The Adventures of Pinocchio - Le Avventure Di Pinocchio
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The Adventures of Pinocchio - Le Avventure Di Pinocchio

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  31,843 ratings  ·  753 reviews
Perella's translation and introductory essay capture the wit, irony, ambiguity, and social satire of the original nineteenth-century text, finally reclaiming Pinocchio for adult readers. It also represents the first time the whole story has appeared in English. This bilingual edition includes over 130 drawings by the original illustrator, Enrico Mazzanti.
Paperback, 506 pages
Published August 31st 2005 by University of California Press (first published January 1st 1880)
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As is the case with many great and memorable children's tales, Pinocchio is predominated by the threat of violence and death. At one point the incorrigible puppet is actually lynched by a Fox and a Cat who are after his gold coins. The Talking Cricket (the model for Disney's Jiminy Cricket) is killed by Pinocchio, using a mallet to smash him against the wall, as early as chapter four. The Cricket's primary offense? Giving some lame moralistic advice to the anarchic puppet. (The Talking Cricket w...more
Eddie Watkins
What a lively book! and also what a strange book, in its nimble flirtations with death and grotesqueries that add many layers of deftly handled complexities to a seemingly simple tale.

Collodi was clearly conflicted about who Pinocchio actually was. The afterword informs us that the book is actually two parts that have now fused into one. What is now the first half of the book was originally a complete tale in itself, and ended with Pinocchio dying after being hung from a tree. But then due to th...more
I have been slowly reading a stack of children's classics to my twins (thus far to combat the poor movie adaptations that are out there), but I have been less than impressed.

I found Peter Pan (both the character and the story) insufferable; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory offended me ideologically; and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was too heavy handed. So I had little hope for Carlo Collodi's Pinnochio.

Even though I had been slightly disabused of my belief that Pinnochio would be overly...more
K.D. Absolutely
Dec 11, 2012 K.D. Absolutely rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to K.D. by: 501 Must Read Books (Children's)
Shelves: 501, childrens
Pinocchio's Ten Life Enriching Lessons for Grownups:

I normally read children's books during Christmastime. Not only to catch up with my Reading Challenge (I am behind by 10 books as of this writing), but also, most of children's books have life lessons that can be good reminders for the coming year. New Year always means new beginning, new hope. Do you remember when you were still in school and after reading a story in class, the teacher asked you what was the lessons you learned from it? So, in...more
Nandakishore Varma
It is always a dicey affair to criticise a popular book: and when it is an acknowledged classic for children, it is even more dangerous. So I agonised a lot over my impressions of Pinocchio: Is it only a matter of personal taste? Am I missing something? Should I rethink my rating based on learned opinions spanning more than a century? In the end, I decided to go with my original evaluation.

This is one of those stories you read and love in comics format or abridged versions before you come into c...more
let's get this straight - pinocchio is an asshole. but in that, he's a regular adolescent trying to figure out how the world works and, more importantly, how he can navigate it. kids aren't always angels and ice cream - they're lying, cheating, selfish demons - i sometimes think there's nothing meaner than a 5th grader - but who can blame them? i think that was the appeal to me of reading this book versus watching the disney movie (which is my favorite disney movie, and i will have the argument...more
What a dick! Wavering around like a conker in the breeze, pinocchio dances about and invites at least a harsh look.
But he gets more than that! Hung from the neck til dead! pushed into a coffin paraded by freakish rabbits! Have his legs plucked off! Pasted with flour! Chained up like a dog! eaten by a shark! Turned into a donkey and drowned! Starve to death! Get burnt up - more than once! - all this and more! Horrible!

Leí este libro para la universidad (¿qué a ustedes no les hacen leer cuentos de hadas en la uni? xD), y lo elegí porque era el único de la lista que no había leído ya. No lo había leído porque siempre odié la película (me daba miedo de chiquita y bueno, por ahí si la miro ahora me sigue dando un poquito jaja).

Es uno de los libros más retorcidos y morbosos que leí en mi vida. Collodi en su intento desesperado de dar una lección de moralidad y obedienc...more
Joshua Nomen-Mutatio
Unsurprisingly this is darker and even more surreal than the cultural touchstone left in Walt's Studio's wake. Interestingly, reading this years after having been typically mesmerized by the animated version several times as a wee knee-high made me re-realize how truly dark and strange and moving the relatively far more sugar-coated technicolor Disney fare actually was. But again, this original monograph ratchets up the creepiness and, frankly, the hard-nosed bleakness quite a bit more, by compa...more
Pinocchio è la prima volta che lo leggo; per questo sono rimasta stupita dal romanzo, la mia aspettativa era ormai stata traviata dal Pinoccio della Disney (che c'entra ben poco con la storia di Collodi).
"Pinocchio" è un romanzo cattivo (non saprei dire quanto sia "per bambini"), il grillo muore nelle prime pagine, ci sono impiccagioni, assassini, annegamenti e frustate.
C'è da dire che nella prima parte Pinocchio è un burattino decisamente strafottente e insopportabile (ma poi migliora).
Sara Sbaraglia
Spesso gli adulti sono poco curiosi riguardo quelle che vengono comunemente classificate "storie per bambini". Ma oltre alla solita morale presente in molte fiabe, ossia ascoltare i consigli degli adulti se non ci si vuole trovare nei guai, questa storia in particolare ha molto da insegnare anche a chi si ritiene cresciuto e saggio. E così gli adulti che "a lasciarli dire, tutti si metterebbero in capo di essere i nostri babbi e i nostri maestri", inciampano in una serie di grossolani errori nel...more
Jeanette (Most of My Favorite Authors Are Dead)
Hmmm.....Nineteenth century Italian writer experiments with psychoactive substances and writes a children's book?

In this story you will meet:

A guy named Mini-Man who bites off the ears of his donkeys as a gesture of affection.

A large Snail with a glowing lantern on her head.

A large Serpent with green skin, eyes of fire, and a pointy tail that smokes like a chimney. The Serpent laughs so hard that a vein bursts in his chest and he dies.

An iron door knocker that suddenly turns into a live eel in...more
To be honest, Pinocchio is the most insufferable, ungrateful, and gullible brat I've seen so far in children's literature. Poor Geppetto has to sit at home, while the boy runs around and gives up to temptations. All the lies build up, and each time Pinocchio's nose grows longer.

Not too convinced on this one. New characters are introduced only to disappear almost immediately. Didn't understand the point of them, maybe Collodi wanted more pages since it was originally serialized? And oh boy, the a...more
Shanna Gonzalez
Pinocchio is a classic story, and a very different one than the saccharine Disney version most Americans are familiar with. Carlo Collodi’s 1882 book lays out the story of a wooden puppet come to awkward life, who proceeds to act out on every selfish, crude and obnoxious impulse ever known to childhood. Each bad decision brings sorrow to his “father” Gepetto and his “mother” the Blue Fairy, and brings a terrifying consequence to the puppet — in the course of the book his feet are burned off, he...more
Perché non avevo mai letto Pinocchio? È semplicemente incantevole.
Iniziamo col dire che i vari adattamenti cinematografici non gli rendono giustizia, salvo in parte quello di Comencini, seppur povero di mezzi.
In effetti il libro è diverso, adotta lo stile delle fiabe, così difficili da rendere sullo schermo. Piccoli capitoli auto conclusivi caratterizzati da uno stile asciutto e quasi privo di descrizioni. Non c’è da stupirsi, è lo stesso tipo di narrazione de I racconti delle fate, tradotte pro...more
What is you were just sitting around playing with a piece of wood, and all of a sudden, it started… to talk. You jump back, thinking this is a dream. Well, in The Adventures of Pinocchio, that dream comes true.
It all started one day when a man named Geppetto was building a puppet. When all of a sudden, it started to cry, scream, laugh, and talk. He kept working his puppet, with his occasional blackouts from a piece of wood talking to him, and eventually he finished his puppet, and it became as r...more
 Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ
Selama ini saya mengenal si Pinokio cuma dari kartunnya Disney atau film layar lebarnya (kalo ga salah banyak versi, saya baru nonton yang versi tahun 2002 dan tahun 1993, belum versi kartunnya yang banyak). Semua orang begitu mengenal tokoh ini sehingga saat mau membaca edisi aslinya (lebih tepatnya, edisi lengkap cerita asli Pinokio)sempat terlintas di pikiran, apalagi yang diharapkan dari cerita si Pinokio?

Pengalaman adalah guru paling berharga, kata orang. Belajar dari pengalaman membaca buk...more
I was absolutely surprised by this book..... I had no desire to read it - I somehow had this preconceived idea that I would not like it. It was, however on my son's Mensa For Kids reading list, and so we read it.

We loved it! To be sure, some parts were rather silly and a bit disjointed... but the great stuff really outweighed these minor drawbacks...

We both agreed that Pinocchio's journey reminded us very much of The Odyssey. It also, for us, reminded us of the biblical story of the Prodigal So...more
Patrizia O
A me Pinocchio ha sempre fatto simpatia, una simpatia istintiva e non ho mai trovato disdicevole che il suo più grande desiderio (almeno quello dichiarato) fosse di diventare un bambino vero: nessun bambino vuole distinguersi dagli altri per la sua diversità, non vuole essere additato per strada e non vuole diventare famoso come fenomeno da baraccone. Essere diversi, uscire dal coro e distinguersi per l’originalità delle proprie scelte è cosa che comincia ad avere un suo fascino nell’adolescenza...more
Troy Dufrene
Nov 21, 2008 Troy Dufrene rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Lovers of dark fairy tales, wannabe Italians
Recommended to Troy by: Diesel Books
Time for a confession: I had no clue Pinocchio existed until I wandered into an independent bookstore to hear a reading. I mean, I knew about the Disney Technicolor extravaganza with the top-hatted cricket, the Marilyn Monroe-ish hypersexualized fairy, and the not-quite-as-racist-as-Popeye Geppetto. But I had no idea the story had descended to Walt's half-mad storyboards from a very keen and compelling 19th century Italian writer. But there was this fine New York Review of Books edition on the t...more
Lars Guthrie
Three years ago, Robert Brock’s translation of ‘Pinocchio’ garnered a fair amount of attention, including mine. I realized I knew nothing about the darker original story, despite the Disney movie being a childhood favorite.

Actually, though, I couldn’t remember too much about the movie, and thought I should see it again. What really stuck in my mind was Jiminy Cricket, and even more, the voice of Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket singing “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Bliss.

Three years later, I have...more
Nov 21, 2008 Stephan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Brian, Kelsey
Recommended to Stephan by: Paul Auster
"Centuries ago there lived- "A king!" my little readers will say immediately. No, children, you are wrong."

That's how Collodi's "The Adventures of Pinocchio" begins and differs from what I could have imagined (or what I imagined only knowing, or rather remembering, Disney's warped version of it). --SPOILERS TO FOLLOW-- "Jiminy Cricket" in Disney's version as the conscience or ghost is actually just called the "the talking cricket" and lives on Geppetto's wall. Pinocchio kills him with a hammer i...more
Mihail Kostov
Първата ми книга. Минаха 20 години, откакто я четох, но все още ярко си спомням някои части от нея.
Понякога ми се иска да я препрочета, но имам чувството, че някак ще разваля магията. Може би когато реша да го направя, ще е за да я прочета на собствените си деца. Ще е хубаво, пък ако не я харесат, винаги мога да си направя нови.
Not like the Walt Disney cartoon - at all! Pinocchio is a jerk. A lazy disobedient naive kid. This story is about how a lazy bad kid who refuses to listen to wisdom faces many ridiculous life threatening situations. After reading I thought it would be a great book for 10 year old boys (my nephew in particular) who while reading it will easily see all the BAD decisions Pinocchio made and might actually learn a lesson.
I didn't know that this book existed! The only Pinocchio I knew of was the Disney version. For shame! Josh, at The World's Strongest Librarian recommended this to me. I'm so glad! Guess what? Pinocchio was such a dick! The cricket? He's no song and dance man in this original version.

I'm glad I took the time to read this. It was a crazy and delightful romp.
Benjamin R
This Book is the longer version with 193 Pages and I'm on #91. This Book has much more adventure than the short little 10-long page one that's SUPER boring. I think (other people may not) Carlo Collodi has a lot, but good humor. In the story Pinocchio meets at least 10 characters. There is no School like the tiny and boring book. (But there is a stage and theater) Two of the characters are a Fox and Cat, and that's all I'm going to tell you because that would COMPLETLY RUIN IT! You should really...more
Tammy M.
Disney this is certainly not.

I'm pretty sure most of us have seen the animated flick with Jiminy Cricket following and yelling at Pinonchio - as well as 'I've got no strings to hold me down' and that scene with the donkey transformation that terrified me as a young child.

That scene dosen't take place in the book - at least not in the same way as it did in the movie. In fact, the Disney movie is a very loose adaption. Think you know Pinnochio because you saw the movie? Think again.

This is a surpr...more
With a plot as unpredictable and fantastical as Alice In Wonderland, and sometimes just as unyielding to definitive interpretation, I wasn't invested in the story until I met the Fairy with Sky-Blue Hair. She adds an evocative dimension -- mother/sister/lover, death/life, obedience/adventure-seeker -- that gives Pinocchio a more justified motivation, in my mind. Without her, the book seems almost communist in its study hard, work hard, revere your elders and memorize these aphorisms to succeed i...more
Melissa (ladybug)
Pinocchio was written originally as a serialized (short episodic chapters) story in a children's magazine before it was published into a book. I usually do not enjoy serialized newspaper stories (such as Voltaire's Candide, Zadig and Selected Stories or Alexander Smith's 44 Scotland Street) much but I enjoyed this story. It is definitely NOT Disney's Pinocchio!

Pinocchio is the story of a poor man (Geppeto) who makes a marionette named Pinocchio. Pinocchio has almost all bad traits and only gene...more
Chuck LoPresti
This is a classic tale that according to the afterword is only outsold by the Bible. I'm not going to say that the bible has done less good - but it certainly has done more harm and if we are to measure books by the results in terms of actions taken by people subsequent to their reading - then Pinocchio is the better book. I absolutely adore Cervantes and the Marx brothers and this book it right between those two pillars of human understanding. Only the most intelligent comedians like the Marx B...more
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