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3.66  ·  Rating Details  ·  440 Ratings  ·  82 Reviews
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* best indie books of 2013*

She acts like she's your new best friend, but is she really a deadly enemy?

When Isabel Anderson nearly runs over mysterious Alicia McBride, she is ridden with guilt. She helps Alicia get a job at the supermarket where she works, and soon, Alicia is acting like her new best friend. But th
Kindle Edition, 323 pages
Published March 12th 2013 by Lorna Dounaeva (first published March 10th 2013)
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Kassandra Lamb
May 03, 2013 Kassandra Lamb rated it liked it
Let me start by saying that I set out to read for an hour or two the other night to wind down before bed, and ended up staying up until 2:30 in the morning to finish this book. Having said that, I felt that the last 80% of the book was far better than the beginning. I didn’t find the protagonist, Isabel’s initial suspicions of Alicia all that plausible. I’ll buy that she felt something was off but she accepts her negative assessment of the girl with very little ambivalence. Most of us, when we d ...more
Liz Barnsley
Mar 23, 2013 Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favourites
So, I started reading this early afternoon and five hours later I was done. Yes it really is that good - I would strongly advise that you do not pick it up unless you have a free few hours to spare. Strangely I didnt think I was going to like it for the first few pages, probably because there is no hanging around - bam! There you are, straight into the action. Having just finished a slightly less pacy book, its probable that my brain took a few pages to catch up with the rest of me! After that h ...more
Simon Okill
Feb 15, 2014 Simon Okill rated it it was amazing
FRY by Lorna Dounaeva is a pyrotechnic psychological thriller of the most brilliant kind. The author had me gripped once the story began to move in sinister twists that never let up. Relentless is the word this reader would describe the plot.
Isabel almost runs down Alicia. She feels guilty and sets Alicia up with a job where she works. A friendship starts but soon becomes a game of cat and mouse as fires erupt all over the town of Queensbeach in UK. Subtle hints are played to great effect as Isa
Gloria Antypowich
Mar 27, 2013 Gloria Antypowich rated it really liked it

Isabel Anderson meets Alicia McBride under startling circumstances. She almost runs over Alicia when she appears in front of her car out of nowhere. Shocked and guilt ridden, she invites her into her home and offers her tea. Alicia is waif like and "different" (to be honest,for much of the book I suspected that there was a paranormal element to the story). She says is looking for work and Isabel recommends her for a job at the store where she works. By insinuating that they are best friends Alic
Jeff Bitton
Jan 21, 2014 Jeff Bitton rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favourites
I really enjoyed it! It’s the sort of book you have no choice but to finish the same day you start. I like the setting, the characters, fast pace, the mystery and some really unexpected twists. Made me wonder how little we think of consequences of our actions. A throw-away conversation that we forget the next day might significantly change another person’s life. A chilling thought.

I would definitely read more from Lorna!
Lorna Lee
Apr 01, 2013 Lorna Lee rated it it was amazing
Do you ever really know a person? Who hasn't asked themselves that question? That question is at the heart of this psychological thriller. And that's why is is such a compelling and frightening read. If you are like me, you will think about your life differently after reading this book. One misstep with the wrong person and...poof! Your life could go, figuratively, up in smoke.

Lorna's writing style is so friendly and conversant, that I felt I was having a relaxed cup of tea with her in her "fla
Gail Ritter
Jan 19, 2014 Gail Ritter rated it it was amazing
This was a real page turner; it also can do a real number on the readers' head.
I was feeling so sorry for Isabel; she was being stalked and set up as an arsonist by a very creepy Alicia. As the book went on, and Isabel got more and more paranoid, I also felt the same way. What if Isabel is the crazy one? Why would poor little Alicia be picking on her? I felt like I was the one going crazy, right along with Isabel. A tricky plot, and a creepy atmosphere = a good read.
Diane Major
Mar 21, 2013 Diane Major rated it it was amazing
What to say... Well from page 2 I was hooked. After what appears to be an accident, Isabel meets a new friend. Soon some phychological games begin. At times Isabel wonders if she is losing her mind and her friends don't seem to acknowledge there's a problem. After visiting her brother Julio and his girlfriend Holly, Isabel believes she has found an ally. Then the plot gets more complicated. Can someone be in two places at the same time? Or could it be Isabel is simply having a breakdown. This is ...more
Garry Kay
Mar 22, 2013 Garry Kay rated it it was amazing
Quite brilliant. Fast-moving, action-packed, subtle and slaps you round the face from start to finish. We all make the odd mistake now and then, but for most of us, it doesn’t come back and bite you on the bum many years later. The halo of innocence above Lorna’s villain is held so firmly in place that our luckless leading lady is left doubting her own sanity. The reader is left doubting her sanity to the point that nothing falls into place until the very last page. Who is the twisted fire start ...more
Jan 19, 2014 Kimberly rated it really liked it
I was going to only give this book three stars, but about halfway through, it did get better. At first, I found the lead character's thoughts and decisions rather unwarranted and frivolous. It seemed she everything in the book to make her situation worse. She made herself look suspicious, and she made very stupid mistakes. Though, I did get caught up in how she was ever going to get herself out of the trouble she was in. Not sure I was crazy about the ending. I hope there is not a sequel. It was ...more
Beaird Glover
Mar 14, 2013 Beaird Glover rated it it was amazing
FRY is a very suspenseful psychological thriller. Written in a conversational English dialect, it quickly and easily captures the reader’s attention. The protagonist is tormented and driven crazy, or possibly is leading a double life. One secret after another is deftly revealed with her sanity coming more and more in question, to herself and the reader. She is delusional or dissociating, paranoid, or else reailty is unraveling. The reader anticipates the worst and hopes for the best, but mostly ...more
KL Caley
Jul 29, 2015 KL Caley rated it really liked it
This story follows Isabel and her group of friends, when Isabel runs over a girl named Alicia, she feels responsible for her. After a strange series of fires, she grows increasingly suspicious of Alicia who has ingratiated herself into Isabel and Isabel’s friend’s lives. This tale is of survival, and to some extent mental torture. Isabel becomes increasingly paranoid of Alicia, even in seemingly normal circumstances, making her friends (and the reader!) question her sanity.
This is set in a quie
Carol Kean
May 26, 2015 Carol Kean rated it really liked it
"This is Alicia. She brought beer."

We all know that awful feeling of some newcomer, co-worker, or mutual friend who upstages us - gradually insinuating herself into our life, stealing our friends, making us look bad - but most of us don't suffer the worst, being framed for crimes we didn't commit. Lorna Dounaeva does a masterful job of showing the first contact, the fleeting doubts, then the self-doubts when all your friends side with the newcomer, then the worst-case scenarios. I was riveted, i
Apr 29, 2015 Deb rated it liked it
I am mixed on this book, which I read as part of Kindle Unlimited. On one hand, I liked the basic plot of the story--very Single White Female, where the main character Isabel, nearly hits a young woman with her car and ends up befriending her. Alicia, the young woman, integrates herself into Isabel's life and group of friends and random fires start cropping up in the small ocean town they live in. Isabel quickly suspects Alicia, but the police soon suspect Isabel and she finds her life quickly r ...more
Mar 02, 2016 Heather rated it did not like it
I am not sure why I even bothered to finish this book. It's just not very good. Every time I picked it up to read, it felt like I was being rushed through.

The author had an interesting idea for a book, but she didn't execute well. The pace is very fast, too fast, so sometimes it's hard to figure out what is going on and when. Time skips around a lot, even within chapters. The author does not write with a lot of details. It's mostly action and character emotion.

Because the pace is so fast withou
Miika Hannila
Apr 19, 2013 Miika Hannila rated it really liked it
Lorna has managed to create a unique atmosphere with FRY, including well-written characters and an interesting plot. I also really liked the colorful and descriptive way she writes in: it's easy to see what's happening and jump along for the ride. The pacing was also just right, it kept me wondering and speculating, and there was enough incentive so I really wanted to turn those pages and find out what happens next.
Candace Monroe
Apr 27, 2015 Candace Monroe rated it liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Gregg Matthews
Feb 03, 2014 Gregg Matthews rated it liked it
I downloaded this e-book from to my kindle fire.The author Lorna Dounaeva did a good job putting this story together. There were times when I did get caught up in the story. The story did have an underlying meaning and was good. The story also had some good smart characters in it.

Some of the things I did not like about the e-book were that it had so many typographical errors. This did take away from reading the e-book. It was very distracting there were too many errors. The structure
Colleen Hudson
Jun 11, 2014 Colleen Hudson rated it liked it
Meh. I didn't find the book particularly believable. And the ending seemed too "wrapped up" - I'd have liked some loose ends leaving the possibility for a follow-up book - and just something to keep me guessing. I found the book to be too long - it could have used a bit more editing. I'm not sure who the target audience was for this book - perhaps young adults. It wasn't "deep" enough to be an adult novel. And all of the chapters had to end at the climax of something - sort of like the old "Goos ...more
Amy Pyles
Mar 31, 2013 Amy Pyles rated it liked it
Good, easy, quick read. Suspenseful and page-turning.
May 12, 2015 Sukarn rated it really liked it
Beware. Do not start this book unless you have the time to finish it the same day (or as soon as possible). It was hard to go to sleep when I had read only half the book.

The author uses cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. Since the chapters themselves are short, the author manages to keep the reader hooked to the story and wanting to read 'just one more chapter' before putting the book down.

I took off a star from the rating because some things in the book were very unrealistic and because t
Mar 26, 2014 Susan rated it it was amazing
Excellent novel! A cat and mouse mystery that kept me turning the pages. This is also a great psychological thriller. So many twists and turns that are unexpected in this book. I enjoyed it as it seemed like something that could happen in life though I hope not as intensely as in this novel. The characters are written so that you feel as if you know them. I had to stop reading to do errands and I almost didn't do them because it was so difficult to stop reading.
Maggie Wadsager
Aug 03, 2015 Maggie Wadsager rated it liked it
I loved the suspense in this book, and the author spun such a great story that I had my own thoughts questioned. I did think that some of the scenes seemed forced or awkward - especially with the cat. I did finish the book because I had to know what happened, but more than once I almost gave up and read the ending. If you like suspense novels, you may enjoy this one. This author sure knows how to write a story that makes the reader question everything and everyone
Apr 21, 2015 Samantha rated it it was ok
The plot is decent enough, but the writing ranges from underwhelming to juvenile. The characters are one-dimensional and contrived, but I also see potential. I wish this had been an early draft rather than the finished product because there is a lot the author could have done to improve, especially since the bare bones of the story are good. It just reads like a draft submitted to a 100 level undergrad writing course.
Feb 09, 2016 R.L. rated it liked it
This was a great story about some twisted people who terrorize some regular people and get the regular people to question what truth is. I would have liked a little more setting, taste, smell, feel, because it is set in England but have very little to go on as to where. I couldn't even tell at first until the part about the caravan park. The author did a great job of creating a seriously bad antagonist.
Oct 15, 2015 Kent rated it liked it
I spent the first part of the book wondering if I wanted to finish it. In the end I persevered and on the whole enjoyed it.
A story of revenge best served cold. A twisted girl who felt betrayed after a story she told was dismissed as just that, when in actual fact it was the horrible truth. After a chance meeting she sets out to burn the person she feels betrayed her.
The ending is a little weak and confused but overall an enjoyable read.
Feb 20, 2014 Cyndi rated it really liked it
I read this book all in one night because it is non stop. I couldn't put it down. I completely felt for Alica as she was being tormented by insane Isabel. At times I felt I was going crazy along with Alicia. Psychological thriller that had me at the edge of my seat through the whole book. Twists and turns kept me scratching my head so I had to know what happened next!
Mar 25, 2014 Sandy rated it really liked it
Pretty good read. At first I thought it as a Single White Female-ish story, I wasn't sure if I would continue. I was told to stick to it. And I am glad I did, it was a good read and a not so over-used twist. The end was quite profound! As in just the very last page. However it would mean nothing to you if you hadn't read the rest of the book.
May 11, 2015 Liesbeth rated it really liked it
Really enjoyable fast paced psychological thriller!
Isabel is a perfect main character, likeable , but not in that too sickly kind of way you often get.
The supporting cast is great too.
Alicia is fantastically creepy.
The story moves along a windy, fiery path of surprises at a fast speed, no chance of getting bored here!
Margie Cady
Aug 09, 2015 Margie Cady rated it really liked it
A good, quick read with many twists

I liked the way the storyline evolved. Without spoiling the story, I enthralled by the developments, relationships and the hints that things aren't always what they seem.
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Lorna Dounaeva is a quirky British crime writer who once challenged a flamenco troupe to a dance-off. She is a politics graduate and worked for the Home Office for a number of years. Her influences include Single White Female and American Psycho. She has two active toddlers who keep her busy wiping food off the ceiling and removing mints from USB sockets.
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