Miracle's Boys
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Miracle's Boys

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  1,539 ratings  ·  247 reviews
Winner of the 2001 Coretta Scott King Award, in "Miracle's Boys, " three young outsiders struggle to make it through when their parents die and leave them to survive on their own. An ALA Best Book for Young Adults.
Paperback, 192 pages
Published December 31st 2001 by Puffin (first published April 24th 2000)
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MaRk Gorbea
Wow is all I can say about the book miracle boys by Jacqueline Woodson thiS bOok was my favorite this year. Its a book most teens can relate to. And I know all teens will fall in love with it it shows how people change and how they act wen they with their friends I recomend this book to every single one!
Book Shout Out.!
One image or scene that stuck with me was when newcharlie was in the room acting like laffayette is invisable and not saying a word to him which means they have no emotion for him...more
This is a rather sweet story, considering the protagonist is an orphaned boy, being raised by a sibling who had to put aside an education at MIT and another who appears to be on his way back to juvie.

Woodson's protagonist is sweet, to say the least. He keeps the image of his dead mother near and talks with her to resolve problems. I rather liked these exchanges. I found them tender. However, her characters are placed in one horrible situation after another. This was a bit much for me. For such...more
I think this book would appeal to teens because it deals with issues that are wide-spread and common, no matter where you live. People have always dealt with racism, orphanage, family connections, etc. The reality of the book was appealing to me. So much so, that I was disappointed the book wasn’t longer. I wanted to know more about Laf, Charlie, and Ty’ree.

The book deals with the following developmental aspects: familial love and responsibility, growing up and being independent, forgiveness an...more
This book was good except that it was almost just like The Outsiders: three orphaned boys trying to make it through the straits of life. Ty'ree is the oldest and didn't get to go to college because he has to support the family, Charlie (called Newcharlie throughout most of the book) is the troubled kid who just came back from a stint in a juvenile detention center, and Lafayette is the youngest who is just trying to understand the dynamics of their new life.

I don't know if this is representativ...more
Sarah Gruffydd
(NOTE: This review is an excerpt from a graduate level research paper. The rating (stars) and the critical review are mutually exclusive; the former simply pertains to my subjective partiality to the story)

Jacuqeline Woodson’s Miracles’s Boys serves as a prime example of a narrative that incorporates realistic struggles along with heartwarming hope without concluding with an idealistic, saccharine ending.

The story follows the lives of three brothers, Lafayette, Charlie, and Ty’ree, as they pers...more
Genre: Realistic Fiction (Fiction)

Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Level: Z

Summary: Lafayette, the youngest son of Milagro (which means Miracle in Spanish), doesn't know how to reach out to his older brother Charlie when Charlie comes back from two years in a juvenile detention center. Charlie is hanging out with kids who are up to no good and neither Lafayette nor his older brother (and caretaker) Ty'ree can reach him. When Charlie ends up picked up by the police one night, Lafayette has to w...more
Aj Willis
Miracle's Boys involves three brothers,Tyree,Charlie,and Lafayette.These brothers are going through hard times because of their parents deaths.Their father died from hypothermia and their mother died from diabetes.Charlie served a two year sentence from sticking someone up.So after Charlie gets they have to figure out how to survive.

I like how even with the deaths of their parents the brothers still love and take care of each other.Tyree is the oldest and he provides while Charlie mentors Lafaye...more
This story was simple in its plot line but the ideas it was trying to convey were so much more complex.

There were ideas explored in this story of loyalty, of forgiveness, of blame, of acceptance, and of values. This family of three bothers carried this book with only their individual characteristics to move it along. The story wasn't long or overly descriptive, but Laf's personality was perfectly captured in this story. The slang phrases that Laf used and the offhand way that Laf's observations...more
This book was heartbreaking in the most wonderful way. It wasn't heavy handed or overly dramatic. It was a realistic portrayal of growing up poor in an urban area. The aspect I liked most about this book is that the three main characters are boys and yet they have FEELINGS. Real emotions. They may not show them outwardly but they're there. I think that boys reading this will appreciate knowing that they themselves are not the only ones with feelings and insecurities. Even the tough middle brothe...more
Brion Williams
This book was one of the greatest books I have ever read in all of my twenty two years of being alive. Man I loved this book. I highly recommend this book to teens but i feel like even adults will benefit from this book. I remember when they came out with a tv show about this book, man was i excited. This is a story about 3 brothers whose mother is dead and are all trying to make it will the oldest brother is raising his younger brothers. They are each dealing with individual issues as well as c...more
Andrea Devinney
This book follows the lives of three siblings who are trying to make ends meet after both their mother and father die.

Any person who has siblings can relate to this book. The amount of unconditional love that you have for siblings can sometimes turn into absolute anger when you see them doing something in their life that you do not agree with. I loved how two of the brothers switched off on being upset so that neither of them would be upset at the same time at the middle brother.

Great book and...more
Amy B
A Margaret Edwards award, Miracl's Boys is a remarkable story of how three brothers try to survive the jungle of real life and the heartbreak of loosing both parents together. The father dies from saving a woman and her dog in the central park pond. After this, life is very difficult financially for the boys and their mother. The middle boy, Charles tries to rob a carry-out to take his mother to take her to where she always longed to go. While Charlie is in prison, his little brother, Lafayette...more
Penny Ziegler
Margaret A. Edwards Award Book

VOYA Book Review Codes ~ Quality 5Q; Popularity 2P; Grade Interest S

Developmental Asset(s): 29,30

What a fitting title for this well written novel! Three boys are left without parents. The memory of these parents helps guide these boys as they find their way in life. The oldest of the boys decides that he will put his dreams of going to college on the back burner in order to get a job and provide the necessary support to raise his two younger brothers. The middle br...more
Andrew Backs

The story and message of this books is fantastic. The story of three Puerto Rican brothers who have lost both their mother and father to tragic deaths is a very touching book written by Jacqueline Woodson. This books will appeal to a very broad teenage audience because the age separation of the three brothers will allow readers to relate with the character closest to their own age. This story will especially appeal to teens who may have experienced family struggles in their own lives,

Although this story could be true, I didn't find it realistic. In this book, three brothers try to go on living in together in spite of the death of both parents. Mom died from some illness where dad died trying to save a woman and her dog from drowning. The middle brother is in and out of trouble with the law which puts incredible pressure on Tyree, the eldest, to hold the family together by keeping his brother out of trouble and providing financially for all three. As a recent graduate from hi...more
4Q 4P MJ

“Miracle’s Boys” is a story of how life can change, as 3 brothers must come of age sooner than expected. Decisions made impact their relationships, leaving the reader to wonder if these brothers be torn apart, or if they will come back together as a family. These brothers lose both of their parents. Ty’ree, the oldest, must forego college so he can work and support his brothers. Charlie returns home after time in a correctional facility, but has changed for the worse. I n an urban settin...more
Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson

Three brothers, Ty’ree, Charlie, and Lafayette, are trying to face the world after both of their parents have passed away. They all carry guilt about their parents’ deaths, and although that guilt opens up a chasm between Charlie and his brothers, they eventually realize they have more in common that it would at first appear.

Aspects of works that appeal or do not appeal to teens:
The characters are teens – ages 22, 15 and 12. It is not a fancied up, “life is g...more
David Sof 2014
In the book Miracle's boys,by Jacqueline Woodson its many about peoples in gangs and three main characthers Layfette,Charlie(NewCharlie),and the oldest brother Ty'ree. Ty'ree is twenty one years old and hs to take care of his brothers alone because thier parents died. Charlie, the second oldest was mad because he wasn't there tohear their last words from his family. They always plan to go to Bayamon but they were too poor. Charlie wanted to help sohe robbed a shop and got sent to Rahway Coreecti...more
This book is about three brothers who has to take care of themselves because their mom and dad past away. The memories keep coming back to them because their father died in a lake down at a park. Everytime they see water it reminds them about it. And everytime they see one of the brothers they have a moment to get over it because when they were younger one of the brothers they robbed a store. Then thy got caught. So the cops came to the house and took him away. Their mother broke into tears the...more
this was a good book it was about 3 brothers who`s father had passed away from saving a dog in a frozen pond. there mother died from a heard attack so now these brothers are on there own. one of the brothers charlie got arrested from robbing a corner store but when he came back from jail his brother lafayet through him a party but charlie got mad and he left because he was not the same person as before he was a total new person and not a good person ether. this kid was a really bad kid because o...more
(Edwards Award)

I truly enjoyed this book. The author does a remarkable job depicting three different characters and how each handles the death of their parents in different ways. She shows that each way is right for that character and she shows that there is no one right way to handle grief. Yet, she shows that the support of family can help you move past your grief and help you start living your life again. All three boys are vividly drawn and very realistic. They each handle their grief differ...more
Feb 18, 2009 Kim rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: teens
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I believe Miracle's Boys would appeal to many teens. The reason I believe this is because there are three characters, and a lot of teens could find themselves relating to one of them. First, there is the main character, Lafayette. Lafayette will appeal to teens who have perhaps have lost a parents or teens who struggle with siblings in their families. Ty'ree will appeal to teens who find themselves with a lot of family responsibilities that most teens do not face. The third character, Charlie, w...more
Lafayette is an adolescent boy growing up in urban America. He has lived a rather harsh life in that his father and mother died during his youth. Lala's older brother, Ty'ree, has been raising him, mostly by himself so Lala doesn't have to live with their aunt in South Carolina. Lafayette's other older brother, Charlie, has been in and out of the Rahway Correctional School, and his demeanor has drastically changed post their mother's death. Charlie lives a very troubled, helpless life because he...more
4Q 3P MJ

Miracle’s Boys is about a family that tries to cling together through hard times. It is told through the eyes of the youngest brother, twelve-year-old Lafayette. He lives with his two older brothers, Ty’ree and Charlie because their parents both passed away. Ty’ree had to give up his plans to go to college and works full time to support his brothers. Charlie spent two years in a juvenile detention center after robbing a store. Lafayette tries to deal with the loss of a father he never kn...more
Miracle's Boys is the story of three brothers and their relationship after both of their parents die. The eldest brother has had to get a job to support the family (his younger brothers). The middle brother has returned home from a juvenile detention facility and the youngest brother is trying to understand his world. Both parents died of natural causes, their father drowned trying to save someone and their mother died from her diabetes. The brothers are now trying to make sense of their deaths...more
Michelle Lombardi
Miracle's Boys is an open and honest portrayal of life for three brothers trying to hold their lives together after the death of their mother. The narrator of the story, Lafayette, is a 12 year old boy who must live with the guilt he feels for finding his mother after her death. Lafayette reveals his most personal thoughts and feeling regarding his childhood, his family, and his overpowering sense of guilt throughout the book.

In addition to Lafayette, brothers Ty'ree and Charlie/Newcharlie must...more
Lafayette is 12, the youngest of three poor Puerto Rican boys in a family who has been torn apart by death, regret, and misbehavior. Each brother is dealing with their mother's death in very different ways. They also struggle with their father's death which happened years before their mother's. Ty'ree is the oldest at 22 and has taken on the guardianship of Lafayette and "NewCharlie," who is the middle brother and has spent years in a home for delinquent boys and no longer likes Lafayette. The a...more
Miracle's Boys by Jacqueline Woodson is about three brothers named Ty'Ree, Charlie and Lafayette who are hispanics and who have to deal with the pain of loosing their parents. Lafayette and Charlie don't have a good relationship since Charlie was send to juvenile for robbing a store. Lafayette does not even call Charlie Charlie anymore. He calls him New Charlie because of he changed so much. They used to be so close but it seemed that the longer Charlie was away the more distanced he was from hi...more
Allie Randall
Genre/Category: brothers/family/loyalty/death/grieving/survival

Summary: Lafeyette is the youngest of three brothers and he wishes that he had his old life back. His father died when Laf was young, saving a drowning woman from a freezing pond. His mother died of diabetes in her sleep and Laf found her, thinking she must have overslept. Laf's older brother, Ty'ree, had the chance to go to MIT but dropped out because he was needed to watch his brothers, working full time to put food on the table. A...more
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I used to say I’d be a teacher or a lawyer or a hairdresser when I grew up but even as I said these things, I knew what made me happiest was writing.

I wrote on everything and everywhere. I remember my uncle catching me writing my name in graffiti on the side of a building. (It was not pretty for me when my mother found out.) I wrote on paper bags and my shoes and denim binders. I chalked stories a...more
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