He Drank, and Saw the Spider (Eddie LaCrosse, #5)
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He Drank, and Saw the Spider (Eddie LaCrosse #5)

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After he fails to save a stranger from being mauled to death by a bear, a young mercenary is saddled with the baby girl the man died to protect. He leaves her with a kindly shepherd family and goes on with his violent life.

Now, sixteen years later, that young mercenary has grown up to become cynical sword jockey Eddie LaCrosse. When his vacation travels bring him back to t...more
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published January 14th 2014 by Tor Books
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Fantasy Literature
Eddie LaCrosse and his tough girlfriend, Liz, are back in Eddie’s fifth adventure by Alex Bledsoe. I’ve enjoyed each one of these stories, especially the audiobook versions produced by Blackstone Audio. The narrator, Stefan Rudnicki, has become the voice of Eddie LaCrosse for me — strong and gruff, but also sweet and sensitive.

The EDDIE LACROSSE books don’t have to be read in order — you could even start with this one — but each book fills in a little more of Eddie’s background and there is an o...more
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The book starts in the past with Eddie saving a baby girl. Sixteen years later that assignment comes back into his life- with a teenaged girl, A king, some problems and magic birth.

The ending, of course, is a HEA in an Eddie kind of way- meaning no cliffhanger.
Also, the writing level and style are kept throughout the series- which is a good thing, I recall not so long ago one of my friends complaining on a deteriorating writing style in a ser...more
Olga Godim
I received the uncorrected ARC copy from NetGalley as a Kindle file.
3.5 stars

The protagonist of this novel, a sword jokey Eddie LaCrosse, stands out from the pages – a living man, with all his merits and faults. It’s the fifth book in the series about him, and by now, he feels like an old, grumpy friend, a guy I could entrust with my problems.
Of course, he is a bit cynical and a habitual drunk, but who wouldn’t be, doing what he does. He is PI in a fantasy world, and his investigations often t...more
He Drank, and Saw the Spider is a strong installment to the Eddie LaCrosse series, in fact, it is probably one of my favorite Eddie LaCrosse books. Bledsoe’s skill really shows here. Despite the fact that the ending might be a little weak, the rest of the book feels so effortless, so enjoyable, and so perfectly balanced that I know I’ll go back to it again and again.

Read my full review here:

Frank Jarome
For the first 2/3, this was an INCREDIBLY strong read. Good mystery, interesting characters and development. Then as the curtain began to be pulled back on what was happening, it became a bit less interesting. This is one case where the resolution was much less interesting than the mystery itself.

I continue to enjoy the evolution of Eddie and his world, however, as each book gives him new depth and adds more interesting facets to the world. This series remains among my top 5 in Urban Fantasy (fo...more
This was one of those books I really wanted to like, but just couldn't. I found it in the library one day, had never heard of the book or the author before, but the title was intriguingly odd and the inside cover blurb sounded promising, so I gave it a shot. It started out quite well; Eddie LaCrosse is the kind of hero I love in a book: fearless, irreverent, never at a loss for a one-liner- the kind of guy I like to picture myself as in my more self-delusional moments. He's a little one-dimensio...more
D. Alan
He Drank, and Saw the Spider is the 5th book in the Alex Bledsoe’s Eddie LaCrosse series. And like the previous books, this one is a winner.
Bledsoe starts this tale off, many years before Eddie’s present. A young Eddie comes across a badly injured man in the forest and saves him long enough for the man to give him a most important package, an infant girl.
Fast forward to the present. Eddie and his lady friend, Liz are finishing up a job and planning on a much needed vacation. But as in all good f...more
I finished this last week over a relatively brief period (2 days) even though work was in overdrive and family was busy celebrating the week of my son's birthday (don't ask). I still greatly look forward to books in the Eddie LaCrosse series, as they meld a genre I love (Hard Boiled Detective Fiction) with one I've come to appreciate (Fantasy).

This entry in the series was good, but not as good as the previous books. Why? I guess it's because I never really felt that that protagonists were in an...more
Stuart Nager
There is humor, adventure, and some things that just don't really connect (I'm looking at you, ending of the book). I picked this up because of Booklist's quote of suggesting this to fans of the Harry Dresden books.

Character wise, I agree. I liked Eddie and Liz, and felt they belonged right beside Dresden and his cohort. There is depth in them that seems above the lightness of this book. This is my first Eddie LaCrosse book (which seems to be my forte: starting a series of books volumes in). I'...more
I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This is the 2nd book I read with Alex Bledsoes'Eddie LaCrosse, and I liked this one as much as the first. In this story we see more of Eddies' past and what has made him the man he is. The interaction between Eddie and his girl Liz are often humorous, they really seem to be perfect for each other. The rest of the characters in this story are also...more
For all the issues I've had with the Eddie LaCrosse series, I think it's safe to say that I'm a fan, both of the series and of the author. The stories are well-told, gripping, and engrossing, and even if they aren't perfect stories, they're fun reads, and that's enough for these kinds of stories. I can tear through them in a day or two, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series (and the Tufa series, and whatever else he writes).

The structure of this book is a little strange, as i...more
Another mysterious damsel in distress, kings with dark secrets and bad guys who need to be kicked in the nuts with steel-capped boots for trying to hurt said damsels.

Yup, it's an Eddle LaCrosse novel.

Now maybe it's just because I read them all in a row, but it feels like this one wasn't as tightly plotted as the first couple. In fact, it plays pretty fast and loose with both plot and character. Isadora, the aformentioned damsel, sounds more or less exactly like her adopted mother Bianca, who do...more
Kathryn Baron
I may or may not have read some of the other books in the series. But if so they are very faint in my memory. However. This is a standout. Such a _very_ silly book. A backhanded homage to Shakespeare that had me giggling uncontrollably most of the way through.

The plot is loosely based off of _The Winter's Tale_. I admit I missed the echo of Leontes in the title at first, but did realize exactly what was going when I got to a version of my favorite stage direction "Exeunt, pursued by a bear". Th...more
He Drank, and Saw the Spider is the second book that I have read in Bledsoe's Eddie Lacrosse series, and I am just enjoying this series more and more. I really like how Bledsoe adds humor and playful banter to his story as well as all of the action and drama. Eddie is a really likeable hero who may not be perfect and can make some mistakes but never gives up on his mission. Bledsoe does a great job at making Eddie a really root worthy character, and I enjoyed the secondary characters surrounding...more
If it’s Alex Bledsoe, it’s on my to-be-read pile. This is the newest Eddie LaCrosse story and while our gentlemanly sword-for-hire is traveling with his girl, Liz to deliver a parcel, he meets crazy King Jerry and this makes him remember an incident in his far past where he saved a baby girl with a tattoo on her back; but since he couldn’t take care of a baby, her dropped her at the nearest town. This is where his past catches up to him as he thinks to just stop by and see how the girl is doing....more
Lydia Presley
It's settled. I'm a fan, Alex Bledsoe. I'm ready to dive in and explore all of the titles I've missed (especially the Eddie LaCrosse books - where have these been hiding?). I haven't been moved to laugh out loud at a book in a long time and just a page or so into He Drank, and Saw the Spider, I was snorting and looking around quickly after to make sure I hadn't been heard. Although this was #5 in the series, I never once felt like I was out of my depths. Everything made perfect sense and I felt...more
Penny Ramirez
I really, really like Eddie LaCrosse. Bledsoe has created a character with an intricate and interesting backstory - I can't imagine he'll run out of adventures to recount!

This tale goes back to LaCrosse's beginnings as a sword jockey, and ties in neatly with where he is today. Fun to explore the past and the present in the same story. Also good to learn more about the tragedy that shaped the man Eddie has become, and to wonder whether there might be some future resolution of those soured family...more
Judy Lesley
Once upon a time a king drank from a cup and he saw the spider. For an explanation of what that means you will have to read this book. If you like fantasy mixed in with your mysteries, and you like some wry humor stirred into the whole mix, you will like this one. In fact you will like this whole series. Crazy King Jerry is the one who saw the spider, but you need to keep in mind that Jerry isn't called "crazy" for nothing. Eddie Lacrosse and Liz Dumont are on vacation. So what does a sword jock...more
Alex Bledsoe writes interesting noir fantasy novels starring Eddie LaCrosse as a "sword jockey" (i.e. privite eye) for hire. But this tale occurred while he was "on vacation" with his girlfriend/partner Liz. Actually, the second half dealt with the solving the mystery. The first half set the stage with Eddie rescuing a baby from a bear and finding it a home. That kindness had consequences that effected two kingdoms and cost a few people lives. But this tale had a happier ending than some of the...more
c2014: FWFTB: sorceress, baby, monster, secrets, shepherd. Perhaps it is because I missed out on a book in the series...but I didn't enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the first 3. Perhaps the plot was more predictable and the humour, well, more forced. It won't stop me from trying to get my hands on the next one but still slightly disappointed. "He has remained steadfast and honest in his dealings with me, a son of which you should be proud. The fact that you are not proud does him no dishonou...more
Here's a extract from my review, full link: http://afantasyreader.blogspot.ca/2014/06/he-drank-and-saw-spider-review.html

I have grown very fond of good old sword-jockey Eddie LaCrosse. It's the kind of character you can't feel indifferent about. He's a genuine honest bad ass with many flaws but much experience and a knack to find himself in front of a punching fist for the sake of his job or of those in need for whom he can't refuse some help. Add to this a tendency toward witty remarks and a gi
Caleb Hill
“If you pick up a viper and it bites you, it's not the viper's fault, is it?”

Novels are a bit like jokes. There's some good ones. There's some bad ones. Every now and then, one comes along that makes your stomach hurt because you can't stop laughing. Then there are the groaners. Alex Bledsoe's He Drank, And Saw The Spider, is a good humored laugh that kinda trails off into awkward silence. Yeah.

Before I start, I'd like to note that this is my first Eddie LaCrosse novel. There are some problems t...more
You can read the whole review over at The Founding Fields:


Shadowhawk takes a look at the latest Eddie LaCrosse novel from Alex Bledsoe, the fifth in the series.

“Downright fun, entertaining and very light-hearted.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

I read my first novel featuring sword jockey, i.e. fantasy-style detective for hire, Eddie LaCrosse in 2012, The Wake of The Bloody Angel (review). It was a really good book, filled with lots of humour, lots of act...more
Wayne Ren-Cheng
Hello to all,

Just finished this excellent read and the first thought that came to mind, 'Eddie Lacrosse could be the love-child of Chandler and Douglas Adams.' Mr. Bledsoe created an entertaining mix of fantasy, comedy, monster, science, adventure, magic and a noir mystery. There are jokes, drama, compassion, craziness and excitement . . . all with a surprising lack of bloody combat for a fantasy novel . . . and it is all good.

I too have Drank, and Saw the Spider.

I bow,
Wayne Ren-Cheng
I'm a sucker for Eddie La Crosse. I read them all, in order, and enjoy them. In fact, I submit a request for our library to purchase them as soon as I know they will be available. This most recent addition to the series takes the reader 16 years into Eddie's past, we witness an incident that over time Eddie nearly forgot. Then,there is a nudge to his memory and he and Liz are off on an adventure. A little mystery, a little magic, a lot of fun.
Practical Mike
Opening an Eddie LaCrosse book is like putting on a well worn, broken in pair of combat boots... it's just plain comfortable.

My only complaint about this story is the race (about ten pages of narrative) towards the big climax/reveal is kinda weak/slow. But the other 307 pages of the book are very entertaining.

3.5 stars... as it didn't quite measure up to previous books in the series.
This is part of the Eddie Lacrosse (sword jockey) series (3rd or 4th). I had read the first- The Sword Edged Blonde- and liked it but after that I had read Bledsoe's Tufa series, and never got back to the Lacrosse series until I saw this at the library. It was typical Bledsoe- down to earth writing, a bit snarky, well drawn female characters, a decent mystery. Overall very enjoyale.
I got this book as part of a prize pack and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was captivated from page one and had a real hard time putting it down until I was finished. I had not read previous books of the series, something I will rectify, however this book can easily stands on its own. I loved the characters and the witty banter, it had plenty of action and some romance and I can't wait to read other books by Alex Bledsoe.
Kathy Steffen
My favorite Eddie LaCrosse yet (they just keep getting better...) Of particular enjoyment was the mad king. Very well-written character. I went from feeling bad for him to hating him and back and forth again. Each Eddie LaCrosse novel teeters into emotional gray-area and I love that. Lots of thought-provoking situations enveloped in a great read. Wonderful twists and plot turning points. I was riveted!
Brian Palmer
This is a bit harder on it than I feel it quite deserves, but amidst the anachronistic humor there were scenes that plummeted like a dead stone. I kept running into transitions of feel like "humorish noir sword novel" -> "farcical, drunken thumb wrestling" -> detective mode with danger all about.

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My latest Eddie LaCrosse novel, Wake of...more
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