Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church
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Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church

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From a rare insider's point of view, Unveiling Grace looks at how Latter-day Saints are 'wooing our country' with their religion, lifestyle, and culture. It is also a gripping story of how an entire family, deeply enmeshed in Mormonism, found their way out and what they can tell others about their lives as faithful Mormons.
Paperback, 367 pages
Published August 25th 2013 by Zondervan (first published August 20th 2013)
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"Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way out of the Mormon Church" was a fascinating look at a family’s journey out of Mormonism. I’ve always been fascinated by different religions, and the LDS church is particularly interesting to me, since it’s “American-made.”

Lynn Wilder tells the tale of how she and her husband joined the Mormon Church, and got totally “into it,” serving in various church offices, doing baptisms for the dead, and sending their three sons on two-year missions. Lynn...more
Slava Bouz
A fascinating and truly gripping story, Unveiling Grace, allows a rare glimpse into the Mormon church. Lynn K. Wilder writes about her family, how they converted too, and from Mormonism, and all the other stuff in between. I personally have a heart for Mormon people, seeing how sincere they are, I always wondered what goes on inside their world and how do I introduce the TRUE gospel to them. This book equipped me with what I was looking for.

It’s a unique perspective because it allowed me to see...more
Lynn gives an in depth account of her and her family's experiences in the Mormon faith, as well as their journey out of it and into the true worship of our Savior and King Jesus Christ and Almighty God our Father.

The journey and accounts of Lynn's experiences have definitely been eye-opening. It was hard for me to believe that there were so many differences in following the Word of God and the beliefs of the Mormon faith, as portrayed in Lynn's detail accounts.

The idea of twisting scripture , re...more
Dawn Hamsher
"Unveiling Grace" by Lynn K. Wilder not only opens the eyes of Christians to what Mormonism is all about, but it helps Mormons find the truth in the Bible and in Jesus!

I read an advance copy from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review.

Ms. Wilder shares her own family story. She shares personal experiences in wonderful detail from her entire life, to include thirty years as a Mormon. I didn't want to put the book down. I loved hearing about her life, her religion, her choices, and how Jesus...more
An inside look at the workings and behavior of Mormons.

Lynn Wilder is no longer a Mormon. Her son played a large role in her and her family's conversion.

This book pulls the curtain back from a very secretive religion. Make no mistake, there is plenty to be said about the positive family life and community culture of Mormonism. Lynn helps the reader understand exactly what things are like and why they believe what they believe.

She also does well at expressing her turmoil when conflicting beliefs...more
I read Lynn's book from the point of view of a faithful and spiritually satisfied member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). Although my opinion of my faith and my own experiences are different than hers, I do agree with some of her criticisms of the church:

Jesus to be spoken of more frequently in all of our meetings and curriculum.

Grace to be spoken of and emphasized more often.

Members to be less concerned with long-standing traditions and cultural mores that are not ac...more
"Unveiling Grace" is the story of how Lynn Wilder's family joined the Mormon Church and, many years later, left the Mormon Church. It's primarily the story of her life, and it's an easy, interesting read that kept my attention.

She assumed the reader had some familiarity with the Mormon Church and used "Mormon jargon," but she also gave short explanations of the Mormon terms when new terms came up. Later in the book, she gave more details about Mormon beliefs and about what the jargon meant.

Lynn Wilder and her husband grew up in nominal Christian homes, but when a couple of missionary boys knocked on their door in 1977, they enthusiastically embraced all things LDS. After decades in the Mormon church and Lynn on faculty at BYU, they were needless to say living in a Mormon bubble. When their son, Micah was sent home early from his mission, they discovered he'd been doing a little reading and it wasn't the Book of Mormon! Micah had been reading the New Testament, a book the Mormons c...more
The good: The book was well written and easy to read and fascinating. I read it in about 12 hours in one fell swoop, and I was mostly interested because where I live I am surrounded by a lot of Mormons and I wanted to understand their faith better.
This book was a memoir of how one family left the Mormon church and documented their interest in the faith, their move to Utah (so the writer could work at BYU), and their eventual leaving of their church, and because they did leave the church, it is,...more
I was mostly interested to read this for an insiders view of LDS doctrine and practice, and I think she handled it pretty neutrally. Didn't find the conversion narrative particularly striking. Last two chapters are pretty tedious.

I wasn't provided a copy of this book by the publisher, I checked it out of the library like a regular schmo.
Malin Friess
An interesting account of one woman (mother, devout Mormon, professor at BYU) Lynn Wilder's conversion from Mormonism to evangelical Christianity.

Deeply emeshed in mormon culture Wilder and her husband knew their decision to leave the LDS faith would profoundly change their live-- loss of friends, loss of a job, and ultimatly leaving Utah altogether and moving to Florida. Wilder claims she was lead by her heart and gripped by this idea of "grace" she found radically offered only in evangelical C...more
Dottie Parish
This is an amazing true story of one family’s life as faithful Mormons for thirty years followed by the gradual realization that Mormonism is a false gospel built on an authoritarian structure that demands complete obedience and steadfast works to gain eternal rewards.

The author, a tenured professor at Brigham Young University at that time, describes in detail the life they enjoyed as Mormons, how and why they were deceived by Mormon teaching and beliefs, and the tremendous struggle each member...more
Christine Johnson
good message; but not a well-written book... needed a great deal of editing. appreciated the focus on grace, the uniqueness of Christ and the centrality of the cross.
I read this book in three days. A total page turner. I love books that educate me about a different world, and this one certainly did. This book not only opened my eyes to Mormonism but softened my heart and humbled me toward Mormons. I began to think of the Mormon missionaries I see on the streets as guys who are probably away from their families and are devoting their time and energy to a cause they may believe in very much. This book made me want to love Mormons. I loved the reminder that dis...more
Read this book in 2 days. Have read similar stories, but I really appreciated Lynn's thorough explanations of the doctrine of the LDS church, and how Biblically grounded she is when she compares them to truth- the teachings and the Jesus of the Bible. Many of the other personal stories I've read have seemed very anger-filled, but Unveiling Grace was a wonderful, encouraging and honest testimony. I loved how the entire family of 6 AND their spouses were saved. And I thought it was awesome that th...more
Unveiling Grace by Lynn K. Wilder

In Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church, Lynn Wilder tells her story of joining the Mormon church, becoming enmeshed in the Mormon culture, and eventually leaving the Mormon church and becoming a born-again Christian. This is not only her story but the story of her entire family.

Having grown up in a Christian home, my knowledge of other religions covers the basics and is enough to get me by. So, I was quite intrigued to pic...more
Tremayne Moore
If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. Unveiling Grace is Lynn Wilder's testimony out of the Mormon Church. I'll be the first to say that I went through many emotions reading this book (as I have visited Salt Lake City a few times - and those times caused a heavy heart to come upon me). With that said, this book touched me to the core.

What I found amazing about Lynn's story was that she and her husband Michael joined the Mormon church when they didn't have any children. But it took the you...more
This is an in depth look at the conversion of the Wilder family to Mormonism and how they in time came to know the true Saviour. Micah Wilder is Lynn's son, and it was his questions and searching that started the whole family on the path to a big change. It's neat how Lynn can now look back and see how God by His grace was protecting and gently prodding them even when they weren't searching.

They were all very involved and enmeshed in the LDS church, doing everything they needed to in order to g...more
This was a fascinating look at the Mormon church and an inspiring account of how God worked in the lives of the Wilder family. Having been active members of the Mormon church for over 30 years (Lynn Wilder was even a professor at Brigham Young University), it took many events, big and small, to open their eyes to the true Gospel. One of the Wilder sons took it upon himself to actually read through the New Testament, and, one by one, the other members of the family followed, noting all the incons...more
Lynn has provided detailed accounts of what goes on inside the LDS where they have served for more than two decades. While informative and encouraged to see Lynn and her husband converted to Christian and challenged the teaching of the Mormon church, I find it difficult to grasp the journey of their conversion, the roles her family played throughout the conversion were a bit vague like did her sons read the bible with them? Did her parents and family try to talk them put of Mormonism? The second...more
Jim Hale
Revealing story of how a devout Mormon family left the church. But, it is also one weary read, and one of the worst edited books I've read in a very long time. Wilder's chattiness grows tiresome quickly. I can't remember reading a book that I found so annoying so many times! It read like a transcribed oral interview with far too many digressions. I was also disappointed in the form of Christianity that Wilder embraces. It is unfortunate that she left Mormonism for a shallow Christianity, complet...more
Having spent many years in an abusive personality cult, with Christian doctrine, though twisted subtly, I was fascinated by Lynn Wilder's and her family's experience as their eyes open to the more secret Mormon doctrines, the excommunications, the shunnings, the fear of questioning or disagreeing. It was written with a lot of grace and love for the Mormon people, and great fondness for some of the experiences and positive aspects of Mormonism. At the same time, she reveals all the very odd doctr...more
Turns out, it isn't hard to find the truth if you look at the evidence.

This book is an excellent example of someone who, when faced with a difficult choice, did exactly that. I don't read any Christian fiction, and I am pretty picky about the Christian non-fiction I choose as well. I find that, all to often, books by Christians or about Christianity are poorly thought out and poorly written. This book, written by a former professor at BYU, is not either of those. It also wasn't a "knee-jerk" bo...more
Susanna Fraser
Lynn Wilder writes with honesty and compassion about her family's journey both into and out of the LDS church.
Very interesting. Learned a lot of stuff I didn't know.
The Wilders were in the Mormon Church for thirty years. She was tenured faculty at BYU. Their change in faith is profound. This is a very "chatty" book in that Lynn tells scores of stories about herself and her family. The book is not succinct but it does give a very full account of the entire transition process. The last chapter deals with differences in belief between Mormons and biblical Christianity. See my full review at http://bit.ly/14V7W5w.
Lindsay Nelson
A great book! I have always been curious about LDS temple rituals and this book explains those. It also provides a very useful glossary of Mormon terms. I liked that it referenced both the bible as well as various Mormon teachings. It was supported by research in addition to the personal story. I highly respect the courage this family displayed when they left everything they knew and believed to follow Jesus. I highly recommend!
SO informative! Loved that I got the information from a family who was actually in the LDS church for decades, not from an outsider doing research.
Excellent book! It is so interesting to read of this family's journey of how a loving and sovereign God gently revealed himself to them and drew them out of the LDS church.
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