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Devastated by the loss of a second father, thirteen-year-old Bird follows her stepfather from Cleveland to Alabama in hopes of convincing him to come home, and along the way helps two boys cope with their own difficulties.
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Published by Random House (NY) (first published 2004)
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I'm honestly not really sure what I thought of this book. It was short and easy to read, but I had a hard time getting into the characters and the plot. It's about a 13 year old girl, just when she thinks she has a family her step dad, Cecil, leaves them. It starts off after he has left her and her mother, but she is certain that if she goes after him, he will return to them. So she lives as a runaway child and makes a friend with the family her Cecil is staying with. Ethan is the nephew of Ceci...more
This was called “Bird” by Angela Johnson. This was one of the first books that I have read from this author and it was kind of boring. It was a nice break from the intense book, Push, which I felt happy about. But, this book also made me sad at times. I could almost visualize the protagonist, Cecil trying so hard to persuade her stepfather to come home but she ends up having so many difficulties throughout her life. If I put myself in Cecil’s shoes then I would feel alone and unsafe, because I’...more
Richie Partington
31 May 2004 BIRD by Angela Johnson, Penguin Group/Dial, October 2004, 132 pages, ISBN: 0-8037-2847-6

"People struggle, people fight
For the simple pleasures in their lives
The trouble comes from everywhere
It's a little more than you can bear

I know that it will hurt
I know it will break your heart the way things are
And the way they've been
And the way they've always been"
--Natalie Merchant

BIRD is an exquisitely crafted tale, expressed in the trio of young voices through which Angela Johnson explores m...more
Mar 04, 2008 Rebecca rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: middle schoolers
This book was pretty good, i liked my last book better though. This book is about a girl named bird running away from her mom to find her step dad cecil. My favorite part would have to be when she decides to go back home. There are two other major characters you should know about Ethan and Jay they are also important. I recommend this book to middle schoolers mostly because it was very easy to read.
Sophia Regan
This book was confusing... But amazing, usually books with multiple perspectives I don't like but this one is truly written well. I really love the way they are connected to each other and different perspectives on the same thing
A very slight book, beautifully written from three points of view. Bird is a young girl devastated by the loss of two fathers. Jay is reeling from his brother's death, while Evan has been given a new lease on life since he received a new heart ... which came from Jay's brother. What could have been a heavy-handed melodrama is, in Angela Johnson's hands, a lyrical exploration of a wide range of emotions. It ends in hopefulness, in part because of the childrens' own resilient spirits, and in part...more
Bird has been “on the run” for awhile now. After Cecil left her and her mom a while ago, all she can seem to think about is getting him back. Her mom gave up and told her to do the same, he left them and he wasn’t coming home. He didn’t want to be a part of their family or he would have told them about the other family he was a part of, the one that he had all the pictures of, the one that he was always smiling with. But Bird couldn’t give up, she wanted him back, she wanted to feel like she had...more
This story i must say was completely breathtaking, and you cant seem to stop reading.The story is mostly about a thirteen year old girl named bird.She runs away from Cleveland, Ohio, Alabama to find her stepfather. Then she stays in her father’s family’s farmhouse for food and a shower while they are out.There, bird met ethan,a boy who lives in the farmhouse and who had a major heart transplant a few years earlier, sees Bird but does not tell his family. He becomes friends with Bird and brings h...more
This short novel tells the intertwining story of three children and a few adults, with the kids telling the story. Bird has run away to find her step-father, who has also run away. Ethan has recently had a heart transplant, and is getting used to being a ‘normal’ kid again. Jay is struggling with the loss of his brother, and has been getting into trouble lately. Their lives turn into a dance shortly after Bird ran away, Jay’s brother died and Ethan got his transplant. Ethan’s donor was Jay’s bro...more
It has been a hectic last week of school, so I didn't get a chance to review this when I finished it last week.

Bird is a short novel (middle grade level) that centers around a young girl who's stepfather left her mother and her without an explanation or a goodbye. Now she has run away from home to try and find him and make him come back home with her. While she waits for the perfect opportunity to confront him, she meets some new friends--two boys and one older lady--who show her kindness.

I real...more
This book was a quick but good read. Johnson seems to have great description of characters without going on and on about them as other authors do. I found it really interesting how the three different narrators (Bird, Jay, and Ethan) all end up connected in a strange way. I also found it remarkable how Bird seems to be able to invoke a change in others. She somehow is able to bring people to take a step towards what they want or need, even if they don't know it. I'm not the biggest fan of the en...more
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Bird is a fiction book by Angela Johnson about a devastated thirteen year old girl who ran away from her home in Cleveland, Ohio inspite of locating her stepfather. Bird escapes to Acorn, Alabama in pursuit of bringing her stepfather, Cecil, home. Cecil abandoned bird and her mother but she still wants to find him because she loves him dearly. Bird hides behind a family’s farmhouse in Alabama.
Little did Bird know that she was going to form friendships that help her cope with her probl...more
Abby E
The book I chose to read this quarter is called Bird, by Angela Johnson. What I like about the main character, bird, is that she is so determined and brave to go on this adventure to find her stepfather. I also like that she is outgoing and friendly enough to meet some pretty great people along the way. There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about bird. If I had to pick one, it would be that she doesn’t tell anyone where she is going. I think that’s the worst thing you can do if you are going...more
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When her stepfather, Cecil, leaves, Bird runs away to Alabama in an attempt to find him and bring him back home to Ohio. She knows something about his family and where they live so that is where she goes. Bird lives in the family's shed and waits for Cecil. When he comes, she is afraid to confront him. Instead, she follows him during his daily run. Cecil’s nephew, Ethan, finds Bird and helps her with food, clothes, and bedding. Bird soon learns that Ethan had recently undergone a heart transplan...more
Mira Lamb
I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. When I had picked it up, I hadn’t really been expecting much, but I really fell in love with the kids in the story. I was impressed with how Johnson wrote this because the story followed three different kids, but their stories intertwined. The diction was really great, and it all flowed really well. It was a super quick read – it only took me an hour and a half to read it. I read it in between two classes, but despite its length, it was rea...more
Jason Allen
This book is a very interesting one, because it explores several issues in a very careful way. I especially enjoyed the way that Johnson casually moved from character to character, which if not done correctly I typically find very distracting. In this instance however, I thought that it was done very well and that it added an interesting level to the story. I also thought that each of the characters moved well through the story and that each character's resolutions were relatively satisfying.

The story follows 3 different kids-Bird is an exciting girl trying to find her dad to bring him home after he deserted the family for another family. Ethan is the perfect "best friend" sort of a guy. He has a new heart from a boy who died and he faces those challenges. Lastly, Jay is the rebel, but only because he’s friends with the trouble makers and is struggling with his brother’s death. Readers will find someway to relate to at least one character in the book.

I thought the book was alright....more
There are three narrators in this story- Bird left her home and travels into the unknown to find her stepfather, Cecil, who has run away. She lives in the shed behind a farmhouse and is hiding there hoping Cecil will show up in town. Ethan lives in the farmhouse. He helps Bird by giving her food and blankets. Jay is heartbroken about the death of his brother. He won't allow anyone to touch any of his brother's things. He faces quite a few challenges and stupid choices of his own throughout the b...more
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Jul 01, 2008 Anna rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: kids grades four and above, adults
Shelves: young-adult
This is a beautifully written story about a young girl named Bird who is trying to bring back the stepfather that abandoned her and her mother. She's run away her home and finally found him but is waiting for the right time to talk to him. While she's deciding when to make her move, she meets several interesting people, including a young boy named Ethan, an older teen named Jay, and a retired schoolteacher named Mrs. Pritchard. She learns something from all of them and touches each one of them i...more
Evelyn Chen
A devastated 13-year-old girl, Bird, runs away from her home in Ohio in hopes of locaing her stepfather. On the way, she hides out in a family's farmhouse in Alabama. She forms two friendships that help her cope with her issues of abandonment. Ethan, a lonely young boy, lives in the farmhouse. Instead of reporting to his family about a runaway, he befriends Bird. Bird also befriends a boy named Jay, who just experienced a family death. As time passes on, Bird's loneliness lightens and her feelin...more
Brooke Skouson
This book was very short, thankfully, and was a fast read, but I just could not get into it at all. I was slightly confused from page one, and it continued until the last page. First, I couldn't figure out the time period this book was set in, and then I really couldn't figure out why a little girl would go hunt down a step-father who wasn't that great of a father to her. The girl hides out in Alabama for about a month, finds her step-father and realizes that he is not the man she wanted him to...more
Hannah Nelson
This was a really cute book! It was interesting because it was told from the first person point of view from three different characters who ended up being connected in some way. The first chapter was Bird, then Ethan, then Jay, then Bird, Ethan, ... It was a cool way to tell a story. The story kind of revolves around Bird though. she is a 13 year old girl who runs away to find her step father who left her mother and her recently. She secretly lives in the shed out back of Ethans house who you fi...more
Amanda Peterson
This was a nice little book to read. Not too short, but not too long. I believe that Angela Johnson produced a great book within a short page count. One thing I liked about this book, was the fact that it had several different stories going on at the same time-at sometimes it got confusing differentiating the stories from one another. I think this book would be a great book for readers who cannot read very well, but can still be relate-able. Spoiler Alert: I was pretty disappointed with how the...more
Caleb Despain
I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book. Honestly, the jury's still out on whether it is a favorite. I love books about connections between people. I am a strong believer in the fact that all people are interconnected. AS short as it is it is a beautifully written novel. I love how all the lives of the character are woven together in both predictable and unpredictable ways. I heard complaints about the ending of this books but I thought it was really good. This is a book with more depth th...more
Bird runs away from her home in Ohio to find her step-dad Cecil. She uses the pictures of his family to track them down and she hides in their shed to get to know them better. With the interweaving of narrators we find out that she isn't very well hidden. In Ethan's perspective he knows there is a runaway girl living in his shed and he longs to know her. When he does met her she helps him overcome his loneliness.

The book was very well written with good images and believable characters. I like h...more
Jana Merrill
This was a very interesting book to read. I loved to see the three different stories, that at first seemed completely unrelated, come together and connect in someway. However, I did not like that the end stopped so abruptly. I wanted there to be some resolution, but it just ended. In someways it was nice that it ended where it ended because the readers can use their imagination and make up what hey thought happened. Also, as I was reading this book I kept on finding amazing lessons that I teach...more
Bird's stepdad runs and runs until he runs right out of she and her mother's life. Bird doesn't understand, so she chases him all the way to his sister's out 200 miles away from Cleveland. Bird is not the only young adult chasing something: she meets Jay and Ethan, who shares family ties in an unusual way. Will they find what they're looking for, or will they find what they need?

Lovingly written. It is simple and understated and allows for simple emotions, simple images, simple statements that a...more
Charley Harpole
Bird is a fourteen year old run away. She ran from her mom in search of her mom's ex boyfriend who is the closes thing to a dad to her. She hides in a boy's barn (Named Ethan) and becomes friends with him and another boy named Jay. Ethan and Jay do not actually meet in the book, but they have an amazing connection that is kind of hearth throbbing. Jay's younger brother died one morning, and Ethan received his heart in a transplant. Bird never confronts the man she goes looking for but eventually...more
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“Maybe his heart is searching for and not finding the place it used to live. I understand that because mine is searching and not finding too.” 6 likes
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