That Night
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That Night

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On a warm suburban night, the sound of lawn sprinklers is drowned out by the rumble of hot rods. Suddenly a car careens onto a family's neat front yard, teenage boys spill out brandishing chains and leather, and a young man cries out for the girl he loves. Tonight fathers will pick up snow shovels and rakes to defend their turf, and children will witness a battle fueled by...more
Paperback, 192 pages
Published January 12th 1999 by Dial Press Trade Paperback (first published 1987)
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I hunted down this out-of-print book for a while before I got my hands on a "brand new" copy, and I was a little disappointed. I made the mistake of seeing (and loving) the movie first; in fact it was on HBO all the time when I was about the narrator's age on "that night," and I would watch it repeatedly. I haven't seen it in about 15 years, and one day it just occurred to me to read the book. I thought there would be drama and romance and a lot more about the relationship between Sheryl and Ali...more

This book is an old standby of mine. I reread it yet again over the weekend. Indeed, it feels like a favorite song from the very first line:

"When he came to claim her, he stood on the short lawn before her house, his knees bent, his fists driven into his thighs, and bellowed her name with such passion that even the friends who surrounded him, who had come to support him, to drag her from the house, to murder her family if they had to, let the chains they carried go limp in their hands."

That Nig...more
I saw the movie of this on TV like, a really long time ago. I want to watch it now, since I remember nothing about it, but there's no way I'm paying $20 for a VHS tape.

Anyway, I just found out about the book. And my library has it. *REQUESTED*
Dan Phillips
I read McDermott's Charming Billy years ago, and even though I couldn't tell you a single plot point from that novel, after reading one page of That Night, I felt a familiar hush and tingle. McDermott writes the kind of sentences that make you want to linger and savor them - deliberately crafted, yet with an effortless feel. It's a quality of voice she shares with my wife, actually...

As for the story, it reminded me a bit of The Virgin Suicides. Only the narrator of That Night is a woman who's r...more
That Night is a novel that focused mainly on one violent night in a suburban community in the early sixties. When Sheryl is suddenly shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle due to an unplanned pregnancy, her boyfriend Rick and his friends (in an attempt to rescue her) clash with the older generation of the neighborhood as their children watch.

Told mostly through the viewpoint of 10-year-old Alice (one of Sheryl's neighbors) at different points in her life, the novel's telling branches off f...more
David Gallin-Parisi
Found myself re-reading pages 35-55 and felt everything was too repeated, boring, and dazed. I did not enjoy this book at first. McDermott writes with really long sentences, using lots of commas and junctions from clause to clause. Then I decided to read this like a diary, and enjoy the long sentences. They're attempts to describe everything, from a person's perspective who sees almost everything there is to see. Views from one night in a small suburb, the events that led up to that night, and t...more
Christopher MacMillan
Clearly inspired by other doomed teen romances like "Rebel Without a Cause" and "West Side Story", Alice McDermott's "That Night" is the story of a teen pregnancy, and the series of events this sets into motion against the backdrop of suburban America.

The book takes place in the early 1960s, and one hot summer's evening - as we see through the eyes of the young girl who lives across the street - a hoodlum named Rick and his fellow troublemakers show up on the front lawn of Rick's girlfriend Sher...more
Erin, I know this isn't your usual style but I think you'd enjoy it. It's short, gripping, and extremely well written. The action (boy meets girl, boy looses girl) is narrated by a neighbor girl who is 10 on That Night, and the picture of childhood through her eyes reminds me a little of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. But the narrator also gives us glimpses of her grown-up life and how things turned out for her family and other families in their neighborhood. The book is full of reflections on w...more
I can't fully explain why but this is probably favorite book I've read in the past year or so. I'm still troubled by how the narration works (there's no way she can know much of what she tells) and sometimes the fragmentation would push me out of the proper headspace. But the language! The little vignettes that could stand on their own as wholly satisfying reading experiences! Everyone has experienced teen angst and yet this book enabled this reader to experience it freshly and as a source of ex...more
I'm not sure how this ended up in my 'to read' list. I think it was one of those cases of 'if you like this book then you'll like THIS book'... well, I really didn't. It might be that I just came off a book that I really really did like, but this didn't capture me at all. I read it because of the investment of starting it more than anything. I don't think that the writing is horrid or anything, but the story just didn't capture my attention all that much.
Sheila DeChantal
It is no secret that I adore Chevy Stevens. When I listened to Still Missing on audio I was floored at how engaged I became with her well written story of a missing girl. Since then I have eagerly awaited each release of her books.

That Night was a twisted read that hits hard on the hot topic of bullying. The girls in the book made Toni’s life unbearable and I could not imagine being in her shoes. As you will find out if read the book, things are not much easier for her in prison; it’s just a dif...more
Joan Winnek
I have been reading everything by Alice McDermott I can get my hands on, and this early novel did not disappoint. Both sad and funny. Wonderful writing. The chapter just before the beginning of Part Two, pp. 107-114 in the hardback edition, contains one of the funniest conversations ever, and bunch of children sharing their inaccurate knowledge of how a pregnancy occurs.
This is an early Alice McDermott (1987) book which I missed somehow, until a website of favorite books urged me to read it. I do believe this is a perfect novel. It is short (I read it in two days), compelling, and beautifully written.
Of course, I remember, and relate, to this era--perhaps a younger generation would not truly understand it.
Jan 18, 2014 Anabelle rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Sue, Mom, Jocelyn
Shelves: 2014
I found this book quite beautifully written. I love how McDermott shows the night in question from different vantage points. We experience it as it is unfolding, and as the narrator looks back on it, and in moments leading up to it as well. We see it from our narrator's 10-year old perspective and from when she's older and has herself experienced a pregnancy and the dissolution of a marriage. We see into the grief-stricken homes of the couple of the night: Sheryl, who, until that night, lived wi...more
Lyrical and moving; bittersweet vignette of restless Americana. The subject matter is just as it should be: human emotions. The writing style is gentle and thoughtful and probing. You may find this little homespun tale sticks with you. There's more here than the sum of its parts.
I am so moved by this novel, the way it grows so quietly, and spreads among various points of view, various characters, so that you go deeper and deeper into the story of one night. Her deftness with voice stuns me, and I'm trying to learn from it.
Karolyn Sherwood
Chapter one of this novel was assigned to me by a writing teacher as an example of a "promising" novel opening. In deed, the opening chapter presented an intriguing situation and left me with many questions about the rest of the story. So I bought the book. In brief, THAT NIGHT is about a teenage couple in the early 60s that is torn apart after the girl gets pregnant and sent away.

Published in 1987, THAT NIGHT by Alice McDermott, is one of the rare books where the narrator is not the protagonis...more
I had wanted to read this book for a long time, mainly because I saw the movie as a child and I loved it. The book is so different from the movie, it's like two completely different stories. Unfortunately, I liked the movie better.
The book deals with teenage Sheryl and her greaser boyfriend Rick. When Sheryl realizes that she's pregnant, her mother immediately ships her off to relatives in Ohio to await the birth of her baby. Sheryl doesn't get to say goodbye to Rick. That Night deals with the a...more
A.E. Croft
An interesting narrative choice. The story is told from the ten year old girl who lives across the street. Innovative, but I'm not sure it works in some cases. I found myself pausing to ask how she can know the things she knows...

The story is slow to start, and the story jumps around a specific event. If I wasn't urging the narrator to get on with it, I was wondering where I was relative to 'that night.' I enjoyed the POV changes when we finally get to see into Sheryl's perspective, but it raise...more
Kayla Rae Whitaker
While I may have given this three stars and not more, the way in which the book was written gave me pause and deserves kudos. McDermott focuses on the events surrounding one violent suburban night in which an entire neighborhood involves itself in the results of a teenage romance, the older generation meting out their own judgment upon the vainglorious and careless new while their children look on. Backstory and personal history are mere context to that one night, the actions of an hour, and tho...more
Habe dieses Buch bereits vor Jahren bei einem Bookcrossing MeetUp mitgenommen, vor allem weil ich von dem dazugehörigen Film mit Juliette Lewis und C. Thomas Howell gehört habe - aber nie geschaut. Jedenfalls habe ich nun endlich zu diesem Buch gegriffen, weil es schon so lang unbeachtet im Regal stand. Erzählt wird die Geschichte von Sheryl und Rick, star-crossed lovers die anscheinend kein glückliches Ende finden. Das wird gleich am Anfang verraten, als die Erzählerin - ein junges Mädchen das...more
This one took me by surprise. I don’t quite know why I got it, but I picked it from my shelf yesterday fancying a quick read. Quick it was, but it packed a punch in its limited page count.

A masterful example of show rather than tell. A lot of writers could learn from this novel. The events are seen through the eyes of the omniscient narrator at various ages. We skirt them, moving back and forth through time and place. We focus in on the tiny details, those that lodge in the mind, those that buil...more
After This was a 2013 favorite so I thought I'd try an earlier work of McDermott's. So surprising to find my suburban American childhood of the 50s and 60s portrayed so eloquently. I could almost feel the spray from the sprinklers and hear the children come out to play after dinner. McDermott may aim for too much here in characters' back stories but she brings them and shared or witnessed events together beautifully. I appreciate that she does aim high: the primal human need to complete the self...more
Somewhat dated, but still a good read about a neighborhood that experiences a fearful night which relates to the disapperance of a young girl who is pregnant.
Good thing it was a short book as it was pretty stupid. Too many details...many could have been left out and it wouldnt have affected the story.
How youthful passion can spiral out of control, and the impact it can have on a neighborhood.

Very sixties summer evening.
Megan Strang
The story of a neighborhood in the 60s, using the actions of one fateful night to delve into the lives of neighbors.

This book had promise - and glimmers of great writing. The themes of teen pregnancy, love, death, and changing neighborhood dynamics, all set against the background of the 1960s, could have been interesting. But I just couldn't dig into the author's writing style. The flashbacks and flash forwards got confusing and the writing was removed and even dull in places. Again, there were...more
Müller Italia
Una struggente storia d'amore sullo sfondo degli anni '60. È un tòpos classico, la ragazza borghese che si innamora del teppista di strada, il tutto ostacolato dalla famiglia di lei. Un amore che non doveva nascere dal principio, una storia che porterà alla collisione di due mondi diversi e alla nascita di qualcosa di nuovo e fresco.
This story was well written and the characters were well done, but I had a hard time staying focused on it.

The story was alittle slow for me and I found my thoughts drifting to other things. I did though like the setting of the story and I liked the story of the narrators neighbor and the neighbors boyfriend at the time. I enjoyed the story behind what happened to her neighbor also.

I have never read an Alice McDermott book but have heard great things about them so I was excited to finally get t...more
I've enjoyed other books my McDermott, especially Child of My Heart. And I have no problem with a future narrator; in fact, I thought McDermott did a great job alternating the voice of the narrator as a 10-year old and as an adult. But this book lacked something, I'm not quite sure what. It's a nicely told story, but I was left asking the question, "Why was I told this story?" It sort of felt like someone started telling me a story, but lost their train of thought in the middle, or forgot why th...more
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Alice McDermott (born June 27, 1953) is Johns Hopkins University's Writer-in-Residence. Born in Brooklyn, New York, McDermott attended St. Boniface School in Elmont, Long Island, NY [1967], Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead NY [1971], the State University of New York at Oswego, receiving her BA in 1975, and later received her MA from the University of New Hampshire in 1978.

She has taught at the UC...more
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“That night when he came to claim her, he stood on the short lawn before her house, his knees bent, his fists driven into his thighs, and bellowed her name with such passion that even the friends who surrounded him, who had come to support him, to drag her from the house, to murder her family if they had to,” 0 likes
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