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Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple
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Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple

3.94  ·  Rating Details ·  1,054 Ratings  ·  123 Reviews
Master entrepreneur, original hip-hop mogul, and New York Times bestselling author Russell Simmons shares the most fundamental key to success—meditation—and guides readers to use stillness as a powerful tool to access their potential.
In the New York Times bestseller Super Rich, Russell Simmons proved that to be rich is more than just having money in the bank—wealth is abo
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published March 4th 2014 by Avery
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Patrice Hoffman
Jan 13, 2014 Patrice Hoffman rated it really liked it
When I initially threw my hat in the ring for a bid at winning Russell Simmons Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple I didn't think I'd be picked. Honestly, I wasn't hoping to be picked either. Not because I didn't want to read his book, but because I only requested entered into the giveaway off of name recognition. I'm too young to really have lived the impact RunDMC had on the hip-hop community, yet old enough to know the profound mark Russell Simmons has made on, not only music, b ...more
C.A. Huggins
Mar 17, 2014 C.A. Huggins rated it really liked it
I had my doubts. I've tried meditation off and on before but never stuck to it. But Russ sold me on it. The book is a great, quick read, and I can't wait to put this into use.
Will you start dating super models like Russ after meditating? Probably not.
Will you become a millionaire like Russ after meditating? Probably not.
Will you somehow manage to reverse the aging process in a Benjamin Button-esque fashion like Russ after meditating? Probably not.
But it can make you happier, give you a clearer f
4.5 stars
I got much more out of this little book the I expected to at the 50 % point. I was a bit underwhelmed by the first half, it was very analytical of the reason to meditate and the stories of those who do practice it. Please, I didn't need all that I just need the golden ticket, magic mirror. I wasn't interested in hear about that how it helped other stuff, I wanted instant gratification ! Ha ! Mr Simmons made me wait, and slow down to his pace before he gave out the very short, very simpl
The second celebrity endorsed meditation book I've read. I prefer Dan Harris' 10% Happier by far.

There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with this book. It is a very good way to introduce people to meditation. It's a quick read and has some fluff to it, including Russell Simmons' personal stories. But that's kind of the point of both this book and Dan Harris' is that they tell you how and why they are meditating. After all these books aren't scientific studies, they are celebrity endorsements.

I ha
Apr 26, 2014 Michael rated it liked it
This was not a bad read, but like most of the so-called self help books it was long on fluff and short on substance. And like the self help books, the real information concerned with the subject could have been contained in a pamphlet. I guess the market for pamphlets is very small, so the writers fill the pages with stories or examples of stuff somewhat related to the subject and there you have it....a book. In the final chapter, Mr. Simmons revealed his techniques for meditation.

I began medita
Tony Jr.
Jun 27, 2015 Tony Jr. rated it it was amazing
Shelves: read-in-2015
I must say, I really enjoyed this book. Russell penned a straight-forward, step by step guide to meditation and mindfulness for the beginner. He starts off covering what meditation is, the myths about meditation, why people don't meditate, the mental benefits of meditation, the physical benefits of meditation, what science says about mediation and ends with step by step how-to meditate. I found this book to be informative, practical and entertaining. Russell did an excellent job of weaving stori ...more
Apr 14, 2015 David rated it really liked it
"When you let go of anxiety, you won’t want to ease into a better you. You’ll want to go there right away. Yes, the more you come to know your true self, the more you want to make that self better."

“The cultivation of friendliness creates inner strength.”

"When your mind is settled, the emotions that you have been ignoring, that you’re afraid that you aren’t ready to deal with, are going to rise up to the surface. Whether it’s emotions about your relationships, your job, your body, or anything yo
Apr 07, 2014 Dawn rated it liked it
Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons is basically a book about meditation. He takes you through five parts: 1.) Why Meditate; 2.) Why you think you cannot meditate; 3.) The physical benefits of meditation; 4.) Living up to your potential; and 5.) How to meditate. He also tries to show a connection between ‘worldly successful’ people and inner peace.
I think most people know that Russell Simmons has changed his life and is now all about yoga, meditation and promoting veganism (if that is
Dec 27, 2014 H FB rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
This isn't my first book on meditation but if it had been, I would have rated it higher.

I think it's great that Russel found a way to communicate with such a broad spectrum of people and had them understand the benefits of meditation.

The meditation chapter itself was very short but to the point.

I hope this book benefits many people who are new to meditation and mindfulness.
Monica White
Jun 04, 2014 Monica White rated it it was amazing
I just finished reading this insightful book. What a great introduction to meditation! Russell's writing style is engaging, humorous at times, and informative. I learned a lot from reading this book, and I have already started to see impressive results from meditating. Thank you Russell for sharing your knowledge and experience on this topic.
Trelani Michelle
Apr 29, 2014 Trelani Michelle rated it really liked it
This was a really good book. It's designed for those who are either wanting to meditate or new to the practice. Had I read this early on, it would've definitely convinced me to be more consistent. Plenty of solid info here.
Susan Allison-Dean
Apr 27, 2014 Susan Allison-Dean rated it really liked it
Easy read on a simple way to improve your well being. I would have put the 'How to' early in the book. I was distracted by wanting to try Mr. Simmons way of meditating. It really does work, so give it a try, even if you skip to the end like I did.
Julia Shaw
Jan 03, 2017 Julia Shaw rated it did not like it
Shelves: audiobook
This book is 90% a sales pitch--if you're already convinced that you want to meditate, or have any prior knowledge of yoga philosophy/meditation practice, then this book will leave you frustrated and dissatisfied. I often felt that Simmons was talking down to me, or trying to convince me of his own success and celebrity status. Lots of name-dropping.

I did very much enjoy his comments on vegetarianism, compassion, and the research that has been done on introducing meditation studies in schools a
Cory Leong
Dec 28, 2016 Cory Leong rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Good intro to meditation

Chose this book as a recommendation from a friend and I must say I will be recommending it to others interested in getting started with meditation. Most of the book is answering why or why don't people meditate which although very lengthy is very informative and enlightening.
May 04, 2014 Adrienna rated it really liked it
While listening in the car after reading "Super Rich", seems like as I start the first few chapters (part 1 and 2) is the same thing that is offered in this book on meditation. He encourages meditation to be successful, to remain calm in heated situations or environments, and even brags about celebrities he's offered meditation to their daily lives from business owners, entrepreneurs, and basketball celebs.

I do know that I need to meditate more...just be in silence and clear my thoughts to hear
Monica C.
Sep 27, 2016 Monica C. rated it it was amazing
This book has inspired me to start writing reviews here. The book is excellent and I highly recommend it. Simmons is very wise and it comes across in all his books, especially this one. I really like his relaxed communication style, his wit, stories and analogies. Lot of wonderful analogies in this book. It is a total gem and a joy to read. I definitely see myself rereading this one in not too distant future.
Deb Lindfors
Jan 08, 2017 Deb Lindfors rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
had a hard time getting into the book
Maya Barnes
Dec 30, 2016 Maya Barnes rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

I have been meditating for a few years on and off , but the techniques Russell discussed will help me be more consistent.
Apr 23, 2014 Trent rated it liked it
Not bad. Super easy read, and I would give more stars but I wanted to learn how to mediate and there is about 2 pages teaching you how after reading the whole book. At the same time, the reason I don't give less stars is because the other 99% of the book not teaching you how to mediate was actually good at making you want to do it even more. Russell points out a lot of great reasons to mediate. I almost gave 4 stars because of this, but the book is aimed at the hip hop demographic a little too m ...more
Apr 10, 2014 G.J. rated it it was amazing
The book itself is the same level of quality, intellect and charm I expect from anything with Russell Simmons name on it. He talks openly how he got into meditation due to his interest in using yoga to meet "good looking women." I thought the book was fascinating in the way he effortlessly combines scientific facts, often quoting multiple prestigious studies on the benefits of meditation, with real-world implications, how it's changed both his own and countless celebrities lives. He mentions oft ...more
BONDing over BOOKS
Jul 04, 2014 BONDing over BOOKS rated it it was amazing
Have you ever felt yourself scrambling to carve out a quiet moment away from your spouse, significant other, children, or even the madness associated with your job? "Think about how much time we waste everyday being judgmental toward people over things they have no control over." How would you feel, what would you do if you just left all that drama alone for just 20 minutes? SUCCESS THROUGH STILLNESS - Meditation Made Simple by Russell Simmons addresses many of the common myths, excuses and so m ...more
Nathalie S
May 03, 2016 Nathalie S rated it it was amazing
MEDITATION MADE SIMPLE is also on the cover and that is a true statement. Learning to meditate is one of those things I felt I should do but thought it would be too hard but then, I thought the same thing about quitting sugar, which I've been doing since 2007. Finally, my doctor said I should consider meditation for my health so this is the one book that popped up on my library search and I am so glad. I literally read it in one sitting in the middle of the night, all 200 pages. It is written by ...more
Mar 29, 2014 Laurie rated it liked it
I really liked Russell Simmons' lead up and reasons why meditating is so beneficial. He namedrops celebrities who have recently come out as meditators (there are a lot - it has become mainstream) and he quotes yogis, scientists and authors like Deepak Chopra. He's done his research and succeeds in keeping it simple.

He doesn't get down to the actual process of meditation until the last chapter, which by then you should be convinced. I have to say, the mantra he picked cracks me up, and if my hus
David Meyer
Sep 16, 2014 David Meyer rated it it was amazing
This book is great! It got me to try TM again and I am glad I did. The amount of peace I feel when I am doing it is hard to put into words. When the 20 minutes is up I am actually bummed out and wish I could do it for 20 more minutes. I have also noticed the interactions with my step-boys are a lot more interesting since I started doing this type of meditation. I came home last night and my 9 year old and 4 year old did 40 minutes of advanced yoga with me voluntarily. I have never seen my 9 year ...more
Isaac Dixson
May 14, 2014 Isaac Dixson rated it liked it
I enjoyed this book, and Russell's style of writing. I was hoping for a little more depth about the art of practicing meditation. 80% of the book focused on the convincing the reader that meditation would change their life. If focused on providing statistics, studies, and benefits that one would experience from meditation. Only one chapter was dedicated to the actual instruction of how to meditate. But overall the book was a good introduction into Yoga, and is a great read for those on the fence ...more
Marc Zirogiannis
May 04, 2014 Marc Zirogiannis rated it it was amazing
It is meditation that is the subject of Russell Simmons' new book, Success Through Stillness. Simmons is an unlikely candidate to teach meditation to those unfamiliar with his resume'; however, he is a 15 year veteran of the art of meditation, as well as yoga. He has studied and exchanged meditation philosophies with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Roth, Rick Ruben, and more. He presents a intelligent, easy to read, extremely practical guide to meditation for students at any stage ...more
Piepie Beuttel
There was a lot of "fluff," stories, and personal experiences during the majority of this book, but the writing and inspiration still compelled me to keep going. Only during the last one or two chapters does Simmons present how to "actually" meditate ... how to sit, what to do, etc. I was a bit disappointed that that was all the material given on how to meditate -- because that was the whole reason behind my selecting this book. I wish more chapters were dedicated on the art of meditation -- but ...more
Jan 06, 2015 K rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Full disclosure: I meditate, so reading this book was a bit like preaching to the choir. Nonetheless, it's an interesting read -- Russell Simmons is a hip-hop mogul who's become a prominent advocate for meditation. In Success Through Stillness, he describes his life prior to taking up meditation and the beneficial effects he's experienced since then. He specifically mentions how meditating enables him to experience greater equanimity, maintaining a mental calmness rather than being subject to em ...more
Danielle Tortorici
Jun 05, 2014 Danielle Tortorici rated it liked it
Simple is right. This was a quick, easy-breezy read. I have not yet had a chance to put any of his advice into practice, but I will say that there's not much advice to be had. Maybe that's because you learn more about meditation by doing than by reading? This book is more a primer on the benefits of the practice than a how-to guide, but I still found it encouraging and beneficial. Russell definitely makes it seem easy, and he talks it up so much that I am very eager to get started and to learn m ...more
Dec 04, 2016 Jef rated it really liked it
Really enjoyed hearing more from Russell. My preference is super rich although he digs deeper into meditation here.

There's plenty of lessons we can learn from his experiences and this one is a quick and effective read introducing meditation and some of the myths surrounding it
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Russell Simmons is an American entrepreneur and record producer. Simmons was the former owner of the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam, a founder of Russell Simmons Music Group, and the creator of the clothing fashion line Phat Farm and the fragrance label Atman.

Russell Simmons is the fourth richest hip hop entrepreneur, having a net-worth estimate of $340 million, behind Jay-Z ($547M), 50 Cent ($4
More about Russell Simmons...

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“The great ones, however, never get lost in those distractions. Biggie in particular was legendary for his ability to stay focused. There could be all sorts of things going on—drinks being passed, blunts being rolled, people trying to holler at him about various projects—but he’d just sit in a chair with his eyes closed, seemingly oblivious to all the chaos around him. That was his way of connecting to the stillness inside of him, so that when it was time to get behind the microphone, he wasn’t caught up in worrying about how his last record did or how this one might be received once it was released. No, when it was time to make a song, he was always able to connect with both the music he was hearing in his headphones and the poetry that was filling up his heart. The same way today artists like Jay Z or Lil Wayne are able to create entire songs without ever putting a word down on paper. Through being able to connect completely with the music, they are able to operate from that “zone” that the great ones are able to access. That might not sound like a big deal, but I’ve seen so many artists get sidetracked by those distractions. And when it’s time for them to get in the recording booth and execute their craft, their mind is somewhere else. Sure, they’re rapping along to the beat, but they’re not connected to it.” 2 likes
“An award-winning reporter for The New York Times named Michael Moss recently wrote an excellent—and disturbing—book on this called Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us. In the book, Moss talks about how scientists have perfected the “bliss point” in many of these products. The “bliss point” is the perfect amount of sugar that will give you a high and get you hooked on a type of cookie or cereal. Moss also writes about how those scientists have perfected what the industry calls “mouth feel.” You might not know the term, but you definitely know the “feel”—that warm, satisfying sensation you experience when you bite into melted cheese or some crispy fried chicken. Unfortunately, “mouth feel” comes from super-high levels of fat, which create the same high that sugar does but come with even more calories.” 1 likes
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