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Prince of Secrets (By His Royal Decree, #2)
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Prince of Secrets (By His Royal Decree #2)

3.5 of 5 stars 3.50  ·  rating details  ·  242 ratings  ·  42 reviews
100% Determined and Devastating

Prince Demyan Zaretsky does whatever it takes to protect his country. So seducing Chanel Tanner will be easy. And marriage? An unfortunate side effect of duty. She unwittingly holds the economic stability of Volyarus in her hands...and he must secure it.

With his royal identity and intent disguised, Demyan sets about a ruthless seduction desig
Paperback, 192 pages
Published July 23rd 2013 by Harlequin Books (first published January 1st 2013)
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LM used to be a favourite for me and I have to admit if you go back and read her old work you'll wonder what happened but this one was so much better than her other books which she has done recently and the best thing was the heroine.

She is a 29 year old scientist who has no filter, she blurts out whatever she is speaking and is not what her mother wanted but she doesn't care because she is like her deceased father and grandfather. Then the hero comes into her life, with an agenda. The hero is t
I used to look forward to reading the latest Lucy Monroe book.Now, not so much.This book just did not work for me.I felt no connection to either characters and the book just felt stilted and choppy to me.This may be my last read by an author that I used to love.
Kay Pratt
I am a sucker for the "Cindrella" romances where the girl falls for the Prince. If you love these classic romance stories too then you HAVE TO read "The Prince of Secrets" by Lucy Monroe. This was a fun read about Prince Demyan Zaretsky, a Prince of Volyarus, a small country, who finds out that due to a legal mistake a descendent of the man who helped to found the country actually owns a great percentage of the Volyarus national treasury. Needless to say, Prince Demyan is willing to sacrifice hi ...more
Demyan and Chanel are a really nice couple. She is an intelligent scientist and he is a Prince who comes after her so as to secure his kingdom's economic stability. When she finds out his true reason for marrying her she is hurt but Chanel isn't your typical Harlequin whiny heroine. She is strong determined and confident. She knows Demyan truly loves her and when he finally expresses his love he melt my heart to pieces! Adorable couple!
Andrea Guy
I have to say that when the family of the hero (well his adopted family) has the same name as your boss, it makes for challenging reading. (especially when they are royals!)

What kept me reading was Chanel. Throughout the whole book I kept thinking, she had to be modeled after Temperance Brennan from Bones (the TV Show...not the books). Her personality was so much like hers and for that I loved her.

There's something about a smart female that is socially awkward and just totally unsure of how to
Alex is The Romance Fox
A geeky scientist and a handsome first thought was....what!!! Never!!!

Then it became clear to me that it was totally possible....this prince has some devious plans that include the "underneath the drabness is a beautiful swan" scientist...and let me tell you...his intentions are not pure and true!!!

What made me not get too bored was the heroine. How would anyone named Chanel (yes, her mother named her after Coco Chanel, who just happenned to be her favourite designer!!) become a sci
STEAMY, SEXY, all you want from a Harlequin Romance. The play between the characters is well thought out and well written. You wont want to put it down once you open the book. I didn't!

Watch as Demyan shifts from protector of his country to protector of Chanel. The characters come alive in the hands of Lucy Monroe. This was the first I have read of her writings and will be looking for more.

I have already read it twice. couldn't put it down either time!!!!!
i intensely disliked this one as chanel was too naive for her own good. she actually learns he's a prince and he lied by omission, yet she accepts his marriage proposal. wasn't she just a little suspecting? doubtful ? about what was going on there. i also thought prince demyan's change of attitude/behaviour was too drastic upon meeting her. his love declaration at the end also seemed false.
Fiona Marsden
Ah Demyan. What an adorable corporate shark, romantic deceiver you are. To save the nation he must seduce and marry geeky scientist Chanel Tanner. And he does it so well. *fans self* I enjoyed this story, watching Demyan with his machinations and the way Chanel sees through so much of his surface persona to the real man beneath.

I loved how we get to see Chanel's impact on him as well as seeing her fall for him. There is no doubt that they are made for each other. The only concern is how his dece
Tanya Mayes
Chanel is the key to the financial stability of Volyarus. The King tells Demyan if he marries her that it would save his country. Because it's his duty he sets his sights on Chanel to seduce her and to get her to marry him. Demyan didn't expect to be attracted to Chanel and she attracted to him too but one kiss almost made Demyan lose control and that Chanel was innocent so he had to up his plans. Demyan couldn't explain what he was feeling he was too afraid to give it a name. But he set out to ...more
I was excited to read this book due to the premise and good recommendations I'd come across. It started off well enough but fizzled towards the end. I think this book was too short to fully develop the characters and their emotions. A lot of the characters' reactions and dialogue felt stilted and unrealistic. The hero doesn't even really apologize for his deception which was unsatisfying. I had a hard time believing this couple was truly in love by the end of the story.
Dear Lucy Monroe,

Although this story mentioned Oxana and Fadirs past a little more i would have liked to found out more about it. I know their story doesnt end in a HEA and its heartbreaking to read but i would love for you to maybe give us an insight in their story, or prehaps an extra rather then a whole other book (as im sure it will defy the machanics of a harlequin romance - unless they do eventually get their happy ending together.) Plus, im sure im not the only reader of yours to want th
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Prince of Secrets follows One Night Heir. Two cousins that are heirs of Vloyarus crown. Both will do anything for their country.
Demyan is told by the King of Vloyarus is Uncle but really raised by him as a father. That Chanel Tanner has twenty percent of their company after her Grandfather died. If she claims it now it would bankrupt the Country. It's share has been used to build roads, schools ect of Volyarus. If she marry a member of the royalty it remains to the Country. Demyan is the
Book Reading Gals
Title: Prince of Secrets

Series: N/A

Author: Lucy Monroe

Genre: Romance

Blurb: 100% Determined

Prince Demyan Zaretsky does whatever it takes to protect his country. So seducing Chanel Tanner will be easy. And marriage? An unfortunate side effect of duty. She unwittingly holds the economic stability of Volyarus in her hands...and he must secure it.

100% Devastating!

With his royal identity and intent disguised, Demyan sets about a ruthless seduction designed to make Chanel lose her mind with ecstasy.
Hsiau Wei
This book tell the story of Prince Demyan, who is the adopted son of King of Vloyarus and cousin to Maksim. Similar to Maksim, Demyan is loyal to their country and will do anything for the country including seducing Chanel Tanner and getting her to marry him for the sake of country. Chanel thru his grandfather is holding a 20 percent shareholding in their company and should she claims what is rightfully hers, it would bankrupt the country. Should Demyan marry her; the shares will remain in the c ...more
HR readsNstuff
I keep reading Lucy monroe's HP's in the hopes that she'll find the writing style that i loved her for to begin with. Each time i'm disappointed.

This one was promising. A geek, a person of the world. one of my fav combos. Maybe next time don't spend 2 chapters focusing on the characters talking about when they're going to have sex, then having the sex, then having a discussion about the sex they just had and save those words for when the betrayal finally comes to light.

once upon a time, her he
This is the second of the two books dealing with the Yurkovich family. In this book you find Demyan actively pursuing an unsuspecting scientist in order to save the financial stability of his country. What he fails to plan for it the undeniable attraction and sense of completeness he finds with Chanel.

Chanel has always be the awkward one of the group, not fitting in with family, friends, or work colleagues. She has avoided relationships for this very reason. However, there is no avoiding Demyan
Demyan and Chantal are actually a great couple. shes blunt and yet introverted at times (with her family) and hes the corporate shark kingpin. he seduces her with false pretenses and is amazed that her bluntness and everything about her actually enthralls him to unknowingly fall in love with her.

chantel is blunt science geek. she loves her work her siblings and just absorbs things like a sponge. she is very knowledgeable and quite clued up abt Volyarus speaks several languages is funnyly blunt
Dani C. (Paulette's Papers)
The King of Vloyarus has told his nephew, a man whom he raised like a son; he has to marry an American scientist for the sake of their country. If this young woman found out that she could inherit a lot of money it would devastate their economy.

Chanel is a socially awkward young woman who is not treated well by her family. She is stunned when the handsome Demyan wants to date her. He is surprised by how his feelings for her grow so quickly.

This isn’t a bad book at all. It just isn’t the book I h
Demyan is on a mission to marry Chanel . Sometimes family and the family name are more important than love…or is it?

Chanel is a scientist., Demyan is a prince, they don’t seem like a likely pair but Demyan tamed down his look and plans to seduce Chanel into marring him. Chanel is stunned that Demyan wants to date her. He is charming, sexy and not her type, she thinks, but they definitely have sparks between them…or do they maybe it’s part of the “game”.

I liked the idea of the storyline; just fou
As interesting as the first novel in this two volumes series. Both the hero and heroine are solid and true to their characters. Chanel, I had big reservations about that name, it just irked me somehow at the beginning but the motivation behind the choice won me over. Which is rare but Monroe created a couple that the reader is rooting for despite the deception, the obstacle and the manipulation.

As a bonus we get a good science geek heroine. Always nice if somewhat rare.

Good solid three stars fo
Gujju Ellen
A good fun read.A spunky & smart heroine and a hero with integrity! Enjoyed the book
This book is full of clichés, both in the characters and story and in the writing. The heroine is the stereotype of the awkward, ill-dressed and socially inept scientist and as a scientist myself, that's not something I can't stand unless it's well done like with the doctor Brennan in Bones or with Sheldon in Big Bang Theory. It wasn't the case at all here. As a consequence, I was too annoyed to see past all the not very credible elements of the portrayal of the characters and the awkwardness in ...more
Contemporary romance with protected sex.

This one is kind of a fantasy. Sure, we'd all like a prince to swoop in & marry us. Especially if he's rich, handsome & good in bed (not necessarily in that order!). Of course, Chanel doesn't really know Demyan is a prince. He's trying to deceive her to marry him so his country will get the money that's really hers. Of course they get their HEA. How could they not - it's a Lucy Monroe!

By the way - I hate the cover.
Review Posted on

Demyan Zaretsky is considered a Prince by the King of Volyarus, his ‘Father of the heart’. The title is honorary, but it comes with real obligations, as Demyan discovers. The King informs him that the economic future of the country is at risk because the money that has been used to fortify infrastructure belongs to a Tanner. Read More
Second of this mini-series by Lucy Monroe, and as usual, I really liked it! Set in "somewhere in the Middle East" with another tall, dark handsome, incredibly rich and titled hero--this type of man seems to abound in Romancelandia, but I am still waiting to find one in real life--, our reluctant hero must make a marriage of convenience to save the treasury of his country as well as his adopted family. Oh, what to do, what to do!
Miss Pippi the Librarian
Prince Demyan Zaretsky is told to secure company property to save his country - Volyarus. He must marry Chanel Tanner in order to bring peace and money to his family and citizens.

Slightly farfetched and set at a very quick pace. This story read like a novella instead of a thin novel. Would I reread it? No.

Time Period: Modern
Location: United States and Volyarus

Reviewed from a NetGalley copy. Thank you, Harlequin!
Harlequin Books
"Monroe's royal romance is a nail-biter fairy tale, complete with his ruthless highness and a headstrong geek with no social filters who'll regally rule the pages. Her opulent vistas reign majestic, her narrative flows well and her love scenes are steamy." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1/2 stars

Miniseries: By His Royal Decree
Category: Passion
I liked it more than I thought it was. Chanel, the socially awkward scientist who speaks without thinking made for some good laughs. Her relationship with Damyan was a bit off beat but then I think that's what I liked. It wasn't expected and yet it worked. Cute if not slightly corny but an enjoyable read all the same.
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Award winning author Lucy Monroe had her first book published in September 2003. Since then she has sold more than 50 books to four publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England. She writes sexy category romance for Harlequin Presents including her own ongoing mini-series, The Royal Brides. If you prefer a longer book, but want to keep it steamy, try her Mercenary trilogy or ...more
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