Fifty Shades of Grey, Inner Goddess: A Journal
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Fifty Shades of Grey, Inner Goddess: A Journal

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Inspired by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Trilogy, the official FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: Inner Goddess Journal features a foreword by E L James, memorable excerpts from the novels, tips for writers, a writing playlist, elegant color artwork, and fully lined pages throughout. Aspiring writers are encouraged to express their own Inner Goddess, as E L James writes in her for...more
Paperback, 192 pages
Published April 30th 2013 by Vintage
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Milk that cow, milk it.

EL James giving tips on writing:

- how to rip off Stephenie by changing the vampirism to BDSM in your fanfiction and then publishing it
- how to use Google maps the wrong way
- how to thumb your nose at a fandom
- research is unnecessary, just make shit up
- how to use a tampon as a plot device
- it's not pedophilia if nobody gets arrested for it
- abusive relationships are sexy if he's a bazillionaire

EL James giving tips on writing is like a toddler performing brain surgery.

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*

This can't be serious. Please, someone tell me this is a joke.

Inner Goddess Journal features a foreword by E L James, memorable excerpts from the novels, tips for writers, a writing playlist, elegant color artwork, and fully lined pages throughout.

Memorable excerpts? I mean, if you must, you could just read the freaking book.
Writing playlist? Uh ... that's what blogs are for.
Elegant color artwork and fully lined pages: Oh boy!
Tips for writers: ...


I don't know...more
Update 13/04/13: $16.95 seriously?!? You better hope you get a pair of those legendary silver balls with the journal with that price, or a bottle of vodka to ease the suffering.


Spare the cow! If you’re really desperate for writing tips from EL James, I’ve compiled a list for you. Here you go:

#1. Stealing is okay unless it’s your "own" work, then sue anyone and everyone, including your unborn child.

#2. Just make shit up. It’s ok if you haven’t done the research. Who has the time for it anyway the...more
Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter You couldn't pay me to read this. And all this in the name of business...$__$ Sad.

 photo tumblr_md8pooC3pn1qg39ewo1_500_zps905a7d72.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_miowzrdRsW1qz4rgp_zps50aab884.gif

 photo tumblr_mfjnyyXmFs1r8ufr0o1_500_zpsee991ab5.gif



What will include? A "How-to" plagiarize and win lots of money from it guide? Maybe some vocabulary tips? Or a "How-to" sexing up any scene guide?

Why? I mean, really, WHY? What did we all do to diserve this?
E. L. James, just so you know, you're as good in writing as a snail could be. A mothereffing snail.
And the editors of this expensive, utterly horrid fuckery... You don't even deserve to be called editors.

I think I'm actually gonna crawl to a distant corner to wait the e...more

Why the fuck would we want an Inner Goddess Journal? And what exactly do you mean by a fucking Inner Goddess? What is she, possessed or something in The Exorcist style?
Wasn't that buttload of crap called 50 Fucks Shades of Grey enough?

Stop milking your goddamn fucking cow, E.L. James!

Dec 04, 2013 Shenanigans marked it as no-thank-you
Recommends it for: No one....Ever.
cow gif photo: cow milking 20v0x9i.gif

Just when you think plagiarism has hit its all-time low....

How long is she going to milk this Fifty Shades cow?

The idea of this woman giving anyone writing tips makes me piddle on myself from laughing too hard.

Will. Never. Read.


And if you value your time, I suggest you don't either.
Howdy YAL
Dec 04, 2013 Howdy YAL rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: A Dumbass Who Thinks It's Okay to Steal
Recommended to Howdy YAL by: If Anyone Did They'd Have a Death Wish
Shelves: seen-it
I think I'll buy this book for my old psychology professor so she can use it in her research for battered person's syndrome. I seriously do not know why this book or author has the press she does. How she got published is disgusting, fan fiction should NOT be published period. It's unethical and it's legality is questionable at best. What worries me more than that though is that there are people who think that what Ana and sorry I mean Christian (I get this version and MOU confused a...more
Apr 12, 2013 Rose marked it as not-my-cup-of-tea
Initial reaction: I'm not even going to ask...oh dear.

Full reflection: No, you know what, I'm going to bite and reflect a bit on the premise of this book, because unless someone decides to gift me with this book (and I personally hope to all else that they don't), I won't be reading this for a number of reasons. I figure if Goodreads allows for reflections in review spaces, then might as well use the space for what it's worth.

I'll admit I'm passionate about writing, journal-keeping, and reflecti...more
Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
Me reading this???????????????????????????????????????????


I, who NEVER passes judgment before reading the book, AM passing judgment. I mean, have you SEEN the blurb for the book????

"...features a foreword by E L James, memorable excerpts from the novels, tips for writers, a writing playlist, elegant color artwork, and fully lined pages throughout."



Heard that fans wanted Well there's a difference between asking for it and ASKING FOR IT!!!!!
“The best person to write for is yourself—and what better place to start than in a journal."

Or in other words, purposely use the Twilight fandom to write a Twilight wet dream story with Bella and Edward acting out every sexual position from the Kama Sutra, add some tampon pulling sex, and then pull it to publish although it's unethical, change the names of the Twilight cast of characters so S. Meyer doesn't sue, add 1000 "oh my's" mentions, 5000 "inner goddess" mentions" and laugh all the way t...more
Dec 04, 2013 Renee marked it as never-gonna-read
Bwwwaaahhhhaa are you FUCKING SERIOUS?

Please tell me this is a joke.

Dark Goddess, is this my punishment for my sins, that 50 Shades of Fucked Up has to have a journal, board games and a movie?

IT WAS FANFICTION bad fan fiction.... So I guess this is a journal for... plagerism to begin? I am all for fanfiction, but it should stay at placed like livejournal and

A writing playlist? Pulease! I can only imagine the kind of garbage she listened to writing that god awful crap.

Leather bound?! F...more
Apr 11, 2013 Ade marked it as because-i-have-no-self-control
Heh. A how-to guide on writing by E.L. James? This ought to be good, and by good I mean it's going to be horrid and it's probably going to make me want to tear my hair out, but whatever. Check the shelf title, it explains it all.
Trisha Harrington
Dec 04, 2013 Trisha Harrington marked it as i-will-not-read-this
Recommends it for: NO ONE!!!

Jan 04, 2014 Alex marked it as bitch-don-t-even
Hosted by
Mal {Waiting for Immortal}

Is this a fucking joke?!

I just-

*dances away*

Side Note: I did not read this, Goodreads just automatically put it as "read".
Jul 09, 2013 Terry added it
Oh my gosh! I have never seen such a bunch of mean spirited people! Who cares if she wrote this to make some money off FSOG? Why is this any different than other authors who cash in on their books? Twilight character Barbie dolls anyone? Harry Potter costumes, candy, amusement parks? And, truthfully, I don't get why people think FSOG is a rip-off of Twilight. I've read both series and I can tell you there are other books and authors out there that come closer to being copy-cats than these two. I...more
Christina Wilder
Dec 04, 2013 Christina Wilder marked it as wtf
Why do we allow this goofy shit to keep happening?

And how do we stop it? I'm serious.

Anam Ashraf

A journal on 'how to become an expert on plagiarism'?...
Lets make bucket loads of money, people, and use copyrights to wipe toilets!
TRINE a.k.a. *Book Tempest*
Dec 04, 2013 TRINE a.k.a. *Book Tempest* marked it as bitch-please
I.... I don't.... What... Head exloding... I CAN'T

STOP MILKING THIS INDUSTRY, JAMES!! It's rather sad and pathetic how you abuse (hah...) the world of books and not to mention fanfiction!!
This is just so wrong.
Stop it. Seriously. Put the pen down, burn the sheets of paper, shut your computer off AND DESTROY IT WITH A CHAINSAW.
You are not a writer.
You're not even the poor excuse of a writer.
Shame on you.
Apr 10, 2013 Ana marked it as never-in-this-life
Oh no, she didn't. So gutsy, this woman is!

Better put your goggles on, my fellow friends. The ride is gon' get picked again!

Oh. Run for your lives.
Paty Mtz
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mrs. James:
I declare this truth to be self evident:
That your writing, your grasp of storytelling, your knacky phrasing and superb characterization and above all, your breathtaking underlying themes, make the writing and publishing of this book a simple necessity. Clearly it had to be done. Greatness such as your sublime trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, a work equaled in truth and beauty only by such hallowed works as The Gettysburg Address and Nabokov's Lolita, cannot be left alone. It must thrive....more
Dec 04, 2013 Eyehavenofilter marked it as no-nicht-nyet-non-nine-etc
Shelves: wtf
Not in this lifetime, not in any life time, not in any time line, not in any reality, space time continuum, past, present, future, future perfect, past preset prefect, whatever, will I buy, rent, purchase, read, or even touch this book.
No sabía que esto existía hasta que lo vi pasar mientras leía algunas reseñas y pues...

¿De verdad dice "Tips for writers" allí o es mi imaginación?


Lo vi hace unas horas y sigo riéndome.

A carcajadas.
Camila, the opinionated Catruler
I cannot believe this is a thing.
Fifty Shades of Inner Goddess (blah). I must confess that when 50 Shades was a TwiFic, I LOVED it. I waited for the chapter updates every two weeks with bated breath. The story looked great at the time (Only because it was centered around Edward and Bella, and because it was FanFiction; which is a good place to read good stories for free, some are not so good though). I must say though, that after reading the published Fifty Shades of Grey (I didn't buy the paperbacks or kindles; I got them onli...more
Dec 05, 2013 J marked it as will-not-touch
Tell me this is a joke. Please tell me this is not real.

Its bad enough that this shitty horrid bitchy porn loving horn-dogging worthless piece of shitty trash witch wrote porn and became famous for writing the worst book in history but now she's making a how-to manual for writing.

How to rip off twilight?
How to write shit?
How to write ugly sexual sense that make no sense and give guys like me a bad name?

She's our version of the music industries Rebecca Black!

E.L. James, there is no such thing as...more
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