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Desert Tales: A Wicked Lovely Companion Novel
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Desert Tales: A Wicked Lovely Companion Novel (Wicked Lovely)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  711 ratings  ·  90 reviews
Return to the world of Melissa Marr's bestselling series and discover how the events of Wicked Lovely set a different faery tale in motion. . . . Originally presented as a manga series and now available for the first time as a stand-alone novel, Desert Tales combines tentative romance, outward strength, and inner resolve in a faery story of desert and destiny.

The Mojave De
Paperback, 245 pages
Published October 8th 2013 by HarperCollins
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Sharon ✽ is an emotional book junkie ✽
3.5 's

My Thoughts:

This is the story of Rika, who was the Winter Girl, before Donia.

If you're looking for more Aislinn, Seth or Niall...this ain't it.

We do get a bit of Keenan and Donia though.

It's always been hard for me to picture these faeries especially Sionnach with his pointy ears and bushy tail.

I did enjoy all the manipulations especially from that sly fox! LOVE his reasonings behind it!


Jayce was also an interesting character...I'm still not sure why Rika gave him what she did.
2.5 stars - Spoilers

-Good but also bad. The world building and some aspects of the story were done well, but the characters and relationships were utterly dull.

-What's what: Rika (solitary fae/former winter faery/summer king's sort of ex) lives in the desert away from faery politics, she keeps to herself because she can't get over being used by her sort of ex Keenan (the summer king).
Anyway, Rika avoids the other desert fae and spends all her time feeling sorry for herself because she was betr
~ AprilMarie4u ~
This is a YA PNR/UF part of a series (spin-off).

The Story

This book is about Rika (a Winter Girl before Donia), Sionnach (the desert alpha & a fox faery), and Jayce (human male). Some scenes with Keenan & Donia, but no other characters from the series make an appearance in the book.

The majority of the book is about Rika healing emotionally and finally accepting who & what she now is. Sionnach nudges Rika along that path while Jayce is the motivation that gets her going onto that path
Andrea Krieter
Desert Tales
Rating: 4.5/5
Reading Thoughts:
15% I like Rika so far. She seems pretty badass and able to take care of herself. She dealt with Keenan pretty well. I miss this world.
26% Oh my, Jayce and Rika are pretty cute even though they don't know much about each other yet. I think they'll be an awesome couple. I wonder what Sionnach is planning and what it has to do with Rika. Does he love her/ want her as a lover? Or is she a pawn for him? I really hope not because he seemed like a pretty dece
Laura Martinelli
One of the main things that really drew me into Wicked Lovely was the whole concept of the Winter Girl—Donia was one of my favorite characters throughout the series, and I really loved her strength and development over the course of five books. (Even if she did take Keenan back at the very end.) But one of the things that did stick with me during the series was the idea that humans who are touched by the faery world can never truly leave it, and there’s only an offhand mention of some of the for ...more
The Author's Note in the Desert Tales book states that the previously written five novels in the Wicked Lovely series stand on their own, so it is not necessary to read Desert Tales to enjoy and understand the going-ons in the other books, it's just a companion novels for fans who want to know more about the faery world. The story of Desert Tales happens roughly at the same time as Radiant Shadows, the forth book in the series.

Desert Tales is a wonderful addition to the Wicked Lovely Series if y
I absolutely LOVED this series and to have a Novella come out later on to tell us about one of the Winter Girl's story? Phenomenal! Melissa did a wonderful job on keeping us linked with some of the other characters from the series. She paints a great picture for us to see exactly what Rika, main female character, is like. You get pulled into the scenes and emotions right along with the characters in the story. There is a rift in the Desert Fae and watching Rika get interested in a "human boy" is ...more
Wow I will admit I wasn't expecting to get too involved with this book or its characters but I was happily proven wrong.

I must say that Sionnach was my favorite from the beginning. Maybe its my love of Foxes or maybe it's because I love a man (or faerie) who manipulations aside, has really amazing motives. Any character (or real life person although its less likely to find one of those) who can love someone enough to recognize they aren't what the person needs right now is a solid 10 in my eyes.
Having read the first in manga series I did prefer this story in novel form as it felt more complete. But I have been told many times that I don't read graphic novel's properly as I go too quick to get all the details!

I really enjoyed it. I liked that Rika was strong yet really very vulnerable, and I enjoyed her journey. When I think about it, there are no massive heart-pounding scenes but I don’t feel dissatisfied. The book is more tame, in a way, than the Wicked Lovely series, and with a small
Bec ♥ Live for the ones you love ♥
Somewhere between 3.5 and 4.
This was a nice, cute add on to the Wicked Lovely series that I love so much, although not the best written. It was interesting seeing what was going on in the Desert and where Keenan went while he was away. Rika was an interesting character and so was Sionnach. Jayce was a nice human character in amogst all the faery politics but I enjoyed the realistic ending.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I loved the Wicked Lovely series and i loved this book. But at some points it was a little not so lovely. Rika was a great character! She was still sad and angry over Keenan but she was strong and independant. Sionnach was so perfect!! I got over the manipulation as thats just how most of the fairies are.

I wish that we could see more of Sionnach and Rika!! I wanted them to be together basically since the beginning! Does anybody know if they are together more in the manga series? Or is
Some people say they grew up with Harry Potter, thus considering themselves part of the "Potter generation". As for me, I grew up with Melissa Marr and the world of Wicked Lovely and the faerie courts. I picked the first book, Wicked Lovely, up when I was, oh, 11? 12? It was my rite-of-passage, if you will, so I consider it as growing up with these characters and their world.

I read the manga, and loved it, (although I forgot to rate them on Goodreads - whoops!) and so I picked up this book, and
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I was so excited to return to Wicked Lovely! Any faerie would do! Sadly, however...this book was just uninteresting. And very strange. There were strange jumps in logic that left me feeling like I'd been left out. Like, Sionnach would say something and Rika would jump into something entirely new like it was related somehow. It was like she was reading cues I didn't pick up on. Honestly, I did not care for the love story, either. I always loved how real the romance felt in other books; so raw and ...more
Dilla Nanditya
So the story is probably set between Fragile Eternity and Darkest Mercy since Donia mentioned that "...Even the High Queen affected by mortal, as for her, a son" which meant Ash.

Rika, the former Winter Girl (the one before Donia) is now live happily alone in the desert with only Sionnach (view spoiler), the Alpha, as her friend. She then met Jayce, a mortal she fell in love with and she spent many days of her immortality to go on a date with
3.5 stars. I'm glad that Marr decided to do this (after readers' requests according to the author's note), it was fun to read Rika's story in this format. I read the manga, but it was early on in my attempts to get used to reading graphic novels in general, which may have contributed to some degree to my feeling like I was missing things sometimes, the story just seemed jerky and jumpy at points. And I know now that I'm also just not a manga fan, I don't love the art, I like boys and men to look ...more
This novel was a set of three Graphic novels originally. I didn't read the graphic novels, but was excited that she turned it into a novel.
I really love the Wicked Lovely world. Melissa Marr's writing has all this darkness underneath. (My favorite characters will always be from the Dark court.)
In this book you meet Rika, the girl before Donia, and the Alpha Sionnach.
Sionnach reminds me of a Dark Court Fae, so naturally I liked him right off the bat. Raki, seemed weak and uninteresting to me. H
Rachel Lieberman
The Wicked Lovely series has been one of my favorite YA series since high school (and I just finished grad school, so that should give you an idea of how long it's been on my brain), so I was really thrilled to have the chance to be a first reads winner for Desert Tales. I wasn't compensated financially for this review.

The first thing I'll say is that I haven't read the manga version of this. I'm kind of glad I didn't because it meant I could come at this with no assumptions or hopes that specif
Reading Teen (Andye)
"There were words he could say, wicked phrases and lovely reminders, but they would only hide the lie." (126)

How did I have no idea this book existed? When I found out that Melissa Marr had written another book set in the Wicked Lovely world (based on the graphic novels), I can't tell you how excited I was. I've missed this incredible world that she created so much. There really is nothing else like it.

One of my favorite stories is that of Donia, one of the Winter Girls that had to learn how to
Desert Tales est une histoire d’amour à plusieurs échelles, c’est une manipulation, et la prise de responsabilité d’une héroïne qui, à l’instar d’Ash et Donia, est un autre conséquence de la malédiction de Beira. C’est un roman tout à fait ancré dans le monde, on retrouve Donia et Keenan – on les voit, une fois encore, s’aimer sans le pouvoir – et on fait référence à Seth et Ash. Il y a peut-être quelques petits spoilers sur le tome 3 (au moins un sur Seth), donc si vous voulez commencer la sér ...more
Erin Laidley
Considering it has been a few years since I last read the Wicked Lovely series, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t remember enough details about the series to fully enjoy this companion novel. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case; although this book occurs at about the same time as Radiant Shadows, events from the series that impacted this book were thoroughly explained preventing me from feeling lost or confused at any of those references.

While none of the events in this book directly impacted
No Seth? No Aislinn? Donia? NO NIALL??!

We shall see about you Desert Tales.

Either way.... I have grabby hands right now for this book.

Edit 9/18/13: I have won this through GR Giveaway! So excited! =D


Merged review:

Loved! I've missed the Wicked Lovely world. I've never been a big fan of Keenan, and he still didn't impress me here. But I liked Rika and her story. I've always been curious about the girls before Donia, and this was a fabulous tale of one of Keenan's previous mortals to t
First off, I loved the wicked lovely series. I was excited to pick this up. The story of Rika former winter girl prior to Donia was interesting. It was cool to see a side story about the backlash of a girl who fell for Kenan. A girl who took the test to be the summer queen and failed. It's plain to see that Rika still has deep feelings for Keenan after all these years of being in the dessert. And I mean not good feelings, lets just say she is harboring a lot of hate still. Rika has only let one ...more
Desert Tales is a stand-alone novel adapted from graphic novels and set in the Wicked Lovely world. Now, breathe after that long description. The story follows new characters, Rika; Sionnach; and Jayce, but ties in some of the main characters of Wicked Lovely. It mainly deals with power struggles and impossible love while also showing that these faeries are not the glittery, cute bug-like creatures you read about as a kid. And when Sionnach manipulates Rika into falling in love with Jayce every ...more
First let me apologize in advance for any misspelled names. I listened to this book as well as the whole Wicked Lovely series on audio and I can very well misspell a name or two.

Second, for those of you who liked the Wicked Lovely this is a lovely story to carry on the series. Ricca was one of the mortals that Kennan sucked in and lied to, to become the Summer Queen. Her along with Donia and many others were told of their love and desire by Kennan because he was under a curse by the Winter Queen
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Autumn Iris
2.5 stars. Could not get into this one. The new characters seemed rather flat, Keenan was an asshole like usual, and Donia was only a shadow of herself. The plot moved very slowly and was not that interesting. It was nice to finally get some more background on the Winter Girls but this book fell short. I would recommend this book to hardcore fans or anyone who wants more background, otherwise don't bother.
"What she wanted was something brief, intense, real for awhile. She wanted to burn up under the wanting."

This is a companion novel to the Wicked Lovely series. It's the story of Rika, a former winter girl, and the journey of reclaiming her strength, uncovering her will to be a part of the world around her. I found the book enjoyable, but not strong in all aspects (the romance, the character development of those beyond Rika, etc).
Probably the thing that motivates me the most to read a book is when I have a friend who really wants the book, because then I am in a position to pass the book on to the friend when I am done with it, and you guys I am in this constant losing battle with storage space for my books. So, when the slim Desert Tales showed up on my doorstep, I totally knew that it was a book that Jen formerly of Makeshift Bookmark would want, as she is a huge Melissa Marr fan. Anyways, despite having read zero Wick ...more
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“Sionnach smiled in the way of the falsely modest and added, "Forgive me for not standing, but I can't find the energy just yet."
the answering heat flare was enough to raise the temperature in the cave, enough to explain the fine sheen of sweat on Sionnach's body. It wasn't comfortable, but it was useful at hiding the truth. He waited as Keenan's gaze took in the candles, the glasses beside the bed, and the fact that Sionnach was seemingly naked. There were moments in every faery's life that were too perfect to have been planned, and Sionnach was having just such a moment as he reclined in Rika's bed grinning while the faery who had caused such upheaval in Rika's life—and in their desert—very obviously misinterpreted the clues.”
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