High Heat (Jack Reacher, #17.5)
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High Heat (Jack Reacher #17.5)

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Thriller master Lee Child returns with an exclusive eBook short story. In the midst of a savage heat wave and an infamous murder spree, a blackout awakens the dark side of the city that never sleeps—and a young Jack Reacher takes action as only he can.

Don’t miss the exciting preview of Lee Child’s highly anticipated Jack Reacher novel, Never Go Back!

July 1977. Jack Reache...more
ebook, 64 pages
Published August 6th 2013 by Delacorte Press
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I love when Lee Child writes stories of a young Jack Reacher, (Tom Cruise still would be too short to play this part as well. ;-) because we meet a 16 year old JR and he is as tall and built as he is ever going to be. But at this point in time, he has the young body and shear bravado that he will carry for the rest of his life. He is traveling through NYC on his way to meet his older brother at West Point, when he comes upon a man assaulting a woman. So he does what any 16 year old would do, he...more
Tucker Elliot
“They could have kept on walking”

HIGH HEAT is a very satisfying short story for Reacher fans. It’s far better than the earlier Reacher eBooks SECOND SON and DEEP DOWN. The writing is typical Lee Child (superb) and the plot is typical Reacher – he wanders into town, finds a lady or two, and a lot of trouble. And it’s pretty awesome.

Reacher is on his way to visit his brother at West Point when he stops off in NYC to check out the music scene and the college girls at NYU, but what he finds is a ci...more
Seeley James
I'm a huge fan of Lee Child, but his short stories are not his best work.

This story ties too many historical events together with a too-strong-and-too-smart teenager. Mr. Child wrote a short story about Jack Reacher's childhood, which was credible, but this one takes Jack Reacher into the mid-teens and yet the character acts exactly like the fully grown Jack. Didn't work for me.

I'm not sure what's driving Mr. Child to write these short stories (novella in this case) but I don't see it as worthw...more
It is July 13, 1977 in New York City as the High Heat: A Jack Reacher Novella opens and Jack Reacher is three months shy of his 17th birthday. It is 8:30 in the evening on a day that has been a scorcher. He has just witnessed some sort of altercation between a man and woman that has resulted in the woman being slapped in the face.

A son of a Marine does not allow that to go unchallenged.

Being the son of a Marine that was stationed all over the world means that Reacher knows how to fight. In the...more
This was a good short about Jack when he was 16. It's hard to picture JR ever being young so this was just a little insight into how worldly and mature he was very early on in his life.

It's the 70's and Jack is on his way to visit his brother at West Point when he stops off in NY for a very full night of fun, that includes: a female FBI agent, the mob, a blackout, an unexpexted death, scorching heat, Son of Sam, a trist with a college girl and lots of action packed fighting. Just a night in the...more
It was 1977 and sixteen year old Jack Reacher was on his way to visit his brother, Joe. He found himself travelling through New York city in the dark of the evening, with the unbearable heat like a blanket over the city. When he came across a situation which seemed threatening, he quietly observed, ready to step in if necessary. Suddenly the man slapped the woman, hard. After Reacher had taught the man a lesson (as only he could) they watched him stumble away into the darkness. “You don’t know w...more
Totally ridiculous, but fun nonetheless. Jack Reacher makes for the most unrealistic sixteen-year-old boy ever put to paper. In HIGH HEAT, not only does Reacher take down a drug kingpin and help catch the Son of Sam, he also navigates New York City during a blackout, saves the career of an FBI agent, and gets all hot and sweaty with a nubile college girl he picks up at a coffee shop. Even James Bond would find it a bit over-the-top.
How delightful to read a short story starring almost 17 year old Jack Reacher. Coupled in delight by the location in 1977 summer NYC Black Out night, yet.

Oh Reacher! You are just as delectable without any scars, and with all your brand new and shiny grown-up teeth still intact.

Almost a 5 star, but then I really don't give short stories 5 star unless they all pile perfect on each other in a collection.

Max Rudenko
I took of 1 star because of some incredibility and far-fetchedness on Child's part. But this is fiction so Child can write in his books whatever he wants. Well, sometimes even life is stranger than fiction.
Otherwise, if you're willing to suspend some disbelief I guarantee you will like this Reacher novella. It has all the components of a good Reacher book: plenty of beloved by us, Reacher fans, action/reaction, intrigue/suspense, crisp dialogue, memorable street smarts and vivid, precise descri...more
It all began with an apparent assault. Young 16 year-old Jack Reacher finds himself in New York City, enjoying the big city before heading off to visit his brother. After witnessing a gentleman assaulting a woman on the street, Reacher takes exception and voices his concerns. Typical Reacher, he takes things into his own hands before both parties go their own ways, threats hurled in all directions. As the mercury rises to parallel his temper, Reacher begins enjoying his time in the Big Apple, at...more
I decided to download two kindle singles today, both by authors I was familiar with but had not read previously, Lee Child is clearly one, the other Chuck Palahniuk. Both very popular, both very different. Now obviously, unless you live under a rock you, like me you will have been aware of the fanfare surrounding Jack Reacher's move to the big screen. Now again I have not seen this film, but I was keen to check out Reacher.
So here I am with a short story about a young Reacher, which I recognise...more
Okay, okay, I'm going to read everything you write, Mr. Child, and that evidently includes lil short stories about 17 year old Jack Reacher during a NY blackout getting into shenanigans. You write them, I'll read them. But for anyone who hasn't made a similar pact, here are two words of warning for what you are getting yourself into:

1. This is an actual quote: "At nearly seventeen Reacher was like a brand new machine, still gleaming and dewy with oil, flexible, supple, perfectly coordinated, lik...more
Reacher is 16 and in NYC en-route to West Point to see his brother. It is hot and the night of the NY blackout. Reacher's adventures (up to and including a sexual encounter with a college girl) are many and varied...gangsters, an FBI agent on suspension and, most probably, the Son of Sam. Reading this you forget Reacher is a kid. Even at 16 he is Reacher. Good, quick reading.
Reacher fans won't want to miss this 45-minute novella about Jack as a 16-year old, meandering about NYC no less; and coming to the aid of damsels in distress as he is wont to do. He is just as fearless, smart, and ruthless in a fight as later in life; and discovering that he likes the ladies, as we well know. The plot features Reacher meeting a female FBI agent that seems to be getting the worse of an encounter with a Mafioso type; as usual, it takes little more provocation than that for our le...more
Michael Shore
Yeah, my first 3 star review for a Reacher book, well not a book, it's a story. This novella, or short story, is another of the 'young Reacher' stories before he was all 'growed' up and became Reacher. While i liked the first one of these, this one left me thinking, REALLY? At 17, he went to NYC on his own and did all this? Really? He figured all this stuff on his own, and took down all those bad guys at 17?

Having read every Reacher book upon release going back to the first book, I am a huge fa...more
Jim Nolt
I'm a fan of Lee Child and have read the entire Jack Reacher series of novels (with the next one due out next month). That said, although I enjoyed this short story from Reacher's youth, I was also somewhat disappointed. Perhaps, however, that is to be expected with a short story. True to form, however, in one night even a young Reacher manages to help out the FBI bust a drug ring, romances a college student, and "solve" the Son of Sam murders. (Maybe I'm getting old, but it was a little disconc...more
A young Jack, yum! I love the back in time shorts, and hope Child goes back for more early life stories for his regular length novels some time!
Donna Siebold
Another one of Child's novellas which introduce us to Reacher at his youngest - 16 going on 17. In this outing, he is visiting NYC prior to going to West Point to see Joe. While in the city he sees a man strike a woman. This violates his personal code so he intercedes. He does this despite the pleas of both the woman and the man to stay out of the situation. Humiliated by the fact that Jack overwhelms him physically, the man threatens to get Jack.

It turns out he is a local mobster. Jack meets a...more
Reacher circa summer of Son of Sam

Reacher circa summer of Son of Sam

1977. Reacher is 16. Headed to see his brother at West Point. Stumbles on a mob guy slapping an FBI agent. He moves on and finds what any red-blooded 16 year-old would want: a date. NYC goes dark -- full blackout. Fumbling together in the darkness, the gal goes down...and Reacher sees enough to recognize a guy with the right kind of gun... looking for couples in cars...M.O. of Sun of Sam. He sees only Reacher ...not his M.O. aft...more
After writing seventeen novels featuring the ex-military drifter, Jack Reacher (the best thriller series there is ), Lee Child takes us back to July 13th, 1977, when Reacher is only sixteen, and visiting New York City for the first time.

One might remember the city-wide blackout that occurred on that night. In pitch darkness, young Reacher is forced to fight the bad guys in this suspenseful, atmospheric story.

This is exclusively an ebook, and at only $1.99, it's a great deal.
This is a short story that takes us back to 16 year old Reacher visiting New York during a heat wave and a blackout.
Nothing surprising happens, Reacher kicks the bad guys ass and gets the girl. But really as a fan of Reacher it's all you expect, see some ass getting kicked and see justice prevail ( not the one of the court, Reacher's justice where the bad guys always deserve what's coming to them)
Kathy Davie
One of the short stories, it's technically 17.5 in the publication line-up, and I'm slotting it into the 0.2 chronological line-up in the Jack Reacher suspense series. This particular story is about Reacher when he's 16 in 1977.

My Take
It was the kid that was my first tip-off, and it seems Reacher has been the man we all know for years, even in 1977. Even at 16, he calculates the angles, the fight possibilities, and he is using that brain of his. It's brilliant!

Child easily makes you nervous for...more
John Grazide
What an amazing novella. If you are a Jack Reacher fan you have to read this. It takes place when Jack is sixteen years old and the start of life. Who he is, and what he has become. Great detail, really makes you feel the heat and, more impressively, the dark. Sorry it was so short, really wanted more.
Fred Forbes
Pretty hard to believe he is 16 in this story. Frankly, he hasn't changed much. Just a novella but helps with the Reacher fix while waiting for the next one in a couple of weeks. Still the great action and interesting plot twist. A worthy read for fans of the series.
The story takes place in the '70's when a young Jack Reacher takes a trip to New York City. He confronts a mobster to defend a woman and finds himself in trouble with the mob and the woman who is an FBI agent. Then a black-out takes the power out of the city and Jack meets a girl. While in the car with the girl he notices a man sneaking in the shadows of the bridge where he and the girl have parked. The latest news is about a man dubbed "The Son of Sam" who kills couples while in cars. Jack and...more
I'm really sorry to say this, but the idea that any 16 (almost 17) year old is going to breeze into Manhattan (and it's going to coincidentally be during the famous blackout it had that year) and pull off the stuff he does in this book pushes willing suspension of disbelief way too far. Even if it's the extraordinary Jack Reacher, the same kid who pulled off the more believable stunts portrayed in "Second Son", and goes on to the exploits in the later books. He seems to be more advanced here tha...more
Child takes us back to 1977 and Son of Sam to give us some Reacher history. Who knew Reacher was such a horn-dog, yet fully formed of his investigative capacities and instincts?
Jack Cheng

If you look at my book list, you'll see I am an avid reader of Lee Child's Reacher series, but I don't love them all equally. This one is interesting because it is set in 1977, Reacher is 16 and he's in New York City for the first time. You get a sense of Child's love of the city but the story is fairly inconsequential and a bit too tidy. Worst of all, Reacher is already pretty fully formed -- there's no sense that he learned anything new here that helped him develop into the man we have com...more
Dec 30, 2013 Tuxlie marked it as to-read

Thriller master Lee Child returns with an exclusive eBook short story. In the midst of a savage heat wave and an infamous murder spree, a blackout awakens the dark side of the city that never sleeps—and a young Jack Reacher takes action as only he can.

Don’t miss the exciting preview of Lee Child’s highly anticipated Jack Reacher novel, Never Go Back!

July 1977. Jack Reacher is almost seventeen, and he stops in New York City on the way to visit his brother at West Point. The summer heat is suffoca

Dee Haddrill
I'm a big fan of Jack Reacher, but honestly, this short story annoyed me. Reacher talks like he is 30 years old, not 16. In fact he seems older in this than he does in some of the normal books. But seriously, he helps an FBI agent get the big mafia drug-dealer (actually he mostly does it on his own) AND gives her the info to help solve a major real-life case. I'm sorry, I think Reacher is awesome and all, but this was just pushing the boundaries of what could honestly be expected of a 16 year ol...more
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Lee Child was born October 29th, 1954 in Coventry, England, but spent his formative years in the nearby city of Birmingham. By coincidence he won a scholarship to the same high school that JRR Tolkien had attended. He went to law school in Sheffield, England, and after part-time work in the theater he joined Granada Television in Manchester for what turned out to be an eighteen-year career as a pr...more
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