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Time Flies
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Time Flies

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  758 ratings  ·  91 reviews
A wordless tale in which a bird flying around the dinosaur exhibit in a museum has an unsettling experience when it finds itself back in the time of living dinosaurs.
Library Binding, 32 pages
Published April 5th 1994 by Crown Publishers Inc. (first published March 1st 1994)
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Time Flies by Eric Rohmann is a wordless time travel fantasy adventure which takes place when a bird flies into a natural history museum during a thunder storm.

The opening series of pictures show a bird flying in a thunderstorm, seeking shelter. Did lightning hit that museum, or just nearby? Finding an open window, the bird flies in, and darts in and out of mounted dinosaurs. As the bird flies, the museum fades and prehistoric landscapes appear, while the dinosaurs grow skin and come alive! The...more
Don't look too quickly at this wordless picture book lest you question my categorization of it as fantasy. A live bird flies in through the window of a natural history museum and flits about the dioramas and skeletal remains of dinosaurs in a prehistoric exhibit. Beautifully illustrated, it took me to the Yale Peabody museum where many of the illustrations could have been lifted from the walls and halls. I can imagine the four and five year olds becoming totally captivated by this book. Remember...more
I could "read" this wordless book again and again. Although if the book summary hadn't told me that it was a "meditation on the scientific theory that dinosaurs were the evolutionary ancestors of birds," I probably wouldn't have made that connection. To me it was just the story of a bird who flew into an open window at a dinosaur museum and was mysteriously transported back to the time of the dinosaurs. I loved finding connections between the two time periods by finding things that were at the m...more
Stephanie Rudzki
I picked this book up at the library because it was suggested to me by Goodreads. I did not know that this book consisted of only illustrations until I got it home to read last week. I had to look through it a few times to understand the meaning behind it and what it was trying to get across to me. This book also came with a parent's guide to give a briefing of what Time Flies is about and also some questions to ask the child while looking through it. I made sure to read the information in the b...more
The vibrant oil paintings are the star in this Caldecott honor medal winning-picture book. A bird enters a museum and explores the dinosaurs that are on display there. As he zooms around the space, he seems to go back in time and face threats from some of the dinosaurs, one of whom considers him a tasty snack. Astute readers will recognize some of the physical characteristics that the bird and dinosaur share and the likelihood that birds evolved from dinosaurs. I love the fact that there are no...more
Sara Check
1.This is a wordless picture book.

2.A bird’s trip through a dinosaur exhibit in a museum becomes too real. From dinosaur skeletons to real dinosaurs trying to catch him as a meal, this bird quickly heads through a window to end his historical trip.

3.A.Time Flies is a book only of amazing illustrations where interpretation is in the eye of the reader. The uses of dark illustrations along with bold and vibrant ones relate more than meets the eye. The mixing of time periods are shown through the li...more
This was a good book to rediscover on a grey morning with black coffee in bed. Dinosaurs don’t flip my switch, but museums definitely do. Rohmann depicts a bird seeking shelter from a storm into what looks like a natural history museum. While darting in and out of enormous fossils, the bird creates a story from perhaps ancient memories or maybe a remarkable imagination. Wittiness infuses Rohmann's strong artistry, which is essential because no words interfere with the images.

I have two opinions...more
Amy Fieldhouse
Time Flies is a wordless picture book that uses captivating illustrations to take the reader on a journey through evolution through a bird’s eye. The bird is in a dinosaur exhibit surrounded by Dinosaur bones when they seemingly come to life on the pages. Through Eric Rohmann’s use of color and detail in his illustrations the relationship between bird and Dinosaur is entwined on every page.

I awarded Time Flies four stars because it takes a unique approach as a wordless book but...more
Time flies is a book written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann. Winner of the Caldecott Honor Award, this picture book is wordless; relying solely on the illustrations to convey the message of the story. In Time Flies readers follow a bird on a time-travel adventure to the prehistoric times of dinosaurs. Initially the book contained text to support the pictures, but as Rohmann proceeded in making his book he found that it was simply a reinforcement to his illustrations and preferred to let his pic...more
Assignment: Picture Book Project
Category: Wordless
Recommending Source: 1995 Caldecott Honor Award

Review: In this wordless picture book, we follow a bird as it enters a museum containing dinosaur fossils. As the bird inspects the preserved fossils, the pages transform back in time to when the dinosaurs were alive. The same bird is seen flying among the dinosaurs until it exits the museum.

On the front cover, there is a close-up of a very large animal’s eye in the top right corner. The creature st...more
Emily Anderson
Time Flies by Eric Rohmann takes place in a museum. A bird flies through an open window where huge dinosaur fossils stand. All the sudden, the bird flies back in time and the dinosaurs come to life. As the bird flies around the massive dinosaurs one of them shallows the bird. At first you think the bird dies, but when you turn the next page the bird flies through the fossils. This was my favorite part because it was waking the bird up from reality show how detailed it's imagination was. The illu...more
Layne Seegmiller
Time Flies is a creative book about a bird that flies into a museum and back through time via the dinosaur exhibits. There are no words in the book so it relies heavily on the illustrations to tell the story which do a wonderful job. You never quite know whether the bird really travels through time or not. I like to think that the bird was just using his imagination because the story would then be inspiring children to use theirs.
Rohmann, Eric. Time Flies. New York: Crown Publishers Inc, 1994. Print. 32 p.

Lightning crashes outside a dark museum housing dinosaur bones. A bird, in order to find shelter from the storm, flies inside the building and lands in the mouth of tyrannosaurus rex. As lightning crashes again, the bird is transported back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, as those in the museum come to life. Readers, aged 4 to 8, experience the happenings from the bird's perspective, providing a real “bird's eye vi...more
Ashley Whaley
This book was one of my favorite wordless books. I enjoyed looking at this book because I was entertained. I think this book is good for a younger group of students because it helps to show them how powerful an image can be in telling a story. I think have children create their own "book" without using words would be a fun activity to allow them to use their creativity.
“Time Flies” is a book written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann. It won the Caldecott Honor Award. This is a picture book that tells a story through full page illustrations without text. In this book the reader follows a bird on an exciting journey to the dinosaur age. As the story unfolds, the bird and the reader get up close and personal with enormous and majestic dinosaurs. This truly is an adventure through the ages.

First, the teacher will read the book to the class. Then children will be o...more
The illustrations in this book are beautiful. I enjoyed the plot of the story being about the birds seeing the dinosaurs in the museum and then seeing them alive. Children would enjoy this book.
Picturebook-Science Fiction
Rohmann, Eric. Time Flies. New York: Crown, 1994.

*Wordless picture book

-This book follows a bird as it first travels around the dinosaur exhibit at a museum. However, it is soon transported back to the time of living dinosaurs.

-time travel

Activities to do with children
-Have the students debate whether the bird is using his imagination or he was really transported back in time. Have them defend their answer.
-Show students a map of the exhibits at the Smithsonian Museum of...more
Victoria Hill
This book may only contain illustrations but does not struggle with telling a story. The illustrations are captivating and keep your eyes wandering among the details. In the story line you follow a little bird [modern] into a museum containing dinosaur fossils! As the little bird flies further into the museum, the bird begins to go back in time and the once fossils come to life. Since this book has no words it would be a great supplementary lesson for the teacher to add her own comments. Also fo...more
I enjoyed this wordless picture book because the details of the pictures were well thought out and the interpretation can be that the birds name is "Time." Time flies through the museum full of dinosaurs as skeletons and the pictures flashback to when the dinosaurs were alive and Time is flying around them. I thought it was funny and creative how Time gets caught in a dinosaurs mouth and the picture shows the feathers falling out of the mouth of the dinosaur and then you see him indside the mout...more
Time Flies is a wordless picture book by Eric Rohmann. In this beautifully illustrated book, the reader is taught the notion that birds are a descendant of their ancestors, the dinosaur. In the story, a bird finds shelter inside a history museum during a storm. I loved this book because of the clarity of the story. Making a wordless picture book can't be an easy task, and not every book does as wonderful of a job as conveying a clear message as Rohmann does in this story. This would be a great w...more
Rachel Cavender
This is a also a wordless book and it goes through different dinosaurs lives. It is a really cool way to show different aspects of dinosaurs and how they lived.
The book won a 1995 Caldecott honor award, and with its stunning oil paintings, it is no wonder. For his first picture book, the author takes us on a wordless journey on the evolution of the bird, back in time to its dinosaur ancestors. It starts at a local history museum, where the bird has flown in to see the dinosaur skeletons. As the book progresses, we are sent back in to the time when these dinosaurs lived and what they looked like. The bird narrowly escapes being eaten by a Albertosaurus....more
Amanda Funnell
Genre: picture book, science fiction
The illustrations for this book are marvelous. If I had had this book as a child, I know that it would have been a favorite. There are no words to this story, but you get everything from the pictures. I loved the sequence of events, and my mind automatically "told" me what was happening, I didn't need words. I would definitely recommend this book, I think anyone would enjoy it.

*Taken from my book reviews blog:
The artwork in this book is incredible. I was amazed by the sheer magnitude of scope that the pictures show of this bird's wordless trip through a museum of natural history and into the past, where the dinosaurs lived. Eric Rohmann is a superb artist, who tells a story with his illustrations that will engage the imagination and create lasting memories, in the tradition of David Wiesner. I would give one and a half stars to Time Flies.
Though there are not many words in this picture book, I really enjoyed the storyline. A bird flies across a dinosaur exhibit then peeks into the past and views the dinosaurs as they once were. At the end, the author provides short information and facts about the subject. I enjoyed this book and I also think most young students would enjoy it because of the universal subject. Most students enjoy reading about animals or learning about history.
Mrs. Wynn
Wow. The artwork by Eric Rohmann is startlingly realistic. I've shown this to kids ages six through eleven and they all have marveled over the illustrations. We especially love the pages in which the dinosaurs' bones are gradually becoming covered with skin (they're coming to life!) and those in which the dinosaur's skin is beginning to disappear, leaving them as fossilized skeletons again. This will really appeal to dinosaur-lovers!
Time Flies by Eric Rohmann is a wordless story of when a bird flies into a natural history museum during a thunder storm.
the begining of pictures show a bird flying in a thunderstorm, seeking shelter. seeing a open window the bird goes in accidentendaly flying into the mouth of a dinosaur. The bird escapes back outside. i really like the authors details in the illustrations that bring the reader right engaged into the story.

Natasha Ence
What a cool wordless picture book. I thought it told a unique and creative story as we followed the bird. It would be a fun book to look through with a group of younger kids. I would also love to read it as a bedtime story with my little brother and make up the story.
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Eric Rohmann won the Caldecott Medal for My Friend Rabbit, and a Caldecott Honor for Time Flies. He is also the author and illustrator of Bone Dog, Clara and Asha, A Kitten Tale, and The Cinder-Eyed Cats, among other books for children. He has illustrated many other books, including Last Song, based on a poem by James Guthrie, and has created book jackets for a number of novels, including His Dark...more
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