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A Stranger in the Mirror
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A Stranger in the Mirror

3.6 of 5 stars 3.60  ·  rating details  ·  14,007 ratings  ·  242 reviews
Toby Temple is a superstar, the world's funniest man. He gets any woman that he wants, but under the superstar image is a lonely man. Jill Castle is a sensuous starlet. She has a dark and mysterious past and has an ambition even greater than Toby's. Together they rule Hollywood.
Paperback, 390 pages
Published June 7th 2012 by Harper (first published 1976)
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Jolo Manansala
This was my first ever Sidney Sheldon book and I loved it. I literally could not put the book down. I slept at 11 pm for three nights and finished it then. The suspense really got me every night and the only thing that kept me from reading was that I knew that I needed to wake up early in the morning.

Never has a book made me feel so much emotions in one time. I felt the passion, the hate, the love, and to be honest, I felt turned on (Blame it on my fourteen year old hormones) at the well-explai
Mesha'el Alturki
** spoiler alert ** I could give Sidney Sheldon's books 5 stars without even reading them because I know they're all gonna be great!
"A Stranger in the Mirror" is another amazing story by this amazing author. I got really annoyed when I had to put it down. The story is absolutely breathtaking!
It's about a boy "Toby" and a girl "Jill" who wanted to leave their hometowns to find fame in Hollywood. Terrible things happen to them along the way. The girl seeks revenge when she finally becomes an impo
“You don't know what can happen tomorrow. Life is like a novel, isn't it? It's filled with suspense. You never know what's going to happen until you turn the page.”
― Sidney Sheldon

A Stranger in the Mirror

The story presented a trashy look at Hollywood with an awesome twist in the tail. Good for easy reading in the rain~
This book has a promising start and a successful ending. It haunted me just like any Sheldon books I have read. Another awesome novel, Sheldon.

P.S.: There's too much explicit cont
Parva 'chhanu'
Mr. Sheldon does it again! Another breathtaking story about love, betrayal, vengeance and murder. This is bit different than his other books but I really enjoyed it.

Toby grew up with an idea that he was born to be famous. On the other hand, Jill grew up dreaming about being rich and beautiful. Soon, both realize that the only place that gives them what they want is Hollywood.

Both of them have to struggle to reach to the top. The part that describes their struggle is really heart touching. They h
I actually read the version that is translated into the Russian language. The book is a good read, but it doesn't really get too interesting until the last few chapters. It seemed to drag on a bit, however it leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen and WHEN it will finally happen! All in all, it was alright.
Diane ϟ [ Lestrange ]
I didn’t quiet remember what I liked with this book except that I cried to the uber tragedy romantic ending scene.

Yeah! Well I’m just 12 when I read it. And you probably are wondering why I read this kind of book at that early age.

So I’ll give you the short version of why this book landed in my hand at the age of 12:

Me: we have book report in English. Do you have novel books?

Uncle: none. I’ll just get you one from my friend

Me: Okay.

[After few hours.]

Uncle: here. [Gave me the book] it’s the only
Ah, Sidney Sheldon, what can you say about him? His novels are trashy, full of unrealistic, rather silly plots, sex and situations ... and they are so un-putdownable that they might as well be made of crazy glue.

In this one, two young aspiring performers have simultaneous stories. Toby Temple is a young comic with a boyish, innocent face but a mean streak a mile deep. Jill Castle has had to fight and claw to get any sort of career.

This one gets three stars rather than just one because the stor
I am in the process of re-reading my Sidney Sheldon book collection. I haven't read these books for many years and thought it would fun to go back try them again.

I'd actually give this book somewhere between 2-3 stars. This book has just about everything...starting with poor humble beginnings to pride,greed,revenge,sex - a lot of sex,consequences of choices made....and much more. I don't think this is one of Sheldon's better plots. It was interesting but didn't hold my interest for very long. I
Esta obra estuvo tan fascinante que escribiré dos mensajes a públicos de diferentes áreas.

PARA LECTORES: Es una historia muy bien desarrollada, la prosa de Sheldon es rica en detallar los sucesos. Te enamoras de los personajes y de cierta manera, el libro te hace sentir un famoso más en el mundo del espectáculo.

PARA LOS QUE SE DEDICAN O QUIEREN DEDICAR AL MUNDO TEATRAL: Se sentirán identificados y tomarán consejos que Sidney nos presenta a lo largo del libro. Soñarás y te convertirás en un Toby
Sana Rose
This is so different from Sheldon's books. And while we know this story will end in a tragic way, I had to complete it!
It is compelling, intriguing, well-informed, and in the end, justified - for we sure don't want to have a negative feeling like "They got away..."

And Sheldon has taken care of that. I kept hoping things might get better, but I knew they wouldn't, for it's always a good thing that we remember where we came from, how great we grow...
And the characters are strongly drawn out. We kn
By Sidney Sheldon. Grade: C
Sidney Sheldon is time and time again pitted as one of the world’s all-time best fiction novelist. From being an author to a screen writer to a producer, Sidney Sheldon has done it all and then some more. A Stranger in the Mirror, a fiction suspense novel, is the third of his career.
Toby Temple is a superstar, the world’s funniest man. He gets any woman that he wants, but under the superstar image is a lonely man. Jill Castle is a sensuous starlet. She has a dark and m
Novel ini memakai setting tahun 1940-1960-an. Novel bercerita tentang Toby Temple, seorang anak laki-laki dari keluarga miskin yang lari ke New York untuk menghindari tanggung jawab karena menghamili teman sekelasnya sewaktu SMA. Toby yang mempunyai bakat menjadi pelawak kemudian berjuang keras untuk masuk ke dunia hiburan. Dengan rasa percaya diri, perjuangan keras, keberuntungan, bakat dan kepandaian berkomunikasi akhirnya dia mulai menapak menjadi artis yang mengorbit di level internasional. ...more
Nivruthi Vora
Well..its my 5th Sidney Sheldon book. I could not rate less than 5 stars in any of his books so far. Here, Toby Temple captures the title "the most funniest man in the world" though he passed through many loathsome folks in his path. On the other hand, Jill Castle who also had an ambition but partial talent, uses Toby to reach her heights. Selfish love, revenge, hatred, betraying were brought out in a marvelous way. The tale was really interesting that i was reading contiguously skipping my appe ...more
Shobhit Tiwari
This being my first Sheldon read, has proven to be a disappointment and I have decided to never include his works in my future reads. This novel juggles with a handful of words through out the novel and this repetitiveness, becomes unbearable after a point. This novel is just like those sleazy movies with nothing to offer but sex. The theme of this novel is a mystery to me because of the fact that an industrious, painstaking artist who worked his ass of through out his prime age, with a meagre e ...more
Liyana Zaher
Mixed feelings about this one, certainly. Familiar style, some sort of familiar events in most of his books yet manages to capture my attention time and time again.

I weep for Jill and Toby.
I pity the ambitious little girl, Josephine.

There are so many rights and wrongs that sometimes one tends to get lose in them.

You lose yourself as the darkness surrounds.

...but I couldn't say that this is my most fav from him. I didn't enjoy the central idea much.
Annelise L'Estrange
This book was very good and really captured me. I read it very quickly and felt very empty when I finished it, like it was missing a part of me.

The characters were so real that I caught myself a lot of times thinking about how I would google their movies later and see if they were just like I imagined them; this is Sidney Sheldon1s magic: he makes you fall (head first) into his world and you don't want to come back.

But I guess I was too earger with my first book from him; I expected more. (view
Ramdan Panigoro
Sidney sheldon ini seperti tuhan dia menentukan nasib manusia. Mulai dari lahirnya, matinya, keterpurukannya, kesuksesannya, perjumpaannya dan perpisahannya. Nasib manusia ditampilkan seperti roller coster naik, turun, menikung, serta jungkir balik. Yang menarik adalah perubahan nasib tokoh-tokoh di novel ini mulai dari latar belakang masa kecilnya yang sederhana dan miskin kemudian perjuangan untuk menjadi bintang besar yang melalui berbagai rintangan sampai ke kondisi yang amat tragis.

Latar w
This book was recommended to me by my brother in law. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. He said "You're going to be hooked by the end of the first chapter".

I was!

Didn't read the description or reviews. I literally, jumped straight in, blindsided.

And wow! I profoundly enjoyed it.

There's so much going on, so many characters but Sidney makes the story so easy to follow. Giving us back grounds from all the characters so that we don't feel confused throughout the story.

Toby and Jill have
Meghant Parmar
The big bad story of Hollywood land, the reality, the struggle,rise to power and the great fall together create this book.

A not so typical crime thriller it's a commercialized story with past, present and future working together for two people. The story is fast,witty,glamorous and the reality binds well with fiction. The build up to the main content is catchy. The character sketch done well and gelled perfectly.

The predictability very high and the end failed to live up to the expectations. The
the most sensual and tragic book of sidney sheldon that i have ever read.
Eugene Yu
This was highly entertaining and a good fast-paced thriller. I did enjoy the plot, there was never a dull moment. Some of the sex scenes were quite literal, and i was little bit turned off but eventually what matters most was the content . This was the story of a couple during the 1950s who strived to be in show business and amidst the glitz and glamour came tragedy afterwards which ended up their love and careers. The characters were a little bit shallow and deceitful , but the author managed t ...more
Sherry Lynne
I was really debating with myself if I should give this book a 3 or 4 star. I really love some parts of this book, esp. Toby and Jill's love story. I thought it was a hair-raising kind. Just thinking of love that made one come back from the dead. I cried when Toby got up from his vegetable state, walked on his own and cried "Jillll...." when he didn't see Jill as she was so bone-deep exhausted and sick. He must have thought something bad happened to her and his deep love for her made him get up ...more
Andrea Ika
A Stranger in the Mirror (1976)
by Sidney Sheldon (Author)

Toby Temple is a super star and a super bastard, a man adored by his fans and plagued by suspicion and distrust.
Jil lClastle came to Hollywood to be a star--- and discovered that she had to but her way with her body.
Now this lonely man and this disillusioned woman find themselves bound to each other by a love so ruthless, so strong, it will destroy everyone who gets in its way.

This book really takes you into the personal lives o
Every coin has two sides. If you think Toby Temple is just a plain jerk when you start reading the book,you might be wrong because he's the kind of person who's willing to waive medical bills of a dying person.But he's still a jerk,who manipulate others to feed his own insecurities. After making a teen pregnant during high school,Toby fled away from his hometown and his sin to pursue his mother's dream to see him successful someday. Meanwhile on the other end, Josephine Czinski changed her name ...more
Awww... buku ini bahkan pertama kali terbit jauuuh lebih tua dari aku :))
tahun 1976!! Buku ini luar biasa bagus, asal tahu saja ya, aku menemukan buku ini di sebuah pasar loak yang penjualnya memperlakukan buku2 dagangannya seperti setumpukan koran bekas :( warnanya telah menguning dimakan usia, bahkan bentuk bukunya sudah melengkung dan tidak simetris lagi. Sayang sekaliii :(

Ini kisah hidup sepasang manusia yang merangkak dari bawah demi mencapai impiannya masuk ke dalam ranah perfilman Hollywo
A Stranger in the Mirror is a hard book to describe. The basic story is split in 2 for most of the book. Toby Temple begins the tale, he is a very famous and very successful actor/comedian in Hollywood. However the story starts with his early life. He left home very young as he had impregnated a girl at his school whose parents were looking for a shotgun wedding, so with his own mother's blessing he fled. He worked for many years trying to make it big and finally did.

Meanwhile, we have Jill Cas
Frances Rivers
Riveting plot twists as always, superb story writing. Most graphic Sheldon novel I've read so far but it speaks a lot of truth on the trashiness of Hollywood industries. The loneliness of Toby & Josephine tripled the pace for climaxes and conflicts and its just really..lugubrious. As much of the just ending did not leave me completely depressed Sheldon will always be that stupendous and brilliant writer ever since I read "Tomorrow Never Comes".
นัธ นัธ
ภาษาสวยมาก อาจมีบางชวงทีเปนคำทับศัพทภาษาอังกฤษ เวลาอานจะรูสึกงงๆ เลกนอยวาคำภาษาอังกฤษคืออะไร เพราะเขาใจวาบางคำในปัจจุบันไมไดเขียนแบบนี แตโดยรวมคือสนุก ภาษาสวยมาก บรรยายเหนภาพชัดเจน เวลาอานทำใหหวนนึกถึงหนังเกาขาวดำเรือง Sunset Boulevard คะ อารมณตีแผวงการฮอลลีวูด

ชอบตัวละครทีตางกมีมุมมืดของตัวเอง แตสรางภาพตอคนภายนอกวาดูดี แตสุดทายผลทีตนกระทำกลับตอบแทนอยางสาสม ชอบตอนจบคะ
Soma Al-Dossary
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Was an American writer who won awards in three careers—a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best-selling novelist. His TV works spanned a 20-year period during which he created I Dream of Jeannie (1965-70), Hart to Hart (1979-84), and The Patty Duke Show (1963-66), but it was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best-selling novels such as Master of the Gam ...more
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