The Mystery of the Blue Train
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The Mystery of the Blue Train (Hercule Poirot #6)

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American millionaire Rufus van Aldin gives daughter Ruth Kettering ruby 'Heart of Fire' coveted by mysterious M le Marquise, advises her to divorce Derek. On Blue Train to Paris for Comte de la Roche, Ruth confides in newly rich Katherine Gray, dismisses maid Ada, then is stabbed and robbed. Detective Poirot predicts "interesting happenings" for Katherine, admired by Derek...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published July 10th 1995 by HarperCollins (first published 1928)
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لغز القطار الأزرق

كالكثيرين، لأجاثا كريستي في مخيلتي مذاق المراهقة، عندما كنت أقرؤها في عصريات صيف بعيد، محاولاً بدأب معرفة القاتل، قبل أن يتوصل إليه هرقل بوارو، وهو مالم أفلح به أبداً، لأن أجاثا لم تكن عادلة، كانت تبقي أهم الخيوط بين يديها، لهذا لم تكن أجاثا كريستي مفضلة لدي في تلكم المرحلة، بسبب شعور الغبن الذي كان يجتاحني بعد الفراغ من الرواية، كيف كان لي أن أعرف أن القاتل فلان ! والمؤلفة أخفت عني علاقاته وماضيه ! وألمحت إليها مجرد إلماح في فصول سابقة، كانت روايات الجريمة والغموض في ذهني، ورب...more
Laurel Young
I think I recall reading that Dame Agatha was in a hurry to complete this novel, that she needed the money to support herself and her daughter, and that she did not consider it one of her better efforts. Nonetheless, I was anxious to read it; it is definitely a lesser-known work of hers and I love having a new Christie to read. Besides, I wondered if she were not being rather too hard on herself--and I was correct. This is a perfectly respectable addition to her canon, with Poirot in fine form a...more
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I don't know if something got lost in abridgment, but this story didn't quite come together. The connection between the characters weren't up to Christie's usual standards and the murderers came sort of out of nowhere. Maybe the fact that she wrote it close to her nervous breakdown and disappearance had something to do with it...
Re-reading Agatha Christie in order of publication …

Loved it! Favorite so far by far… I would consider this book not just a great Christie book, but a great classic English novel. The opening was mysterious and intriguing. The main story itself plays on several Christie themes – rich father buys expensive necklace for his only daughter/heir, murder, Poirot, a cross-country train trip, rich society in a tropical location, and multiple eligible bachelors for single women but one might be a murder!...more
Crime no Expresso do Oriente é um dos livros mais famosos de Agatha Christie e foi também, curiosamente, o primeiro livro que li dela. Mas, antes de ter publicado esse livro em 1934, a Rainha do Policial já tinha explorado 6 anos antes o comboio como cenário de um crime, precisamente neste O Mistério do Comboio Azul.

A história inicia-se com a compra de um conjunto de rubis russos muito valiosos por parte de um milionário americano, que os oferece à filha. Ruth vive um casamento infeliz, movido a...more
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Este livro inicia-se logo com uma aura de mistério associada à espionagem e à compra de uma jóia famosa pelo rol de tragédias que acarreta. Quando outra destas tragédias ocorre, desta vez um assassinato seguido do roubo da jóia, cabe a Poirot descobrir se ambos os crimes estão relacionados ou simplesmente se o roubo foi um crime de oportunidade.

Os suspeitos são muitos e Poirot terá que formar uma aliança com Katherine Grey, a quem Ruth, a...more
I have not long been a Christie fan, but I have been enjoying the selections I've picked off my library's audio collection shelves. The Mystery of the Blue Train was no exception. Excellent writing, interesting characters, and always a surprise at the "reveal" (although I did guess at least 1/2 of the mystery well before it was over.) I found myself impressed with even her throw-away characters such as the PI hired by the deceased's father who had a habit of never looking at the person to whom h...more
"Everyone looked respectfully at Poirot. Undoubtedly the little man had scored heavily. The Commissary laughed - on a rather hollow note.
'You teach us all our business,' he cried. 'M. Poirot knows more than the police.'
Poirot gazed complacently at the ceiling, adopting a mock-modest air.
'What will you; it is my little hobby,' he murmured, 'to know things. Naturally I have time to indulge it. I am not overburdened with affairs.'"

It's been almost ten years since I last read an Agatha Christie, an...more
This one came together nicely, if rather abruptly, but it took forever to get going. I could definitely feel the pain Christie had in writing it--every sentence in the first section felt like it was being wrenched out of her. She normally didn't go in for so much exposition before starting the mystery, and it made the plot that followed exceedingly messy. The final solution made sense, and in fact was basically what I had come up with myself, but with all the characters and plot points created a...more
Yazan Azzam
أول رواية بوليسيتة اقرأها ... أعجبتني كثيرا قدرة الكاتبة على تجميع هذا الكم من الأفكار و ربطها لبناء "لغز القطار الأزرق "

اندمجت بسهولة مع الرواية .. فوجدت نفسي ألعب دور المحقق الرئيسي بالجريمة .. و أدلتي كانت الإيماءات التي تتركها الكاتبة ما بين نصوص الرواية ...

و لكن انتهيت بسؤال واحد لم أجد له جوابا ...
" ما هو سر وجود الجواهر المزيفة لدى دوق لا روش؟؟؟ هل هي مجرد مصادفة؟؟ "
Another Poirot mystery that's very enjoyable. I never can figure them out, and I don't really dedicate much brain power attempting to do so. Repeated failures prompted me to forgo attempting to solve the mystery - now I just focus on the excellent wordplay and plot lines. Another train murder mystery, a la Orient Express, but this time involving precious jewels. The first quarter of the book really drags as Christie sets the table with her cast of characters. But after that, Poirot is his usual...more
فاطمة م.نور
ما بين الأربع نجمات والخمس :)

كانت اختيارًا موفقًا، ذكرت سبب اختياري لها في أحد التحديثات وهو تخوف هايبرا في الحلقة 701 من كونان من حدوث جريمة في القطار كما في رواية أجاثا كريستي، لم أعرف أهي جريمة في القطار الأزرق أم في قطار الشرق السريع، المهم أنها في القطار xD

لطالما أردت قراءة رواية بوليسية حقيقية وكنت أتساءل "بعد كونان" كيف يمكن للقارئ أن يمسك الأدلة ويراها في الروايات؟ ومع ذلك لم أفقد إيماني بأنها ستجيب حين أقرؤها

صحيح أن القصة أبهرتني وصحيح أن العديد من استنتاجاتي وشكوكي وتساؤلاتي وافقت ما ف...more
Hillari Delgado
'The Mystery of the Blue Train' is Agatha Christie's 1928 mystery featuring Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. It is a problem number in the Christie canon: it was one of Christie's least favorite books and is a compendium of typical Christie weaknesses. Nevertheless, it is one of my personal favorites, for the large amount of stage time it gives to Poirot. And ham it up he does, delightfully!

This is 'classic' Christie: Fabulously wealthy and beautiful Ruth Kettering is murdered in her luxurious...more
The first half or so of this book was horrible. I found all the introduction type stuff very boring. It’s fine to build-up to the murder, but oh my god, it went on way too long. I felt like I spent five years of my life reading a 300 page book. I just wanted the chick on the train to get killed already so the whole mystery, whodunit-part would start. The fun part of a mystery is seeing all the pieces to the puzzle and trying to figure out how they fit together. This aspect was a bit lacking in t...more
I have gradually come to appreciate--dare I say even love?--Hercule Poirot. Even so, this one took three or four chapters to take to this one. At first I thought I couldn't even finish it, I just didn't like the flow of the first few chapters, introducing all these people (often nameless), the focus on a piece of jewelry, all this big build-up before introducing the main characters, etc. The story was oh-so-slow to start. But then at one point, everything started to click, started to move, and t...more
Book Concierge
A cache of rubies that once belonged to Catherine the Great comes into the possession of an American millionaire. He gives them to his daughter - Ruth Kitteridge - who is married to a bankrupt English nobleman. She, however, is still in love with the French scoundrel who frequently scams his "lovers." Meanwhile her husband, Derrick, is having an affair with a French exotic dancer - Mirelle. When Ruth takes the Blue Train to Nice to rendevouz with her lover she, inadvisedly, takes the rubies with...more
Simply brilliant. Probably the least expected turned out to be the culprit, as usual. Extremely high on emotional tension, although romantics might find themselves disappointed by the ending if they're easily attached to a pairing.

EDIT 2013/08/09
Having recently reread it and felt quite differently about the romance aspect, I felt the need to edit with a note that it really does rely on perspective. A few years and hindsight does wonders. I enjoyed the love triangle and the ultimate pairing this...more
Sara Gonçalves
Agatha Christie foi e é, como todos sabem, a grande mestre dos policiais, do mistério. Hercule Poirot é das personagens mais inteligentes e perspicazes que já conheci.
O Mistério do Comboio Azul segue várias personagens, vários suspeitos, que circulam em redor do assassinato de Ruth Kettering, o seu envolvimento com um vigarista, e o roubo de rubis que a vítima tinha na sua posse. Posso dizer que nunca pensaria no verdadeiro assassino. Aliás, tinha-o/a como umas das personagens que certamente nã...more
Aceptable novela detectivesca que tiene todos los ingredientes de este género, y tan bien utiliza Christie, que están encuadrados en un escenario ideal: un tren de lujo. En este “decorado” se suceden las intrigas donde el amor, la ambición y el dinero se entremezclan. La trama, bien urdida, se compone de varios elementos intrigantes: joyas legendarias, herencias, adulterios, bailarinas, ladrones famosos, y un buen puñado de personajes interesantes.
No es de sus mejores novelas, inferior a su pre...more
American millionaire Mr. Van Aldin buys, at great expense and no little danger, some spectacular rubies for his daughter Mrs. Kettering, who is unhappy in her marriage. He advises her to divorce him, and also to cease her connection with a disreputable fortune hunter whom she was involved with many years previously and is now again. Meanwhile, Katherine Grey, longtime companion to an elderly lady in an English village, has come into a lot of money and proposes to go to the French Riviera--she's...more
Windy hapsari
my late cousin gave me one of his collection, one of his collection was this book. it completely changed my point of view about those kind of book.
i found a little so called 'cinderella story' inside, when a maid inherit her employer wealth. Also how the heiress married a 'golddigger' man and end up in unhappy marriage, which make her father very upset. as always Hercule Poirot shown up in the middle of story. with his unperfect look, end up with a cup of tea with the 'cinderella' lady.
If I was the famous detective, Hercule Poirot, I don't think I would ever take a train. It seems that murder follows him when he boards one. Unlike the more famous, Murder On The Orient Express, here the search for the murderer (or murderers) mostly takes place after the train has arrived. More like the previous Christie book I reviewed, Death in the Clouds, we have a number of suspects traveling together, several with reasons to commit the crime. Although in this one how it was done is clear, b...more
Jun 26, 2008 Rory rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: tweed-lovin' nerds
Shelves: pre-1960
I give all Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot mysteries five stars. Because I yuv them. I understand if you don't. I have the knack for forgetting whodunnit after a couple years, so I can read them over and over. Of course, there are some that are objectively great, and if you want any recommendations, lemme know! I might take a couple to Hawaii with me...
After I started this I realized I had read it before, although I'm not sure whether I finished it. I didn't recall the solution to the mystery, so perhaps I became too irritated by the stock characters and constant remarks about how irrational women are. There were some clever lines, but if you are looking to try Christie don't start here.
An Odd1
"Many murderers are men of great personal charm" p 151. Poirot solves murder and takes down an international mastermind. Pushes my patience too far. Starts far from event, even introduction to investigator. Truth is buried beneath padded plot, too many people too lightly described.

Who really last saw victim alive? Can time of death not be more accurate(view spoiler)? Can reader solve if only real clue is bashed "disfigured face" p 218 (also in Nemesis https:...more
I liked this much better than the collection of Poirot short stories that I just read. In this full-length novel Christie has time to develop her characters and plot more fully. She presents us with a selection of possible murder suspects, each quite plausible. As in previous Poirot novels she provides us with numerous hints and details throughout the novel, and other readers more astute than myself may deduce the murderer before the end. But whether one can solve the murder with Poirot or await...more
The blue train is bound for the beautiful French Riviera. Ruth Kettering has gone with extra intentions as she hides a secret she has been keeping from her husband. On its voyage the train travels toward its destination there are passengers Ruth should fear as greed, unfaithfulness, and murder are afoot as she never makes it through the way.

What has happened to Ruth? Was she simply robbed of her precious gift of rubies or was something planned, something deadly and unexpected?

This book was admit...more
A mixed Christie, for me.

I did enjoy the mysterious beginning, the classic nature of the murder on the train, the glamourous society in the sunny foreign climes, the French police, the various "eligible", glamourous bachelors and similarly intriguing females, had everything to put it up there as one of her classics. I enjoy the language and the dense pacing of the early Christies, she really is underrated as a stylist.

But for me, without giving spoilers, the denouement read less like the tidy c...more
Phil Evans
I really enjoyed this, and it came as a welcome relief after the previous Poriot book (The Big Four). This was classic Poirot and serves as a timely reminder of an important fact: if you are travelling anywhere, going on holiday, anything innocent like that, and a diminutive Belgian ex-detective is on your train/in your hotel - run. Your life is in mortal peril.

The book progresses quite a long way before Poirot even appears, and sets the scene nicely and leaves some mysteries open. My only real...more
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Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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