The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health
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The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

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Publication Date: May 1, 2003
The revolutionary, proven diet program that empowers readers to take control of their health is now in paperback. Forget counting calories, fat grams, and cholesterol. Forget blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels. The single most important health measurement is the pH level in the blood. THE pH MIRACLE unlocks the surp...more
Paperback, 368 pages
Published May 1st 2003 by Wellness Central (first published 2002)
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I consider myself a hobbyist in nutrition, so when everyone at work began drinking ionized, alkaline water I thought I should do some research to find out what it's all about. I read the first few chapters of this book and then went to do some research on-line to discover a lot of controversial information. The most useful source I found was on Basically, Robert O. Young (the author of this book and founder of an MLM marketing alkalizing products) has graduate degrees that are no...more
Joel Arnold
One of the more absurd books I've ever read. I decided to read it because I knew people who held it in high regard. Dr. Young is a quack and a complete pseudoscientist. The book reduces all health questions to a matter of PH balance. He believes that are diets are far too acidic, and if we return to diets of vegetables, no meat, and little fruits, we would restore the proper balance. Cancer, almost every sickness, and even HIV come from excessive acid in the bloodstream.

Dr. Young's absurdities a...more
I'm really astounded how many people have read this book and taken it on face value. The most elementary google search reveals the guy as an irresponsible, ethically bankrupt, criminal fraud with no medical qualifications. Eating a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda a day would give you the PH balance suggested by this book. The rest - eat healthhy - is a no brainer. The real blinding obvious fact is when you read it, he draws entirely unfounded and unscientific conclusions from things: Some people...more
Jaana Mae
Please ignore the bad reviews or the non-believers. They are just spreading hate and why are they trying to sway people from a system of health and eating that truly works. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I am a real testimonial of someone who has tried parts of the diet and witnessed amazing results! Why would nasty people review a health and diet book they have not actually tried themselves?? Absolute madness! (I don't ever write reviews but I'm so mad with those who are attempting at putting people...more
Sirpa Grierson
My favorite ideas from this book include the zippy breakfast--I love it!--and Bragg liquid aminos (way better than soya sauce for you). The recipes are easy to make and good for you. I also have been drinking my greens in the morning and feel great all day--energized (usually 1 cup spinach leaves, 1 cup cucumber, 1 tsp ginger powder, a whole peeled lemon, and an apple blended in the Vitamix--totally yummy).

While I think that PH balance is important and agree with many of the key concepts in thi...more
I really loved this book. It served as a catalyst for me to draw some conclusions for things Ive been pondering for a while. You could even say it changed my life.
How could you not believe in the power of hydrogen? But then again, how could you write a book about its miraculousness without writing out its superpower-esque name?

As for the book's content, I found the basic science behind what happens to your body when it becomes too acidic to be extremely helpful and relevant information. It angers me that neither you nor I learned it in middle school health class. The details of how it works were not exactly clearly presented, however, as is typical of th...more
Great info, most of which is common sense if you are at all privy to healthy eating concepts. The downside is the fact that the diet is WAY too rigid, depends on WAY too many supplements and there is WAY too much argument over what foods are alkaline and which are acidic. The fact that testing the acidity or alkalinity of a food is not an exact science leaves an excessive amount of room for error. It is easy to find so much conflicting information when you dig deeper into the the diet: some folk...more
This is a radicle move from the American Diet, one that would not satisfy 90% of the population but none the less if you are facing major health challenges you may want to take a look at this book and follow up with the additional books listed throughout the reference pages.

Following this diet or eating lifestyle will put you in a state that you haven't known since your youngest years. Well for me anyway, I was born at a very young age. To detoxify is a feeling that is almost unsurpassed, and th...more
Harry H.
I liked this book because it gave very good arguements/supporting data behind its rationale for the benefits of an alkaline body. With that said, I was not able to follow this program long term because the changes were far to radical and I was not able to stick with the program for more than two weeks. The program also recommended far to many supplements that were costly $$. I did take one thing away from this program that was a huge benefit for me - I have been drinking green drink (product by...more
Feb 03, 2011 Jo rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to Jo by: Friend from church
The author's idea is interesting, but maybe a bit too simplistic?! To follow his suggestions would be a radical change. I asked my doctor about it and he said to stay away from the extremes of this. We all know we need to eat more veggies - especially greens of all kinds. I guess I believe in balance and to eat a lot less than we do.
Oct 21, 2010 Sarah is currently reading it
So far, I'm convinced enough to try the diet. It sounds like a quack to many, and I'm having an emotional time with the idea of giving up yeastie things, sugar, coffee, chocolate and other emotionally soothing foods. But, I think it will do more good than the emotional break up with my foodie-ness will bring.
Michelle Rathore
Full of very good information on how to get your system balanced. We would all be really healthy if we followed this books advice. Full of useful lists, diets, supplements, ect. A well rounded balanced book.
Cindy Prevost
My doctor recommended that I read this book. It is a bit tiresome to me and although informative, I doubt I can do this program.
Hey, I can eat like a vegan diabetic Mormon with a gluten allergy 80% of the time...
Having a very hard time buying this theory. Asked a biochem friend of mine about certain foods affecting the body's pH level, and while it does have an affect, the stomach can manage to digest both acidic and alkaline foods simultaneously by binding specific enzymes on either type. It's more complex than outlined in the book, although the authors focus more on balancing the pH of the body's blood... More worrying for me, though, is how impossible it is to implement a diet like this here (Pakista...more
Interesting science and theory behind balancing the pH of your blood - and follows current prescriptions for more vegetables, less meat, dairy, gluten, sugar. I'm ordering some pH strips to start testing myself to get a feel for my levels. Definitely feel much "cleaner" and stronger when sugar, dairy and gluten are OUT of my diet! Worth considering some of the advice in this book... and like that the authors are very clear that each person's body is different and we must each pay attention to ho...more
Changing the way you eat in order to get your body in a better alkaline state is definitely good for your health. We all know sugar and carbs are bad for us and mycotoxins, bacteria, and fungi crave and thrive in acidic systems. So why do we continue to pump our bodies full of junk food, processed foods , etc....? I don't know...but I know it hard for me to cut back on rice and beans and fresh fruit.

This book has some really good enlightening info....but by no means is it easy. My dad was a dia...more
I consider this more of a reference book, and have been referring to it often. I find some of his statements hard to take, but overall, I believe he is right on the money.

I am currently a raw food vegan, so I already adhere to many of his views. I will be doing his cleanse this next month, in preparation for my upcoming abdominal surgery. I am not sure if I could have done the cleanse before I began eating more healthfully--it would have felt too extreme. He advocates cleansing before starting h...more
Joan Dash
This is a very informative, unconventional, wholistic book about nutrition and health. It's basic premise is that alkaline foods (plant based, non processed whole foods), are healthier than acidic foods (meats,dairy, wheat, processed foods). It discusses corellations between high acidic diets and disease and conversely, alkaline diets being equated with optimal health.

I loved this book, because it wasn't just theory, it was scientific in explanations!!! I highly recommend it for any health enthu...more
This book opened me more understanding on a health approach in eating. Generally I liked it but it might be too extreme from some point, especially for those who have no idea about eating healthy. Anyway, I want to reread it once again. There are many recipes (at the end of book) that might be helpful during/after cleansing the body. I also liked the detailed information about our digestive process, our bodies' "reactions " on certain food and the explanation of the supplements out body might ne...more
I've read this book several times and I always seem to interpret or recognize something new in each pass. Dr. Young details the basics of food combinations, provides recipes and and shares useful dietary tips. I get upset with some of my daily selections and intake, and have trouble with acidity, but his common sense approach is inspiring for me to start again fresh making educated solid and liquid food choices based on his years of experience.
Young has some insightful things to say about pH balancing the body, particularly regarding acidosis and how it relates to fat. However, I find the particular diet that he proposes to be lacking of both flavor and sustenance. There are a few good alkaline recipes, but many are bland and I don't particularly support the call for excessive supplementation (and his line of supplements). Overall, good info, just not the entire picture.
Easy, engaging read that really opens your eyes to a whole new way of eating. I've been looking at food completely differently ever since, and am convinced that the ol' food pyramid isn't what it's cracked up to be. You'll be surprised at how acidic some of your favorite foods really are--even the ones you thought were supposed to be healthy. You'll be even more surprised at how easy it is to start eating the right stuff.
Denise Messenger
The authors incorporate patient case studies with changes in diet and their outcomes to prove how powerful diet is to reclaiming health. Their point is that the body's PH balance when it is right can create a healthy environment and stave off disease. They recommend exercising, cleansing, eating right and incorporating alkaline foods into the diet for the best results. There are good recipes in the book.
I'm aware of the reputation of the author, but this idea still appeals to me, so I will read it being aware of both sides.
I really like all the recipes and info in this book. That said, the concept is a bit extreme and I prefer more moderation, but it's something that has merit and is a VERY healthy way of eating. It even made my natural scent different, my husband says I smelled "earthy."
This was a good informational book. I actually put into practice a large portion of this diet and, after about three to four weeks, starting feeling better... more energetic and healthier. I don't think this is an end-all-be-all book (or diet), but generally eating healthier foods makes a huge difference in the way we feel. If nothing else, there are some good guidelines to follow.
Hard to read, very repetitive. The bottom line is that an acid diet is to blame for everything (from weight gain to cancer, literally) and that you have to alkalinize your body by eating more vegetables and tons of supplements. They also say probiotics and enzymes are bad for you in the long term, but the reason was not very compelling.
The information from this book is quite different than the "healthy well-rounded diet" that I grew up on. Young explains why we should keep our bodies PH balanced in order to stay healthy. I think this will be a great reference book for me and I plan to use a lot what I read....but in moderation. He's a little extreme for me.
Good advice to follow but deviate from time to time. Exactly how much your health will be improved and how much you'll circumvent genetic inevitablity is still to be determined.

Don't deprive yourself completely. Don't be afraid to be depraved. Live life. ;>
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