and supernatural and human drama.

Has a strange reinterpretation of historical characters including a tweak in the boyhood life of Jesus Christ. And, depending upon your view of Christ and your definition of perfection, you may possibly have a potential theological problem. Of course, if you are reading this 2nd book and you have no problem with Catholic vampire priests, you might not have an issue with an added incident in Jesus' boyhood.

The following quote encapsulates...more
In this second book of “The Order of the Sanguines,” James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell again join together to take the reader into a spellbinding world of intrigue. “Innocent Blood” continues the tale begun by “The Blood Gospel,” picking up two months later with the same characters and also a few new ones. Dr. Erin Granger again finds herself caught up in the shadowy world of the Sanguinists as she and Sergeant Jordan Stone are called back to fulfill ancient prophesy in an attempt to prevent th...more
I picked this one last minute at the airport because I didn't have anything else to read before a 6 hour flight and another 1 hour flight after that.

It was #1 on the best seller's wall, it was fat enough that I figured it would get me there and back, and I didn't have much time to read back covers to really pick one.

Anyway, not really my cup of tea. I'm not a fan of vampire stories or much into biblical stories... but I do like books based loosely on historical events. (although this was VERY lo...more
Arabella Thorne

Did you enjoy “The Blood Gospel” the previous book in this series?
I swear; this is even better.
In ‘Blood Gospel” a secret order hidden in the depths of the Vatican have been seeking the Blood Gospel, the Gospel written by Christ in his own blood.
OOOOHH. Creepy, weird and wonderful!
Well, a lot of hell breaks loose and all kinds of characters fight over the possession of this book. For within it are the seeds of the Apocalypse. Some want it and some don’t!
Dr. Erin Granger, an archeologist from...more
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JAMES ROLLINS is the New York Times bestselling author of international thrillers that have been translated into more than forty languages. Known for unveiling unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets, Rollins' knack for breakneck pacing and stunning originality has been hailed by critics and embraced by scores of millions of readers around the world.
More about James Rollins...
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