The Death Trade
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The Death Trade (Sean Dillon #20)

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The master of suspense returns with a cutting-edge tale that pits his heroes Sean Dillon and Sara Gideon against the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

An eminent Iranian scientist has made a startling breakthrough in nuclear weapons research, but he can’t stand the thought of his regime owning the bomb. He would run if he could, but if he does, his family dies. He is desperate;...more
Hardcover, 319 pages
Published December 31st 2013 by Putnam Adult
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Khamneithang Vaiphei
Jack Higgins, best known for the epic novel The Eagle Has Landed, returns with one of his most famous characters in The Death Trade, which is the 20th installment in the hugely successful Sean Dillon series.

Iran under its conservative regime is vigorously pushing forward its nuclear program and is on the brink of making a cheap nuclear bomb which will be four times as effective as anything else on the planet. Achieving such a major breakthrough would have made any nuclear scientist proud, but t...more
Jan 06, 2014 Will rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Action adventure junkies

I've read a dozen Jack Higgins books and some of them are incredibly entertaining and explore an original plot and storyline. Unfortunately, 'The Death Trade' isn't one of them. Higgins gives us untrained readers the outer appearance of either writing to a deadline or padding the old 401k account. He recycles characters from previous novels that we like a lot, but ties them into another middle east Al Qaeda plotline that seems very familiar. Even the locales of Majorca,...more
The Prime Minister’s private army they were called; but the work they did was for the good of the country and its inhabitants. Newest member Sara Gideon, a decorated captain from the Afghan war and with a permanent limp to remind her of those days, along with seasoned ex IRA veteran Sean Dillon were off to Paris to a meeting of dignitaries. She would attempt to meet with an old friend, an Iranian scientist who had been a good friend of her father’s, but now was a virtual prisoner – the subterfug...more
Nancy Geary
Jack Higgins & Sean Dillon can't do much wrong by me. Jury is still out on Sara Gideon - she's no Hannah Bernstein and seems to me a watered down version. Glad to see the usual suspects, Ferguson, Roper, et al, are back on the job.

Liked the plot & pace of the story. No extra "fluff" or filler in a Higgins novel. Delves into the war on terror & current situation in the Middle East without being preachy. The pace of the story takes the reader along for the ride until you turn the last...more
Mike French
Not real excited about this one. If you want to read all Sean Dillon books,go ahead. I found the earlier ones more exciting.
Kevin Coburn
"The Death Trade", by Jack Higgins, was a very gripping book, with some thrills and ongoing action. Higgins definitely put hard work into this book, seeing how much detail and events he put in. In my opinion, The Death Trade is one of my favorites.

A very brief summary of "The Death Trade" would be that it follows an elite special ops unit from Britain, who must prevent and Iranian scientist who wields the power to create fatal nuclear weapons. Though that summary makes the book sound uneventfu...more
Typical of Books by Jack Higgins, The Death Trade is Very Formulaic But A Lot of Fun!

I have been an on-and-off again fan of Jack Higgins since his excellent thriller, The Eagle Has Landed. Though The Death Trade is not anywhere near as good as The Eagle Has Landed and many of his early books, it is still an enjoyable read.

The Death Trade is fast reading and loaded with several several intriguing characters. Some are villainous, some are heroic, but most are quite interesting and involved in exci...more
Tom Tischler
An eminent Iranian scientist has made a major breakthrough
in nuclear weapons research but he doesn't want his country
owning the bomb. He cannot run they have his mother and sister.
Sean Dillon and a small band known as The Prime Ministers army
hear of this and now must come up with a plan to rescue the
scientist. They also have a new member Captain Sara Gideon and
she is an Afghan war hero. Murphy's Law comes into effect now
as the best laid plans always have pit falls and as this
operation goes fr...more
Wallie Burke
Can't go wrong with Dillon & Company. One observation; the books do seem to to bet getting shorter.
This book has a lot of action as Sean Dillon, Sara Gideon, and the Salters battle al-Qaeda operatives.

Sara's family friend Simon Husseini is an Iranian doctor who was working on medical isotopes. Since he was one of the world's leading experts regarding uranium enrichment, he was strongly encouraged to extend his research into nuclear weapons. His mother and daughter were being held hostage to ensure that the bomb was constructed. When he found that his family had been killed, he escaped to Leba...more
Vin Lunney

Dillon is having less and less to do in these stories you wonder why he's even there at all. It's a good paced thriller but you get the point Dillon would be better use playing piano in a bar. That seems to be his thing: the former terrorist who wows everyone with his keyboard skills. Man of a thousand face with the voice skills to match, Cambridge level acting talent we've seen none of these skills played on and it's been a long time since fans have seen any insights or growth in Dillon. Jack H...more
Scott Parsons
The Sean Dillon series by Higgins has become a never-ending serial. I don't remember how many of these he has churned out in recent years. The characters are plastic caricatures; the plot is extremely formulaic. Killing a villain is like you are playing a (poor) video game. You have Dillon and his usual gang of anti-terrorism fighters as the Good Guys and another variant(s) on a Middle East terrorist(s) as the Bad Guys. Of course the Good Guys win. This series is becoming tedious and boring........more
Higgins' characters always come across as too similar to Clive Cussler's; i.e. too good to be true. I like the plotting but the seemingly perfect protagonists just don't do it for me. There is also a paucity of depth regarding background and too much black or white (Good Guys vs. Bad Guys). Reality has a lot more gray areas that demand deeper introspection. Too simplistic to really buy into. Higgins is a great story teller but his characters seem to be almost going through the motions. The dialo...more
Judee. Fong.
The Death Trade by Jack Higgins is a light read, set in today's headlines of nuclear weaponry. I've always been a fan of Jack Higgins, whether it is his stand-alone books or his series with General Ferguson, Sean Dillon and the British SIS team, answerable only to the Prime Minister. This book also showcases one of the newer members, Sara Gideon, an Afghanistan veteran and Medal of Honor, who shows some of her hidden talents as well as proving that she is an able member of the team. This is a st...more
This is the first book I have read by jack Higgins. I found it to be very confusing. I might have been able to follow it better had I read previous books in the series but not realizing it was part of a series when I grabbed this book at the library made it difficult to understand the start of the book. Many names were thrown in and I felt like either I should know who they are or else there was no reason to give the character a name. Reading the reviews makes me feel like I should give some of...more
I've always been a big fan of any and all books by Jack Higgins, so it won't be a surprise that I liked "The Death Trade" a lot! I really think Higgins is a great story teller and I've come to really care what happens to great characters like Sean Dillon, et al. You care about these characters and the tasks they are called upon to accomplish. I also think that Sara Gideon is a worthy successor to the cool female characters Higgins has created over the years. Two thumbs up on this tale of daring...more
If you're addicted to Higgins and the exploits of Dillon from way back, you'll probably like this one too. Sadly I find myself growing a little weary of the formula and spreading out my intake over a couple years at a time. It was fun to step back into Dillon's world again for a little while, but he no longer has the same draw for me he once had. I will be forever grateful, however, for his helping me to discover Bushmills!
Another in the (long) series of Sean Dillon books, but this time with other characters taking front and center stage. Predictably entertaining...good for a ten hour plane flight to pass the time. They are like the old western shows...the good guys never miss their shots, the bad guys get their comeuppance, and after some trials and difficulties, the good guys bring things to a satisfying ending.
Higgins has once again written a good story about an Iranian scientist and doctor and his desire to defect because his work with radiation was turned from medical isotopes to building a nuclear bomb. Enter Roper, Dillon, and crew to come in to try and save the day to bring this scientist home. Plenty of twists and turns, so grab this book and see for yourself.
Dave Hoff
Author brings a replacement for Hannah, a SAS Capt. Sara Gideon, onboard Ferguson's team She & Dillon take on the al-Qaeda to protect a nuclear expert. A Iranian Col. Declan Rashid, who had an Irish mother is won over to the good guys. I expect both Sara & Declan, along with Dillon, Roper, Billy & his uncle will all be in Higgin's next book.
Having read the other Jack Higgins book, I think his writing is getting worse and the story is not really developed. This book is more like another one of those books just to put out on the market. The storyline itself is quite shallow and not well developed, and in many ways it is very superficial. I just think the author might consider developing other threats rather than the usual predictable threats i.e. Al-Qaeda.
The latest Sean Dillon book finds the Prime Ministers private army trying to help one of Iran’s nuclear scientists escape from Iran and the clutches of Al Queda. New recruit Sara Gideon plays a major role in this book becoming the new conscience of the group replacing the departed Hannah Bernstein.
Not one of my favorites.....I have read the entire series and this one was disappointing. Too many gaps in the story. Hard to say what it was, but the story just did not captivate me.

Sad to end the series this way.....although maybe there will be a another.
Linda Smatzny
This is the newest book featuring Sean Dillion. This time an Iranian scientist has found a breakthrough in nuclear weapons research. He would like to leave Iran but Iran is holding onto his mother and his daughter. However besides Iran, al-Qaeda people also want the scientist and so does the west. Sean and Sara Gideon get involved because Sara knows the scientist. This book is not for the faint of heart.
Higgins has provided me with so many hours of solid entertainment over the years that I really don't even want to review this effort. It seems that with each new Sean Dillon thriller, the gaps in logic and wild, totally unlikely coincidences become more prevalent. Even understanding that Higgins intent was not to recreate War and Peace, there comes a time when it gets to be a bit too much. Kirkus panned this, and though I often don't agree with them, they may have been right in this instance.
Higgins added a woman, Sara Gideon, to mix to work with Dillon and Roper. Billy Salter did not have much to do here. Most of the book is more of Sara and her heroics. I did not find that it had the move that other books have. The flow was kind of slow and some of the characters were dull.
If you are truly sick of snow and "snowdays" (and believe me, I am...) nothing beats a Jack Higgins pot boiler. Spending time with Sean Dillon and his merry band of British secret service chums is always good fun!
Bill Donhiser
Another Fine book by Jack Higgins. I really enjoy the Sean Dillon series and hope to read more in the future. I just need to get through all the books I have stacked up at home first before I add new ones
Great read, starts fast ends faster and you're more impressed with Dillon and Fergusson's crew than ever. You do miss Holley a bit as well as what's happening in Dillon's love life. But the characters are great.
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Jack Higgins is the pseudonym of Harry Patterson (b. 1929), the New York Times bestselling author of more than seventy thrillers, including The Eagle Has Landed and The Wolf at the Door. His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Patterson grew up in Belfast, Northern Irelan...more
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