Longing for Home (A Proper Romance, #2)
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Longing for Home (Longing for Home #1)

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Twenty-six-year-old Katie Macauley has placed all her hope in Hope Springs, a small town in the 1870 Wyoming Territory. But if she wants to return home to Ireland to make amends with her estranged family, she'll need to convince the influential Joseph Archer to hold true to his word and keep her on his payroll as his housekeeper despite her Irish roots. The town is caught...more
Paperback, 432 pages
Published August 5th 2013 by Shadow Mountain
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Katie Watkins
This was a little different from Sarah Eden's other stories. First of all, it was a little more of a downer than her regency ones. Secondly, it wasn't a regency story--it was a western.

I love the name of the town--Hope Springs. But...I was surprised at how much the town was divided. I was surprised that the hatred of immigrants extended out West. I know the people started spreading out but I would have thought that everyone was just trying to make a go of life out West and were generally more a...more

I liked this one. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but overall I liked it. Our heroine, Katie, has a lot of spunk. She has had a very hard life and is pretty hard on herself. She has moved to Wyoming to try and earn enough money to move back to Ireland to help out her estranged family. Once there she finds a new family and friends who love and accept her. With their friendship she really starts to warm up and open her heart to letting people in. Her sad story is a constant part of the s...more
After struggling through a couple of so-so books, Sara Eden came to the rescue once again! I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I've read by this author and Longing for Home was no different for me. I love how Miss Eden's characters seem to jump of the page and take on a life of their own. Going into reading this one....I do wish I would have known that this is just BOOK 1!!!...There is a love triangle and it's so frustrating because BOTH guys are SO likeable! I was so excited to see that this w...more
Longing For Home is a well-written and satisfying story with endearing characters and a fascinating glimpse of Irish culture in the Old West at a time when prejudice against them prevailed throughout most of the country.

I thoroughly enjoyed Longing For Home and consider it well worth the wait. It is a deeper, more involved story than Sarah’s other books, proving that she has taken her talent for storytelling to an even higher level. The characters are dimensional and real, with histories full of...more
I had a hard time deciding what to rate this one. I enjoyed it a lot... even though absolutely nothing happened in 400 pages. I like that Sarah Eden has expanded to some stories about the American West, and I think she did a fine job of it. I also like that she didn't write in a heavy accent. More writers should learn that telling the readers that the character has a heavy accent is far less disturbing to the reading experience than attempting to write it out.

My biggest problem with this book I...more
Erika B. (Snogging on Sunday Books)
Let's start a slow clap for Sarah Eden's best book yet! Seriously I thought that this was such a sweet story! Have you ever watched Far and Away with an Irish Tom Cruise? It's amazing and reminds me a whole heap of this story! This is a love story that is like molasses! It's a sweet and slow romance and you just find yourself enjoying every minute of it! Twenty-six-year-old Katie Macauley has placed all her hope in Hope Springs, a small town in the 1870 Wyoming Territory. She comes into town wit...more
Review: http://www.fireandicereads.com/2013/0...

Sarah M. Eden is one of my go to authors for clean, historic romance. So, of course, when I saw stack including Longing for Home at the Shadow Mountain booth at BEA I may have squeed a little. This is my first choice from the books I picked up at Book Expo America. Within days of arriving home from NYC, I had already read it and wanted to hug it just as Katie MacAuley hugs her violin on the front cover. Katie is exiled from her childhood home afte...more
I love Sarah M. Edens they are all so good. Her other books are regency so this was a fun break away from her previous genre. I actually really enjoyed the historical side of this book, learning more about the Irish in America and how they were not received all that well. Katie Macaulay is a young women headed to the wild west of Wyoming to save up money to go back to Ireland and make retribution for something she feels was her fault, which had a devastating fall out for her family. Did she do i...more
Cheryl McNeil
This book is labeled “A Proper Romance” on the cover. I think that’s because there is no sex, and only one exceptionally chaste kissing scene. The “Proper” bit almost made me put the book down. I’m glad I didn’t. I read this book quickly and enjoyed it, in spite of the treacly and repetitious spots, and moments when the main character doth protest too much. This is a sweet romance that takes place in a small Wyoming frontier town. But it illuminates an historical reality that was anything but sw...more
I LOVED this book. Katie was such a strong person for all the heavy blows she was dealt in life. I know I would've given up. Great love triangle. Loved Tavish & Joseph Loved Granny Clarice. Loved the banter between Tavish & Katie. The community feud was a little much for me, but I guess there has to be some peril and drama in a story to make it good. Katie's family made me want to lash out irrationally. But again, I guess you need a little drama in a story.

I wondered how she was going t...more
Donna Hatch
This is a fresh new take on stories of 1800's America about an Irish immigrant with good reason to be angry and bitter, yet despite her initial prickliness, has a tender heart and a strong, unbreakable will. Her backstory unfolded naturally and was compelling. There was a love triangle, which, at first threw me because that's not Ms. Eden's usual MO. I dislike most love triangles but this was very well done. The heroine's character arc is gradual and believable. The romance is tender and left me...more
Sarah Eden is one of my very favorite clean romance writers. It was with glee I responded to the request from Shadow Mountain to review this book. Seriously? Uh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you Shadow Mountain for hooking me up with this book to review. You made my day.

I love historical fiction and combining romance with historical fiction is like raspberries and chocolate to me. Yummy. I loved this book. It was everything I was hoping for when I first laid eyes on it.

When we first meet Katie she...more
Katie Macauley was eight when her family lost their land during Ireland's Great Famine. Her father became a broken man and her younger sister died. Katie blames herself for this loss and vows to make it up to her family even as she enters into a life of servitude from a young age and is separated from her family for good.

Eventually she takes on the position of housekeeper in Hope Springs, Wyoming. But the small town is divided because the Americans despise the Irish. Despite this feud, Katie fin...more
Tara Chevrestt
"I am Katie Macauley. And I don't particularly like you."

Meet Katie, an Irish immigrant who's a "sharp-tongued, demanding, stern-faced bundle of difficulty". She carries around a huge load of guilt and wants nothing more than to make enough to go home and set things to rights. But as we all know, sometimes fate...well, it just doesn't cooperate.

She ends up in a small town in Wyoming Territory in the middle--literally on the fork in the road--of feud between Irish and non-Irish. Her presence star...more
It's Sarah Eden so of course it's good. However...

Two things to know going in:

1) This is the first book in a series.
2) There is a love triangle.

I knew neither of these things, and that greatly affected my enjoyment of this book.

I have read almost all of Sarah Eden's books and love her writing. All of her books that I've read previously are stand-alones or perhaps companion books but not a true series. At about 85% of Longing for Home, I was thinking that Sarah Eden really needed to be wrapping t...more
Let me start off by saying that I have LOVED every book written by this author. Perhaps I've wrongfully come to expect certain criteria from her. This book is still a fun, clean, easy read, but it is a departure from her usual stand alone light hearted Regency Era books. I understand it's unfair of me to always want her to write the same era and type of book. So take that admission into account regarding my opinion of this book. First off, this book is definitely the first in a series. Secondly,...more

My Review: Longing For Home (A Proper Romance)


Longing For Home tugs on your emotions at least mine. When we look at others in history I think how dumb feuds are. To fight over where you are previous from, your religion or what street you live on. America is supposed to be welcoming, freedom to worship, freedom to improve your lot in life. How stupid people in history are. OH you went to what college? You root for whom? Your Democrat? Republican, Your white? your black? your purple polk do...more
Wow! What a story. Sarah Eden has created a story as varied, complex, confusing, joyful, and full of trials and accomplishments as life itself.

It's full of characters that are so endearing. There's Granny, Tavish, Joseph, Biddy, and especially Katie. What a complex bundle Katie is! Sarah Eden masterfully shows the levels and facets within a person as they struggle with the choices in life that they make and with a past to overcome. Each character is fully developed with humor and spunk and, for...more
Fantastic read that left me " longing for more" spring 2014 won't come fast enough.

I loved the strong, stubborn, irish heritage of katie macauley. The Irish bantering of words and whit are endearing between katie an Tavish o' Conner and the rest of the Irish settlers down the "Irish road" in the desolate Wyoming territory. The hardships of the Irish people after "the hunger" period in Ireland that caused many to loose their land and lives drove other to migrate to America and it's promise of la...more
Toni Miranda
I have read several of Sarah Eden's books now. They are all relatively quick reads and contain wholesome messages and characters. They are just good clean love stories :-).

I liked the characters in Longing for Home and could relate to them. Katie's transformation from "Prickly Pete" to "Sweet Petunia" was a bit of a stretch. I did grow tired of the constant references to each character's personality - I felt like I was being "updated" after the commercial break in each chapter. But I did find my...more
Melissa T
I really want to like Sarah Eden's books, because I've loved so many of them. There was a lot about this book that I really liked that. But there were quite a few things that I didn't like. Usually what makes the difference between a 3-star book and a 4-star book is whether I would read it again. I can't see myself picking this up again. I have all of her books, and many of them I've read 4-5 times. They are perfect to fill an evening. Not so with this one.

Let me start out with what I liked. Mos...more
I have loved all of Sarah's books. There is just something about her characters and style of writing that strikes a chord with me. This book was no different.

We are introduced to Katie MacCauley who is traveling to the Wyoming territory to accept a job as a housekeeper. She is traveling in the back of a family wagon, uncomfortable around children because of what happened to her sister. The first line of the book is, "Eighteen years had passed since Katie Macauley killed her sister." If that does...more
For the past 18 years, Katie Macauly has been trying to save up enough money to buy back the land her father lost during the Irish famine and perhaps gain his forgiveness for causing him to lose it and for her little sister's death. A job opportunity brings her to Wyoming, where, working as a housekeeper for Joseph Archer, she hopes to achieve that goal a little sooner. However, nothing about Hope Springs turns out as she expects. She finds herself with feelings for both Joseph and handsome Iris...more
Jelly Bean
I was pleased to with the chance to read this book by Sarah M. Eden. This is the first time of reading anything by Sarah Eden, and I can honestly say, I will look for more of her, especially if there is a follow-up to this book. There are some many things left unanswered and inquiring minds (Mine) want to know.

Katie Macauley, a spit-fire of a young woman, has been in servitude since she was the wee age of eight. Due to circumstance best left to the book, she has been working and saving all that...more
(4.5 stars)

Katie Macauley is a 26-year-old woman who heads to Wyoming so she can save enough money to go home to Ireland. She's going to be the housekeeper for Joseph Archer. She was delayed in her journey and ends up hitching a ride into town with Tavish and Ian O'Connor. Ian is married but Tavish is very single and very handsome. She meets Joseph Archer and he's also young and handsome, but is also a widower with two children. Katie feels she can't be trusted with children because of something...more
Barb Klein
“Longing for Home” by Sarah M. Eden kept my interest until the very last page. In fact, I cannot wait until the sequel, “Hope Springs”. The story takes place in Wyoming Territory in 1870. Katie Macauley answers an ad for a housekeeper for Joseph Archer and his two children. His wife passed away and it is hard to be a full time rancher and a full time father to his children. When Katie finally arrives on the train, she is met by Tavish O’Conner and his brother Ian. They deliver her to Mr. Archer....more
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah Eden's books!
I have read EVERY ONE of them!
I LOVE her strong female characters!
I LOVE the sweet and tender romance she includes!
I LOVE reading about the "proper way" in which one had to conduct oneself during that time.
I LOVE how positive her books are!
I just LOVE her writings!

In the past she has always had the setting be during the 1800's in England

In this book it is still 1800's, but the setting is in Wyoming, USA

A time of struggle.
A time of poverty.
A time of feuding.

I am still sighing over this book. My heart is still trying to recover. The emotions in this book pull you in and keep your heart all tied in knots. I am not feeling the happily ever after feeling I normally get form a book because this is a series. It ended ok, but I will await the sequel on pins and needles!The characters, the story, the romance, dare I even say the love triangle in this book were exceptional! Well written background and history. I could almost hear the haunting fiddle over th...more
Beautifully told historical romance...

I read an advance copy of this book from NetGalley and was excited to see what one of my favorite Regency authors would do with a new historical setting. Hope Springs is a small town in the middle of Wyoming and the "Reds" (anyone who isn't Irish) and the Irish have been in a feud for years. When Katie arrives at the home of Joseph Archer to serve as his housekeeper, the first thing he does is fire her. Katie comes from a long line of hardships, and this pro...more
Jennifer E.
I am reading the novel from historical romance author Sarah M. Eden Longing For Home for the second time. It is one of the most thought provoking tales about the struggles and racial oppression that the Irish immigrants faced in the nineteenth century.

The protagonist, Katie Macauley has lived a life of regret and heartache, that at times were difficult to read. My ancestors on my father’s side came from County Cork, and I found myself wondering how they were affected by the Famine of the 1840′s....more
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