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Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment
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Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment (Doctor Strange Marvel Comics)

4.08  ·  Rating Details ·  810 Ratings  ·  99 Reviews
Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange enter Mephisto's realm in an all-out effort to free the soul of Doctor Doom's mother! But what price must be paid before Mephisto will release it? And will Doctor Doom make the sacrifice?
Paperback, Graphic Novel, 80 pages
Published November 7th 1989 by Marvel Entertainment Group (first published January 1989)
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Nov 15, 2016 Anne rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Mamas Boys





Well, sorta.
It's more of a team-up than anything else, but there's not much love lost between these two powerhouses. Especially not at first.


This was a pretty cool to read, and considering what happened in Secret Wars, it sort of helped put their relationship into perspective for me. Plus, (other than recently) this was one of the few times I'd seen them on the page together, so that in itself was interesting.


There are two parts to Triumph and Torment.
The first deals
Sean Gibson
Mar 08, 2017 Sean Gibson rated it it was amazing
This 1989 tale of an unlikely team-up featuring Drs. Strange and Doom on a quest to rescue the soul of Doom’s mother from the clutches of Mephisto is a masterwork of character building and subverting reader expectations (it also features some pretty stellar early Mike Mignola art). If you’re at all a fan of Doom or Strange, you’ll want to add it to your reading list.

That said, I feel like Marvel really missed the boat here on a late-80s (or perhaps late 2010s) sitcom opportunity (I mean, who’s a
Dan Schwent
Mar 25, 2016 Dan Schwent rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics, 2016, 2016-comics
Every Midsummer's Eve, Doctor Doom tries to rescue his mother's soul from hell and every year he fails. This time, he has Doctor Strange in tow. Will the two of them be successful? Let's find out!

Back in the day, I read a Fantastic Four annual in which Doctor Doom tried to use Franklin Richards against Mephisto to free the soul of his mother. When I found out about the existence of this graphic novel, I became intrigued... then forgot about it until a couple weeks ago.

The story starts out promis
Apr 15, 2017 Kemper rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics, superhero, 2017
“Greetings, Dr. Strange. I, Victor von Doom, have come to offer you an opportunity to assist me in a magical quest.”

“You must be mad, Doom. As the Sorcerer Supreme you know that I’d never use my powers to help a villain like you. I’ll see you in hell first!”

“Funny you should say that….”

Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom are summoned to a magical trial with some other contestants to determine who will be the next Sorcerer Supreme. Strange walks away with the title, but Doom wins the right to make a request
Mar 02, 2017 Paul rated it really liked it
Sadly not exactly a household name these days, even among comicbook readers, Roger Stern is the reason I’m hooked on superhero books. Waaaay back in 1982, our paperboy accidentally delivered a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man to our house instead of my Scooby Doo comic (I was seven at the time). My mum was gearing up to go to the newsagent and complain but I’d already read the comic and fallen in love with Spidey. I asked her to cancel my Scooby Doo comic and replace it with The Amazing Spider-Man ...more
Mar 12, 2017 Trish rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
My very first Doom/Strange comic. As most people here know, I came to these comicbook characters through the popular Marvel movies. I don't think I'll ever be a completionist, but some volumes I get recommended and strike my fancy so I read them. This was such a volume.

The story is of how Doom learned some mystic arts and how those were nevertheless in no way enough to save his beloved mother's soul. So he needs the help of Dr. Strange which he gets after an interesting contest. Not exactly a te
Gianfranco Mancini

Best Marvel Team-Up ever!

Almost 30 years old, painted by a young and still unknown Mike Mignola, this Roger Stern's Marvel Graphic Novel really aged well for good.

A great tale of magic, damnation and redemption. A descent to hell and back of two arrogant characters whose pride is second only to the one of Mephisto, the Prince of Lies.
A quest to save the immortal soul of Cynthia Von Doom, Victor's mother.

An origin story and maybe the best one of the two most famous doctors of Marvel and pop cultu
'kris Pung
Jun 10, 2013 'kris Pung rated it really liked it

***This is the second of my "Green Theme" Buddy Reads with the Shallow Readers, criteria being: well Dr. Doom’s entire wardrobe is green.***

Firstly I got this only for Mike Mignola’s art but was pleasantly surprised with the wordsmithing Roger Stern provides. Speaking of the art it’s not quite as polished as his later Hellboy work but it’s still pretty great considering the time period (here’s a sample).

I know what you’re thinking what in the Holy Hoggoth would make these two polar opposites tea
Oct 09, 2016 Sud666 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics, favorites
There is something awesome about a good magic based comic. Roger Stern, someone I am not familiar with, does a wonderful job with this truly masterful tale of power and magic. Mike Mignola is the artist and while his art style isn't as polished as what it later becomes, it is still quite good.

In many ways this is an origin story. We will see how Doom and Strange both came to be the men they became. An incredible old and extremely powerful Sorcerer known as the Aged Genghis sends out a mystical s
Wil Wheaton
Apr 09, 2016 Wil Wheaton rated it really liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
The main focus of this book, two story arcs that focus on Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom, are magnificent. Written by Roger Stern and Bill Mantlo, and drawn by legendary artists Mike Mignola and Kevin Nowlan, you'd be hard pressed to find a better example of who these two characters are, and why they are so beloved by two generations (at least) of readers. Even though these stories were written in the mid and late 80s, they evoke the very best elements of Marvel's Silver Age in the 70s.

Still, I'
Nov 12, 2016 Cheese rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I love victor von doom as a villain. He's kind of unique because he has a code of honour and he always fucks people over in a uniquely intelligent way.

This story gives you the origin of doom as well as some other traits I was not aware of, par example, he's a gypsy and his mother was a witch who made a bargain with Mephisto.

Dr strange owes doom a boon and so he collects by asking him to help him fight mephisto for his mothers' soul.

Again some great twists and turns and a really well written s
Mar 15, 2015 Mike rated it liked it
Does anyone wonder what their young mother looks like naked, kneeling before the prince of hell? Neither do I, but apparently Doom has thought enough about it that his manservant Boris can conjure a fantastically detailed mental image of this very fact for Dr. Strange. Bravo?

Holy hell does this story jump from plot idea to plot idea quickly. An origin-of-Doom's-magical-powers, a new ancient mystic, a quest among the greatest magicians...a boon to Doom? Then some great origin (re)tellings, and a
Nicolo Yu
Apr 08, 2017 Nicolo Yu rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comixology
Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom; or is it Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange? The Fantastic Four's once and future arch-nemesis is a complex and layered character that needs to be released from the mediocrity of recent Fantastic Four movie adaptations. The Latverian monarch can be a compelling villain as Tom Hiddleston's Loki in Joss Whedon's The Avengers.

The growth of Doctor Doom as multi-faceted character can be attributed to the many writers that have handled the scripts of the Fantastic Four comi
Apr 06, 2016 Sesana rated it really liked it
Shelves: superhumans, comics
Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange team up to save the soul of Doom's mother from eternal torment. Cool. It makes sense of the two characters to meet, considering their overlapping interest in sorcery. And one of the things about Doom as a character that interests me is his prowess as both scientist and sorcerer, something that I don't think other Marvel characters share. Reed Richards is no more likely to cast a spell than Stephen Strange is to program a robot, but Doom could do either with relativ ...more
Dec 25, 2014 Garrett rated it liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jun 07, 2012 Dave rated it it was amazing
I always like it when a hero is teamed up with a villain for a mutual cause and this early Marvel graphic novel delivered in spades.
The story essentially teams Dr. Strange with Dr. Doom in a fight against the hordes of hades and their dreaded "king" Mephisto.
Roger Stern is on top of his game mixing in the origin of Doom along with a glimpse of Strange's origin to boot. Stern is on top of his game again giving voice to Doom and making Doom even more three dimensional as both a villain and in
Sep 15, 2014 Andre rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comics-read
This is, quite frankly, a stupendous compendium. If more classic Marvel comics were treated like this, the world would be a better place.

Firstly, the title story: Triumph and Torment. Originally published as part of the Marvel Graphic Novel line, this is fantastic comic story. Mike Mignola had really come together by the time this was released (1989) and his illustrations of demons and sorcerors are beautiful. Stern does a great job with the story, although it is still a 1980s Marvel comic, so l
Sep 18, 2016 Andrew rated it really liked it
Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom travel to the underworld and back whooping all kinds of ass along the way. The setup to get Strange and Doom together is a bit disconnected from the meat of the story but fun to read nonetheless. Outside of that the plot was great and really explores Dr. Doom in a way I haven't seen before.

Plus all of the art in the underworld is just fantastic:

Essential reading to any Doom fan.
Jun 01, 2015 Dean rated it really liked it
Great main story, and excellent collection. Roger Stern and Mike Mignola have put together one of the best team-up,books out there, with Dr Doom and Dr Strange taking on Mephisto. A ton of ideas are well written and drawn, adding up to a great story. The GN also has some extra back up,stories, including an excellent reprint from Stern on Dr Stranges monthly, plus some early Mignola backups and some pin ups. A very strong collection, a great read.
Mar 26, 2015 Andrew rated it really liked it
Let's see... Mignola drawing Dr. Strange: sounds great.

Mignola drawing Dr Doom do sorcerous things added on: even better.

The two Doctors team up to save Doom's mother from Mephisto and again, all drawn by Mike Mignola: I can go for that, yeah sure, sign me up.

Totally lived up to the billing. And I don't wanna sell Roger Stern short, he made the kind of story for which Mignola was made.
Feb 11, 2017 Martin rated it really liked it
Shelves: comic-book
A short and satisfying comic. It's been on my shelf in the shrink for 28 years(!). It took me back to the Doctor Doom solo stories from the 70's. Excellent artwork throughout, although I didn't like the black framing chosen by the book designer.
How to Love Comics
Nov 02, 2016 How to Love Comics rated it it was amazing
I read this as part of research for a Doctor Strange stories you should read article I recently wrote and out of all the stories I read this was one of my favourite.

While it's a Doctor Strange story, it's equally a Doctor Doom one too as it digs deeper into his past and motivations in a way that has never been before. Doom has always been a cool super-villain, but Triumph and Torment is the first time I have ever felt empathy for him. That's an impressive feat considering he's selfish, condesce
Apr 16, 2016 Blindzider rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics
I've been wanting to read this literally for decades and I wasn't disappointed.

The basic plot is that Doom enlists Dr. Strange's aid in rescuing his mother's soul from Mephisto. Along with this you get the origin of Strange, the origin of Doom, and you see just how Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, which I had always taken for granted. You also have a strong emotional motivation from Doom wanting to rescue his mother, that gives the story some weight and adds another dimension to Doctor Doo
Mar 05, 2016 Michael rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is a really great Doom story. It cuts to the essence of what makes his character unique. Doom acts like Doom and does whatever he wants to achieve his ends and yet manages to be weirdly honorable (especially when it comes to Latveria).

One odd thing about this book: during the scenes with all the sorcerers Mignola included this random punk woman who seemed to be wearing a leather jacket and a thong and that's it. Not so unexpected for a late-80s/early 90s comic, but very much unexpected from
Felipe Canedo
Apr 21, 2015 Felipe Canedo rated it it was amazing
Beautiful art by Mignola and a great solid plot by Stern. Seeing Doom capable of self-sacrifices and accompanying Dr. Strange's quest to become officially Sorcerer Supreme are, indeed, more than enough reasons for me to appreciate this comic.

A very good arch for anyone who is an old fan of Strange, but also for those who have just discovered the character and wish to delve further in Marvel's magical universe mythology. And, of course, an excellent graphic novel for anyone who is a fan of comics
Damián Vives
En 1989 Roger Stern y Mike Mignola unieron sus talentos para dar forma a una novela gráfica, ya emblemática, que redefinió a tres de los personajes más interesantes de la llamada Casa de las ideas: Strange, Doom y Mephisto. Una trama que profundiza en el pasado de los dos doctores; cercana en estética visual y narrativa al terror gótico y a los clásicos cinematográficos de la Universal Pictures, en la que se manifiesta el costado fáustico del rey del inframundo y cuyo descenlace da una profundid ...more
May 17, 2016 Shane rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Amazing artwork and a story that kept drawing me in. This was originally released in 1974 and could still go toe-to-toe with comics today. It's aged wonderfully, and is without a doubt a work of art every step of the way.

(Note: this review applies only to Triumph and Torment, not the other page filler comics included)
Aug 17, 2014 Robert rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: x2013-14-season
Curio piece, really. A half length graphic starring the titular Docs, an old solo story for each of them, finished off with a random pair of Namor stories??
STRANGE r things have been collected I guess, but even if I DOO My best I can't come up with any examples.
Timothy Boyd
Feb 10, 2016 Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it
Very good story. Doc Strange and Dr Doom are like two sides of a coin but of very different views. Very good art and story. Very recommended
Feb 07, 2017 Connor rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I had to take this out of the library twice to finish it. An interesting look at two characters that I didn't expect would intersect. I appreciated the Dr. Doom and Dr. Strange comics that were included after the main story. I'm not sure why the Namor the Submariner comic was included, besides sharing an artist.
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