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پرنده خارزار
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پرنده خارزار

4.19 of 5 stars 4.19  ·  rating details  ·  213,083 ratings  ·  3,494 reviews
This book is about lives of the Cleary family, brought from New Zealand to Australia to run their aunt Mary Carson's ranch. The story centers on their daughter, Meggie, and her love for the family's priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart. Meggie tries to forget Ralph by marrying dashing stockman Luke O'Neill, but she and Ralph are soon reunited, with tragic consequences for th ...more
Published by انتشارات نيلوفر (first published 1977)
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Angela I'm not Catholic, but I don't feel that denying oneself sexual activity makes them any better, or more divine in the eyes of God. We all make…moreI'm not Catholic, but I don't feel that denying oneself sexual activity makes them any better, or more divine in the eyes of God. We all make sacrifices. Celibacy isn't the ultimate of all sacrifices. Besides, it just breeds weirdos. (less)
Bowie Yes, it has lots of internal and external drama. In the TV series Rachel Ward got criticized a lot but I thought she wasn't that bad. She was so…moreYes, it has lots of internal and external drama. In the TV series Rachel Ward got criticized a lot but I thought she wasn't that bad. She was so pretty looking so sad. I felt sorry for her but not that sorry. She kept me hoping for the character.(less)
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Shannon (Giraffe Days)
I've wanted to read this book for years, but I'm glad I waited till I was at a stage in my life when I might appreciate it the most (though it wasn't deliberate). I didn't know anything about the story before I started except that it's a classic Australian novel, epic in scope, and was made into a mini-series or something starring Rachel Ward years ago. I like not knowing much about books before I read them, though: it leaves you wide-open for the story to be told, and absorbed.

This is indeed an
It seems I'm one of very few who did not like this novel. The thing that amazes me is why would anyone give it more than two stars? I am not into romance genre but I have enjoyed many good romance books. This love between Maggie and Ralph was so unreal, kind of pathetic. The dilemma of all characters seemed funny to me. Here it goes like this....

Ralph: I truly love you Maggie but I love 13 million pounds and power more. I am sorry love, we can't live together but we can meet secretly once every
I think I read this for the first time in 4th grade. (I hid it in my room for a month b/c this is sooo not a book for a 10 year old!!) My father is an ex-Catholic priest who left the church for my mother so when the mini series came out, the world stopped in my house for an entire week. It's an epic saga about an Irish farming family who relocated to Australia to help work at an ailing aunt's ranch. The book spans some 40+ years of hardships they encounter. The only daughter, Meggie, falls in lo ...more
Kelly (and the Book Boar)
Find all of my reviews at:

Dallas Commercial Photography

The Thorn Birds is one of those books that might be as great as I remember . . . or it might have been a real turd. However, it consistently pops up on my feed due to other friends reading it and I felt it was high time to explain my 5 Star rating (and Tadiana’s review of a different book added some inspiration).

Here’s the deal. This was the first book I ever stole from my mother. It was right after the miniseries came out, I was lik
Oh my fucking God. This book. I was standing in the kitchen this morning angrily chopping veg and I couldn't work out why, then I realised, it was this book just making me irrationally angry, when I wasn't even reading it!

Tragedies within the first 50 pages, let's list them.

1. She gets a lovely doll!
1.5 Doll is trashed.
2. She gets sent to school at last!
2.5 School is terrible she's beaten every day.
3. It's ok she makes an awesome friend!
3.5 Friend hates her, fuck you, nits.
4. She realllly wants
The Thorn Birds is a beautifully written Australian novel. This story spans over three generations of the Cleary family. It mainly centres around young, Meggie who is the only girl in the family. Meggie's mother only has eyes for her sons which leaves. Meggie feeling very unloved by her mother. Growing up there are many things, Meggie needs to know about life in general, but Meggie knows she can't ask her mother. So Meggie turns to the the local priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart for answers. Ra ...more
I really enjoy epic stories and sagas, big sweeping stories that enmesh the reader in the characters and their lives, and make the reader more than just a bystander watching the action, but a sort of participant. We want things to go a certain way, we want things to go well, because we care about the characters, and we have invested our hopes in them.

Colleen McCullough has an almost magical skill in making her characters real and believable and true. That is what I love most about reading, and
I didn't read this book when it was popular (when I was in high school) because my mother wouldn't let me - because of the affair the Priest has. I was also banned from watching the made-for-t.v.-movie. Well, a few months ago she was getting rid of a bunch of books & asked me if I wanted any of them & The Thorn Birds was in there. I asked if I was allowed to read it now that I was 46 yrs. old????
I gave this book 5 stars because it immediately pulled me in & the characters were so re
Feb 12, 2008 Heather rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: EVERYONE
Shelves: top-100-list
I LOVED this book, and until I read the last paragraph I couldn't figure out WHY! What was so utterly unexpected for me is that the reason I love this book is precisely the exact reason I would have hated just yesterday it seems?!!? If that makes ANY sense. I almost feel like I have a different outlook on life than I did one day ago...much less one year ago...but I didn't realize it until THIS book.
This book is an impressive tale with all of life's elements fact, it is a tale ABOUT
On the face of things, The Thornbirds wears the guise of a romance novel, the story of forbidden love, but that's only the novel's outward guise. I think anti-romance would be a better way to define this novel. In fact- in this way- The Thornbirds reminds me of the pulitzer-prize winning Lonesome Dove which- I would argue- is actually an anti-Western. Both The Thornbirds and Lonesome Dove find the outer reaches of their chosen genres (romance or western) and then push as far as they can, fightin ...more
Apr 29, 2008 Fiona rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those looking for an engrossing holiday book
Shelves: a-good-read
This is one of the books I scorned for years. Romantic fiction - I used to think - is fluff for bimbos. Since I consider myself literate and intelligent (yeah, really!) I wouldn't touch this sort of book. Bizarrely, I was not ashamed to read even the most extreme - and extremely inane - crime fiction. ("After all, we all need to relax now and then." Hmmmph!)

Well, now I'm older and wiser and more inclined to read books for enjoyment than for the pleasure of imagining how people will be impressed
Tânia F
Adorei. Adorei. Adorei. É um livro que prende da primeira à última página. É uma história sobre sofrimento, persistência e resiliência. Retrata a história de uma família inicialmente na Nova Zelândia, mas que cedo parte para a Austrália (e como há tanto tempo eu anseio por visitar a Austrália...). Aí relata essencialmente a vida rural, de muita poeira e ambiente cinzento, longas extensões de terra árida, com condições meteorológicas extremas, intercalando épocas de profundas secas com enormes ch ...more
Cátia Santos
Quatro estrelas porque a saga desta família comove-nos, realmente... no entanto, quatro estrelas porque toda esta história comoveria igualmente com menos páginas.

E no final, toca-nos de forma profunda!
Good Lord -- when did this book come out? 1978 -- I must have read it in the early 80s. This is one of the books that defined my reading tastes afterwards. I remember my mother reading this when it first came out. She sat in a hardback kitchen chair in our harvest gold kitchen and just read and read. Years later I did the same thing. It is funny now -- the Catholic priest angle that was so shocking back then seems rather quaint now. Still -- this is a book that shaped the multi-generational tale ...more
I seldom read romance novels and only picked this up because the title sounded familiar. I learned later that's because there had been a television adaptation of the novel. This foray into the genre only reaffirmed why I avoid the genre in the first place: the book is overly melodramatic; the characters are unlikable and one dimensional. The love between Father Ralph and Meggie bothered me; it didn't seem real enough and the age difference and the circumstances in which they met (she being a chi ...more
There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life, more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree, and does not rest until it has found one. Then, singing among the savage branches, it impales itself upon the longest, sharpest spine. And, dying, it rises above its own agony to out-carol the lark and the nightingale. One superlative song, existence the price. But the whole world stills to listen, and Go ...more
This is a book my mother has wanted me to read for a long long time. It is one of her favourite books and naturally she fancies Richard Chamberlain, from the 1980's mini-series.

The story itself is not something that wholly interested me at all, but McCullough has a talent for getting under your skin with these characters. In some parts, it feels almost impersonal in the way she tells this story. It is not as if you are there amongst the Cleary's, it is as if she is there guiding you through it.
Two stars for decent writing, zero stars for plot and characters. Everything about the story itself just felt flat and clumsy to me. The only character I found remotely interesting was Justine, and the only romance I cared about was between Justine and Rainer. And that was only in the last seventy-five or so pages. Reading the rest of the book just felt like a chore.

I hated Ralph. He seemed manipulative and sketchy and at the same time didn't really feel like a real human being. I was super cre
Sarah ( Paris )
رائعةٌ هذه الرواية ..
ليس من جملة أخرى تصفها ..

أنهيت الأجزاء الثلاث للتو ..

ملحمة آل كليري ..
من العام 1915 وحتى 1969

ولكن الـــ 1327 صفحة التي تتكون منها الرواية
لا يمكن أن يفيها حقها ريفيو بسيط كهذا ..
رغم طولها إلا أنها ليست مملة :)
تحولت الرواية إلى مسلسل في أستراليا ..

ربما يوما ما أعود وأكتب ريفيو أسطوري عنها

أرشحها لكل محبي الروايات الخفيفة ذات الطابع الرومانسي المختلط بالتاريخ .
I finished this book a couple of days ago and I loved it! It’s my first Colleen McCullough and it is certainly an Australian classic (shame on me for not reading it before this!). But I shall definitely be reading more McCullough at some point to rectify my earlier omission!

It’s the story of a family spanning 54 years from 1915, beginning in New Zealand, up to 1969, having encompassed characters’ lives in Australia, Europe and England. I was a little daunted by the size – 743 pages in my copy –
692 pages of a wonderful family saga. I loved it all.....the secrets, the family, the bonds, the deceit, the stubbornness, the pride and the love!!!! Sooooo goooood!

Este livro foi dividido em duas partes por mim:

A parte que adorei ler e a a outra parte que se tornou bastante aborrecida. . .

A história acompanha ao longo de mais de 50 anos a família Cleary, um casal, Fee e Paddy com os seus sete filhotes. E quando escrevo que acompanha, acompanha mesmo as suas vidas, pois temos páginas e páginas a falar dessa mesma vida de campo, sendo que dirigem uma extensa herdade com vários rebanhos e extensos pastos. Sendo tosquiador de profissão, o pai Cleary ensina a
First time I realized that the Earth puts nature first. If humans came first there would be more climates suitable for us. I was thinking about this because of the VAST difference in climate just in Australia alone. There's really no climate in the world where it's comfortable for humans all year round. I use to think of it as purely our test. To learn to deal with pesty bugs and snakes and weather but I think it's simply God putting them first for once - His beautiful creation. We're tough - we ...more
فکر میکردم عاشقانه خواندن از من گذشته،همه جور عاشقانه خوانده ام و دیگر قصه ای نیست در این باب که برایم جذاب باشد. این کتاب هم نبود. تا صفحه ی سیصد با یک احساس ملال خواندمش و منتظر یک اتفاق یک هیجان یک چیز غیر قابل پیش بینی.بعد ترش اما کار به جایی رسید که میخکوب نشسته و سرمستش می شدم. نمی دانم بسته به سنم بود یا نه هر وقت دیگر هم میخواندم باز هم این نوع روایت از عشق برایم جذاب بود!دوستش داشتم.آن نبرد نابرابر بین عشق به خدا و عشق به موجود زمینی.آن تلاش بی وقفه و امید برای غلبه بر رابطه ی آسمانی. ب ...more
Colleen McCullough is a great storyteller in the Celtic tradition continued by Maeve Binchy. This is a book for women who want to dissolve into a story and be transported into that world. It was such fun! Who can forget the TV miniseries and Richard Chamberlain as the priest in love with the incomparable Meggie played by Rachel Ward. Mothers and daughters and grandmothers all watched, with their box of Kleenex by their side. It seemed to begin the US love affair with Australia...the next we knew ...more
Jan 16, 2013 Judy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone
Recommended to Judy by: Chelsea & Connie
There is a legend about a bird that sings just once in its life more sweetly than any other creature on earth. So begins The Thorn Birds, the story of the Cleary family originally from New Zealand, but whose fate entwined with the Australian Outback and the soil of Drogheda ranch. Most of the Cleary family finds their songs amidst the dust and grime of ranch life. Some are destined to melancholy songs, others eventually find a song of joy, but each has their own unique song.

One superlative song
Lauren Kennedy
I tried reading this book at 14, couldn't get past the first 30 pages. I tried again about a year ago and still didn't like it. For some reason I decided to try it for a third time at 18 year old and I'm so glad I did! It has become one of my all time favourite books.

I have never seen the tv show but it seems like that is more about the romance between Meggie and Father Ralph but the book is soo much more than that. It's a long family drama that spans several decades. It begins when Meggie is 4
Célia Loureiro
Fora-me dito que “Pássaros Feridos” era um livro sobre o amor proibido entre uma nova zelandesa e um padre. Colocá-lo assim é simplista demais. É um livro que põe em perspectiva as vidas, os papéis, as obrigações, as dores de alma e os desafios que cada um está fadado a enfrentar.
A história começa com uma família de imigrantes irlandeses com várias crianças a passar dificuldades na Nova Zelândia, no início do séc. XX. É no seio dessa família que a única menina, Maggie, começa a procurar o seu lu
Ana Filipa
Sem dúvida alguma, um livro magnífico!
O tempo que demorei a lê-lo (de 26/Maio a 1/Agosto) não foi, de maneira alguma, com o intuíto de lhe conferir menos credibilidade, comparada com a demais que confiro a outros.

Precisei de tempo. Tempo para interiorizar a estória que nos cativa mais e mais, à medida que o tempo avança.

O livro dá-nos a conhecer a história de uma família de três gerações que vive na Nova Gales do Sul, na Austrália, unida não só pelo sangue, mas também pela devoção que alguns mem
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Colleen McCullough AO (born 1 June 1937) is an internationally acclaimed Australian author. Colleen was born in Wellington in central west New South Wales to James and Laurie McCullough.

McCullough was born in Wellington, in outback central west New South Wales, in 1937 to James and Laurie McCullough. She grew up during World War II. Before entering tertiary education, she previously earned a livin
More about Colleen McCullough...
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“There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life, more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree, and does not rest until it has found one. Then, singing among the savage branches, it impales itself upon the longest, sharpest spine. And, dying, it rises above its own agony to outcarol the lark and the nightingale. One superlative song, existence the price. But the whole world stills to listen, and God in His heaven smiles. For the best is only bought at the cost of great pain… Or so says the legend.” 406 likes
“There are no ambitions noble enough to justify breaking someone's heart. ” 213 likes
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