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Secret Avengers, Volume 1: Reverie
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Secret Avengers, Volume 1: Reverie (Secret Avengers, Volume II #1)

3.4  ·  Rating Details ·  512 Ratings  ·  44 Reviews
The new Nick Fury leads an all-new, ultra-covert Avengers strike team including Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Hulk, Winter Soldier, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson on missions so dangerous, that even the team members themselves can't know about them! How is that even possible? The hush-hush answer awaits you inside! Fury knows who he wants as his next recruit for the Secret ...more
Paperback, 132 pages
Published March 2013 by Marvel
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Nov 05, 2014 Jeff rated it liked it
Shelves: comix
Nick Fury 101

Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty cool guy, if for no other reason, than the fact that he reads comics. Marvel Comics thought so too, so when they created their Ultimate Universe, they modeled Nick Fury after Jackson’s likeness. [The regular Nick Fury was an old white guy who’d been around since World War II, led a bunch of commandos that howled, mixed super serum with whiskey, played at being James Bond back in the Sixties and smoked stogies.] A few years later, when Marvel started mak
Apr 28, 2016 Terence rated it liked it
Acting SHIELD Director Maria Hill has set in place an Avengers Initiative.
They take volunteers, but use memory implants in case anything goes wrong and once the mission is complete.
The new SHIELD is facing uncommon threats. AIM has destroyed their old base and created a nation that has joined the UN.

First I have to say I love the original Nick Fury, but what was be thinking. Daisy is great and all, but putting a 19 year old in charge of SHIELD just doesn't seem wise. The additional difficulties
Jul 26, 2014 Sesana rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: superhumans, comics
The idea behind the series has some definite promise. Hawkeye and Black Widow have been tapped to go on SHIELD missions so deeply classified that they themselves can't be allowed to remember what they did afterward. They've both been fit with memory implants that will erase more than just the memory of the specific missions they work, but also the memory that they go on these secret missions at all. It sounds like a great way to use Natasha's skill set, which is what drew me to it.

The problem is
There's a quote on the front cover of this graphic novel that says it "successfully merges the movie Avengers with their comic counterparts."

Sorry, no it doesn't, it doesn't do that at all.

The only connection is that they have someone called Phil Coulson on the team, but sticking the name Coulson on a generic SHIELD agent who looks nothing like Clark Gregg does not make for a valid connection. The rest of this book is pure Marvel comics, namely a lot of fighting and shooting against bad guys I
Sam Quixote
Dec 01, 2013 Sam Quixote rated it it was ok
Remember that line from The Avengers movie during the Battle of New York where Black Widow says “This is just like Budapest” and Hawkeye says “You and I remember Budapest very differently”? Their Budapest story opens this volume. Also in this book is Agent Phil Coulson - whether that’s a good thing or no, depends on if you like him. Me? Nah. He’s boring. The guy’s monotone and wears a suit, I never got his appeal.

Nick Spencer, writer of the awful Image comics Morning Glories and Thief of Thieve
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
Words to describe this: interesting, confusing, complicated, obsfuscating. That's a good start. I agree that readers who have come to the Avengers from the movie might like this. It also has some gems for long-term readers, characters that you won't know who they are unless you have followed the comic book storylines. I think the biggest strength of this novel is that you get to visit with characters you may have become fond of in the movie and who might not have gotten as much screentime. The ...more
Jul 14, 2014 Anthony rated it liked it
Shelves: digital, marvel-now
Given that I've only liked a couple of Nick Spencer's marvel books (I've yet to read his Superior Foes. His Cloak and Dagger mini is probably his best Marvel work from what I've read though), I actually quite enjoyed this. But it does take as much as it can from the movies. Hawkeye, Black Widow, NuFury and Coulson are at the front of the story. Hawkeye and Widow have a similar relationship here to what they had in the Avengers film. You can tell there's history between the two that they don't ...more
May 07, 2014 Angela rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
It occurs to me that I very rarely give one-star reviews to graphic novels. I do it so seldom that I had to stop for a moment and think if I really wanted to give one now. Turns out, I do.

The other Goodreads reviews warned me that this book was a mess. I really, really should’ve listened.

There is so much wrong with Spencer’s Secret Avengers that I don’t really know where to start. For the sake of starting somewhere, we’ll go with the blurb on this collection’s cover, which states that the volume
Aug 06, 2014 Michael rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: sequential-art
Heft Secret Avengers 1:
SHIELD will eine besondere Eingreiftruppe für streng geheime Regierungseinsätze aufstellen. Nach Erledigung der Einsätze oder falls etwas schief läuft, sorgen Implantate dafür, dass die Erinnerungen an die Mission bei den Agenten gelöscht werden. Die ersten beiden Avengers, die in das Projekt reinrutschen, sind Hawkeye und Black Widow. Sie sollen dafür sorgen, dass ein Magier nicht die Al Kaida bei einem Attentat auf den amerikanischen Präsidenten unterstützt.
Die erste Mis
Jun 03, 2014 Sophie rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
This starts out with such an interesting premise (agents performing missions for SHIELD but will then have their memories wiped later for security reasons) and there's so much about where that could go that I find interesting. But the book itself never follows up. It basically uses it as an excuse to be a mess of storytelling. It's never entirely clear what is supposed to be going on, and the intention could be to build up mystery for a reveal later on, but mostly it just seems like they're ...more
KJ, Madame Librarian
Feb 11, 2015 KJ, Madame Librarian rated it did not like it
Ugh. This was bad. The story was poorly plotted, no one was in character (either movie character or comics character), and the art was gross and porny.

I send no compliments to your mother; she deserves no such attentions.
Oct 18, 2016 Jen rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
This was a little trippy, with the whole mind-wiping all the time, but overall a good start to this series. I will continue. I have to check on Nick Fury though because I guess this is one of the first times we meet the "new" Nick Fury.... I would like to know more.
Jun 18, 2014 J'aime rated it it was amazing
Secret Avengers is an excellent hybrid of the MCU (films) and the MU (comics). We have a Samuel L. Jackson -style AGENT Nick Fury (see 'Battle Scars' for where he came from), Agent Phil Coulson, Acting Director Maria Hill, Black Widow and Hawkeye derived from the film side of Marvel, seamlessly blending into the post-Dark Reign continuity with characters strictly from the Marvel Universe such as Daisy "Quake" Johnson from 'Secret Warriors' and Mockingbird. It's very well done and gives fans of ...more
Apr 10, 2014 Anchorpete rated it it was amazing
Right before the Winter Soldier film came out, I finished reading this book. The marvel Cinematic Universe and the 616 Marvel universe are starting to merge- heck it even says it in one of the blurbs on the cover of this book.

The Nick Fury of the 616 Marvel Universe is now the Nick Fury of the Cinematic Universe, and I am totally fine with that. I also like that this team is mainly composed of SHIELD agents- Coulson, Black Widow, and even Hawkeye.

We get a little AIM action, which is something I
Jonathan Schildbach
Aug 02, 2015 Jonathan Schildbach rated it liked it
This wasn't the book I meant to pick up. I was actually just looking for the Secret Avengers that had Moon Knight in it. This has Taskmaster involved although it doesn't get too far into what that's all about--and why all the other superfolk where he's being held are so pissed off at him. Taskmaster's appearance here is a symptom of the larger problems, in that there are just too many different threads and subplots and references to other characters and storylines running into this book, along ...more
Alex Sarll
Even in amongst Marvel's current relaunch addiction, Secret Avengers has always felt like a book that wasn't quite finding its groove. Big writers would turn up, retool the whole set-up, put in motion plans which suggested a grand scheme...and then head off to another project, letting the cycle begin again. Nick Spencer's turn at least starts with a novel premise (a team so secret even its members don't know they're part of it - this would have impressed me more had I not just finished another b ...more
Shannon Appelcline
Sep 10, 2013 Shannon Appelcline rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics, comics-marvel
I was initially uninterested in reading this comic, after hearing about the "mindwipe" premise. But then I heard it was actually the SHIELD comic, under Avengers trade dress, and that turned me around. And, I'm glad I picked this up.

This is (finally) a Secret Avengers done right. It's still a little rough around the edges, but it's got what made Secret Warriors great: espionage, questionable heroes, and complex and interesting organizations of bad guys. It feels like a little bit of ground is be
Jun 21, 2014 Amanda rated it it was ok
Wanted to like this more than I did - I love Black Widow and Hawkeye, and like all the other characters (except Daisy, who I had literally never heard of before starting this book). I'm not really sure why the whole mind-wipe thing needed to be part of the book's premise, because it's creepy in general and even more so with characters like Natasha, what with her backstory. The book mentions that, but doesn't really explain why they went along with it, so ... not convinced. I guess Secret ...more
Jul 27, 2014 Starfire rated it liked it
At least I FINALLY know what happened in Budapest!

I enjoyed bits of this GN - I especially liked feeling as though I was getting to know more about the characters I'd really only started to get to know thorough the movies and TV series (which probably accounts for why I don't dislike it the way folks raised on the comics do)

Bits of it, however, just annoyed me. I know I'm in a superhero-verse, but "adaptoids"? Really?

Meh. Interesting enough to keep reading the series if the library has them, but
Matt Anderson
I wanted to love this, and I only liked it. Agent Phil Coulson was, by far, the best part about this book. I'm interested enough in the characters and the mysteries that I'm planning to come back for Volume 2, but I had higher hopes for this series. I love Nick Spencer as an author, though, so I will trust that he is merely laying the groundwork.

In case you're interested:



noun: reverie;plural noun: reveries

1. a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.
Apr 24, 2015 Shelley rated it it was ok
Hawkeye, Widow and Bruce Banner sign up to a new SHIELD run by Daisy Johnson and agree to go on missions they'll never remember because special memory things implanted in their brains will give them false memories if anything goes even remotely off-mission. It's supposed to merge MCU with the comics (I guess because Coulson is in it?) but it's so out of character for every movie and comic I've gone through so far. And given the premise, is it no wonder Clint and Nat remember Budapest so ...more
Dec 27, 2014 Enigmaticblue rated it liked it
The premise is interesting, but the idea itself is a little icky. Some of the Avengers are basically tricked into undertaking missions that they aren't allowed to remember, and are used to undertake missions where they might just as easily be killed or discarded as saved. This series definitely shows the darker side of SHIELD, but it's a real bummer for those of us who want to see more of Coulson as he'd portrayed in the MCU.
Fate's Lady
Jan 01, 2015 Fate's Lady rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
I'd love to know in whose head this merges the comics and cinematic universe. No. Black Widow kicks a significant amount of ass, but the story felt way more disjointed and confused than necessary, the addition of the Hulk seemed superfluous, and Googling one of the many "who the F is that?" characters led to me spoiling the second season of SHIELD for myself. Fab. Overall, I just look at the cover and think "Gee, I sort of wish I hadn't read this." Too bad I can't get my own memory implant.
Sean Kennedy
Disappointing, as this book claims it melds the movie Avengers 'verse with that of the comics, but there are only a few similarities along with a lot of big plot holes - like why the hell would SHIELD have a 19 year old director? It makes no bloody sense.

It is nice to see Clint and Natasha getting more storyline together, but the artwork for most of the book is horrid.

I'll stick to see what happens with Vol. 2 but I can only hope for some improvement.
Chris Lemmerman
Oct 17, 2013 Chris Lemmerman rated it it was amazing
I was a big fan of Nick Spencer's short run on Secret Avengers during Fear Itself, and this first volume of his Marvel NOW! title is equally as good. The stories balance spy/espionage with superheroics, and the juggling of the political climate in the Marvel Universe is superb. Luke Ross' art is spot on for this title, and I am extremely impressed with where the story is going already.
Gayle Francis Moffet
Jun 06, 2016 Gayle Francis Moffet rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics, 2016, june-2016
It's fine. Nothing wrong with it from a storytelling or pacing perspective, but of all the shit from the Ultimates universe I didn't want to see come over to 616, the memory implants are pretty high on the list. I prefer my Avengers--no matter if they're black ops or not--to be able to trust each other.
Mar 23, 2014 De rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Spencer does a great job of setting up the new "black ops" Avengers. It's unfortunate that he didn't stay on because he handles the non-super powered heroes very very well. The only part I had a problem with was Daisy Johnson. There's no way anyone with any experience would allow a 19-year old to be in the position she was in.
Fine secret agent book. But really didn't get us inside the brains of the characters. And without that, it's hard to care. And I really like Black Widow when she's written correctly. Mockingbird I don't know. Hawkeye was better not getting into his brain. The art and writing were fine but I'm hoping there's more to this in later volumes.
Jan 27, 2016 Silas rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I was a big fan of the previous Secret Avengers series, as well as the movies, but this attempt to bring those together left me a bit cold. The central conceit of nanotechnology that erases your memory was distinctly unappealing, and despite a capable espionage story to go with it, I couldn't get past that issue.
Adrith Bicchieri
Dec 31, 2014 Adrith Bicchieri rated it it was amazing
By the time I had discovered that this title featured my favorite, Phil Coulson, there were already ten issues printed, so I bought the first five in trade paperback form.

The premise was chillingly intriguing to me, and I loved the characterization. Then again ... Phil.
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