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The Troop
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The Troop

3.67 of 5 stars 3.67  ·  rating details  ·  4,017 ratings  ·  1,144 reviews
Boy Scouts live by the motto “Be Prepared.” However, nothing can prepare this group of young boys and their scoutmaster for what they encounter on a small, deserted island, as they settle down for a weekend of campfires, merit badges, and survival lessons.

Everything changes when a haggard stranger in tattered clothing appears out of nowhere and collapses on the campers’ do
Hardcover, 358 pages
Published February 25th 2014 by Gallery Books (first published January 7th 2014)
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Stephen King
The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.
best premise for a book ever.

i know people have been a little coy with details in their reviews for this, but i'm not going to be, because i think that its strongest selling point is what people have been all shy about mentioning.

so - imma just say it: tapeworms. genetically-modified, kick-your-ass motherfucking tapeworms.

the setting is falstaff island, which is a tiny uninhabited island off the coast of ANOTHER tiny but inhabited island, prince edward island, in beautiful eastern canada. a scou
Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
Actual rating: 2.5. If there's one thing I've learned from this year's crop of books, it's that you should be aware of what you put in your body.

In Japan, they have a specific type of manga and anime called "shounen manga," meaning "young men's manga." The category is specifically targeted towards adolescent males, around 13+ years of age. it generally contains little to no romance, few significant female characters, and is exemplified by constant action, humor, guts and glory, and focuses on th
Dan Schwent
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

First of all, when Stephen King goes out of his way to blurb a book, I pay attention. About The Troop he says:
"This is old-school horror at its best. Not for the faint-hearted, but for the rest of us sick puppies, it's a perfect gift for a winter night."
I'm a sick puppy! Right away, I perk up like one of those Pointer dogs on the scent. Secondly, the book description refers to The Troop as Lord of the Flies meets The Ruins. Oh yeah! You just pressed two of my book buttons right there. I'm light
Shelby *wants some flying monkeys*
Not the most original story but I still couldn't put it down. Scary in the fact that I could see it happening.
A group of scouts and their scoutmaster plan a camping trip on an island and a man shows up in a boat that is starving. Not normal starving. Eating bugs, rocks, algae, the couch starving. Come to find out he is a test subject for a super killing tapeworm. Trouble ensues. Gross in a way that if you don't have a strong stomach I'm sure you might get queasy. (I don't but I'm just weird like
A boy scout troop sets up camp on an island off the coast of Prince Edward Island. A planned retreat away from everyday life, the boys and their scout leader envision a quiet weekend where they can gain valuable survival experience while earning merit badges. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there’s nothing in the boy scouts handbook in regards to surviving a scenario seemingly plucked from a classic Stephen King novel.

I received a free copy through Netgalley in exchange for a fair review.


See that picture up there? Do you know what that is? It's a tapeworm. Which is a nasty, (sometimes not so) little, parasite that can infest pretty much any living thing.

That said, this was a story about a Boy Scout troop that visits an island to do their yearly Boy Scout stuff. But this will be the last trip together, ever. Can you guess why?

I had a blast with this book. It was a quick read and I loved the format in which it was told. The only issue that I had with it is that some of the charac
Kealan Burke
Well-written, hideously repulsive, and more than a little reminiscent of THE RUINS by Scott Smith, I wanted to like this more than I did. A quick read, fun in a vile way, and certainly a solid example of horror, it's nevertheless a difficult one to fully recommend. I'd be interested in seeing what Cutter/Davidson could do with a more original and less gruesome subject matter, as at times I felt he got a little too gleefully over the top with certain scenes. But then I'm a believer that gore and ...more
The Troop was this year's big horror debut - the vast majority of my friends here have given it rave, recommending reviews, and it has received a push from Stephen King himself who called it "old-school horror at its best", and "a perfect gift for a winter night". While I can see definite throwbacks to classic popular horror, I'm genuinely puzzled at all the praise and good reviews that this book has received.

Perhaps I was simply expecting too much, as The Troop doesn't bring anything even remot
Jun 09, 2014 Arah-Lynda rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Sick puppies everywhere
Shelves: i-said, top, suedowho
A novel of terror? Yes, capital Y, it is.

Scoutmaster Tim has led a troop of boys out into the Canadian wilderness on an annual camping trip. They can go hiking, have a bonfire and there will be ample opportunity to bond and earn some merit badges. They are on a small, uninhabited, isolated island located just off Prince Edward Island.

On their first night, a stranger, very unexpectedly, arrives in their camp. He does not look well. He is very hungry.

Holy crap balls Batman! This one scared the shi
Kelly (and the Book Boar)
Find all of my reviews at:

NetGalley ARC

A group of boy scouts and their troop master set off for a camping trip on an uninhabited island just off the mainland. They plan on a weekend adventure spent earning merit badges and learning a few lessons on how to live off the land. However, when an emaciated stranger shows up on the island carrying a potential biological weapon in his system in the form of a tapeworm, the trip becomes a test of survival of the fittest.
Sometimes the order I read books takes on strange coincidences. For a few books a particular subject will be present or something similar will pop up in books that I hadn't been planning to read for any thematic reasons.

This has happened here.

Two books dealing with the same basic element of horror. The first one was sort of terrifying in a, this is sort of plausible kind of way and by itself is the kind of things to give you possible nightmares, but after reading The Troop, that book was like
Reading a book about a guy drinking his own piss would have been easier to swallow than this particular novel. To be clear, this isn’t a bad book. It’s not even a poorly written book. The structure, with letters and interviews and the plot moving forward, kept me on edge, while the slaughtering and stomach-churning antics kept my nausea on red alert. If I could have punctured a hole through my brain without doing any permanent damage, I might have briefly considered the notion, before I permanen ...more
Paul Nelson
The Troop is a gripping mix of psychological and parasitic horror that will leave you wincing at some of the descriptions and rooting for some of the protagonists faced with overwhelming odds, my skins crawling just thinking back to those little f**kers at the guts of this story.

Five boy scouts and their scout master head of too Falstaff Island for a weekend of camping, sleeping in a cabin, earning their badges, the usual stuff but for the unplanned arrival of a boat and a man who is barely a sk
Edward Lorn
We're talking a very, very high four-star read here. What keeps it from being a 4.5 or 5 is the simple fact that I will never, ever, everevereverever read this fucking book again. I like being scared, love the thrill of it. I even love being disturbed, but this one tested all my boundaries. Naw, that's not good enough. It nuked my boundaries. Blew the doors right off my threshold for nasty, and then proceeded to fornication with my emotions.

What makes this book so disturbing isn't only the subj
Joe Valdez
May 10, 2014 Joe Valdez rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nature lovers, biologists, book worms
Shelves: sci-fi-general
As a fan of the unexplained and the unimaginable, I was doing cartwheels over The Troop by Nick Cutter from the first chapter all the way through to the end. Cutter, a pseudonym of Canadian author Craig Davidson, comes as close to duplicating the science fiction terror and body horror of John Carpenter's The Thing or David Cronenberg's The Fly as any writer has since those landmarks films were released. As such, this is not a novel for the faint of heart.

The story opens with an Internet news sto
Patrice Hoffman
I am one of the biggest fans of horror books that contain the most gross, icky, bloody, and cringe inducing moments ever. After reading this book I realized I missed books that doesn't apologize for being the epitome of creepy as is it implants the most vivid images of gore. This book, The Troop fit the bill to a void that had been missing from my life. Thank you Nick Cutter!

A man who is seriously hungry and unable to fill that endless void escapes to Falstaff Island, Prince Edward Island. Troop
Hunger For Knowledge
So far, there has been only two books for the year 2014 that have made me more than excited with the waiting, and Nick Cutter's The Troop is one of them (the second one shall remain as a secret for now). But as it happens, I have never been good at waiting which left me no choice than request a review copy for myself through NetGalley. After my intensive finger crossings and praying sessions to the book God's, my spiritual efforts were rewarded with an approval. Great big Hallelujah combined wit ...more
If Stephen King says The Troop scared the hell out of him then it better be scary...right? In this case, the boss of the horror book blurb got it right. This is one terrifying novel.

"The Troop" refers to a boy scout troop. In this case, 5 scouts and a scout leader who are on a camping trip on a uninhabited island. The author Nick Cutter does a great job setting up the characters of the scouts and their leader but deftly leaves some important things out which we will learn about later. The boys a
Initial Thoughts: OK, parasitic worms are the new zombie horror creature. This was a fast paced, character driven, freaky-scary and very gross book. I'll really have to think twice before sending my son on a Scouting camping trip. Luckily, they don't go off to isolated islands.

The Review: 4.5 stars
What appears to be a routine camping trip for five teenage Scouts and their leader becomes a nightmare in the style of a classic Stephen King horror book.

Let's step back a moment. I'm a mom. I do hav
Stacia (the 2010 club)
There's a reason why I liked Clerks 1 better than Clerks 2. Two words : Donkey Show. If you've seen the movie, maybe you'll understand why I immediately had this thought after reading a passage in the book : So what, would you rather jerk off a donkey or fingerbang Kathy Rhinebeck?

The Troop was my Clerks 2 (full of gratuitous giggles and squeamish moments), when I was looking for Clerks 1 (offbeat moments which felt like an inside joke to those in the know).

I was hoping for more detail of an ou
Scott Sigler
A gore-fest with gorgeous language. Completely over the top horror in the vein of mid-career Stephen King (it wouldn't surprise me to find out this was a King pen name, actually, as it has the psuedo-news/documentary excerpt style of CARRIE, and the extensive character backstory development King favored as he became more successful and his books became bigger and bigger).

It felt a bit long-winded in parts, as I wanted the coiled action to finally release, but those parts were few and far betwee
Arah-Leah Hay
I am definitely the odd man out here as I seem to be the only person not loving it. I know for those of you that did - you might be thinking I am squeamish or not really into horror, but that's not true at all. I think there isn't much I can't read, and I've always loved a good spook! That being said, let's be clear here - Did you hear this book isn't for the faint hearted or weak stomached?? That is the understatement of the year!! I have read some tough scenes and disgusting and disturbing stu ...more
Kasia S.
The Troop is an interesting piece of literature. It reaches some poignant and wonderful moments between people, their environment and their existence and at the same time it takes a total plunge into the grossest, nastiest basic survival warfare on levels most people wouldn't imagine. I'm not talking aliens from somewhere far away but predators that are all ready here, first to rule and last to leave this planet.

I enjoy stories such as this one, the ones that make me wonder what the characters a
Why did I read The Troop?

First, Stephen King said it scared the hell out of him. Then there were comparisons to Scott Smith's The Ruins. Those two reasons alone were enough for me.

The Strengths

The Troop is a scary read. Although the characters in The Troop are not very realistic, the horror at the heart of The Troop is plausible. Part of the fun in reading The Troop for me was wondering what was causing the horror and then believing it could actually happen. Science related horror, for the win.

The Troop is not your run-of-the-mill horror novel. It's being touted as the book that scared Steven King, but what it really does is push the boundaries of gruesome, shocking, and disturbing to a point I have no doubt will satisfy even the most hardened of horror enthusiasts. The results are disgusting. Completely depraved. Intensely psychological. And bloody brilliant.

What really made this work though is that Nick Cutter never flinches from the story he's trying to tell. The premise is simple
A nasty little worm shows up and wreaks some major havoc during an annual camping trip for five boy scouts and their leader. F’n worms.

A very well written and bloody, horror romp in the woods. I enjoyed everything about this one. The characters were interesting and well drawn, even though a wee clichéd. It moved quickly and the formatting worked very well with the writing style. There was a lot of action and no shortage of creepy scary moments either. 4+ Stars. Highly Recommended.
Dec 02, 2014 Scarlet marked it as abandoned  ·  review of another edition
Made it to 48%, which is crazy, because I feel like I've been reading this for ages :/

The Troop is not a bad book. And I'm sure it gets better in the second half. But I just can't get into it right now and forcing myself to read it when I'm in no mood to appreciate it seems very unfair. So putting this on hold for now but I'll get back to it someday.

My thoughts on this so far:

It's well-written but very predictable. Knowing that these boys will soon go Lord of the Flies on each other is perhaps w
Review to come sometime later. There were things that I liked, but there were things I was also very at odds about, and I'm going to give myself a night to think about it. It definitely started with a lot of steam and I liked the establishment of the characters, but I think what deterred me from this novel was that after a time, it felt like it meandered and there were some points where I felt the similarities in style to its influences really jumped out at me.

Rating may go higher or lower (not
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Hello Everybody!

I've been asked to set this up by The Powers That Be, and I'm more than happy to, although I can't really say much about myself seeing as Nick Cutter doesn't exactly exist—he's a pen name. A cool, tough pen name! Your mileage will vary on whether you agree, but that was the thinking. Horror writers should have crisp, punchy names. Stephen King. Clive Barker. Nick Cutter. Not that I
More about Nick Cutter...
The Deep The Dark Side: A Collection of Mysteries & Thrillers

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