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Bad Wolf (Bodenstein & Kirchhoff #6)

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On a hot June day the body of a sixteen-year-old girl washes up on a river bank outside of Frankfurt. She has been brutally murdered, but no one comes forward with any information as to her identity. Even weeks later, the local police have not been able to find out who she is. Then a new case comes in: A popular TV reporter is attacked, raped, and locked in the trunk of he...more
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published January 21st 2014 by Minotaur Books (first published 2012)
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After finishing The New York Trilogy I needed something light, something I didn’t have to analyse. I picked up Big Bad Wolf because I enjoyed Snow White Must Die so much. I’m not saying that I can’t analyse a novel like this one (you can analyse every text), I just think at times some light reading is needed. Big Bad Wolf tells the story of a crime that happened on the river Main near Frankfurt. Investigators Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein are back to investigate the crime, as the case...more
Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

Publishers do both the author and their readers a disservice when they opt to translate series out of order. Snow White Must Die was the first book authored by Nele Neuhaus to be released in English with this, Big Bad Wolf, the second, but in the original German the titles are the 4th and 6th respectively and I'm irritated by the resultant gaps. While it is true that the cases the team investigates are resolved within the framework of a single novel, the characters personal stories are ongoing a...more
Benoit Lelievre
I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I think a good police procedural should have a strong mystery aspect to it and the mystery of BAD WOLF is not successful at all. The author points at suspicious character way too obviously and takes lazy storytelling choices. The narrative is convoluted and contains too many useless characters who have for sole purpose to wrench emotion out of the reader. The many strands of the story come together very clumsily. I'm not comfortable being overly critical of...more
First off a bit of a whinge is required here. I am quite the fan of translated fiction. Probably something like three quarters of everything I read started off in a language other than English. I am a big fan of the various publishers who go out of their way to bring great bits of writing to the English market. Companies like Pushkin, Arcadia and Gallic get my vote every time. I also love the brilliant range of crime writers that more mainstream publishers have brought to English audiences in th...more
I haven't read any books of Nele before, and I had no expectations. So it wasn't a disappointment. I liked the main characters and some of scenes, especially with the kids. I disliked the extensive description of the gruesome crimes and I think the book could have been 100 or so shorter. This all adds up to three stars for this and in my book.

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I have never read Snow White Must Die but I have wanted to. My favorite genre is mystery/suspense novels. I had not problems with this book being translated. I agree with another reader that there were so many character view points that it was hard to keep them all straight. Plus, I did not really think that all the different voices help add anything to the story. Because this is the sixth book in the series and the first that I have read, I have missed the growing relationship with Pia and Oliv...more
Travis (Home of Reading)
I had a little trouble getting into this book. While it is a pretty straight forward detective style mystery I just had too many problems connecting with the characters. The one thing that really stood out to me is the similarities this has to mystery books that were created in Sweden. I know this is the authors 2nd US release and previously Nehaus was mostly a European writer but other than that I am not familiar with her origin, so my connection between her and Swedish fiction is strictly base...more
Cathy Cole
I can see why this series is so popular in Germany. Kirchhoff and von Bodenstein are two interesting and layered characters that I enjoy learning more about. Neuhaus knows how to craft a very complex plot with many subplots that slowly combine for a satisfying conclusion, and the translation by Steven T. Murray is excellent. However, Minotaur Books is doing something that drives me crazy: they are publishing the books in this series out of order. English-speaking readers first became acquainted...more
Robert Intriago
I liked the book even though I had three complaints about it. Two of the complaints have nothing to do with the author. The first of them is a complaint about the publisher. The first book in the series was “Snow White Must Die” and that was the fourth in the series by the author. The next one translated was the sixth book in the series: “Bad Wolf”. The fact that the fifth book in the series is missing creates confusion. Relationships have disappeared and connections between the stories are conf...more
Hannie Snels

Pia wordt tijdens een vrije avond opgeroepen i.v.m. een gevonden lijk.
Dit is een jong meisje, blond en zij is erg mager. Men ontdekt dat haar rug helemaal is opengereten. Later ontdekt men dat dit komt door een scheepsschroef.
Een groep dronken jongeren hebben haar gevonden. hiervan is een jongen bewusteloos vanwege het vele drinken.
Vanaf het begin dat je gaat lezen is er volop spanning in dit nieuwe boek van Nele Neuhaus. Er komen veel karakters in voor, deze zijn stuk voor stuk goed uitgewerkt...more
Ich habe bisher nur einen von Nele Neuhaus' Romanen gelesen: 'Schneewittchen muss sterben' und der war ok. Gut geschrieben, überzeugende Personen und Milieuschilderungen, spannende Handlung. Was mich damals bereits störte, taucht auch in diesem Krimi wieder auf: Eine Vielzahl von Handlungssträngen, die ihrer Aufgabe, Verwirrung beizutragen, sicherlich gerecht werden, aber auch zu manchen Längen im Buch führen.
Kurz mal ein Überblick über die Geschehnisse: Ein vorbestrafter Pädophiler bekommt Besu...more
As a police procedural, this works well. The author does a good job of introducing the different characters and narrative shards and then piecing them all together. I enjoy books where several stories begin and then intersect in sometimes surprising ways.

There are some issues with writing and dialogue which might be due to translation, and a couple of passages where characters seem to undergo shifts in perspective or behaviour that aren't credible; there are a couple of incredibly clunky passage...more
Neil McCrea
Bad Wolf is the novel that the Crimebot 5000 would write after being fed child porn statistics and 10 years worth of major network crime dramas.

Bad Wolf is like a multi-part episode of Law & Order: SVU, dubbed into German and given an action movie ending

Neither of those assessments is precisely true, although they kind of feel true. It may be that I've simply read too many crime novels in too short a time, even if I still find myself looking forward to the half dozen or so crime novels I hav...more
Nur eine Leiche
In der Nähe von Eddersheim wird die Leiche eines Teenager-Mädchens aus dem Fluss gezogen. Die Tote scheint ertrunken zu sein, doch zusätzlich weist sie Anzeichen schwerer Misshandlungen auf. Warum nur vermisst niemand die Jugendliche? Ist es wirklich "nur" ein weiterer ungeklärter Todesfall? Pia Kirchhoff und ihr Chef Oliver von Bodenstein setzen alles daran, das Schicksal der Toten zu klären. Da ihnen jedoch konkrete Anhaltspunkte fehlen, kommen sie mit ihren Ermittlungen nicht w...more
Überfrachtete Handlung, holprige Sprache, unnötige Wiederholungen und überflüssige Details, die wohl eher für Ortsansässige interessant sein sollen. Nach Fitzek-Manier stets einen Hauch zu dick aufgetragen, vom unsäglichen 'name dropping' mal ganz zu schweigen.
Es drängt sich immer mehr der Eindruck auf, "Schneewittchen muss sterben" sei ein bloßer Glückstreffer gewesen, denn weder davor noch danach konnten die Romane wirklich überzeugen.
Dabei sind die Ideen insgesamt gar nicht so schlecht und...more
Kathleen Hagen
Bad Wolf, by Nele Neuhaus, a-minus, Narrated byRobert Fass, Produced by blackstone Audio, downloaded from

This is the second book in the series that began with Snow White Must Die. On a hot June day the body of a 16-year-old girl washes up on a river bank outside of Frankfurt, Germany. She has been brutally murdered, but no one comes forward with any information as to her identity. Even weeks later, the local police have not been able to identify her. Then a new case comes in: a popu...more
Over a year ago, I read Neuhaus’ debut novel to the American market - Snow White Must Die. Though I initially enjoyed it, I recall my disappoint in learning that the publishers had decided to start translating Neuhaus’ Bodenstein and Kirchoff series with its fourth book. Curious to see where this book - reputed to the be the sequel to last year’s release - lay in the series, I was again disappointed to see that the publishers have chosen to continue to produce this series out of order to America...more
Heike Herrmann
Der sechste Fall von Pia Kirchhoff und Oliver von Bodenstein - natürlich für mich, als Fan der Reihe ein MUSS!

Zur Story:

Es wird ein totes Mädchen aus dem Main geborgen. Doch selbst nach intensiven Ermittlungen bleibt die Identität der Toten ungeklärt. Keiner kennt sie und alles erinnert an einen ungeklärten Fall von vor 9 Jahren. Auch damals wurde ein totes Mädchen im Wasser gefunden und der Fall konnte niemals geklärt werden. Wird es mit der "Nixe", wie der aktuelle Fall genannt wird, genauso s...more
This is the second in the author's series featuring German inspectors Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein to be published in English (Snow White Must Die is the first). While I thoroughly enjoyed both, I think this one has a bit of an edge; were it possible, in fact, I'd give it 4-1/2 stars versus four for the other one. That's because the plot here is a bit more intriguing and action-packed, especially in the last third of the book (give or take a few pages).

The story begins as the body of...more
Patricia Locati
Spectacular read. This is the 2nd mystery thriller by Nele Neuhaus ... her first book in the series is "Snow White Must Die" ... another breathtaking book! Nele is a German mystery thriller author ... her books are slowly being translated into English. I wish the translation could happen faster ... because I'm ready to read her 3rd book. This astounding book starts off with all these different characters and you have no idea how any of them could possibly be related ... there is just NO WAY!!! B...more
Koen Chevalier
Boze wolf is het zesde deel (de eerste 2 delen wachten nog steeds op een Nederlandstalige vertaling) in de von Bodenstein/Kirchhoff serie van Nele Neuhaus.

Het verhaal begint wanneer een groepje tieners het lijk van een meisje aantreft in de rivier de Main. Haar identiteit is niet vast te stellen en de speurders staan voor een raadsel. Wanneer de speurders even later ook geconfronteerd worden met de gruwelijke mishandeling van een tv-verslaggeefster, beseffen ze al snel dat er geen tijd te verlie...more
Good book, had me guessing almost to the end. I read a review just before getting this from my library. It said that the author was upset because there were mistakes and she wished she could correct them, (or something like that). This book has been translated from German, so maybe that was translated correctly..LOLOL! Anyway, I saw no mistakes and nothing to change. The book was great just the way it is. One "mistake" was supposed to be that the bad person was revealed to soon. I didn't see it....more
Tony Nielsen
Anyone who's read some of my reviews will understand my affinity with Scandanavian noir, probably stemming from the fact that my forbears left Denmark in 1873 for a new life in New Zealand. Big Bad Wolf is though a German thriller, but very much south of the border Scandanavian noir in disguise. The story begins with a 16 year old girl's body being discovered in a river, badly disfigured by horrific injuries meted out by her murderer. Detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein inherit th...more
Joan Mueller
This book provided an insightful view into the intracacies of the child porn industry. While it may have begun as a muder mystery and certainly showed the fustrations of a police investigation of a case that appeared to be going nowhere, the author showed the reader how hidden and insiduos child abuse can be especially accross generations. I would recommend this book just so someone can gain an understanding of child abuse in families. The character as in the previous book were complicated and e...more
When I saw this book newly displayed at my library I was anxious to snatch it up as I thoroughly enjoyed author Nele Neuhaus's previous mystery "Snow White Must Die". I thought to myself, here is a noble successor to Stieg Larsson, a writer who can delve into dark subjects with memorable characters in unfamiliar settings. Unfortunately, Ms. Neuhaus's second book only rates 3.5 stars from me compared to the 5 I gave her first book. "Bad Wolf" has a slow start with a lot of red herrings, which slo...more
Tom Tischler
On a hot day in June the body of a sixteen year old girl
washes up on a river bank outside Frankfurt. She has been
brutally murdered but there is no clue as to her identity.
Then a new case comes in. A popular TV reporter has been
attacked, raped and locked in the trunk of her car. She
barely survived but she managed to supply the police with
hints about her recent investigation in to a child welfare
organization and the uncovering of a child pornography ring
with members of the highest echelon of soci...more

Il lupo cattivo non è solo quello che nell’immaginario collettivo siamo portati a considerare come protagonista dei nostri incubi dell’infanzia. Non è sempre e solo una costruzione mentale che racchiude le nostre paure inconsce da adulti. In LUPO CATTIVO è qualcosa di terribilmente reale, qualcosa che nessuno dubita possa esistere anche nella realtà, dietro le pieghe di tranquille esistenze che si snodano nel tran tran della routine quotidiana.
Nele Neuhaus continua a scrivere e a mietere success...more
Hey, hat mir guuuut gefallen! Ich hatte die Version mit einer SprecherIN (bei Audible gibts einen Sprecher) und fand die Anfangs etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, denn der Erzählteil (also nicht direkte Rede) ist ein wenig monoton geraten. Die Charaktere spricht sie aber sehr gut. Und die Story fand ich auch spannend, zeitweilig vielleicht einen Tick brutaler, als ich es idealerweise so mag, aber auch sehr spannend - ich hab direkt neben dem Fussballspiel weiterhören muessen, weil ich wissen wollte, wi...more
Door een groepje tieners wordt het lichaam gevonden van een ernstig mishandeld en misbruikt meisje. Het duo Pia Kirchhoff en Oliver von Bodenstein worden op deze zaak gezet.
Dan wordt tv presentatrice gevonden in een kofferbak van de auto, zwaar mishandeld en verkracht. Wat was zij op het spoor? Er volgen meerdere moorden en tijdens het onderzoek bemerken Pia en Oviver dat deze zaken steeds meer met elkaar te maken hebben.
Tijdens het onderzoek bemerken ze dat Officier van Justitie Marcus Frey zic...more
I did not like this book nearly as much as Snow White. In part because the subject matter of child abuse is so disturbing. I'll write a child abuse book.

He abused a child.
We blew his f___ing brains out.
The End
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... geboren in Münster / Westfalen und aufgewachsen in Paderborn, lebt seit ihrer Kindheit im Taunus und schreibt bereits ebenso lange. Sie arbeitete in einer Werbeagentur, studierte einige Semester Jura, Geschichte und Germanistik, bis sie nach ihrer Heirat ihren Mann im familieneigenen Betrieb unterstützte.

Ihre im Vordertaunus angesiedelte Krimiserie mit den Ermittlern Oliver von Bodenstein und...more
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