Break Me Slowly (Shattered, #1)
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Break Me Slowly (Shattered #1)

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  3,666 ratings  ·  286 reviews
Graduate student Katelyn Gunn is headed for her first day of assistant teaching when she is almost hit by a car. The nervous and inexperienced Kate is shocked to realize that it isn’t the near death experience that has her heart racing, but the sinfully sexy man behind the wheel. Adam Kinkade is ultra-wealthy, devastatingly handsome, and the most powerful distribution mogu...more
Kindle Edition, 165 pages
Published March 10th 2013 by Bear & Gunner Publishing LLC
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Jessy (Jessy's Book Club)
As posted on

If the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and the Crossfire Trilogy made a baby, it would be called Break Me Slowly.

I quite enjoyed this one. I had just come from a very intense read so this fit in perfectly. Short and steamy. When I first saw the title I expected a dark read which it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing light about the characters’ pasts. They both come from abusive backgrounds and we get a glimpse of Adam’s and in much more det...more
Barely 3 Stars

A wannabe Fifty and Crossfire, even down to the words: "I'll try". It could have been really good but I thought the story was anemic and thin. Nothing was in depth. Nothing was really told/shown who Adam is and was. What does he do? Who are his friends? What makes him tick? Dunno the answers to all questions. I did like Katelyn. But I want to know about Adam. I loved that he groveled at the end to get her back... just love that scene.
Adam Kinkad.

We were two broken people who couldn’t communicate about the darkness that was swallowing us whole.

Remember when you were coming down from reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and the Crossfire Trilogy and you were left in that cloud of nothing will ever compare to these, what am I going to read, the book hangover that doesn't seem to go away. Well, I give you your Tylenol, Break me Slowly.

I enjoyed this book more then I thought I was going too espec...more
3.5 stars

I discovered I'd already read this book when I opened it, still I skimmed back through it. In a variation on the beautiful virgin tumbling at a billionaire's feet trope, here we have our innocent walk out in front of his (chauffeur driven) car. Both Katelyn and Adam have secrets to hide as expected in this genre and both are unable to stay away. Alas, no trilogy is necessary to tell their story. However, there IS a trilogy in this series. Next up, Possess Me Slowly tells Katelyn's roomm...more
This one was around 3.5 stars. I was very close to Bared to You, nearly down to some of the same lines.

These two have major...

And Megan & Brian??? WTF where did that come from? There was like ten seconds spent on that disaster of a situation...

Katelyn meets Adam when she is nearly run over by his car as she stands dazed in the streets. Kate has deep issues from her past and closeness and touching is a trigger that sets her off...but when Adam gets near her a calm finds her that she had not...more
Too rushed.

I do have to say I didn't mind it, it's great for one of those in between a heavier book, type of reads. It was quick, fast and typical. Way too rushed. The first 1/2 was so completely rushed that it was hard to believe. Some scenes I had a hard time grasping the reality and believing in the book. It felt as though it was just too forced, trying too hard to be like 50 and B2U and not at all letting us connect with the characters.

Most of the time, I couldn't stand Adam. I love the who...more
This book really disturbed me at times, there were some scenes I couldn’t understand. Like this scene in Adam’s office that was so wrong...Had the heroine not been a virgin, this scene could have been HOT (IMO anyway) but there it was just wrong, I do not get how an innocent virgin (with such an abusive past and the issues Katelyn has) would go for this. I will not get into the details but I just cannot understand this scene and the eagerness of Kate.

But in the end I still quite liked it, it was...more
This had potential but I think it was a bit rushed and some of the scenes were just uncomfortable and unrealistic. Again, another book with a skittish virgin who immediately has sex like a porn star. She doesn't even let her best friend hug her because she was abused as a kid, and all of a sudden, she lets a stranger do all sorts of things because its "lust at first sight"? Their first sexual encounter in his office was just awkward, but I read it in one night, and it kept my interest sooooo, l...more
Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~
2.5 stars. Meh. Not horrible, but not great. Totally weirded
Out by the first scene in his office. Not a bad storyline, but I felt zero connection to the characters. There were a few plot lines that got thrown in that never went anywhere.
Mar 17, 2013 Erin rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: dnf
You know it's bad when you're returning a $.99 book for a refund. Rushed, silly overdone plot. Meh, just can't read any further.
LOVED this book! Can't wait to see if there is another book!!! *Review coming soon*
Christine The Dark Romance Junkie *Reads YA Like A Boss*
I loved this book. I loved Adam and Katelyn. And now I want more!
I'd like to start off by saying that I fell really liked he main characers' names:
Katelyn Gunn
Adam Kinkade >>>Wow! just fantastic. Their names were apropos.

Apropos to what?; you may ask...

Well, Katelyn is like a Gun, where concealed and on safety is harmless, non threatening, inconspicuous. Until it is touched the right way, raised and exposed, the safety undone and fired! A force to be reckoned with, fierce, dangerous, aggressive, hot! Until its switched back to safety, cooled down an...more
Apr 19, 2013 Mila rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: WILL NOT RECOMMEND
Amazon Verified Purchase

Two weeks! that's how long it took me to finish this. It begun with a good promise of something that might be really enjoyable. But after about 200 hundred so kindle pages, it went down hill. I don't know why an author would write a scene that's quite hard to believe and swallow, so demeaning on the heroine's character.

One particular scene is the Heroine, Katelyn Gunn, after finding out the apartment where her...more
Sigh. Another one. After reading this, which was not so painful mind you, I had the urge to create another book shelf...50 Shades Knock Off. ;) I could add hundreds of books to my new shelf. Sigh. Again. ;) This is what happens to virgins who don't keep their eyes on the road, what a mind*ck!...well in that case let me throw myself in front of the next limo I see just saying I could use a new shirt.
I finished but got so annoyed. It's almost a copy of many different popular books out there combined together.
The writing is fair, but not really good. It can be read as a filler book, one of those when you want the same formula, same thing, etc. But I did get annoyed with the heroine and on top of it all, we get a very rushed finale... around 95% of the book nothing was solved and then everything just rushed.
Bookie | The BookChick
Overall, Break Me Slowly was a solid and reasonably enjoyable story. It definitely had the trappings of all the other polished billionaire/young naive woman stories that many of us have read ad nauseam since the popularity of such books. Adam and Katelyn were not much different from the protagonists in similar books. They were both damaged and the two of them were bound together by their brokenness. Katelyn's shade came as a result of the damage--mental and physical--inflicted on her by a distur...more
Oct 11, 2013 Eve added it
I'm currently reading this book and I'm on page 20. I just couldn't resist not reviewing.

First of all, Katelyn is one of the worst heroine ever. I know I've just started reading this book but she's really an idiot?

She wanted to go out with him when she doesn't even know him. He's a stranger for God's sake. So what if he bought you a blouse because he ruined yours. That doesn't mean you can think of inviting him for coffee. What if he's a serial killer mmh? Normally, when a heroine met someone l...more
I can't decide between 3.5 or 4 stars...

As much as I hate to say this (because writing original stories is hard these days), this book is obviously a FSoG rip-off. Not that I don't like FSog, God knows I totally do, but I'll appreciate a book more if it has its own 'life'. This book could be so much better, if only I weren't constantly reminded of FSoG as I flipped through pages.

But let's set that issue aside, I want to say I love CEO Adam Kinkade (you heard me right, he's kinky) and Katelyn Gun...more
Ronda Caudill
First of all I would like to say that five stars isn't enough for this book. I would give it a 10!

Break Me Slowly by Joya Ryan was absolutely amazing. This novel rivaled that of Fifty Shades of Grey. Anna and Christian move over and make way for Katelyn and Adam.

The characters were so realistic and so complex with so much baggage; they were both broken but were able to mend each other. Katelyn was a wonderful person. Even with all of the issues with her family she still couldn’t abandon them in...more
★★Sara Lizzy★★
I enjoyed this book. Adam is a rich, powerful, man whose car almost runs over Katelyn at the beginning of the story - there is an instant attraction between them. This book has some similarities to Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series.... both books have main characters that fall quick and hard for each other. Both books also have the main characters who come from tramatic childhoods and have avoided serious relationships in the past because of it. While I say that the book "Break Me Slowly" and the Cr...more
Joya Ryan
Katelyn Gunn is headed for her first day of assistant teaching when she is almost hit by a car.

The sinfully sexy man behind the wheel. Adam Kinkade is ultra-wealthy, devastatingly handsome, and the most powerful distribution mogul in Chicago. Adam is a man used to getting what he wants. And he wants Katelyn—naked and often

“Haunted pasts, scorching chemistry, page-melting tension…Joya Ryan delivers a love affair so deliciously sinful, you’ll devour it in one sitting.”

This is a ride you...more
Emma Corcoran
I'm kinda over this type of book. Once you've read FSOG or the Up in the Air series you've kinds had enough of it. Formulaic, easy to 'guess' what's gonna happen next... I read it and finished it cos it was a quick read and I never give up on a book. If you're into this whole "squillionaire love god dominates the inexperienced 20 something virgin" then go for it - you'll love it.
Melanie Rogers
This book was pretty good and my reason for 3 stars is for how it ended. SPOILER: I am disappointed with the lack of follow through on the ending. The book was going smoothly in my opinion and in the last chapter we meet Adam's demon.... His pedophile stepfather. This is apparently where he intended to propose to Katelyn but that didn't happen. In turn, Katelyn sticks up for him by telling the evil stepfather off only to be rejected by Adam moments later with "I don't want you". Katelyn storms o...more
a 4 STAR
only coz it was short ..if there was more im deff would have given it a 5* ...

For fans of Crossfire series .this is the book u'll deff want :) ...
I almost waited to find our sweet virgin heroine speaking to her inner goddess. I couldn't connect to these characters and rolled my eyes so many times I got a headache.

The editing seemed decent and the writing flowed, but other than that, it was a couple hours of my life I won't get back.
There is real potential here....I like the story, even though its a story that's been told over and over, but it is a little thin. I didn't feel as connected with either the H or h as could've been possible. Also, it wraps up way too, way, way, way too fast.
One reviewer said that if 50 shades and Crossfire Bared to You had a baby then this would be the result. Which initially I thought was quite apt. But to be honest it wasn't for me in the end....
Anne OK
Mar 15, 2013 Anne OK marked it as to-read
Another shadow of "Fifty Shades"?? Also, there's a cliffhanger so will probably wait to start until nearer to the release of the next book.
Negesse Lakay
The biggest issue I had with this book is that it was highly predictable. Two broken souls, alpha billionaire, hero stalking heroine because he falls instantly for her. The writing wasn't bad, it was easy to read. The dialogue was cute to me except for when Adam kept calling her "lover". Some things felt unfinished to me which maybe because they would continue in the next installation but I'm not sure I want so read it. If you're looking for some light mindless reading, the pick this one up.
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“Oh, yeah? So what? You wanna play Name That Complex? One quick lay while you command me to call you Daddy?” Katelyn asked “No. I want to sink my cock into you so deep that you scream with pleasure and call me lover.” Adam responds then adds “And there will be nothing quick about it.” 12 likes
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