Worst. Person. Ever.
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Worst. Person. Ever.

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A razor-sharp portrait of a morally bankrupt and gleefully wicked modern man, Worst. Person. Ever. is Douglas Coupland's gloriously filthy, side-splittingly funny and unforgettable novel.

Meet Raymond Gunt. A decent chap who tries to do the right thing. Or, to put it another way, the worst person ever: a foul-mouthed, misanthropic cameraman, trailing creditors, ex-wives and...more
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published October 3rd 2013 by William Heinemann (first published September 5th 2013)
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Rebecca Foster
Worst. Novel. Ever? Not quite, but still irredeemably awful. If you were to imagine Martin Amis and Lionel Shriver at their absolute nastiest, then throw in all the gratuitous profanity and crudely sexual material you could possibly think of, you’d have some idea of how utterly unlikable this book is.

I’ve somehow managed to read six Coupland novels now, without ever becoming a fan. That said, I think The Gum Thief delightful (I included it in a list of my favorite epistolary novels), and JPod un...more
The new novel from Douglas Coupland is not as some lazy reviewers who think they're being original and witty would have you believe the Worst. Book. Ever. Oh how they must have patted themselves on the back and given self hi-fives when they came up with that one. It is actually a brilliantly funny assault on contemporary western civilisation through the eyes of someone who just might be one of the biggest bastards in modern fiction.

Offensive man acts offensively, his karma appears to be in the t...more
Sam Quixote
In 2009, Douglas Coupland’s short story Survivor was published in McSweeney’s 31 and featured a cameraman on a tropical island filming a Survivor-esque reality show who discovers that nuclear war has erupted in the outside world and that they, on this island in the middle of nowhere, could be the last remaining descendants of humanity, turning their survival reality show into a reality of survival. The story clearly stayed with Coupland because, 4 years later, he’s developed the short story into...more
Ben Babcock
This book is a work of art.

I say this knowing that Douglas Coupland is as much an artist as he is a writer. It shows in his novels. His works very deliberately play with the same themes and variations across the decades. Having read, and enjoyed, the majority of his novels, it’s hard not to see all the recurring character types, set pieces, and plot elements. Microserfs and JPod riff on the cognitive dissonance of the software industry, while Generation A , Girlfriend in a Coma , and Player On...more
Worst. Book. Ever. I can't remember hating a book as much as I hated this one. I would have given it a zero if I could have. I am a huge Coupland fan but I am starting to think that his best years are behind him. I hope I am wrong but this book was awful. How it got past the publisher I don't know. If anyone reads this and likes it you will have to tell me why because I can't find any redeeming qualities in it. Don't waste your time with this, too many other books to read.
Jason P

Coupland has you falling out of your chair laughing with this one. It's dirty and filthy, with just the right amount of artsy-edge to it, that you will want to pick this up again (like I did) for a second go of it!

Worst. Person. Ever

This is a story about a man with a load of self-respect, but, only he has that respect for himself. No one else shares it.

His name is Raymond Gunt.
Yes, I said Gunt, please don't make the mistake that others have made and pronounced his last name another way.....you k...more

This latest offering by Coupland doesn't disappoint. The writing is hilarious in an "I shouldn't be laughing at this" kind of way. It also made me wonder if I was also terrible person for agreeing with much of the main character's horrid actions.

This book was such a treat to read. Although mildly offensive, the main character is such a loser that you won't be that bothered.

My only qualm was that the plethora of definitions for commonly known items got annoying. However by the end of the novel th...more

Maybe not the Worst. Book. Ever...but I'd have to say that no aspect of my life was improved by having read it.

I powered through the first half of this book, and I guess it did offer some mild form of entertainment value at first, but eventually I just got tired of eye-roll inducing phrases like "it probably tastes like a pocket calculator garnished with dried herpes juice flakes" or "do you have to be such a ripping cumfart about my situation?" It's not that I find myself offended by phras...more
Leigh Matthews
Although this was engrossing at times it was usually just because so much keeps happening and it's a tad difficult to keep pace. It verges on being a bit too dudebro now and then, with Coupland seemingly more intent on showing off than actually creating realistic characters with whom you can have any empathy. In fact, not a single character is distinguishable by the end, with everyone seeming to have run at the mouth in some terribly clever fashion at some point, as well as occasionally developi...more
Rob Waiser
I received this book from a goodreads giveaway, without having read any of Coupland's previous books.
Overall, I thought it was very funny and I look forward to reading more of his stuff.
The story itself is odd, even a bit silly at times, but I think that is (at least mostly) intentional. More importantly, though, I think the story is just not that important, by which I mean that the plot is really secondary to the writing - particularly the dialogue, which is consistently funny and occasionally...more
As a part-time bookseller, I VERY happily received an advance copy of this book for review (it is out in October). Coupland is a seriously talented writer. He has written both fiction (Generation X, J-Pod) and non-fiction (Terry Fox, Canada House I and II) amongst many other excellent books. He is also a talented artist (check out his Canada House instillation online-amazing!). Needless to say, I admire this guy a lot-he’s one of my favourite Canadian authors.

In this book, we are indeed introdu...more
When I first started reading this, I actually felt torn between being constantly offended by the nastiness that is Raymond Gunt and being amused by him at the same time.

This book had me in tears with laughter at times. I will never look at Macadamia nuts in the same way.

I've read almost all of Douglas Coupland's novels and short stories and have loved most of them. While this isn't my favourite of his works, I really enjoyed how he made me squirm.

Even though Raymond is the worst human being and...more
Colin Bendell
The book is probably better titled: "The. Person. The. Universe. Spites." The main protagonist, Ray, is not the worst person ever. Just very crass. I've met worse.

Quarter of the way through the book I was convinced that Ray was actually in a reality tv, not a camera man for the show and this would be the big reveal at the end of the book. Half way through I thought this book was going to be a profound editorial on our cultural obsession on permissive voyeurism. Then coupland tried to be novel a...more
Worst. Coupland. Ever.

I've read every fiction title by Mr. Coupland and rank him as one of my favourite writers. There is lots to admire in this book, especially the clever cultural punctuations. What's missing for me is the way characters in previous novels are portrayed with a gentle if absurdist brush. This lot are sometimes funny but hollow in their vilified portrayal. I guess the title says it all.
Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
Dec 08, 2013 Lady Vigilante (Feifei) marked it as to-read
This book sounds funny. I'll read.
In an age of political correctness, Raymond Gunt is like everyone's elderly relative whose offhanded derogatory remarks can hush a room.

Gunt's own brand of hatred isn't directed at any one specific population. He considers children a waste of time and money, heckles the obese and pokes fun at the intelligence of Americans.

But as much as Gunt is despicable, readers are also left rooting for the grumpy protagonist in Douglas Coupland's latest book "Worst. Person. Ever."

Karma throws a punch at Gun...more
Oh, Coupland. Just when I think I know you so well nothing can possibly surprise me, you give me Worst. Person. Ever.

This is by far Coupland's funniest, zaniest book; the depths of weirdness here are ones he has never plumbed before, and he has managed to create an utterly unique character coping with utterly unique situations. I don't even feel like I can tell you anything about the novel in terms of what happens because it's a journey of bizarre -- yet completely believable -- plot twists from...more
This book is one of the funniest stories I've read recently or even in a lifetime. Ray is the worst person in the world, but definitely one of the funniest, not to mention his ex-wife, his ex-homeless friend Neal and his biological family. Coupland in one of his best performances.

Questo libro é una tra le storie piú divertenti che io abbia letto recentemente o anche in tutta la vita. Ray é la peggiore persona del mondo, ma sicuramente una delle piú divertenti, senza contare la sua ex moglie, il...more
Lori L (She Treads Softly)
Worst. Person. Ever. by Douglas Coupland is recommended only for those who can appreciate an irreverent, profane, humorous commentary on modern culture that pushes all boundaries aside.

Raymond Gunt is the narrator and the titular awful person in Coupland's latest novel: "...Mr. Gunt, you are the worst human being I’ve ever met. The. Worst. Person. Ever.” (Location 1083)
Ray is a cameraman whose ex-wife, Fiona, gets him a job on an American reality show, Survival. Even though Ray is suspicious of...more

This was my first Douglas Coupland book, and I think it will probably be my last. His style is one, I think, you either love or really hate. And for me, unfortunately, the latter was true. I don't like writing negative reviews, because every author puts a good deal of time and effort into creating a book, but the truth is just that not everyone's tastes run alike (thank goodness!)
One thing I will commend Coupland on is the rather apt title. Raymond Gunt is, quite frankly, pretty despicable. He...more
Apr 17, 2014 Jay rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2014
I need to read more books by Douglas Copeland.

This book was really really funny in a dark and profane way. The inside of my head is actually a clean and friendly place (well lit, even if it is a bit cluttered in a way that probably seems haphazard to anyone who visits), but I like to see what the minds of other people look like. And, wow, is this main character on the far end of the spectrum from me. What I find disconcerting, though, is how he really thinks he is a good person, kind to others a...more
There's many reviews of this book here on GoodReads parodying the title to reflect their opinions, i.e., Worst.Book.Ever. I don't quite fall into that camp. My twist is something like:


Face it, when the your protagonist is an unlikeable asshole, the book has some weight to haul. Raymond Gunt is morally bankrupt, not merely morally challenged; however, his observations on the world around him are spot on and often laugh-out-loud funny. T...more
Magadored in search of the world's crappiest romance
Raymond Gunt's mind combats the inanity of life by striking out in wild and wonderful ways. Nothing is beyond him, for example: the sociopolitical consequences of refusing only to bugger a same-sex sheep. His cohort, Neal, a previously homeless man suffering from pussy-fatigue, is similarly inclined having spent much free time musing from his Samsung-branded cardboard abode. Together they set out on the most holiest of popculture endeavors: to film a new season of Survivor reality TV.

This book i...more
Page 152 and I can't. I just can't anymore. Then I skipped to the end to see if something happens to make it worth it and no. Bleah.
Ryan Morris
While there’s not too much of a story to speak of here (ie: plot, acts, character arcs), this is was an extremely enjoyable book from one of my favorite authors.

As the back of the book reads:
“This novel contains much talk of bodily functions, improbable sexual content, violent death, nuclear crisis and elaborately inventive profanity: Viewer Discretion is Advised.”
And the warning is definitely not kidding. This is a much different Douglas Coupland than we’re used to seeing/reading, without any t...more
Disappointed. I suppose it's never going to be easy to make an enjoyable book about the worst person in the world - I certainly struggled with it. I just didn't like Ray from start to finish, he was never redeemed, he didn't grow on me. He was just truly awful from start to finish. The book is looking at trash media, and our obsession with ridiculous reality TV shows, our continued destruction of the planet and it is obsessed, or Ray at least is obsessed, with sex. The language throughout is ver...more
This book was fantastic! I don't know if I have ever lol'd so much in 300 pages before! Granted, the end gets rather ridiculous, but if you want a book that you can learn absolutely nothing useful from, can suspend your sense of "sensible" and want to meet the worst human being ever- this is the book. Kudos Gunt, you are a terrible human being that gave me many a giggle.
Daniel Kukwa
What the hell...and I mean...WHAT THE HELL...did I just read? Is Douglas Coupland having a mid-life crisis, and suddenly jealous of novels in the style of Chad Kultgen's "The All American Male"? Has he simply decided to subvert all our expectations by giving us the final word on profane chavs cloaked in respectability...and begging to be turned into a movie? Has Douglas Coupland simply lost his marbles and vomited on the literary world? This is filth of the highest order...yet it's some of the m...more
Worst. Story. Ever.

I usually like Coupland. I've been reading him since GENERATION X first came out. I love GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA, MICROSERFS and THE GUM THIEF. I've liked everything else he's written, up until GENERATION A, which I found disappointing.

This is stike two.

Yes, it's still Coupland, with his incisive wit, and hyperkinetic way of describing situations, but I hate this book, because the main character was so COMPLETELY unpleasant. There was nothing to like about him, and even seeing ho...more
While it's not without it's structural problems - there is a large cast of characters and if they (view spoiler) disappear and re-appear a hundred pages later it can be confusing - but for me that is a relatively trivial concern because Coupland has crafted here a 21st century grand guignol, a ripping yarn that is frequently laugh-out-loud funny in an era when many books that promise much in that regard deliver so little. Anti-hero he may be, but there i...more
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Douglas Coupland is Canadian, born on a Canadian Air Force base near Baden-Baden, Germany, on December 30, 1961. In 1965 his family moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he continues to live and work. Coupland has studied art and design in Vancouver, Canada, Milan, Italy and Sapporo, Japan. His first novel, Generation X, was published in March of 1991. Since then he has published nine novels and sever...more
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“Look, Neal, Hawaii is not some magical pixie wonderland; it’s an American state populated by atomic weapons, a remnant native population and people too stupid to spell their way out of a paper bag. Most of them came here to escape pathetic lives in the forty nine other states, so in some sense, Hawaii is a scenic cul-de-sac filled with people who want to drink themselves to death without feeling judged.” 0 likes
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