The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ
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The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ

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Lyndon Baines Johnson was a man of great ambition and enormous greed, both of which, in 1963, would threaten to destroy him. In the end, President Johnson would use power from his personal connections in Texas and from the underworld and from the government to escape an untimely end in politics and to seize even greater power. President Johnson, the thirty-sixth president...more
Hardcover, 424 pages
Published November 6th 2013 by Skyhorse Publishing (first published November 1st 2013)
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So I'm typing this with one hand and making my tinfoil hat with the other because YOU GUYS! This is the craziest thing I've ever read.

Honestly, the first half is what absolutely left me with my jaw to the floor. The author pretty much just made a case for what a crooked guy LBJ was, how many people hated RFK, and how the mob and FRANK SINATRA tied into all of this. I cannot even tell you how beyond shocked I was.

And I just read a book about lbj that talked about how he named his penis Jumbo, f...more
The author discusses LBJ's role in the Kennedy assassination, including his associates who were involved and his influence with the Dallas police, mob figures, and CIA. Very well written and detailed. Many things I had not known. I came away from this read believing totally that LBJ was behind the killing. This is the best book yet on the assassination.
Robert Morrow
This book is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone with an interest in American history or politics. It also makes a perfect Halloween gift for anyone affiliated with the LBJ Library, particularly Tom Johnson who channels the ghost of Jack Valenti, the longtime LBJ sychophant, who was letting his wife sleep with Lyndon Johnson.

Roger Stone has definitely made a fine contribution to the historical record of the JFK assassination with this effort. #1 he tells you that Richard Nixon immediately knew w...more
Dave Scrip
Mr. Roger Stone writes a compelling case for LBJ being the mastermind behind the JFK murder. His neighbor J Edgar Hoover covered up the crime. The CIA -Mafia orchestrated the crime with a little help from accomplice Secret Service agents assigned to protect JFK. LBJ,s personal assassin Malcolm Wallace was on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building. How do we know this? Wallace's fingerprint was the only one found in the sniper's lair. Obviously, there was more than one shoot...more
Tom Stamper
My mom said that LBJ had Kennedy killed. Oliver Stone first suggested the CIA to me. I have always thought that Jack Ruby's mob style hit suggested mafia culprits. What Roger Stones does is weave all of these suspects and the FBI into a large overall conspiracy with LBJ as the puppet master.

My first thought was blarney, but I had stumbled upon the Amazon page and was surprised to see it registered 4.5 stars out of 5 with more than 350 reviews. I figured something with that much support must be...more
Mark Gilroy
I was in kindergarten when Kennedy was shot. To say that the Kennedys were popular was an understatement. The two most popular Halloween costumes at the class party that year, less than a month before JFK was shot, had been John and Bobby plastic masks. My first inkling that something big had happened was when I got in the car and the mom who was driving carpool that day said nothing but only sobbed the drive home.

I heard Roger Stone do a radio interview on his book and realized I had read littl...more
Joel Manuel
Riddled with typos and not terribly convincing.
The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ is a Skyhorse publication. The author is Roger Stone, with contributor Mike Colapletro. The tentative release date is November 4, 2013. This book is 424 pages in length. You can pre-order the book in the kindle store.

I have followed the investigation into the Kennedy assassination for years. I have read many books with many theories, some of which are way out in left field and completely implausible, while others no doubt very close to the truth....more
In 1963 I was a young wife with two preschool children. The JFK assassination was an indelible shock to me. I've read a great many books, both on the conspiracy side and the lone-assassin side (Posner, Bugliosi, O'Reilly). This one answered virtually all my questions and filled in all the details.

I was already of the strong opinion that LBJ was behind the JFK assassination; this book added so much evidence that it removed all doubt from my mind. Stone is a political insider who knew Nixon and R...more
Stephen Embry
This cut and paste piece would better be called "the Man who assassinated LBJ's character". it follows the familiar format of the tabloids, cascading unsupported innuendo and rumor onto falsehood and possibility leaving you with a vague feeling of distaste and suspicion. while it is possible that there was a conspiracy, it is not explained here. indeed it is not a clear what kind of conspiracy we are talking about, the killing of a president or the promotion of a senator's rise to power. Those w...more
Richard Martin
After reading the Preface and Introduction, one wonders about objectivity. The author shows much animosity toward Johnson and this is reflected throughout. The book is longer than it has to be. With editing, it could be reduced to a more readable length. Stylistically, there are numerous repetitions as well as paragraphs with multiple tense shifts. Mechanical problems are rife. For example, the table of contents page numbers do not match actual chapter beginnings. Starting with chapter 14, page...more
Roger Stone, thou dost almost persuade even me! Almost, I said. There are just too many pieces that are based on assumption. Several of the "facts" that are summed up in the last chapter, and throughout this book, are just not iron-clad, proven facts. They rely too much on hearsay evidence offered by gangsters, prostitutes and other nefarious individuals, who have ulterior interests in framing Johnson, the CIA, the MOB, Hoover, or whomever.

That said, Stone has pulled the conspiratorial story tog...more
Charles M.
Yet another conspiracy book regarding Kennedy assassination. Only this time, it is VP Lyndon B. Johnson spearheading all the different conspiring parties into one big assassination plot. According to author, who worked for JFK Adm, Johnson pulled everybody together to murder Kennedy (i.e., it was "only" the 7th or 8th person Johnson had killed during his acreer, including his own sisiter!). as much as the conpsiracy reader wishes to believe all this; it is laughable how Stone is the "only" perso...more
Have followed this since I was in junior high. Stone nails it and really puts the screws to was he an evil guy. A good read and worth it.
Honestly, this book scared me. I had no idea just how much corruption and immorality was involved in our government during this time period. I did not like the author's obvious dislike of certain people. He sometimes came to sweeping conclusions that his facts did not necessarily prove for certain. Also, there were many editorial mistakes that kind of bothered me. The language in this book is also awful, mostly from the direct quotes of mafia members. (A LOT of F-bombs) But, he did have so many,...more
Dennis Henegar
I am not even sure why I decided to read this book. But once I started I could not put it down. I have never been a "conspiracy nut" and yet at the same time, the Oswald, single gunman theory espoused by the Warren Commission never seemed logical to me.

There are already a lot of reviews here on this book. So, I'll just say that I think the writing style and the flow of the book seemed a little disjointed. I felt like I needed a diagram to keep up with all the details and characters.

That said, I...more
Richard Ward
Mostly reworked info that you've read elsewhere, if you've read any books on the vast conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy and then to allow a lone nut to take the blame. Most of the book is not so much about LBJ, despite the title and subtitle. He does, though, begin the book by showing that LBJ had motive and madness enough to do it. I assume that all world leaders are psychopaths, American presidents included, so the dirt on LBJ does not surprise me. Yet the author never really proves that LB...more
Pam White
This book is a stunner!! If you think you know about American history, but don't know the truth about the assassination of John F Kennedy, then you don't really know. There are other good resources for this topic, but this book is one of the best! The author is well-positioned to assert his case & does a great job telling it - this book is another reason I say fiction can never beat non-fiction in drama & intrigue, not to mention understanding more about our modern American government.
The writing is terrible. I often had to start sentences again to retrieve the subject, verb and object, if any. That being said, having just finished Caro's four volume biography of LBJ, this book is utterly convincing. It as always been obvious that the Warren Commission report was meaningless; this book makes a lot of connections which need to be made. Food for thought, for sure.
Apr 23, 2014 Kim rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: owned
I have spent a lot of time learning details of what the Warren Commission obfuscated, and now I understand it all. This book opens doors that LBJ and Hoover struggled to keep tightly shut. It all makes sense now, particularly if you start looking at the incomprehensible list of assassination witnesses who have died. Jim Garrison was right, but he couldn't effectively fight Big Brother.
Robert Davidson
A friend recommended this book and i was dubious as i had read various conspiracy theories and came to no conclusion. However once i started this book i kept reading and it drew me in. Well researched from many sources this one is entirely plausible and if true is another black mark for politicians in pursuit of and holding Power. This is a very good read.
I heard an interview with the author leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination and was hooked on the details. Very well-researched book. I have to say, as a journalism major who has been fascinated by Watergate and read up on that since college, I found the tie-in between that scandal and the assassination most interesting, though I'm not sure I buy the connection. I'm also not sure what I think about the assassination alone. I find it improbable that Oswald acted alone, bu...more
Phillip Dodge
When you pick up the book and start reading it, you can't stop! The book is completely no nonsense and cuts to the core of human behavior both good and bad. While Stone's perspective is colored by his conspicuous place under trauma in the Nixon White House, the revelations about LBJ and the insider information about what he observed and heard in those days makes for amazing reading. Stone writes with a stolid pen and recounts all the direct comments and innuendos he absorbed way back when and it...more
Stephany G
Although I have read a few books long ago on the lives of JFK and Jackie, this is my first book regarding the conspiracies surrounding the assassination. I recently watched a few documentaries on the subject and was given this book since I was interested in reading more on the topic. This was all well before my time so I had to reference the many individuals listed in the book to keep up with who was who. Often it was confusing, and I wished for pictures of the main individuals to help me keep i...more
I'd never read any JFK conspiracy books before. This was interesting, but probably not a good place to start. It's weak in terms of sound arguments, and makes too many assumptions. In some ways it was almost a parody of stereotypical non sequitur fringe rantings: Fact A ... Fact B ... Fact C! Even granting some of the "facts" (and a lot of it is mere supposition, however probable), they still need to be connected.

At the end of the day, the thesis is that LBJ had the most to gain, had a past hist...more
Mark Auman


The book seemingly promised the smoking gun, but failed to deliver. Save your money and pass on this one. IMO
Very disappointed in this book. I was looking forward to it because I heard some of the new facts that Stone had uncovered. But the amateurish writing and the terrible layout made it hard to read. And Stone jumped around so much, you couldn't really get a narrative. But the new facts make it a notable book. I think the biggest surprise is the linkage of Jack Ruby with Lyndon Johnson as far back as 1947 when Lyndon asked Richard Nixon to hire Ruby on his staff. Also a new fact was the revelation...more
Do you meet at least two of the following criteria? If so, you will benefit from this book:

You know every person's name who was even the slightly bit involved in politics in the 1960s and 1970s.

You know the intricacies and minutiae of the Mob in Chicago, New York, Vegas and Miami.

You are a show runner or executive producer of ABC's "Scandal."

You enjoy an onslaught of random ideas, jumbled thoughts and genealogical data thrown at you in no particular sequence.

You do not expect by page 172 to f...more
Dale Stonehouse
I had high hopes for this book, and the author's research and writing delivered the goods. However, his editor let him down by giving low or no priority to fact-checking and proofreading. There are several glaring grammatical errors that most 4th graders would detect - words spelled correctly and used wrongly, or before and after in the same sentence, or just nonsensical. Normally Skyhorse is above average in such trivial matters. So I will take this disappointment as an anomaly. There is some u...more
Brad Baker
Outstanding!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
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