Trident K9 Warriors: My Tale from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy SEAL Canines
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Trident K9 Warriors: My Tale from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy SEAL Canines

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The New York Times bestseller featured on 60 Minutes, this is the first book to take readers inside the world of elite Navy SEAL dogs.As a Navy SEAL during a combat deployment in Iraq, Mike Ritland saw a military working dog in action and instantly knew he’d found his true calling. Ritland startedhis owncompany trainingand supplying dogs for the SEAL teams, U.S. Government...more
Paperback, 288 pages
Published January 14th 2014 by St. Martin's Griffin (first published March 5th 2013)
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I don’t review books on too often, because a lot of times I don’t have much to say beyond, I really liked book X. Today I’m going to attempt to do Trident K9 Warrior by Michael Ritland some justice.

I’ll start by confessing I’m kind of a dog geek (read; I have a blog about my dog) and have a little exposure to working dogs/helpers/Schutzhund/IPO/GSD/MALS but am beyond green in the sport (read; my dog has a BH and I did a summersault during the escape portion of my attempt to get ce...more
I am a big dog fan, especially larger working breeds and after seeing this book on 60 Minutes I ordered it immediately. It was very interesting reading about how the animals are selected and trained. The training begins even a few weeks after birth and is 100% positive reinforcement, no hiting or shocking the animals. I felt the first 3/4's of the book got a little slow and it was mainly focused on the training piece but as soon as he started sharing real life war stories that the dogs were invo...more
Sarah Eiseman
Originally posted on

This year, I’ve been reading books on our military in an effort to better understand the challenges and experiences of those who serve. Today’s book was written by Mike Ritland, with Gary Brozek, and is about the training of Military Working Dogs (MWD). Ritland, a former Navy SEAL, became involved in training these dogs following his service, but it’s clear from reading the book that he would have been an excellent handler had he not found this calling so...more
Kelly Carter
If you are interested in Navy SEALs, you'll enjoy this book. If you love dogs, especially working dogs, you'll enjoy this book. I listened to the audiobook (, and it was narrated very well. The author did significant research into the history of dogs in warfare, and I found that interesting. It's hard to believe the US military has discovered then forgotten several times how incredibly valuable dogs can be in service to soldiers. Some trivia from the book: It costs about $50,000 to t...more
This book is really and infomercial about the herding breed Belgian Malinois that the author trains and declares the Navy Seal trident group prefers for their bite activity attack (reviere) and IED explosive detection (sook) skills that are typically rewarded with tennis ball tug / fetch play. I find that I prefer the long walk companionship of my favorite Sight Hounds (Greyhound, Pharaoh and Ibizan) who are not that much into tugging, fetching, scent or biting activities. The author certainly m...more
I read this book in one sitting. Wow what a amazing book to read. Again, I just have to say my love of military books is a good one. However when I think of these types of books, I don't hardly ever think of the dogs fighting along side our military people. That is a shame. After reading this book and getting a really good idea of what these dogs do and the importance they play in helping our military forces win wars, I will always remember these dogs from now on. Also, when I thank our military...more
I enjoyed about 30% of this book, the remainder was underwhelming. I had seen the story on 60 Minutes and wanted to be inspired and moved by the book, instead much of it was a 'how to train your dog' type of story. Plus, the author is likely an excellent dog trainer, but he's not much of a felt a little like amateur hour.
We foster military working dog puppies for the breeding program at Lackland afb in San Antonio so I was especially interested in this book. Our puppies are not destined for Special Forces but are bred and trained to serve in all branches of the military all over the world. They too accompany our troops to war and much of the preparation and training is very similar to what this author described. Clearly the standards and requirements for Special Forces canines are higher in these programs just a...more
My Book Addiction and More MBA
TRIDENT K9 WARRIORS written by Mike Ritland with Gary Brozek. Read by Jeff Gurner is an interesting history/Military/Pets & Animal care/Afghan War. "My tale from the training ground to the battlefield with elite Navy Seal Canines". What an interesting and informative story of K9's and the man they work with in the Military field. These Military canines are highly intelligent,very motivated,brave, risk takers,smart, and very powerful. A wonderful history on Military working canines and the Na...more
Highly recommend! This book should appeal to a wide range of readers - those who love dogs and military history especially! The book is very interesting, especially in how he selects and trains the dogs. Every reader will have a greater appreciation for the training and dedication required of these dogs and handlers. Should be a must read for dog trainers and breeders of all types of dogs. It makes me realize how the exposure and handling of puppies from birth is so critical. This was a fascinat...more
Jennifer Nelson
Since I am a novice dog trainer, I'm always fascinated with books that feature amazingly trained dogs, especially if their skills are benefiting humans. This book delivered lots of fascinating details of military dogs' training and the amazing work that they do. I loved reading the dog stories and also gleaned a few tips and perspectives that will help me with my own dog training endeavors.

There were two things that bothered me about this book: the poor writing (this author simply cannot write)...more
Cheryl Sanders
This book was AMAZING! I like the way the stories are told of each individual dog and handler and the history leading up to the need for these amazing K9's. I learned so much more than I expected about Seal teams and their SOF dogs. I am in awe of their handlers. Mike Ritland has done an amazing thing by starting the Warrior Dog Foundation, giving these retired MWD's and SOF K9's a place to call home. Thank you Mike Ritland and Gary Brozek for writing this wonderful and very informative book and...more
Karen & Gerard
Trident K9 Warriors by Mike Ritland with Gary Brozek tells the story of an elite group of dogs who go through special training to help our men fight the wars around the world. I especially enjoyed the stories of the battle where the dogs played a vital role. Of course, I liked the pictures of the dogs too! Some of the chapters that dealt with non-battle scenes I skimmed. To Mike Ritland and your band of brothers in arms, thank you for your service!
(Gerard's review)
Kevin Goldsmith
This was an outstanding book. To begin with, the author is highly qualified to write about this: he was a SEAL team operator and trains Military Working Dogs (MWD), which is something he is very passionate about. This book gives MWD their proper recognition, the rigorous training they endure, and the amount of lives they save downrange due to their incredible olfactory perception. I definitely recommend this for people who love the military, dogs, and the Navy SEALs.
Now, I'm not a dog lover, but I love reading about working dogs, especially military/police dogs. So I had high expectations from this book. Unfortunately, this book was a cure for my insomnia.

The biggest problem here is the prose and the lack of a coherent, linear story telling. The telling, oh my god, the telling was passive, repetitive and downright disjointed. For such an interesting's rather stunning. It didn't take long for my 'editor' hat to materialize and mentally start to r...more
From 'great book' to 'infomercial', previous reviewers have said all I can about 'Trident K9 Warriors' by Michael Ritland; I suppose, as a work of non-fiction, much of the books appeal will lie in the reader's points of interest.
I love dogs, admire working dogs and their trainers; politics aside, I respect the devotion and training of Special Forces personnel, and the military in general. I therefore had high hopes for this read, and the first page brought me right into the action.
Sadly, the wri...more
Mark Rendahl
Amazing book. The amount of work these dogs do and number of lives they save is unquantifiable! You don't need to be a former K9 handler or someone who has served in the military to understand what the author writes. He describes everything in laymens terms making easy for any reader to understand what it takes to select, train and deploy these magnificent warriors!!
Author and U.S. Navy SEAL,
Mike Ritland delivers a phenomenal, first time view at Our Nations Elite MWD's. He takes the reader into the world of U.S. Navy SEALs and their K9 Teams, showing the invaluable role that these K9 Warriors carry in War as well as the bond they have with their Handlers. Outstanding Content and a Definite Best Seller!!!!

Rancy Breece
Fascinating look at the recruitment, training, and deployment of elite canine warriors with the SEALS. Great stories from the field, gives a good understanding of the backgrounds of the soldier and dog, how they work together, with the unit, and the enormous contributions of the dog to the success of the mission.
Mackenzie Betro
Trident K-9 warrior is a great book, I give Trident K-9 Warriors a four star rating. It was at sometimes graphic and vulgar language was used. I would recommend this book for people who like books about dogs, navy seals, companionship, and brotherhood. I would highly recommend it for older and mature teens.
The book goes back and forth through the eyes of Mike Ritland and his canine companions. Throughout the book Mike tells the readers about his navy seal experiences and his different experie...more
Not my kind of book. It was, however, informative about the K9 dogs. Lots of training involved with dogs and with handlers. Once again proves dog = man's best friend. Gets my vote for using more dogs in warfare!
Chris Green
As a law-enforcement K-9 handler I was able to pick up new training tips and ideas for training my police service dog. I'm looking forward to hearing Mike Rittland at our association training this spring.

Rittland does a great job outlining his training philosophy and the steps he takes to get a military working dog prepared for life and the special operations community. He begins their training at five weeks old and the training continues all the way up until they retire. The fact he starts them...more
J. Andrew
Quite an informative book if you're interested in working dogs. Lots of information on training methods, the human-canine bond, and historical uses of dogs in the military, among other things. Is rather repetitive on some of the information on training, and as such bogs down a bit (I would've given it 4 stars otherwise), but the latter half of the book makes up for it with accounts of individual dogs and their handlers on deployment with seal teams in the middle east. Gives you quite an in-depth...more
Kerstin Rachfahl
I did hear the audio Book, which had a good speaker. After the introduction I wasn´t sure, if I wanted to hear the book anymore. To involve a dog in war, put him in danger and missused him as weapon, was the first association, which pops in my mind. I put this feelings away and continued the listing. I really admire those dogs and love all kinds of dog. I always feel safe with my best friend. We have a Little Schnauzer and one time I was late in the evening, alone in the riding hall. I said to h...more
Melissa Van meter
I want to meet this guy! This book was fantastic!
Some interesting content and a good job of describing the amazing capabilities of these dogs. I also appreciated how he conveyed the bond that develops between the handlers and their dogs and the men in the unit. But the writing was painfully repetitive and often disjointed, bouncing between the history of canine warriors, training techniques, tennis ball rewards and his respect of these animals. That same formula seemed to be repeated from chapter to chapter interspersed with some good stories...more
Noel Burke
This was an interesting look at the world of Military Working Dogs (MWD) and Special Operations Forces (SOF) dogs. I'll admit it was not nearly as captivating just because it was less about stories and more about how training was accomplished and how dogs thought and operated. It was interesting though. If you have never thought about this aspect of the military it's worth your time. I can certainly say that my little dog does not have what it takes to be a Seal dog! Listened to this on my iPod....more
John Pfefferle
An excellent book highlighting another critical "team member", whose contributions saved countless human lives. I had no idea until the Bin Laden raid that canines have played such integral roles in many other such special operations. Their training, like their human team members, is unbelievable. Hats off to our four legged warriors. A "must"read for all interested is
N special ops.
I've fallen behind on my reviews, but after receiving this last summer and finishing it in October I'll try to recreate a few thoughts. This book focuses on the attributes that make an elite fighting dog and the bond that develops between working dog and handler. The easy, approachable tone makes it a quick read. The author draws the distinction between the elite dogs that work with the SEALs and the many other valuable working dogs serving in the military in other roles, which the average dog e...more
Deborah Darsie
A bit different from my usual dog-related non-fiction, but a worthy read with an interesting mix of SEAL veteran bluntness, descriptions of the stark world of being a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan and the personalities of the furry veterans who have given immeasurable comfort and focus to their tasks.

Not RAH RAH by any means. Ritland and the 'ghost' writer blended these pages into a cohesive story, with a dash of salty humor, bits of dog-training wisdom and a perspective on the rocky history o...more
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