How to Date a Nerd (How To, #1)
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How to Date a Nerd (How To #1)

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Zoe has a great pair of legs, perky boobs, and wears exactly what she needs to show it all off. She works hard for the easy sleazy ‘you only wish you were me’ reputation, burying who she really is—an all-out nerd.

The only time Zoe gets to be herself is when she hides under her comforter to read X-Men comics, sending jealousy stabs at everyone who attends Comic-Con. Keeping...more
ebook, 247 pages
Published September 24th 2013 by Swoon Romance (first published March 20th 2012)
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Lisa Jayne


Cassie Mae is fast becoming my go-to-author for when I need a young adult sweet, funny fix. There are times when I crave a book that is cute, silly, predictable and full of all things 'Young love'. With that in mind that's just what I found here with this delightfully nerdy and at times touching novel. Welcome to 'How to date a nerd' a book that has that 'don't-stop-now-I'm-having-a-good-time' quality stamped all over it ... Here are my nerdy loving book thoughts.


What's it...more
Jenny Morris
I can not tell you how much I love this book. I too was a closet nerd in high school. I'd sneak home just in time for Star Trek. Zoe is so many girls out there in school right now. They want to be popular, want to fit it, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make people love them. I think that's why I fell in love with her from the minute I read her list of rules. She's constructed this idea that the life she lives makes her happy but then a pesky little thing happens... Zak. How can...more
P.A. Warren
10 STARS..But realistically we will give it 5 since thats they way it goes.

I received a ARC for an honest review

When I first heard Cassie was writing How to Date a Nerd I admit there may have been some happy dancing going on,Im not going to lie.When I hear that the awesome Cassie is writing another book your darn right Im going to get excited.
 photo tumblr_inline_msdctfXZcm1qz4rgp_zpsb37680e0.gif
Lets delve right in without any spoilers,mmmkay?Zoe is the epitome of mean girl at school.Not going to lie I envisioned Lindsey Lohan in the movie Mean...more
Jo ★The Book Sloth★
Yeap, I finished this one in one sitting. And yeah, I did love it. It was sweet and funny.

When I read books like this one or watch movies I always wonder if bullying is in fact so bad in US. Don't get me wrong, the phenomenon exists in Greece too but in all my years at school I never came across or even heard of so extreme cases. Of course some kids are teased and made fun of but not at this level. I've never known anyone who was thrown food, got beat up or ended up hiding in the toilet. Also, e...more
♔Beth♔ XoXo
this book was just plain adorable. ❤ ❤ ❤

dork squad photo large_zps09c30e23.png

the book was just so refreshing. i really needed a quick, fluffy, cute book to read. after all the dark and depression books i've read. lol

this is a story of the popular Zoe who has the HOT on her next door neighbor who happens to be an ex-bff/nerd (major nerd) i'm talking about Pokemon cards in his front button up shirt pockets. Zoe has hard time dealing with her problems and who she really is.

baby photo large-1_zpseffe9cde.jpg

this book is was just too cute and unrealistic at some poin...more
Melyssa Winchester
The one thing I took away from this, well, besides the fits of laughter I found myself in throughout, is how true to life it is. This might be a fictional book, but the struggle Zoe faced, not being true to herself because of how people would treat her if she did, it's realistic. It's what a lot of teens face daily and I think that's what kept me going through the entire story because I wanted to see her realize that breaking away from the "norm" doesn't have to be such a bad thing.

This story r...more
Jade Hart
This is hands down my favourite YA / NA read. I adore Zak. I want to hug Zoe. Everything about the nerdisms, the dialogue, the laugh-out loud awkwardness is perfect awesomesauce.

Highly recommend.
Rebecca ♥ Mat Cauthon ♥
Although I was pretty frustrated with Zoe in the beginning, this turned out to be pretty good. Not as good as Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend, but better than Switched.

(Zak didnt have glasses, but this guy is hot so he is gonna be my Zak for now. :P)

I hated Zoe at first because of the way she behaved at school. She may have been just pretending to care about nothing but fashion and boys and herself, but in the process she put herself before everyone, she hurt people's feelings and she w...more
Okay, so I was reading this other book, and at the end had the first chapter of this book. After I finished it, I freaking searched my little heart out trying to find the rest of it, and a completely inhuman sound came out of me when I found out THE BOOK WASN'T EVEN FREAKIN OUT YET! So, like the stalker I am, I found Cassie on Facebook and was all like ‘What the hell, man? You can’t leave me hangin’ like that! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!” So like the amazing author she is, ( and probably scared for...more
Jul 12, 2014 Reni rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: favs, ya
You can read this and other reviews at Madison Says

Here we go again with this big, goofy, stupid looking grin. I can’t wipe it off my face. Trust me, I’ve tried. My husband is beginning to worry about my sanity. It. Just. Will. Not. Leave. My. Face! My cheeks literally hurt. Cassie Mae, you are a frakking genius! The way you write… The storylines you dream up... All of it serves to further my opinion that YOU are a nerdy mastermind, hell bent on taking the literary world by storm. (Ha. Storm mad...more
I'll keep it short and simple. Zoe is your typical fictional character who manages to party hard yet keep her innocence. She redefines the word annoying! Her constant selfishness and ignorance to all those who love her is just unattractive and boring. Yet I had to finish this in one sitting, because when you meet Zak and Zoe you realize that your inner nerd is screaming for you to give the physcotic girl a chance! For all I knew Zoe was just the typical moron! Then I read that she played World o...more
Mimi Lovell
I'm just going to jump right in and say.... I loved it! This was such a great book. I read it in one sitting. I couldn't get enough of it.
First we have Zoe, the once nerd, turned popular girl, who is faking everything about herself, just so people will forget that she was that girl at the nerd table in Jr High that read comics and knows everything there is to know about Lord of the Rings. And then we have Zak, the always was, always will be a nerd, completely embracing his nerd-dom. But, Zoe has...more
Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
I love reads like these, I really do. Those that let you just get away for a couple of hours, cleanse your palate and give you a happily ever after when all is said and done in the end.

And even though I really did love this book, heck, I loved Zak, I would love to say I felt the same way about Zoe, but sadly I just didn't. I couldn't connect with her like I wanted to.

I liked her well enough but I couldn't get past all the hurt she did to Zak time and time again. How she treated him when others...more
Heather andrews
I LOVED this book it was quirky, cute, fun and Zak hubba, hubba! Zoe that girl has balls, "like every party night, I try to show off first to my neighbor, who can see straight into my open window. I strip down to my underwear so Zak can get a good look." Being in her mind is like a story all on it's own, "his holey jeans look so damn good on him." Zak has been hurt by Zoe one to many times and he actually grows some balls and let's her know where he stands with her at a certain (well a few certa...more
Mar Winston
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Every part of it. I'm not specially picky when it comes to books, but I love stories like this one. You find a light, fun reading that actually comes with a heavy, and hard theme. I mean, you find all that without it being a heavy kind of read.

No sé bien cómo expresarlo en inglés, pero a dónde quiero llegar es a que no es un libro pesado a pesar de tratar un tema fuerte. Porque es la forma en que lo trata, lo que hace que tenga toda la importancia que merece pero que a la vez...more
This book is SO cute! Zoe loves the boy next door, but he happens to be a major geek. Zoe used to be a major geek, too, until she got sick of the teasing and ditched her nerdiness to become one of the most popular girls in school. What she didn't count on was the fact that, no matter what reputation you have, people will always have something to say about it.

Zoe's battle with her inner nerd is so well written. Many people in high school struggle to fit in, and often sacrifice who they really are...more
J.A. Bennett
Finally a book about how nerds are the best! I mean, who wouldn't love someone who's so passionate about life that they're willing to show that passion on the outside. I love, love, love Zach. He's so cute and totally the kind of guy I would date if I was single. Zoe grows so much throughout the book and by the end I was cheering for her. Like, literally clapping at the last paragraph. I already love Cassie's books, but this made me level up in that love.

Looking for a sweet, funny, romance that...more
Totally Nerdtastic!

I think Cassie Mae has got to be one of my favorite authors as she just knows how to make the sweet feel good but totally funny stories. As with everything else of hers i have read i felt connected to the characters and even if i didnt like what they were doing all the time i always liked and understood them and found i could relate to them.

I finished this in a few hours not being able to put it down and it left me with a big goofy grin on my face.
The first thought I had after reading this book? What a refreshing read! It was light, fluffy, and non-challenging in the vocab area. It was like a mental vacation as I have been reading some really challenging books. This story has a good moral (be yourself), fair writing, and a nice storyline. I wouldn't recommend reading t if you want to lengthen your vocabulary though. Recommended for 13-16 year olds. 3.5-4 stars.
Stephanie Haefner
Really loved this book! I think all girls, and women, can relate to Zoe. The fear in being yourself when it isn't what's cool. The damage that ridicule can do to a young person. I liked that Zoe knew she did not deserve Zak , but couldn't help but want him. He was right to be hesitant to let her back in his life. So happy when she finally decided to be herself and let the chips fall where they may. Great read!
Annie Cosby
Cassie Mae is a master of witty banter and quirky characters. Which are my favorite things in the world! Love this book :)
Dec 27, 2013 Carolyn rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: own
I really did love this book but just couldn’t rate it higher than Friday Night Alibi or Switched so I’ve given it an equal rating to them.

For the majority of the book I really wanted to give Zoe a good slapping for ignoring her “inner geek” although I can totally understand her reasoning behind it as I received similar treatment back in high school. However, I would never have transformed myself into the bitchy Popular Zoe that she became especially getting that reputation.

High School is hard an...more
Christina Rodriguez
“Erase the parts that make me unhappy. I guess that means emphasizing the parts that do.”

Zoe has all she’s ever dreamed of. Being popular has always been something Zoe has craved and since entering high school she is in with the “IT” crowd. It doesn’t matter to her that she's in emotionless relationships, is considered stuck up, and is known around school as a slut. Being popular means she isn’t made fun of anymore and doesn’t have to be humiliated. So she portrays the New Zoe.

But when no one i...more
Characters: Cassie created a host of great characters in this HOW TO DATE A NERD. No matter where you fell in your high school social structure, chances are you can relate to Zoe and the challenges of navigating those often treacherous waters. Add in a score of other great characters, and you have the ingredients for a highly enjoyable book.

Relationships: The relationships that Cassie showcased in HOW TO DATE A NERD are a big part of what kept me turning pages. While the book still would have be...more
I loved this book! And I loved Zak!
This book was amazing! Made me chuckle many times, made me cry two or three times, made me want to slap Zoe and yell at her most of the time, made me hot as hell, made me want to kiss Zak and jump his bones more than a few times (yeah, I know, he's too young for me, but I think I fell in love with him just a little), he was so sweet and adorable! And I couldn't help but see him through Zoe's eyes and agree with her.
I couldn't agree with Zoe on other things tho...more
Crystal (Crystal in Bookland)
Ok let me see if I can put into words HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! When I discovered this book it was through Goodreads where another blogger had recently got done reading it and posted a review. I read the title, saw the cover and I was hooked. Then when I read the review I knew I HAD to read it.

How To Date A Nerd is about a girl who is a closet nerd all in the name of staying popular. She had a tough couple of years in middle school, being made fun of and picked on, so she gave up her nerdy...more
Sweet, funny, and a lovely YA read! How to Date a Nerd was absolutely wonderful. It made me laugh, swoon, and desperately wish for a hot nerd of my own. Loved this book!

I was a little worried going into this book. I read another book with a similar premise before and, unfortunately, didn't like it. But, because I really like Cassie Mae's other books, I decided to go for it. And, I'm glad I did, because this turned out to be a fantastic read.

Zoe was a great heroine. She was easy to relate to. Thr...more
Finally got my hands on Cassie Mae's latest book. I found it on Amazon and did not hesitate to get it. After reading two of Cassie Mae's books, I was confident that I'm going to love this one! Of course, I had to wait until the weekend before finally deciding to read it. I didn't want any interruptions. Here I am a few hours after I started reading, with no sleep for more than 24 hours now but I'm still giddy and tingling and reeling. I'm on a high, and I think I can keep this up a few more hour...more
I <3 this book so much! I may not be THAT nerdy, but it totally reminded me that it's OK that I AM A NERD! lol I'll post my full review once it's up on my blog for the Blog Tour!! :D

UPDATE (From my blog)

I have to say, after reading this book, I am SO glad I went to such a small high school, where my nerdy-ness could be appreciated! :) No, I was NOT in the popular crowd, by any stretch of the imagination, but even the popular kids got really good grades (for the most part). :) And Zak, along w...more
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Cassie Mae (who dons the name Becca Ann on occasion) is the author of a few hundred… okay, maybe not that many… books. Some of which became popular for their quirky titles, characters, and stories. She likes writing about nerds, geeks, the awkward, the fluffy, the short, the shy, the loud, the fun.

Since publishing her bestselling debut, Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend, she has published a...more
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“Erase the parts that make me unhappy. I guess that means emphasizing the parts that do.” 17 likes
“Okay,” he says before setting his hand on mine. He weaves his fingers in between my own and I swear I just swallowed a drummer with the way my heart pounds in my throat. I steal a glance at him, and he looks like he’s about to sweat a waterfall. “I-I’ll shift, you just worry about the clutch.” He gulps and his grip tightens on my hand.
If he thinks this is less distracting, he’s dead wrong.”
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