Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9)
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Chainfire (Sword of Truth #9)

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After being gravely injured in battle, Richard awakes to discover his wife Kahlan missing. To his disbelief, no one remembers the woman he is frantically trying to find. Worse, no one believes that she really exists, or that he was ever married. Alone as never before, he must find the woman he loves more than life itself... if she is even still alive. If she was ever even...more
Hardcover, 651 pages
Published 2005 by Tor Books (first published December 23rd 2004)
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Doc Opp
Goodkind sure knows how to spin a good yarn... if only he would stick to his storytelling and leave out the naive and idiotic philosophical ramblings. At some point around book five somebody alerted him to the notion of Objectivism, and he's converted his series to be a mechanism for bad objectivist propaganda. Only... it doesn't work, because of the way he set up his first few books, so he's constantly contradicting himself. And his explanations for why things are like that are half-baked at be...more
I'm tired of following Richard and Kahlan around whenever they get separated. So old, Mr. Goodkind. What angers me even more is your statement about advice in becoming an author: "Ultimately, though, here is my sincere conviction: I believe that real writers are born writers. I do not believe that the intellectual aspects which are critical to good writing can be taught. You either are a writer, or you are not. Writers are, for the most part, self-made. If you are born a writer, and you possess...more
I'll never get tired of this story.

Chainfire reveals the most powerful spells the wizards and sorceress’s are able to complete.

While the prophecy of Richard lives on, those around him are insistent he stay and lead the D'Hara's into battle.

However, While the battle continues for Life, Richard has lost his will to go any further.

His reason for life is lost, somewhere.

His grandfather, guards and friends try to convince him he's dillusional.

In his search for his life, he encounters a deadly enem...more
Chainfire is the ninth book in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series and the first book in the Chainfire Trilogy. At first, I was confused about why a book would be considered a part of two series but after reading it I completely understand.

The Sword of Truth series follows Richard as he learns about his family history, his destiny, and his role as the Seeker of Truth while fighting epic battles along the way. He is joined in his adventures by Kahlan, who is the Mother Confessor, his grandfat...more
While I admit that, in the beginning of this one, I was frustrated and slightly annoyed, the book definitely picked up and moved at a fast pace, which I appreciated.

I've stopped reading the synopsis on the back of any Goodkind novel, just because I don't want to know what's about to take place. And that's where I was at the start of this. I remember not being able to put the book down, and I remember fretting to myself, "I don't get it! What's happening?"

But that was a good thing. The initial fr...more
Aug 29, 2008 Kalyn rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who love being preached to
Shelves: sf-fantasy
If you took away all the redundant sentences (I'm not talking about Richard's mannerisms that we've gotten used to, I mean the same sentence reworded on the same page), all the random arguing that does little but provide a vehicle for the same philosophy we've heard in the past 8 books...this book would probably be about 450 pages instead of 7whatever. I say random because not only have *we* heard it all before, but certaintly so have the characters and instead of saying, "But X, we've been over...more
SPOILER ALERT: The last two large paragraphs of this review do contain spoilers.

As the story goes on, I'm starting to become less forgiving of Terry Goodkind. While I still find
the basic plotline is entertaining and interesting, this series has dragged on for much too long. I'll start with what I enjoyed and then get into my harsher critique.

I'm not a big fan of Kahlan and actually find her quite whiny and annoying, so her absence in this book was a nice break. We had some interesting plot deve...more
To start, this installment of the Sword of Truth series is a much better novel than its previous cousin, Naked Empire. Whereas the previous book seems to hark on Richard being the almighty know-it-all, this book cuts him back down to size. He is not without his faults in this book, even though his drive for the truth is still quite apparent and will serve to ultimately prove that he knows-it-all. Still, at least it wasn't as pompous a condition as in Naked Empire.

The novel starts with Richard ha...more
Philippe Lhoste
Ah, je retrouve un peu le Goodkind des débuts !
Beaucoup moins de blabla pseudo-philosophique, beaucoup plus d'action et une intrigue... intrigante !

Bon, cela reste assez bavard, ne serait-ce qu'à cause de la loi des séries, où l'auteur se sent obligé de rappeler (donc, répéter) des faits déjà martelés dans les tomes précédents, pour le fan ayant dû attendre un an pour ce livre (et ayant donc, peut-être, oublié des détails) ou pour le fou qui attaque la série par le milieu... (j'en vois un dans l...more
Kat  Hooper
This review refers to the SOT series through book 9.

Terry Goodkind’s first book Wizard’s First Rule was great! Except for the actual First Rule ("People are Stupid"), which was...stupid. The story had so many unique and fascinating characters (especially the secondary ones). I was in love with Richard; I wanted to be a Mord-Sith. The next couple of books of The Sword of Truth were pretty good, too.

Then...I don’t know what just TOTALLY lost it. The writing style became incredibly an...more
Ben Babcock
Aug 24, 2008 Ben Babcock rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Ben by: Stephanie Chow
This was like a breath of fresh air after reading the previous eight books. Finally, something new! And the glimpse of the ending! Perhaps it's just because I've been reading the entire series back to back, but it seems that it's long and plodding in some parts, then bizarrely exciting in others.

The premise of the book, that a spell has caused memory of Kahlan disappear from everyone's minds except Richard's, is new for Goodkind. It derives from the damage to magic that has been done in previous...more
Chainfire is the ninth book in the Sword of Truth series (and, if anyone happens to care, is also what the Legend of the Seeker TV series is loosely based on). It's been a little while since I read the last book, and I really have forgotten a lot, though there is a lot of reminding in the book.

This book was VERY slow for a long time. I get why it had to be. Basically, a main character has disappeared but no else, it except for one person, remembers. The last third is when it really picks up. But...more
At first, and for most of the book, I wasn't a fan of Chainfire. My first problem, was that as I did with each of the previous 8 books, I had spoiled the plot by reading what happened. You can't do this with Chainfire. The plot is pretty basic, so if you even know an ounce of what is to come, it's ruined. You just can't enjoy the majority of the book.
But when I finished it I was overcome with compassion that I'd never felt before for Richard. You get to know him as a person so much better in th...more
After two volumes that kind of diverged from the main story a bit, this one gets back on track. However, I did not find the main premise of the storyline that convincing for most of the book. In then end it all came together, but for me the first 500 pages were kind of slow. Some elements were also similar to previous plot lines. There was a lot of repetition going over points that have been explained numerous times before. If people pick up this book it will not work very well as a stand alone...more
Tim Crockett
I can't review this a singular book. As book 9 of the series, it is not stand alone. Many events in this book are tied to earlier and the ending does not stand alone as "an ending".

That said, the series is getting tiresome and I am glad that there are only 2 books left. The longer it goes the less Goodkind seems to have to say. The books are now about twice as long as they need to be, and while this one wasn't as tiresome as the last, it does tread dangerously close.

I'm still giving out fairly...more
I don't know what so many people complain about? I was riveted, and had to force myself to put the book down so I could eat, sleep, and do other important thing pertaining to life. I was completely wrapped up in the story and wanted to scream, along with Richard, and all the other characters who refused to believe Kahlan is real. For the first in the final three books, I thought it was a great set-up book. I'm looking forward to continuing and dive into Phantom.
José Pittí
I fell into a gambler's fallacy with this series, which started out okay and got progressively worse. I was a lot younger when I started, and willing to waste more time. This is probably one of the worst fiction authors I've read. The themes are head-poundingly simplistic (Capitalism = good, Communism = bad, mmmmkay?) and the writing is overwhelmingly sexist and chauvinist. I figured I could slog it through to the end, but never made it past this turd of a book.
David Robins
Pretty good take on removing the memory of someone, and good underpinnings; Chainfire is reminiscent of balefire from Wheel of Time. Blood beast unfortunately not resolved; seems like a longer arc, and something interesting due to the inability to get hold of it. Could have perhaps addressed the questions of being and knowledge at a deeper level, however; sure it's "just" a novel, but he does go deeper with other themes, such as life as value.
Bettie Campbell
First, I am going to address the topic of Mr. Goodkind himself--- he is full of himself. It's plain and simple. He seems to be both creative and pensive and has mapped out a wonderful world in the Sword of Truth series. If you are on Chainfire then you know he is long winded and repetitive, but also wildly imaginative &&& honestly I would take a book that is over developed over an underdeveloped story any day. If you have gotten this far then you know his style and when he is going t...more
Sarah Staszkiel
(**A few spoilers, but they're right at the beginning of the book anyway**) The first of the three absolute BEST books in this series. The book begins with mayhem and confusion as Richard, Cara, and Nicci were attacked in their camp and Richard was grievously injured. It is immediately clear to the reader that there is something very 'not right' about the entire situation. Nicci and Cara are convinced that Khalan is a figment created by Richard's mind in the moments while he was on the brink of...more
L Phillip Lucas
The following review is copied and pasted from my blog:

Deplorable Ayn Rand fanatic Terry Goodkind's sole plot device of separating hyperbolically perfect lovers Richard and Kahlan recurs yet again in Chainfire, if in a slightly more interesting incarnation this time, with the erasure of Kahlan from everybody's memories but Richard's. This results in some characteristically tedious, repetitive, unrealistic, interminable, eyeroll-inducing exchanges between R...more
Jan 21, 2014 Sariah added it
Shelves: wishlist
I know a lot of reviews of this were disappointed because it seemed like a set up for the next book only, and that is not as good as Terry's other books, but I think that's an unfair judgment. Yes, it is setting the basis for the next book, but it is just as good as the other books in my opinion. What author do we know truly that has not at some point, been forced to lay a foundation in one book, that he builds into a masterwork castle in the next? That's a pretty short list. I think Terry had p...more
With Chainfire the Sword of Truth Series returns to a little of it's former glory; still far short from the first few books but much better than the travesty that was books five through eight. I really think that Goodkind refuses to employ an editor; the book could easily be cut by thirty to forty percent without losing any content. If all he did was remove phrases that he constantly repeats the book would be vastly improved. The story is ok, but the writing is wordy and philosophical (when it s...more
Greg Fowler
This series has slowed down. It is just showing how different people are discovering the same thing. Pretty boring.
I definitely liked this one more than I have the 3 or 4 previous ones, but I do think this author is getting pretty long-winded. He explains and re-explains the opposing viewpoints of Richard and the Imperial Order to a tiring degree. I've started skimming these parts because they are often paragraphs long and don't more the story line along. Also, given that this is a relatively long series, it has also gotten a little annoying how much he goes over past events in the series. With each new book...more
Eddie Novak
Start: October 6, 2008
Finish: October 19, 2008

Best. Book. Ever.

True rating: 10/10
Let me start out by saying that I have been having a hard time finishing the Sword of Truth books lately. The beginning will get me interested, and then I feel like I go through 60 chapters of filler. Nothing seems to happen until the last 5-10 chapters and then it's all thrown in my face all at once. I do get that there are things going on in the background and all, but they just drag for me. If it weren't for those last 5-10 chapters, I wouldn't bother.

This book was different. It reminded me a...more
Jamie (LadyJai) Dement
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Terry Goodkind ha vuelto. Tras la decepción del libro anterior de la serie (típica novela intrascendente para aprovechar el tirón de los seguidores y sacarnos los cuartos), es un gusto volver a reencontrarse con el Goodkind más ameno, aquél que sabe contar una historia con esa chispa que le dio a su serie 'La Espada de la Verdad' en los primeros volúmenes.

En 'Cadena de Fuego' (Nota: en España dividido en dos libros, 'La desaparición de Kahlan' y 'Cadena de Fuego'), el autor da una vuelta de tuer...more
Jon Handler
I just tracked my way all the way from SOT #1 through #11 via audible (yes, it took me months).

Overall, I was happy as the Ayn Rand came farther and farther forward in Goodkind's writing. It really gave me a chuckle to mash objectivism on top of a fantasy universe and sometimes it made me think. I only occasionally found it intrusive or off-putting, so all in all this was a plus for me.

Mostly I wanted to write that I thought the Chainfire trilogy was best of the series. In Chainfire itself, I th...more
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Terry Goodkind is a contemporary American writer and author of the best-selling epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, creator of the television show The Legend of the Seeker, and writer of the self-published epic, The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus (a prequel and origin story of the first Mother Confessor). He has over 20 million copies in print and has been translated into more th...more
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